Grasping Evil - Chapter 383.2

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That colored ribbon was called the Soft Silk Ribbon which was a famous Supreme Grade magical treasure. It had been made and tempered using the natal spider silk of a Divine Transformation Realm snow spider. Moreover, it also had the ability of a Spirit Vessel Magical Treasure, giving it an unparalleled magical effect.

Qing Chuchu had once subdued a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert with a single move using this magical treasure and squeezed him to death!

Cao Kang’s heart pounded. He internally thought that it would be disastrous to Ning Fan this time.

Even if Ning Fan was a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, it would be difficult for him to fend off this Soft Silk Ribbon!

However, he saw Ning Fan firmly standing there facing the incoming colored ribbon which lengthened as it moved. Ning Fan did not hide nor avoid with eyes that were filled with contempt.

He moved his palm and touched the air. The Soft Silk Ribbon then trembled and lost much of its spirituality immediately. Due to the backlash, Qing Chuchu felt her body lose its balance. The calm look on her face faded.

My Soft Silk Ribbon has actually lost its ability to attack?

In the blink of an eye, Ning Fan pointed his finger once again. The Soft Silk Ribbon which was Qing Chuchu’s natal magic treasure then revealed a human-like fear and its path became weird. It made a U-turn and headed back to Qing Chuchu. Beyond her expectations, it coiled around her body and tied her up tightly which restricted the movement of her limbs.

My Soft Silk Ribbon… has gone against me?!

Ning Fan’s eyes shone with disdain. He had the ancestor blood of the Fu Li Race. How would a mere spirit vessel of a Wild Beast be brave enough to attack him?

He made a step forward and his figure flickered, appearing right in front of Qing Chuchu. He held her by the waist and pulled her into his arms. After that, he cruelly spanked her tight buttocks more than ten times consecutively with his palm.




This sight looked as if an adult was punishing his child for making trouble out of nothing.

However, the one who was being punished right now was the lord of the Green Bamboo Palace who was extremely reputable in the External Endless Sea. Her respected identity made this seem rather improper to be seen by others.

Ning Fan did not kill Qing Chuchu. However, when he spanked her in front of everyone, it was even more difficult for her to bear than having her life ended right away.

Taken aback, countless cultivators stared at her with gaping mouths. The palace lord of the Green Bamboo Palace, Qing Chuchu, a dignified and reputable Late Nascent Soul Realm expert was subdued by Ning Fan so easily without having the strength to fight back at all. Ning Fan’s actual strength was terrifyingly strong.

“D-Divine Transformation Realm!” At this moment, no matter how silly Cao Kang was, he was able to guess that Ning Fan’s true cultivation base was doubtlessly at the Divine Transformation Realm.

Other than Divine Transformation Realm experts, who could subdue a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator with ease?

Currently, even Cao Kang had already figured it out. Who else was still unable to tell Ning Fan’s cultivation base? 

When they realized that Ning Fan was an old ancestor at the Divine Transformation Realm, countless cultivators broke out in cold sweat.

A strong individual like him was someone the Green Bamboo Palace could not afford to offend!

The only thing they were still unsure of now was what stage of the Divine Transformation Realm Ning Fan was at…

“Who are you? Why… Why are you humiliating me like this…? Please… Let me go…” Qing Chuchu’s heart was overwhelmed with fear. When she was within Ning Fan’s embrace, she immediately felt her strength leave her body and her magic power completely sealed. She could only let Ning Fan smack her buttocks as he pleased while feeling terrified and embarrassed.

She had never thought that Ning Fan was also a Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor.

I’ve actually offended a Divine Transformation Realm old monster to protect a Gold Core Realm elder?

“Sister Chuchu, you don’t have to be afraid! So what if he is a Divine Transformation Realm expert?! Humiliating a woman in public… That act sullies your grace! Let me help you get revenge on him!”

A green-robed lady walked out of the crowd with a calm demeanor. Her movement was gentle and light as if she was stepping on lotuses. Her beautiful eyes coldly staring at Ning Fan.

“Let go of her. Or else, you’ll pay for what you’ve done!”

After she voiced out her final message, she revealed a formidable aura which was at the Late Divine Transformation Realm. Gusts of strong wind swept across the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li).

After that, she slapped her storage pouch and took out a handkerchief woven with green silk. The green handkerchief gleamed with dotted light. To everyone’s surprise, it was a High Grade Spiritual Magic Treasure.

“She’s a Late Divine Transformation Realm cultivator!”

Some of the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators who were quite knowledgeable exclaimed in astonishment. They recognized the green-robed lady’s cultivation base.

As soon as Cao Kang heard their words, he was absolutely out of his wits.

How come… Why?!

