Grasping Evil - Chapter 377.2

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Ning Fan patted his storage pouch and fished out a Peak Void Refinement Realm Dao Fruit.

Wei Xuan gave him five Dao Fruits in the past. One of them was at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm while the other four were at the Peak Void Refinement Realm.

If Ning Fan were to consume this Dao Fruit with his Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base in the past, his body would explode due to the excessive amount of power which would be beyond his body’s capacity to hold. On the other hand, if he consumes it at the Late Divine Transformation Realm, he could still absorb at least one-third of the medicinal power of the Dao Fruit.

A Peak Void Refinement Realm Dao Fruit contained at least fifty thousand units of magic power. With Ning Fan’s current cultivation base, it would be a waste to consume this level of Dao Fruit. It would be best if he consumes it when he attains the Void Refinement Realm at the very least.

However, as the matter of achieving another breakthrough took precedence, he did not care how much of it he would waste.

After blending tens of types of spiritual herbs with the Dao Fruit to harmonize its power, Ning Fan swallowed the Dao Fruit down and his magic power skyrocketed, gaining nearly twenty thousand units.

When his magic power reached 312500 units in total, Ning Fan broke through the bottleneck of his cultivation base. His body began to emanate the vigorous aura of the Peak Divine Transformation Realm. Even the star beneath his feet was trembling.

Finally, he attained the Peak Divine Transformation Realm!

The Heavenly Tribulation of Silver Flames took form once again above the hollow space.

The power of the flame tribulation this time was comparable to a fatal attack at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm. It should not be underestimated.

Moreover, it was powerful enough to put experts at the same level as Dong Xu in terrible shape!

Ning Fan no longer relied on the Stele of Sun and Moon to fend off this Heavenly Tribulation.

Black devil flames coiled around his body. He extended his fingers wide to draw in the soul of the star and devoured it.

After performing the Soul Extraction Technique, his aura rose to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

In the past, he was a person who was capable of killing experts beyond his cultivation realm. Currently, his strength was absolutely on par with the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea. The improvement in his strength and power was no trivial matter.

“Samadhi Fire Palm!”

Ning Fan pushed one of his palms out towards the sky. A one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) large fire palm took form and soared into the sky, rushing towards the fire clouds.

One-tenth of the so-called Heavenly Tribulation of Bloody Cloud directly vanished after being struck by his palm attack.

Ning Fan did not intend to rely on a magical treasure to resist the Heavenly Tribulation. Instead, he condensed all of his magic power on his palm. His expression showed not the slightest hint of fear.

He recalled the force of Yan Zhongze’s palm and the palm attack that destroyed the Southern Prison Country. His heart was filled with new insights…

At first, he could only create one palm imprint when he displayed that attack. But when he infused more of his magic power, the second palm imprint appeared. He then put his palms together.


This palm imprint was two thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) large.

At the moment it struck the cloud of Heavenly Tribulation, the remaining clouds immediately dispersed into nothing.

This palm attack had nearly exhausted Ning Fan’s energy. It was an attack that could not be displayed without having Void Refinement Realm level of strength.

Evidently, Ning Fan’s application of the Samadhi Fire Palm was much better than Revered Flame’s.

With Revered Flame’s innate talent, it was absolutely impossible for him to create the second palm imprint.

“It truly deserves to be a Mortal Void Realm magical technique.”

Ning Fan opened his mouth wide and took a deep breath, drawing in all the scattered flames in the sky. Then, he sat down with his legs crossed to restore his magic power.

There was not much time left before he had to leave the tower. Rather than having any further training, it was better to stabilize his Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base that he had just obtained.

After spending 126 years in the Lost World Tower, Ning Fan’s bone age was now close to five hundred years old.

That is to say, he managed to attain the Peak Divine Transformation Realm within five hundred years. Ning Fan would not dare to say that his innate talent was peerless, but it was an achievement that was absolutely worth feeling proud.

