Grasping Evil - Chapter 375

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Once this idea hit him, he immediately could not resist the urge to try it out.

Although Ning Fan didn’t know what those seven pieces of crystals truly were, he could tell that they contained the power to manipulate the flow of time in the Lost World Tower. Their value might even be able to move everyone in the Rain World!

No, it could be even higher… Those crystals gave Ning Fan the feeling that the power inside them was supreme and unparalleled, just like the power of samsara, a power that was beyond his capabilities to touch… 

However, the fact that they were untouchable emphasized that these crystals were an opportunity, a massive opportunity!

He pressed his hand against the spatial barrier in front of him and gently glided across it, estimating the possibilities of breaking the spatial barrier.  

The spatial barrier between the seventh floor and the eighth floor was built to prevent Void Fragmentation Realm experts from passing through it. Thus, it was tough enough to defend against any attacks from Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters. Although Ning Fan had the Wind Mist Finger which could use a trace of the power of samsara, he wouldn’t be able to corrode this spatial barrier without a few years of continuous effort.

Even though his Wind Mist Finger was capable of corroding an Immortal Void Formation. 

Now, since even he felt that the spatial barrier was tricky to break, it was clearly impossible for ordinary Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters to enter the eighth floor. In other words, no one in the Rain World was capable of stealing these crystals. 

Ning Fan’s mind was flooded with various thoughts. He still had ten years before he had to leave this place, so it wouldn’t be difficult for him to spend a few years breaking a hole through this spatial barrier.

Will there be any other danger on the eighth floor? The seven pieces of crystals are just being displayed right there. It was unreasonable if they aren’t being guarded by anything.

Ning Fan’s left eye flashed with purple light. After observing the eight floor for a long time, he was sure that there wasn’t a protective formation set up on the eighth floor. However, it just intensified his suspicion. 

He gazed thoughtfully at the hundreds of ancient sculptures. 

All those sculptures seem to be only decorations. But are they really just decorations…? 


Ning Fan bit the tip of his tongue and sacrificed a sip of his blood essence to enhance the vision of his Fu Li Eye.

This time, he had a clearer look at the internal structure of the nearest sculpture on the eight floor through the spatial barrier.

They aren’t decorative sculptures!

Every single one of these sculptures were spiritual puppets that were put under hibernation using seals!

If Ning Fan did not see wrongly, each of the puppets on the eighth floor were all… Void Refinement Realm puppets!


Ning Fan couldn’t help but feel shocked by the grand arrangement of the Lost World Palace. 

There were hundreds of Void Refinement Realm puppets hidden at just the Lost World Tower. Not to mention that it was already impossible for Void Refinement Realm experts of the Rain World to enter the eighth floor, even if any one of them did manage to enter, they would be surrounded and attacked by hundreds of Void Refinement Realm puppets. Not even a Void Fragmentation Realm old monster would be able to withstand the joint attacks of a large group of puppets, much less come out of it alive.

After that discovery, Ning Fan suddenly turned silent. The fervor in his face gradually drained away.

He could imagine that once he enters the eighth floor and takes away the crystals, he would alarm all the puppets. Their seals would be lifted and they would then come alive. After that, hundreds of puppets with Void Refinement Realm power would attack him simultaneously. It would be difficult for him to even keep himself alive!

Is it really worth it for me to take such a huge risk just to obtain those crystals which I hardly know anything about… 

Besides, even if Ning Fan does manage to obtain the crystals, he wouldn’t be able to use the crystals to slow down the flow of time if he doesn’t have the formation of the Lost World Tower. 

However, Ning Fan could faintly feel the massive energy being given out by the crystals. If he could devour a single one of them… even just a single piece… 

He was confident that this would help boost his magic power to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. When that time comes, the three types of power he had would all reach the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. Then, by combining his three types of power, it would not be difficult for him to break through to the Late Divine Transformation Realm. Moreover, there would also be a small probability for him to break through to the Peak Divine Transformation Realm! 

The crystals right before his eyes were obviously a great opportunity. However, with great risk comes great reward.

An internal conflict rose within Ning Fan’s mind. He stared at the seven stone platforms and was absorbed in his thoughts. 

“What is the possibility of me successfully stealing a crystal?”

His eyes carefully scanned across the hundreds of spiritual puppets while calculating inwardly. When his eyes paused at the final puppet, he found out that there were 343 puppets in total.

It seemed like each of the stone platforms was being guarded by 49 puppets.

Does this mean that if Ning Fan just steals a single crystal, he would only be attacked by 49 puppets?

