Grasping Evil - Chapter 380.2

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Ning Fan had a nightmare.

He had dreamed of a sex demoness who raped him tens of times in a single night. This kind of dream was literally unimaginable to Ning Fan who was a devil lord who practiced dual cultivation.

He gently opened his eyes and felt that his head was dizzy and heavy. When he sensed that his body was not even covered with a single piece of cloth, he could not help but laugh wryly.

Why would I be stripped naked after I passed out?

Suddenly, a weird and vague smell assailed his nostrils. It was a unique smell that could only be found when a male and female have sex.

Ning Fan’s eyes glanced sideways and immediately caught sight of something that nearly caused him to puke blood.

Bei Xiaoman was masturbating and using her delicate legs to fondle his ‘little brother’…

There were more than ten jade slips scattered around the bed. A chill ran down his spine. He could imagine Bei Xiaoman secretly recording his naked body.

“Why does this little lady have such a repulsive hobby…? I never noticed this part of her before…”

To Ning Fan who was a man that had high self-esteem, being violated by a lady during his sleep seventeen to eighteen times was certainly a humiliation.

However, when he saw Bei Xiaoman sparing no effort in pleasing him, his lips curved upwards and formed into an unexplainable smile. He then decided to pretend to be still asleep.

From his stiff hot rod, he could vividly feel the tender soles of Bei Xiaoman’s feet. Although her skin was covered by a thin layer of silk stockings, it gave Ning Fan a strange feeling that he had never experienced before.

He could not refrain from admiring Bei Xiaoman’s imagination. Unfortunately, she was born as a woman in her current life. If she were a man, then she would definitely be a dual-cultivation practitioner that has countless unpredictable styles.

“En… En… Stinky Zhou Ming, who asked you to keep on bullying me? Wait and see how I play you to death! Humph!”

“Wuuu… It’s really hot… Detestable! Even when you are asleep, you are still bullying me and made me do such an embarrassing thing…”

Bei Xiaoman grumbled and mumbled while Ning Fan was verbally attacked even though he was just motionlessly lying there.

He did not even complain or sought justice after Bei Xiaoman violated him eighteen times while he was asleep whereas the latter spoke as if she was the victim of the whole incident.

While he was pretending to be asleep, he deliberately moved his leg, as if he had done it unconsciously due to his dream.

However, when she saw Ning Fan’s leg move, she was not scared at all. Instead, she inwardly muttered.

If he finds out that I have sexually violated him while he was asleep, I wonder what he would do to me.

“Humph! Still not awake yet? You’re really a pig… En… Ahh… Stinky Zhou Ming! No, you can’t. You can’t lick here…”

Bei Xiaoman’s cheeks flushed red. She gritted her teeth and blabbered something inexplicable. Perhaps it was related to Ning Fan.

Ning Fan spoke to himself.

This little lady seems to have deep emotions for me. Why didn’t I notice it in the past?

Then, Ning Fan mischievously slid his palm towards Bei Xiaoman’s tight butt. When she felt that her butt was being assaulted while she was masturbating, a jolt went across her body. She clasped the bedsheet tightly and lost control of her body…

A stream of liquid gushed out from her lower part like a clear spring which soaked the bedding.

Bei Xiaoman’s face was as red as a tomato. Before the glowing redness of her face receded, she turned her head and petulantly looked at Ning Fan. Silently, she muttered to herself.

Why would he act so mischievously even though he is asleep? He just touched my butt and made me lose control…

“Fine… I am not going to punish you, considering that you have served me well. *Snort* I’m done playing with you today. I’m a little tired now and I want to rest…”

Bei Xiaoman’s body was already loose as if she was floating like a cloud. Thus, she lied straight down beside Ning Fan without any hesitation and allowed her exhaustion to overwhelm her.

She had been taking care of Ning Fan without rest for the past few days. Even though she was a cultivator, it had mentally drained her because of her excessive worries for his safety, causing her to be extremely tired.

As soon as she had let loose of herself and masturbated, she lied down sluggishly beside Ning Fan and held him tight with her arms. Even though the part below her short skirt was a mess, she did not bother to clean it.

Her silk stockings were also stained with some viscous white liquid. That sight just seemed extremely suggestive.

She was really sleepy and her eyelids grew heavier and heavier. Ning Fan’s smell made her feel safe and peaceful, inducing her to sleep…

Seeing that Bei Xiaoman had decided to sleep after she finished having fun with him, Ning Fan complained inwardly. He then opened his eyes and turned his head over, staring at her speechlessly. Currently, they were so close to each other that their faces nearly touched each other.

When she realized that Ning Fan was awake, her body hardened due to her nervousness.

Oh no! I have just finished ‘playing’ with him and I haven’t even gotten rid of the evidence… Moreover, I am still half-naked…

Subconsciously, Bei Xiaoman wanted to run away. However, as soon as she got up, one of her arms was pulled by Ning Fan, causing her to fall back into his arms.

Ning Fan got up and pushed her to the bed, pushing her down.

