Grasping Evil - Chapter 378.1

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“Stinky Zhou Ming, let go of me. Let go- Mmm…”

Ning Fan held her waist tightly. He also did it in front of so many cultivators. Even though they had some intimate contact before, Bei Xiaoman was still filled with embarrassment and anger.

However, the more she struggled to break free, the more tightly Ning Fan hugged her as if he was bullying her on purpose.

He even secretly moved his fingers and touched the sensitive parts of her waist, causing Bei Xiaoman’s body to feel tingly all over. Because of that, she let out a soft moan. But she then felt shy and very angry. 

Fortunately, all the cultivators there thought that Bei Xiaoman moaned because of the pain from her injuries and did not know that her sensitive parts were being touched. Otherwise, Bei Xiaoman would definitely go nuts on the spot.

“You’re shameless!” Bei Xiaoman could not voice out her complaint. She did not dare to yell in front of so many cultivators that she had been molested by Ning Fan.

Yes, he is the most shameless person in this world.

I hate him. I hate him the most!

But why am I feeling so happy to see him here to save me?

Bei Xiaoman’s mind was utterly confused and perturbed. Then, she thought of how powerful Ximen Ye was and her face immediately turned pale.

“S-Stinky Zhou Ming, you have to run now… He’s very powerful…”

“I know.”

Ning Fan gently let go of Bei Xiaoman and pushed her to his back. He then wiped off the blood on her lips with his fingers. It made her blush again.

Long before he acted, he had sensed that this Ximen Ye was not ordinary.

One part of this Ximen Ye’s soul possesses the power of the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

Even if this person’s main body isn’t at the Peak Void Refinement Realm, I suppose he will be at the… Void Fragmentation Realm!

If he was just an ordinary Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert, Ning Fan was confident to put up a fight with him. But this Ximen Ye had a Void Fragmentation Realm consciousness in combat. As such, his actual combat power might be at the Void Refinement Realm.

Saving Bei Xiaoman was nothing but bringing more trouble to himself. But before he could finish weighing the advantages and disadvantages of saving her, his body acted out of his control and showed up, blocking in front of her when she was in danger.

Perhaps he did that for Yuan Yao’s sake.

Perhaps it was his sense of responsibility as a tower lord of the Lost World Tower.

Perhaps it was because of him being a consort in the relationship between him and Bei Xiaoman which arose from a joke.

Perhaps it was because he did not want anyone else other than him to bully Bei Xiaoman.

“With me here, you won’t be able to take her away.” Ning Fan’s tone was flat but his presence emanated an aura which was not inferior to Ximen Ye.

He would never be intimidated by Ximen Ye. Even if the latter had his Void Fragmentation Realm true body, he would still face him with the same attitude.

Anyways, he had already offended quite a number of Void Fragmentation Realm experts!

“With just you?” Ximen Ye reacted as if he had just heard something ridiculous. He gave a meaningful glance to the three Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts beside him and lazily closed his eyes after that, waiting for Ning Fan’s blood to splatter everywhere.

Immediately, the three Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts understood his signal. They sneered and turned into three traces of smoke, dashing towards Ning Fan from three different directions.

“Despicable!” Upon seeing Ning Fan being attacked by three Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts, Bei Xiaoman’s expression immediately changed.

The Ximen Aristocratic Family was proficient in combined attack techniques. The power of these three Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts combined was almost as strong as that of an ordinary Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert.

Moreover, they were cultivators of the immortal world. Their techniques were, of course, more powerful than the likes of Revered Flame in the mortal world. Bei Xiaoman could not help but feel worried about Ning Fan being at a disadvantage.

Ximen Ye stood aside with his eyes closed. Clearly, he was confident that his people would bring him victory.

From his perspective, if there was only one Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert, that expert would never be able to withstand the attacks of three of his servants even if that person had combat power that was comparable to that of a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert.

“Get lost!”

Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold. He made a step forward and a regal sword qi spread across the hall.

Before the three Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts could approach Ning Fan, they were jolted by the vigorous force of his sword qi and revealed themselves. All of them felt as if they had been struck in the chest and flew backwards while coughing out blood. Immense surprise filled their eyes.

“The Immortal Entrapping Sword Intent! Aside from that, it’s a sword intent that has attained Large Accomplishment!”

The three of them had jointly killed countless Divine Transformation Realm experts. Currently, however, they could not even get close to Ning Fan’s body. By just uttering two words and a single step, Ning Fan congealed a sword, hurting the three of them to the point of vomiting blood.