With this thought in mind, he felt like the risk of stealing a crystal had been reduced to one-seventh of his initial estimation.

“If there are only 49 puppets, perhaps… I can give it a try! I also have a lot of puppets with me. Moreover, three of them are at the Void Refinement Realm. These puppets might be able to hold the 49 puppets back for a while, but the losses I will experience will certainly be very huge if they are attacked by the 49 Void Refinement Realm puppets at once…”

“The seven stone platforms are being guarded by the same number of puppets. However, each of the seven crystals corresponds with the seven floors of the Lost World Tower. The flow of time on the seven floors are completely different. Therefore, I’m afraid the power contained inside every crystal is also different. The crystal that is responsible for reducing the flow of time on the seventh floor must be the most powerful crystal of them all! If I can only steal one crystal, I will of course take away the strongest one! However, if I steal this crystal, it will certainly cause the time on the seventh floor to flow at the same speed as the outside world. It will lose its time distortion, which is also the main benefit of stealing the crystal manipulating the time flow on the seventh floor!”

“However, taking away the crystal controlling the time on the seventh floor is the least likely to be found out by others. After all, the seventh floor is a floor that only Void Refinement Realm experts can enter. In the Rain World, it was rare to have Void Refinement Realm experts coming to the Lost World Palace to cultivate. Naturally, no one will realize that the effect of time distortion on this floor has disappeared.”

“Even if a Void Refinement Realm expert really finds out that the seventh floor of the Lost World Tower no longer has the effect of time distortion, it is not something that will happen right away but sometime in the far future. When the time comes, who can even figure out that I was the one who stole the crystal!”

“Even if they manage to guess correctly, I would have already attained the Void Refinement Realm, Void Fragmentation Realm or even a greater level. Moreover, my relationship with the Lost World Palace is not superficial. How would the Lost World Palace hold me accountable for a crystal of a silver tower in the mortal world! In my eyes, this crystal is certainly precious. However, I’m afraid it won’t be something of value to those immortals… Besides, the puppets which are responsible in guarding the crystals are all just at the Void Refinement Realm. They are the biggest proof! If these crystals are valuable enough to attract immortals, the Lost World Palace would’ve definitely foreseen that some immortals would come to the mortal world to steal them. The puppets they set up to guard the crystals won’t just be at the Void Refinement Realm…”

Countless thoughts ran across Ning Fan’s mind as he weighed the advantages and disadvantages of stealing the crystal. His intention which seemed daring and risky at first gradually became feasible after he analyzed it from different angles.

I have puppets and the Inlaid Star Compass. Once I take out the crystal of the seventh floor and run away, there will be at least a 50 percent chance for me to get out alive by using my puppets to hold the 49 guardians back.

If my movement speed can be as fast as that of the Void Refinement Realm, the success rate of stealing the crystal will be at least 10 percent more, with the aid of a self-harming secret technique that will boost my movement faster! 

Ning Fan extended his purple Fu Li Wings and calculated inwardly. 

If both of his wings are carved with one hundred and eighty thousand Spirit Seals, it will not be difficult for him to improve his flying speed from the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm to the Void Refinement Realm!

“Sixty percent success rate. It is still a bit low… But I still have the Grievance Technique which specializes in restraining different kinds of puppets. Even though my current level in performing that technique is still unable to subdue Void Refinement Realm puppets, I should be able to turn the group of puppets absent-minded and stop them for a short period of time… In this way, my success rate will probably be at 70 percent!”

“With seventy percent chance of success, exchanging it for a chance to attain the Peak Divine Transformation Realm… is worth it!”

Ning Fan’s eyes shone with determination. He had decided to steal the crystal that controlled the time on the seventh floor!

What he needed to be wary of was the secret technique of the Lost World Palace which would fuse those puppets together. If the 49 puppets fuse into a Void Fragmentation Realm puppet, it would be extremely difficult for him to get out at that time. Once he notices the puppets show any signs of fusing, he must immediately interrupt them with his magic technique!

A thoughtful, bold, and slightly crazy plan was gradually taking form in Ning Fan's mind.

A person’s life was full of choices. If one made a wrong choice, they would die and their family might be annihilated.

However, if one was always fearful of making any decisions and escaped from everything, then they would never have the chance to be superior to others.

If a choice has a high chance of success, it would be an opportunity. If a choice has a low success rate, it would be a risk!

Ning Fan started to carefully prepare everything.