However, after arriving at this step, the more Ning Fan realized the difficulties of breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm… As his cultivation base had reached the Peak Divine Transformation Realm, the effect of consuming Early Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits was reduced by nearly half.

In order to advance from the Peak Divine Transformation Realm to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, one would need two hundred thousand units of magic power. Perhaps it would be very difficult for him to gain such a tremendous amount of magic power in a short period of time.

To cultivators, a single year was extremely short.

But during this year, Lu Qing had done one thing that filled him with utmost regret.

Since he found out that Bei Xiaoman had an ambiguous relationship with Ning Fan, he made a decision by himself and reported this to the Lost World Palace.

He did not expect that as his words spread to the Lost World Palace, it would cause such a huge trouble to his mistress.

In the southern tower, Lu Qing looked at a group of wild and uncontrollable cultivators in the main hall, feeling guilty of his actions.

“Lu Qing! Are you the one who let them come?” Bei Xiaoman’s gaze was cold. She disliked the feeling of being betrayed by others.

“Fourth Young Mistress, it’s my fault for making such an inconsiderate decision. If I knew that this would happen, I would never have dared to report it to the Lost World Palace… I truly regret my inconsiderate act!” Lu Qing was ashamed and his voice was full of guilt. The reason why he reported the relationship between Bei Xiaoman and Ning Fan to the Lost World Palace was because he did not want to see his mistress fall deeper and deeper into their relationship. However, he had never thought that it would cause this much trouble…

“What’s the use of regretting?! Get rid of them for me!” Bei Xiaoman clenched her fists. If it wasn’t because she knew Lu Qing was acting for her own good, she would have never let him go.

Her eyes glanced across the hall. The group consisted of forty-nine cultivators in total and every one of them was at the Divine Transformation Realm.

The leader of the group was a young man in black robes and his name was… Ximen Ye!

This was the person that Bei Xiaoman loathed the most. Her aversion to him came straight from the bottom of her heart which was completely different from the kind of hatred she had for Ning Fan.

“Ximen Ye, I won’t go with you!” Bei Xiaoman spoke indifferently.

 “Hehe. You’re my fiancée. Do you think you are allowed to say ‘no’ when I have come to bring you home? Bei Xiaoman, let me be frank with you. With your unruly personality and inferior innate talent, I, Ximen Ye, would have never set my eyes on you. Our marriage contract is merely a condition to form an alliance between the Ximen Aristocratic Family and the Lost World Palace. Moreover, I’ve obtained the Great Elder’s consent to descend to the mortal world today with my incarnation. You should understand that if the Great Elder gives the approval, even your mother can’t protect you!”

The black-robed young man’s eyes were cold. He actually did not care about Bei Xiaoman at all. But when he heard that his fiancée was messing around with another man in the mortal world, he had the feeling of being cuckolded and a murderous intent rose within him, urging him to immediately kill Bei Xiaoman.

“If you follow me back obediently, I will forgive you. But if you disobey, I will break your limbs and drag you back to the Northern Heaven. You decide!”


Lu Qing and Stone Warrior were both furious upon hearing those words. Even though it was a marriage contract made by the Great Elder for Bei Xiaoman, even though it was a significant matter related to the future of the Lost World Palace, even though the Ximen Aristocratic Family was extremely powerful... Both of them would never allow their mistress to be insulted like this!

They made a step forward and their Divine Transformation Realm auras spread across the hall. Their auras were showing signs of merging with each other.

Especially Stone Warrior’s aura which became extremely vigorous after his cultivation base was raised by Ning Fan to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm.

Among the forty-nine experts of the Ximen Aristocratic Family, 30 of them were Early Divine Transformation Realm experts. When they were hit by Stone Warrior and Lu Qing’s auras, their breathing instantly became chaotic.

Their eyes were filled with astonishment. However, they were not surprised by Lu Qing but Stone Warrior instead.

Isn’t the spiritual puppet protecting Bei Xiaoman an Early Divine Transformation Realm puppet? How could it be a Mid Divine Transformation puppet?!