Even Ximen Ye kept his eyes open now. They turned slightly grim. He immediately realized that Ning Fan was not a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert from the information he got. Instead, he was a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert through and through.

“A Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert? A Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert with bone age below five hundred years old? Your innate talent is extraordinary. But you have to know that in this world, you can’t reach the pinnacle of power with innate talent alone. In my eyes, you’re just an ant!”

When one’s cultivation base attains a certain level, their innate talent would become less important.

If one doesn’t have a powerful backer and countless resources for cultivation, breaking through to the True Immortal Realm, Life Immortal Realm or even Void Fragmentation Realm would just be a fantasy.

In Ximen Ye’s eyes, Ning Fan was just a junior who had a passable innate talent.

After all, Ximen Ye was an expert who had already broken through to the Void Fragmentation Realm. In the Four Heavens, he was one of the few significant beings among the geniuses of this era.

As for Ning Fan, he was just a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. It was still unknown whether he could break through to the Void Refinement Realm, let alone the Void Fragmentation Realm. Innate talent was not everything!

“You. Kill him.”

Ximen Ye looked at the silver-robed elderly man beside him. The old man instantly understood him and stepped forward. This elderly man was also an expert with a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm cultivation base.

Sparks of electricity flashed around this silver-robed elderly man which buzzed terrifyingly.

At the moment he unleashed his aura, all the cultivators from the Ximen Family distanced themselves from him except for Ximen Ye. All of their faces were filled with dread upon seeing the arcs of electricity.

“Is Elder Lei1 going to act this time? Elder Lei is a practitioner of thunder techniques. He has nearly no rivals among the experts at the same level as him. Especially his thunderbolt, it’s a Sixth Grade Void Thunderbolt. Its power is extraordinary…”

“I heard that there are the so-called ‘Seven Venerated of the Internal Endless Sea’ in this Endless Sea of the mortal world. I suppose if the so-called ‘seven venerated beings’ were to be placed in front of Elder Lei, they wouldn’t amount to anything!”

Whispers and murmurs began to spread in the crowd. However, their words were unable to stir up any changes in the state of mind of the elderly man even though he had overheard them. Thus, it was enough to show how mentally strong this expert was.

Elder Lei glanced at Bei Xiaoman. As he saw the latter’s face which was now slightly pale, he felt a little uneasy.

He owed the four mistresses of the Lost World Palace quite a lot of favors. Today, if he kills Ning Fan, he would definitely make Bei Xiaoman sad.

He let out a sigh inwardly. He currently had no command over himself. Since he was a member of the Ximen Aristocratic Family and was being paid by them, he had to be loyal to them and carry out whatever command they gave him.

His gaze turned to Ning Fan. His eyes revealed a hint of mercy as he spoke coldly.

“Zhou Ming, if you surrender without offering any resistance, I will leave your soul intact for samsara as a sign of respect for the Fourth Mistress!”

“There’s no need for that. You aren’t my opponent.”

“Humph! You will regret boasting without shame!”

Elder Lei’s eyes turned merciless. Since he was already an expert who was half a step away from the Void Refinement Realm, how would he be afraid of a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert?

He was already being merciful to let Ning Fan’s soul return to samsara. Since Ning Fan did not know what was good for him, there was no need to show any mercy.

When he stepped forward, silver arcs of electricity flickered around him. He moved his hands to form the shape of a semi-circle in the air. At the next moment, thunderbolts turned into an eight trigrams palm imprint and dashed towards Ning Fan.

“Eight Trigrams Thunderbolt!”

As he pushed the palm imprint towards Ning Fan, eight arcs of lightning appeared at the cardinal directions as well as the inter-cardinal directions. They took the form of a snake which was as thick as a large bowl. When they charged at Ning Fan, they buzzed instead of hissing.

This palm imprint was not an attack that damaged a large area. Instead, the user of this technique had to condense his entire power on his palm in order to display it. Since it was the silver-robed elderly man who displayed this technique with his Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, each of the lightning snakes was strong enough to eliminate a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator easily.

“Your thunderbolt is not bad. It will be mine!”

Ning Fan suddenly placed his finger on his glabella and took out one of his Peak Grade Spirit Treasures – Spirit Crushing Whip. He then lashed each of the eight lightning snakes one after another.

