Grasping Evil - Chapter 383.1

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“Cao Kang, we have some respected guests in the house. Why don’t you hurry up and bring your junior out of here?!” The person who spoke was Gong Mao. He did not get along well with Cao Kang. Thus, his tone was certainly rude.

However, he did not dare to directly offend Cao Kang. He glanced at Ning Fan and considered him as Cao Kang’s junior. Then, his expression turned grim. When he was berating Cao Kang, he secretly sent out three traces of sword light with his fingers to attack Ning Fan’s dantian, attempting to break a few of his immortal veins in order to give Cao Kang a lesson.

He was not bold enough to kill Ning Fan in the presence of others. As for destroying a few of his immortal veins… Hehe. When a senior teaches his junior a lesson, there was nothing wrong if his methods were a little too excessive, weren’t they? 

“Hmph! Gong Mao! Who do you think you are? How dare you order me to get lost…?! Impudent! What are you doing?!!”

Cao Kang’s eyes turned cold and serious. Before he could finish his words, he noticed Gong Mao do a sneak attack on Ning Fan which made him incredibly furious.

Although he speculated that Ning Fan was a Gold Core Realm expert, even he felt absurd of himself when he blurted out those words. Therefore, he did not take it seriously at all.

He once wounded one of Gong Mao’s descendants because of personal grudges. As such, the reason why Gong Mao sneak-attacked Ning Fan without a second thought was clearly because he harbored the intention to avenge his descendant.

It would not be a big deal if he were to seek his revenge against Cao Kang. However, he made Ning Fan his target. How could Cao Kang tolerate such an evil act?

Cao Kang swung his palm, trying to block the three rays of sword light.

Ning Fan had spent money to buy him a bamboo plate to join the wine fair. It would be extremely unreasonable if he allowed Ning Fan to get hurt.

At the very least, he was a man with principles!

However, just as his palm was about to grab the sword rays, they suddenly trembled and moved half a chi* (30.7cm per chi) sideways, avoiding his grasp. Then, they continued to fly towards Ning Fan.

The trajectories of the sword rays were too bizarre. Even Cao Kang was unable to predict their path.

“The Path Bending Swords! You’ve actually learned the Path Bending Swords, a Spirit Realm Sword Technique! This is bad!”

Cao Kang’s face changed seeing the swords were about to piece through Ning Fan’s dantian after they managed to avoid him by changing their trajectories. In the next moment, however, he was absolutely stunned.

The sword rays were already extremely fast but Ning Fan was even faster.

He lightly flicked his sleeve and conjured a gentle breeze. The three traces of Spirit Realm sword qi disappeared in the breeze without a trace. In just a blink of an eye, he had kept all three of them.


Cao Kang sucked in a cold breath.

Summoning a gentle breeze that can seize three traces of Spirit Realm sword qi with ease… What kind of technique is that?

“Brother Yun, who exactly are…”

Before Cao Kang had the time to react, Ning Fan took a step forward and flung his sleeves intensely. The three traces of sword light which were just as complete as before suddenly flew out from his sleeve.

In a blink of an eye, the sword stabbed right into Gong Mao’s dantian, cutting all one hundred traces of his immortal veins into shreds and destroying his cultivation base!


Gong Mao fell heavily to the ground while coughing out blood incessantly. His cultivation realm instantly regressed to the First Level of Vein Opening Realm!

His eyes were filled with horror. Those sword rays were unmistakably the ones he used to attack Ning Fan just now. How could Ning Fan deflect them so effortlessly? It was too absurd! This kind of technique was just too unimaginable!

Cao Kang felt even more astonished. Previously, he had thought that Ning Fan’s cultivation base was extraordinary. The scene that was happening right now before his eyes clearly verified his guess.

It can’t be wrong. Brother Yun must be a powerful expert.

However, it was beyond Cao Kang’s capabilities to find out how powerful Ning Fan really was. To him, he might also be a Harmonious Spirit Realm or possibly a Gold Core Realm old monster who was someone he could not afford to offend!

The other Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators had different expressions than Cao Kang and Gong Mao. As soon as they saw Gong Mao’s dantian was destroyed, they immediately yelled in surprise.

“This is bad! Deacon Gong’s immortal veins were destroyed by someone!”

Right after the commotion ensued, a more assertive and powerful voice echoed from behind the crowd of cultivators. The voice contained a hint of anger.

“Who dares to hurt a member of my Gong Family? You’re courting death!”

A ray of blinding light shot out from the crowd and materialized into a Gold Core Realm old monster. Without even asking the reason, he then started to take action against Ning Fan.

This man was a Mid Gold Core Realm elder of the Green Bamboo Palace. He was the master of the Gong Family as well as Gong Mao’s senior.

When he saw Gong Mao who was lying on the ground in a terrible shape, anger boiled in his heart. He no longer cared whether or not he sided with a troublemaker who was in the wrong as he only wanted to stand up for his descendant.