“Z-Zhou Ming! When did you wake up?! Let go of me now! You’re shameless! You’re a pervert! What do you want to do to me?!” Bei Xiaoman was a little scared. She was just trying to take revenge on him by toying with him. However, she did not want to have her purity ruined by him.

“I simply want to return to you what you have done to me. I, Zhou Ming, never like suffering a loss. You should already know that.” Ning Fan gave her a smile as he stared at the young lady below him like eyeing his prey.

“No. Don’t! I haven’t done anything to you at all. I’m telling the truth. I didn’t do anything to you!” Bei Xiaoman began to speak incoherently.

“Are you sure that you haven’t done anything? What is this…?” Ning Fan’s fingers glided across Bei Xiaoman’s slim waist, down to her outer thighs and into the most sensitive part between her thighs. When he bent his finger, it was immediately wet with a sticky and creamy fluid.

As she had just reached her climax not long ago, her private part was still very sensitive. When Ning Fan stroked that area, her body immediately softened like cotton and she let out a moan. Her breathing became chaotic again.


Her tender moan seemed to have lit up the dark night.

Ning Fan withdrew the tip of his finger. He did not continue to fondle her. Bei Xiaoman could not help but feel a bit empty and disappointed.

Then, he placed the tip of his finger near Bei Xiaoman’s face and gave her a satisfied smile.

“What is this…?” Without giving Bei Xiaoman the chance to fabricate a lie, he directly pressed that finger on her lips.

An extremely embarrassing feeling rose within her. She stared at Ning Fan with anger and pushed him away with her weak hands, trying to get away from him.

“You’re a shameless, insolent pervert!”

While she was cursing him with her mouth, she was wriggling her waist, trying to retract her legs.

However, her silky straight legs which were wearing smooth silk stockings rubbed against Ning Fan’s ‘little brother’, giving him an inexplicable degree of stimulation.

His eyes were filled with a hint of lust. He was not a saint. Well, to be more accurate, he did not plan to act like a saint anymore after Bei Xiaoman violated him for more than ten times.

“Don’t move. Or else…” When Ning Fan felt his warm private part being rubbed between her thighs, he was instantly aroused.

“I want to move! What can you do to me, huh? Zhou Ming, let me tell you this. I have already imprinted more than ten jade slips of you. If you dare to touch me, I will…”

“Bei Xiaoman, you are playing with fire!” Ning Fan’s eyes were gradually filled with passion.

“So what if I am playing with fire? If you are capable enough, then try burning me to death… Uh…”

Bei Xiaoman retorted subconsciously. At the next moment, Ning Fan covered her lips with his.

Her mind buzzed and went blank. Ning Fan actually kissed her!

Instinctively, she kept her teeth tightly clenched, not allowing him to invade inside. However, when Ning Fan mischievously smacked her tight butt with one of his hands, she was startled and loosened the muscles on her jaw. Ning Fan then slid his tongue into her mouth, assailing her.


She felt herself close to being breathless and melting under his kiss. She finally realized that the ‘fire’ she was playing with this time was going to burn her…

In the past, she would dream of a nightmare for several nights. Within the nightmare, she would be humiliated by Ning Fan using different kinds of techniques.

Today, her nightmare seemed to have come true. However, she realized that she was not especially revolted by his action other than feeling a little scared and nervous.

Her breasts which were not very ample were grabbed and squeezed but she did not resist. Instead, she stretched out her arms and wrapped around his neck.

When her private part was being penetrated, she did not resist. Instead, she kept her eyes shut, waiting for the ‘violent rainstorm’ that was about to arrive.

“Bei Xiaoman, you are the one who lit the fire. Thus, you should be the one to extinguish…”  Ning Fan straightened his hips, breaking through a thin layer within her.

Pain struck her, causing her tears to trickle down her cheeks. However, she became even more angry. Aggressively, she wrestled Ning Fan with strength that surged within her out of nowhere, pushing him down.

“Then let me extinguish it! Do you think I’m scared?! Don’t forget that you are now my cauldron. I am going to pluck you now and I will pluck to death! You are so irritating! How dare you penetrate me?!”

A stream of clear fluid mixed with a trace of blood flowed down her thighs.

An hour later, a rush of warmth exploded within her, filling up the gap inside her body…

Bei Xiaoman then fell on Ning Fan’s body wearily. The entirety of her delicate body was red like her lips. Her fragrant shoulders trembled uncontrollably. Her cheeks were also red like cherries and her eyes were teary.

“Bei Xiaoman, you have violated me eighteen times. Now, you still owe me seventeen times.” Ning Fan gave her a broad grin which seemed harmless and innocent.

“Hmph! Do you think I’m afraid of you?! Let me rest for a while. I will repay you in a moment! I really hate you! I especially hate you! I hate you to the marrow of my bones!”

The more Bei Xiaoman thought, the angrier she felt. She then bit Ning Fan’s shoulder. In a place where no one could see, her face was filled with hesitation, shyness and a hint of delight…

“Other than you, I won’t hate anyone else… No one could be more loathsome than you.” She spoke with a low tone that no one could barely hear.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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