Although his opponent’s thunderbolt was a Sixth Grade Void Thunderbolt, Ning Fan’s was the thunderbolt of the Heavenly Tribulation.

Eight shadows of his whip which seemed to have turned into eight blood-red dragons flashing with lightning collided against the silver thunderbolts. Upon collision, a blinding light illuminated the entire hall.

After seeing the immense power of their thunderbolts, Lu Qing and Stone Warrior hurriedly activated the defensive formation of the southern tower in order to prevent the power of their fight from bringing destruction to the outside world.

If the power of the blinding light spread outside of the tower, perhaps the entire Xuan Wu City would be razed to the ground.


As their thunderbolts met, Elder Lei’s expression instantly changed. He had sensed that his Sixth Grade Silver Thunderbolt was actually showing signs of fear and did not dare to resist the blood-red thunderbolt.

After Ning Fan made eight strikes with his whip, the light snakes disintegrated and their lightning power was devoured by his blood-red lightning.

Right in front of everyone’s eyes, he used his Spirit Crushing Whip to devour all of Elder Lei’s spiritual thunderbolts, upgrading his weapon to a Half-Step Void Treasure!

“The Blood Thunderbolt of the Heavenly Tribulation! Among the seven cultivation realms in the cultivation world, this thunderbolt is basically the strongest type!”

Elder Lei’s expression was solemn. He finally realized that even though Ning Fan was a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, his means were definitely not weak. It would be very difficult to win against him!

Elder Lei glanced over his shoulders and saw Ximen Ye was looking at him gloomily. All of a sudden, Elder Lei figured that it was not a good sign. If he fails to take Ning Fan’s life, then Ximen Ye would definitely take his.

“I have to go all-out! Thunder Dividing Swords, appear!”

Elder Lei flicked his sleeve and eight silver swords appeared in the air.

Each of the swords was Peak Grade Spirit Treasure. When the eight of them combine into one, its might would certainly not be any weaker than a genuine Void Treasure!

“Look! They are the Thunder Dividing Swords! It’s Elder Lei’s most famous weapon. Countless Divine Transformation Realm experts have died under that sword!”

“Humph! That Zhou Ming is certainly dead. Although his blood-red whip is strong and can restrain thunderbolts, it is still a Half-Step Void Treasure after all. It can’t withstand the might of these Thunder Dividing Swords!”

Even though Ning Fan had the upper hand in the fight, the cultivators of the Ximen Family believed that Elder Lei was more likely to win.

As Elder Lei formed a hand seal, the eight swords shone brightly like meteors and gave out an ear-piercing screech. Suddenly, all of them disappeared without a trace. In the next second, each of them flickered to half a zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) away from Ning Fan. They shot out their sword qi, forming eight lightning swords which swept towards him.

When these eight lightning swords combine into one, it could even kill a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert.

As he saw the eight lightning swords coming towards him, Ning Fan’s eyes narrowed coldly. He made a step forward and swung the blood-red whip in his hand so fast that countless afterimages were formed. In an instant, he made one hundred lashes in total.

As the one hundred times of whip attacks struck the eight swords, they seemed to have been struck by a massive thunderbolt and disintegrated from the middle of their bodies.  

As for the eight traces of sword lightning, they were also wiped out by his Spirit Crushing Whip.

After seeing his eight swords being crushed in an instant, Elder Lei’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He had never thought that the Spirit Crushing Whip would be such a powerful magical treasure.

However, what happened next surprised him even more. At the moment his eight swords were destroyed, one hundred rays of blood-red lightning appeared within his dantian, brutally blasting at his primordial spirit.


Blood drained from Elder Lei’s face. He was already in terrible shape. Besides, he could feel that if Ning Fan had not been merciful to him, his primordial spirit would have been destroyed immediately and he would have died under the blood-red lightning!

“Retreat! Otherwise, I will not show any mercy anymore!”

Ning Fan held the blood-red lightning whip in his hand. His eyes were cold like a devil’s as his hair danced wildly in the wind.

If Elder Lei did not offer his kind intention earlier to keep Ning Fan’s soul intact for samsara, Ning Fan would have definitely not spared him.

However, if Elder Lei still insists on fighting him, he would not spare him again… The only way he would deal with Elder Lei was to finish him off!


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Elder Lei (雷长老)
    The word ‘Lei’ is 雷 (léi) in Chinese which carries the meaning of thunder. 

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