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Bei Xiaoman finally experienced what it felt like to be violated eighteen times.

When she was pushed down on the bed for the third time, she was already begging for mercy without caring about her dignity anymore. The pain from her swelling private part was unbearable to her. Eventually, Ning Fan let her off the hook.

She could not imagine how Ning Fan was still so lively and animated to push her down on the bed after she had abused him eighteen times in a row…

“Have you taken an aphrodisiac? How can you still keep going as if there’s no end to this...? Ah! I’m wrong. I will never dare to resist you anymore!” Bei Xiaoman cursed while asking for mercy at the same time. She really could not endure it anymore. After all, it was her first time!

“Do I look like I need an aphrodisiac? Do you think that all of my efforts in practicing the Yin Yang Transformation are in vain?!”

Ning Fan finally decided to give her a break. If he didn’t give her a painful and memorable lesson, she would certainly rebel against him in the future.

Just like that, Bei Xiaoman sank into a deep sleep under the care of a few maidservants. Her face was still wearing a sweet and comfortable smile.

After having a sensual and erotic night, Ning Fan descended from the southern tower. It was conceivable how difficult it was for the two Divine Transformation Realm old ancestors, Stone Warrior and Lu Qing, to accept the truth.

Ning Fan’s body was permeated with Bei Xiaoman’s scent… In addition to that, he also carried a unique smell that would only be found during sexual intercourse… Do they still need to ask what had happened between their mistress and Ning Fan?!

“Fellow Daoist Zhou, you and the fourth mistress…” Both Lu Qing and Stone Warrior had the intention to commit suicide.

“If I tell you nothing has happened between me and Xiaoman, would you believe me?” Ning Fan asked with a smile.

“Of course not!”

“Is that so?”

Ning Fan did not give them a straight answer. He was not a person who was frivolous enough to brag everywhere about who he had fucked last night.

He purposely chose to walk around while Bei Xiaoman was asleep because he had some unfinished business with her after she wakes up.

When he was about to leave the southern tower, Lu Qing approached him and secretly passed him a note written on a piece of jade.

There was only one sentence on the note.

“Pass my test and you’ll gain the token of a revered being. ---Yun.”

The handwriting looked confident and domineering but it also carried a hint of desolation.

According to the rules of the Rain Palace, even if one was recognized as a revered being, if one wishes to obtain the thing which serves as a representation of this status - the token of a revered being, he must at the very least pass the test from a Void Fragmentation Realm expert.

Originally, Ning Fan had thought that Luo Jun would at most promise him a title first and he would have to obtain the token by taking the test in the Rain Palace of the Middle State in the future.

It was beyond his expectations that he would have the chance to obtain the token today. It was doubtlessly an accident. However, Ning Fan was not sure which Void Fragmentation Realm expert of the Rain Palace would come and find him to give him the token.

Outside the southern tower, the sunlight was perfect. As he basked in the warm and bright sunlight, he gradually calmed his mind down.

Bei Xiaoman really gave him an unforgettable experience…

He could not help but admit that Bei Xiaoman was his quarrelsome lover. After fighting in jest a few times, those memories became hard to forget.

It’s ridiculous that I actually like this unruly and stubborn little lady… But whose life isn’t ridiculous in this world?

After he woke up, he had even found out from Bei Xiaoman’s personal maidservants that she used half a piece of the black crystal to heal his injuries.

Only he knew what exactly the black crystal was.

It was something that Bei Xiaoman’s ‘sister’, Yuan Yao, gave to her after asking for it from Ning Fan. After some twists and turns, it actually returned to Ning Fan’s hands.  

Speaking of which, he had absolutely defied the laws of nature as he still made out with Bei Xiaoman after having an affair with Yuan Yao.

However, a lawless person was exactly what he was. Since he harbored affection for the women while they also had the same feelings for him too, the only thing he could do was to treat each and every one of the women he loved well.

None of the women he loved had ever asked promises from him. Well, this was the reality of the cultivation world…

Along his path of cultivation, he always had a brush with death. Perhaps one day in the future, he would perish without leaving a single trace. Perhaps every one of the women who loved him had thought of this before they gave their hearts and souls to him… All of them already knew that he might die someday in the future…

“As a cultivator, it’s already a struggle to live on stubbornly. If one wishes to live a happy and joyful life, it would only be wishful thinking. If one is still able to meet a person who has mutual affection with him during his life, he will have no regrets in dying…”

“The life of a cultivator is full of killing. It’s like a journey on a boat swaying in the midst of a raging storm where the wave decides whether one will float or sink. A cultivator’s life is predestined by the heavens but one can decide whether to get drunk at the moment or not (‘to get drunk at the moment’ metaphorically means to live in the moment).”

“Getting drunk… I remember there are three main forces on Penglai Immortal Island. Other than the Lost World Palace, there’s the Pill Cauldron Gate and the Green Bamboo Palace. I have already subdued the Pill Cauldron Gate. Since there are not many of my old friends there, visiting the place is just the same as skipping the trip. As for this Green Bamboo Palace, it’s known as the best sect in brewing wine in the External Endless Sea. Even though I have visited Penglai several times, I have never been there before. It’s really a pity… If I wish to get drunk today, I can go there and get myself some spiritual wine. However, a good wine might be easy to get but a drinking companion is hard to find. It’s really unfortunate that I don’t have many brothers despite having countless beautiful companions.”