When he noticed the person who wounded his junior was Ning Fan who only had a Vein Opening Realm cultivation base, he slapped his storage pouch and took out a square treasure seal. He then tried to slam it directly at Ning Fan’s head without any hesitation.

“Elder Gong! Please allow this subordinate to explain about what happened. It’s definitely not Fellow Daoist Yun’s fault!”

Fear suddenly filled Cao Kang’s heart. He was not afraid of Gong Mao but he was scared of Elder Gong. After all, Elder Gong was a Gold Core Realm old monster.

However, when he saw Elder Gong’s attack about to land on Ning Fan without finding out about what had happened, he subconsciously stepped up and spoke for Ning Fan.

But before he could have the chance to start explaining, Elder Gong’s treasure seal was already falling upon Ning Fan’s head.

“I don’t care which one of them is at fault! I only know one thing – no one can bully the people of my Gong Family!”

The way the people of the Gong Family did things had always been tyrannical. Well, if you aren’t oppressive, how would others be afraid of you?

As the Gong Family was one of the great families under the Green Bamboo Palace, he had the qualifications to be a tyrant in Penglai immortal Island.

However, they seemed to have found the wrong target for showing their tyrannical ways. No matter how domineering the Gong Family was, could they be more domineering than Ning Fan?

That treasure seal was named the Mountain and River Seal. It was a High Grade magical treasure. Its destructive power was rather formidable. Elder Gong had once used this magical treasure to pulverize an Early Gold Core Realm expert.

Cao Kang had guessed that Ning Fan was a Gold Core Realm expert. However, when he thought more deeply, he realized that even if Ning Fan was a Gold Core Realm expert, he would probably have grim chances of survival if he were to be sneak attacked by Elder Gong.

“Get lost!”

Ning Fan let out a cold bellow and casually flicked his sleeve. His soft and weak sleeves collided with the treasure seal but it suddenly gave out a loud bang as if mountains and rivers crumbled. Its sound wave was so strong that it caused countless cultivators to bleed from their ears!

With just a hit, the treasure seal was crushed into powder!

Then, Ning Fan’s cold stare landed on Elder Gong. His eyes which looked like two piercing swords immediately made Elder Gong feel like his back was being pricked by needles.

What a dominating look he had!

The owner of this pair of eyes clearly showed that he was the only one who could suppress others and no one could ever bully him!

When Elder Gong met his eyes, his expression was immediately filled with terror. At that moment, he could feel an irresistible aura force that was pressing against his entire body. It felt like thousands of mountains were above him, making him unable to move a single muscle.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his dantian like thousands of blades were cutting him. In the next moment, his gold core shattered. His body flew backwards uncontrollably while puking mouthfuls of blood, crashing into the ground.

His cultivation realm had regressed to the Early Harmonious Spirit Realm in an instant!

It was because Ning Fan was too lazy to kill him. Otherwise, how would he be able to survive?!

Cao Kang was petrified!

Who on earth could crush a person’s gold core with just a single glance?!

Elder Gong who was a dignified Gold Core Realm expert did not even have the qualifications to stand beside Ning Fan!

Could it be that this Yun Fan is a Nascent Soul Realm expert?!

“Who dares to start a fight and hurt others in my Green Bamboo Palace?!”

The old saying was right. When you finish dealing with the small fries, the big shots would then appear.

After Elder Gong was wounded, a cold but tender voice of a woman was heard. The person who spoke was actually the palace lord of the Green Bamboo Palace, Qing Chuchu.

This woman’s body was graceful and elegant. She had breasts that were round and full and buttocks that were ample and tight. She was a woman with absolute beauty. However, her expression looked rather arrogant and haughty.

Her eyes glanced at Gong Mao and Elder Gong who were still lying on the ground with blood coming out from their mouths. She clenched her silver teeth and her cheeks turned frigid cold.

“You are the culprit! Who are you? How dare you cause trouble in my Green Bamboo Palace? You are truly insolent and reckless!”

Without allowing him to speak, she shook her delicate wrist. A colored ribbon shot out and coiled around Ning Fan.

She was not as impetuous as Elder Gong. She did not use a fatal strike as soon as she attacked.

After all, Ning Fan was an expert who could crush Elder Gong’s gold core with just a look. Perhaps he was an expert of the Mid Nascent Soul Realm and his ability must be strong.

Even Qing Chuchu would be reluctant to provoke an expert like him in usual times. However, the reputation of the Green Bamboo Palace was greatly tainted in front of some honorable guests. No matter what, she had to subdue Ning Fan first before figuring out what to do next.

As soon as Cao Kang saw that even the palace lord wanted to fight, he thought Ning Fan was in a worse situation. Even if Ning Fan was a Nascent Soul Realm expert, he could not afford to offend the palace lord.

It was because the palace lord was a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert. In the External Endless Sea, she could be considered as one of the top experts.


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