Why would a Late Divine Transformation Realm old monster appear in the Green Bamboo Palace? An expert like her is considered a legendary being even in the Internal Endless Sea!

Even if Brother Yun is a Divine Transformation Realm expert, it’s impossible for him to be an opponent of a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert. After attaining the Divine Transformation Realm, the difference between each of the small stages of the cultivation realm is worlds apart. It’s extremely difficult for one to win against someone who has a higher cultivation base than them!

Cao Kang and countless cultivators were so scared that they nearly peed their pants. Ning Fan, however, still wore a cold smile on his face as usual.

“This is endless… Shouldn’t all of you ask about the cause of the whole incident first before you act? I had never been threatened like this everywhere I go. I would like to see what price you can make me pay if I insist on not letting her go!”


A peerless aura force spread out from his body. Baleful qi dyed half of the sky red as blood-red clouds covered the heavens.

At this moment, Ning Fan undid his Sense Falsifying Art and revealed his true appearance.

That appearance was the nightmare of all cultivators in the Endless Sea. Today, no one in the External Endless Sea would not recognize that face!

“Z-Zhou Ming! Fellow Daoist Yun, you are actually… Revered Ming!”

Cao Kang was at a loss.

He had actually spent more than half of the day drinking wine with the most ruthless and fiendish devil lord of the External Endless Sea. Moreover, he had even looked down on him earlier… He was literally digging his own grave!

Innumerable cultivators that were there felt their heartbeat race and had difficulty in breathing.

They were able to find out Ning Fan’s identity but they were unable to withstand his incredible aura force.

Courting death! It’s an act of courting death!  If one does not court death, they would not die so quickly. Why did the Green Bamboo Palace mess with Revered Ming?! Now it seems like the entire sect was going to be annihilated!

Just as Ning Fan emanated his aura force, the face of the lady in green robes tightened with surprise. It was beyond her expectations that a young man who looked thin and weak like him actually had such a horrifying cultivation base!

Peak Divine Transformation Realm! It can’t be wrong! This white-robed young man is a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert! Aside from that, his bone age is only five hundred years old!

The Rain World is just a mortal world. Since when did this mortal world produce such an outstanding prodigy who could attain the Peak Divine Transformation Realm within five hundred years!

Under the gloomy sky which was filled with massive baleful qi, the lady in green robes felt her courage wane. Then, she began to slowly retreat as fear gradually consumed her.

She could not imagine how many Divine Transformation Realm cultivators Ning Fan had killed to accumulate such a tremendous amount of baleful qi…

How come a ruthless and wicked devil lord like him who kills without even batting an eye existed in this world?!

Why didn’t the Tribulation Wielding Immortal Emperor strike him to death with a Heavenly Tribulation?!

“You want to leave? Weren’t you going to make me pay for what I have done?!”

Ning Fan stepped forward and disappeared without leaving a shadow. At the next moment, he suddenly emerged behind the lady in green robes and touched her with his Yin Plucking Finger.

The green-robed lady was completely unprepared and exposed her back to sneak attacks.

When his finger came into contact with her skin, the power of his Yin Plucking Finger immediately spread throughout her entire body, making her slender body soft and weak. Her limbs turned numb and her body burned hot. Then, she fell powerlessly into Ning Fan’s arms just like Qing Chuchu.

While holding a beauty in his left arm, he now held another one in his right. He did not show any tenderness or compassion for these two women at all. Well, not every woman could make him be gentle with them.




The sound of tens of spanks were heard from the buttocks of the green-robed lady. He nearly destroyed the two round and fleshy parts of her bottom.

A tingling sensation ran through her body. At the same time, intense pain and embarrassment filled her. She felt so embarrassed and angry that she almost wanted to kill herself.

“How dare you humiliate me? How dare you humiliate me?! I-I...” She was at a loss for words due to her rage and embarrassment.

“Don’t talk…”

While the green-robed lady was struggling to break free, another calm and collected voice was heard.

It belonged to the blue-robed lady who was holding a paper umbrella. She had a pair of eyes which were gentle and watery like drizzling rain. With glossy black hair that moved as the breeze blew against her face. She also wore a water blue scarf on her head and did not reveal a single trace of her aura. Even so, she was able to give Ning Fan a heavy sense of pressure.

“Young Master Zhou, please calm your anger. My younger sister, Lu Zhu, was too rash. Without understanding the whole incident, she stood up against you. She was at fault in the first place. I wonder if the Young Master can give this little lady a chance to apologize… If the Young Master does not mind, I am willing to prepare some diluted wine and apologize to you in person. At the same time, I have something to discuss with you. It’s about your wife, Yin Suqiu… I suppose you’re looking forward to our discussion.”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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