In the first year, he engraved one hundred and eighty thousand ‘Speed’ Spirit Seals on both of his Fu Li Wings, causing his top speed to attain the Early Void Refinement Realm. Now, he could travel across one hundred and ten thousand li* (500 m per li) in a single dive.

In the second year, Ning Fan spent five hundred million immortal jade to light up all thirty thousand star lamps of the Inlaid Star Compass and activate its strongest defense.

In the third year, Ning Fan summoned all of his twenty-five Divine Transformation Realm puppets, the black dragon refined corpse and three Void Refinement Realm puppets. He carefully repaired the wounded puppets to ensure all of them were at their best condition.

In the fourth to seventh year, Ning Fan used his Wind Mist Finger to continuously corrode the spatial barrier leading to the eighth floor.

Continuously corroding the barrier, a small gap was slowly being created on the spatial barrier which was enough to withstand a Void Fragmentation Realm attack, just like how constant dripping water would slowly bore holes on the rocks over the years.

The spatial barrier leading the eighth floor was getting thinner and thinner by the day. After a long period of time, it became like a piece of paper which was so thin that it could be penetrated with a poke of his finger.

Ning Fan withdrew the power of his Wind Mist Finger. He only needed to make a single gentle step and he could then pass through the spatial barrier and enter the eighth floor!

Once he enters the eighth floor, he would have to gamble where he had seventy percent chances of surviving and thirty percent chances of dying.

Even Ning Fan, someone who had an indifferent personality, felt slightly nervous. However, it wasn’t a bad thing. A moderate level of stress could make one become more focused.

With the Inlaid Star Compass in his hand and twenty-nine refined corpses and puppets following behind him, he took a deep breath and entered the eighth floor.

Fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. He made his step forward with caution and vigilance.

If the first step he took stirs up any other changes, he would immediately retreat and go back to the seventh floor for safety.


Ning Fan's footstep echoed across the vast and empty palace which was ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) wide, but it did not activate any attack or trap. Judging from the situation, he was safe as long as he did not touch any of the crystals.

When he passed through the barrier completely, he carried 200% alertness. He kept an eye on the surroundings as he walked towards one of the seven stone platforms step by step.

One of the stone platforms held the crystal which emanated the most powerful energy.

That crystal was none other than the treasure which slowed down the time on the seventh floor!

Standing in front of the stone platform, Ning Fan gently stretched out his Fu Li Wings, getting ready to retreat and get out of the eighth floor anytime!

He stretched out his palm towards the top of the crystal which was now only half an inch away from his hand.

If there aren’t any disturbances within this ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) wide palace, he could get out of this place in an instant.

After I grab it, It’s either I survive or die… 

At this moment, Ning Fan could still regret his choice and back off.  However, if he escapes now, the opportunity to break through to the Peak Divine Transformation Realm would then be gone… 

After attaining the Divine Transformation Realm, every single advancement would be extremely difficult. Besides, precious treasures like these crystals would not appear in front of him every time, much less use them to improve his cultivation base...

If he goes for it this time, he would only have a thirty percent chance of dying.

But if he doesn’t withdraw from this opportunity, what cultivation realm would he use to resist Emperor Moksha a few decades later?!

Ning Fan’s eyes shone with resolve as he muttered to himself in an imposing manner.

“Not to mention that I have seventy percent chance of success, even if I only have sixty percent, fifty percent or even forty percent chance to succeed, I will give it a try anyway. I can’t let my master be injured by his treacherous disciple once more!”

*Ting Tong*

Ning Fan’s fingertip touched the crystal which toppled from the stone platform and emitted a gentle ting.

At the moment this noise reverberated across the silent palace, he grabbed the crystal with his hand and flapped his wings without any hesitation, diving straight to the hole as fast as he could on the spatial barrier which was ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) away!

At the same time, the 49 statues which guarded this particular stone platform came alive! After sleeping for countless years, their seals were broken and they regained their mobility!

At this moment, all 49 of them gave out Void Refinement Realm auras and their killing intents locked onto Ning Fan.


The 49 spiritual puppets uttered the same word in perfect unison.

49 traces of void power transformed into 49 layers of gigantic black walls, sealing off all of Ning Fan’s escape routes!

They were not playing around with him. They really harbored the intention to kill the person who had stolen the crystal!

“The thief of time shall die!”

Indeed. The power contained within the seven crystals was time!

An unprecedented feeling of danger rose within Ning Fan.

If he could not get out from the forty-nine layers of walls, he would be smashed to ashes by the forty-nine Void Refinement Realm puppets in the next moment!

There was only a millionth inch between life and death!


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