Then, Ning Fan travelled the Penglai Immortal Island on foot. He did not choose to fly or get a ride on a celestial beast. He was literally walking on both of his feet.

His pace was slow. However, after making one step, he would bizarrely travel across a distance too long to count. It was tens of thousands of li* (500m per li) from Xuan Wu City to the Green Bamboo Palace. However, after just one hundred breaths, he had already arrived at his destination. Besides, this was already a speed that he had deliberately slowed down into.

When the cultivators witnessed the terrifying length of distance he travelled with a single step, each and every one of them acted like they had met a ghost. They rubbed their eyes in surprise and tried to get a clearer look at Ning Fan’s figure. However, when they opened their eyes, there was already no sign of him and what they had concluded was that their eyesight might have some problem.

When Ning Fan arrived at the exterior part of the Green Bamboo Palace, it was bustling with activity. Apparently, the Green Bamboo Palace was organizing a wine party. By paying a certain amount of immortal jade, one could enter the place. It was indeed in accordance with his wish.

However, he did not intend to stir panic among the groups of cultivators. Currently, there was barely anyone in the External Endless Sea who did not recognize Ning Fan’s appearance.

Ning Fan flicked his sleeve upward and covered his face for a second. Then, he used the Sense Falsifying Art which he had not used for a long time to change his appearance, turning himself into a scholarly young man in white robes. After that, he walked past the giant gate of the Green Bamboo Palace. However, a fierce-looking burly man reached out his arm and stopped him.

“Please stop right there! Anyone who wishes to join the wine party needs to pay and obtain a bamboo plate which befits his corresponding cultivation base. Different grades of bamboo plates allow one to enjoy different levels of spiritual wine. The higher the grade of the bamboo plate, the better the quality of the spiritual wine! Of course, one can only try each type of spiritual wine once. Anyone who wishes to have a second drink will need to purchase the wine.”

The muscular man studied Ning Fan with disdain.

His name was Cao Kang. He was an Early Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator. With his knowledge and experience as a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator, he did not manage to sense the fluctuation of a massive amount of magic power from Ning Fan. Therefore, he immediately judged that Ning Fan was a Vein Opening Realm junior.

In low-grade cultivation countries, a Vein Opening Realm cultivator was nothing. In the Endless Sea, the status of a cultivator with that cultivation base would, of course, be much lower.

A person like him also wishes to enter the Green Bamboo Palace? Does he know how much immortal jade it will need to get into the wine party?!

“A bamboo plate? Fellow Daoist, I’m sorry to trouble you. Could you please introduce how many grades in total the bamboo plates are categorized into and how much they will cost?”

Doubtlessly, Ning Fan had noticed the disdainful attitude of the burly man. However, he just carried on with a laugh.

He was no longer a young man at the Harmonious Spirit Realm. The current him would certainly not be so petty as to silence a Harmonious Spirit Realm junior forever over a trivial matter.

“Fellow Daoist? Is ‘Fellow Daoist’ a name you can use to address me?!” The burly man said with displeasure. However, after pondering for a while, he found it was pointless to argue with a Vein Opening Realm junior. He was a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator who had a higher status after all.

As he began to think in that manner, his anger faded a little and let Ning Fan address him as his wish.

“Firstly, the yellow grade bamboo plate costs one thousand immortal jade each. It allows one to try the spiritual wines of the second level. Secondly, the black grade bamboo plate costs ten thousand immortal jade each and one may try the spiritual wines of the third level. Thirdly, the earth grade bamboo plate costs one hundred thousand immortal jade each and it allows one to try spiritual wines of the fourth level. Lastly, the heaven grade bamboo plate costs one million immortal jade each. A person with that bamboo plate can drink the wines of the fifth level.”

The burly man patiently explained the details of each and every one of the bamboo plates. When he finished speaking, he was inwardly surprised. The cause of his surprise was Ning Fan’s demeanor.

To ordinary cultivators, they would more or less reveal a look of astonishment whenever they hear the unimaginably expensive price.

One thousand immortal jade was expensive to Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators. Ten thousand immortal jade was a large amount to Gold Core Realm cultivators. One hundred thousand immortal jade was a significant sum to Nascent Soul Realm experts while one million immortal jade was considered substantial to Divine Transformation Realm experts.

Even the expressions of countless Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm seniors slightly changed when they heard of the prices.

But when Ning Fan heard of the prices, his expression remained unchanged. The calm demeanor he had was definitely not a pretense. Instead, it was a character that was tempered after experiencing countless events.

The burly man began to make some guesses within his mind.

Could it be that this white-robed scholar who looks weak and power is a peerless expert?

I-Impossible. He is just a young man. How could he be a peerless expert? I suppose he is just a young master from a powerful family that has no concept of money.


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