As for the other nineteen experts, their expression remained calm. Among them, there were nine Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts, five Late Divine Transformation Realm experts, three Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts and two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts.

That black-robed young man, Ximen Ye, was one of the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts and this Half-Step Void Refinement Realm body was just a part of his soul.

This person wasn’t the likes of Zi Chuan and Lin Su… His innate talent was peerless in the Northern Heaven. He was one of the Four Top Geniuses of the Northern Heaven in this generation.

He named himself Emperor Xi!

After being struck by the auras of Stone Warrior and Lu Qing, Ximen Ye kept a straight face. His demonic dark eyes flashed with a hint of disdain.

“Bei Xiaoman, my patience is wearing thin. I heard that the person you have fallen in love with in the mortal world is a Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator and his combat power is comparable to a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm cultivator… His name is Zhou Ming, isn’t it? Well, if you don’t come with me, I will… kill him!”

“Who has fallen in love with that stinky Zhou Ming?! Wait! You can’t kill him!”

All of a sudden, anxiety and fear filled her entire being. She knew how cold-blooded and scary Ximen Ye was.

“Indeed, you care about him very much…”

Ximen Ye’s eyes turned colder. He was even certain that her fiance was having an affair with another man.

He took a quick scan on Lu Qing and Stone Warrior, as if he was watching buffoons playing tricks.

His eyes were filled with magic power that was gloomy like the night sky. By just darting a single glance at Lu Qing and Stone Warrior, both of them flew backwards while coughing out blood as if they received a heavy blow. They were severely injured by Ximen Ye with just a gaze!

Injuring Stone Warrior with a single gaze? What exactly is this man’s true cultivation base?!

Suddenly, Bei Xiaoman felt her body becoming powerless.

“You…have attained the Void Fragmentation Realm…”

Indeed. Ximen Ye’s original body had already broken through to the Void Fragmentation Realm.

Even though his incarnation only had Half-Step Void Refinement Realm power, he must not be belittled. With his current power, he could even fight against an Early Void Refinement Realm expert.

“Hmph! Who do you think I am? Will I be like you who only have Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base?! Among the four young mistresses of the Bei Family, only your eldest sister and second elder sister are slightly worth noticing. The rest are nothing!”

Ximen Ye’s tone was cold. He stepped forward and reached out his large hand, trying to grab Bei Xiaoman.

Bei Xiaoman dodged but her eyes met Ximen Ye’s glance in the process. Blood moistened her throat and flowed out from the corners of her mouth. Her eyes were full of resentment.

No one can bully me! No one!

“Young Mistress!”

Stone Warrior and Lu Qing were in great shock. Especially Lu Qing who was feeling the most remorseful for his action.

If he had foreseen that his mistress would have to suffer such humiliation, he would never have reported this matter to the Northern Heaven.

The dignified Fourth Young Mistress is being bullied by the Ximen Aristocratic Family as they wish. Moreover, it’s the idea of the Great Elder. What is the Great Elder thinking?!

Is he trying to send the Young Mistress back to the Ximen Aristocratic Family and be treated like a human cauldron?


At the moment Ximen Ye’s claw-like hand was about to land on Bei Xiaoman, an eerie shadow of a white-robed man suddenly emerged in the main hall. He held Bei Xiaoman’s waist in his arm and moved sideways, avoiding Ximen Ye’s hand.

“Who are you?!” Ximen Ye looked at the white-robed young man who had just appeared out of nowhere with a cold expression. If he was not wrong, the white-robed young man’s speed was at the level of the Early Void Refinement Realm.

“I’m Bei Xiaoman’s consort… Zhou Ming.”

Ning Fan replied with a calm tone. There was a streak of blood on his face. Even though his speed was at the level of the Early Void Refinement Realm, he still did not manage to avoid Ximen Ye’s claw.

This man is strong… He is different from all the geniuses that I have met before!


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