Grasping Evil - Chapter 383.3

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The blue-robed woman’s voice was soft and gentle but her alluring eyes shone with wisdom.

She had absolute confidence that Ning Fan would stop being angry after mentioning Yin Suqiu. After all, he did not have the intention to kill anyone. At the very least, no one there had been killed by him.

“About Suqiu? Who are you?!” Ning Fan let go of his grip and the two women, Qing Chuchu and the lady in green robes, were cruelly dropped to the ground.

Even though they were a reputable Nascent Soul Realm expert and Divine Transformation Realm old monster respectively, both of them had the same expression. Their eyes were filled with tears. Even though they were sobbing and weeping, they still looked beautiful just like pear blossoms that had bathed in the rain. Their current state was so delicate that it could arouse anyone’s pity for them. They got to their feet with some effort. When they walked, their postures were extremely unnatural. Their buttocks were probably swollen after being spanked by Ning Fan.

“The rumors describe Young Master as an affectionate and romantic man. Unexpectedly, it turns out that Young Master is also a man who has no compassion for beauties. You are even willing to humiliate and throw women with such captivating looks to the ground without any hesitation. Is your heart made of stone?” The blue-robed woman’s voice sounded extremely soft. Neither anger nor joy could be sensed from her tone.

“You haven’t answered my question. Who are you?! If you can’t give me a satisfactory answer, you will end up like these two women even if you are a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm clone. Trust me, I have the capabilities and I will see to it that it is done.”

Ning Fan lifted one of his palms and his eyes were solemn. It was the palm that he used to smack the buttocks of the two women just now.

In other words, if the woman in blue robes gives him a less than satisfactory answer, he would also spank her without exception.

“A lecher…”

She uttered that demeaning name while her cheeks blushed. She rolled her eyes at Ning Fan. Even though she was clearly angry, her expression looked charming and flirtatious. 

“This little lady is one of the goddesses of the Zifu Academy. My name is Tantai Weiyu. This is my sister. Her name is Lu Zhu.”

“Zifu Academy?” Ning Fan naturally skipped the names of the two women. He was only interested in the name of their group.

If I’m not wrong, the Zifu Academy is the strongest force in the Southern Heaven Immortal World. It’s one of the four most influential forces which stands on an equal footing with the Lost World Palace and the Godly Void Pavilion…

What do they want from Yin Suqiu?

Yes! My Mind Reading Technique.

Ning Fan secretly activated his secret technique. In an instant, he had managed to see through what was weighing on their minds. Then, he wore a strange expression.

The reason why they came to find Yin Suqiu is actually for this matter… If that’s the case, I really have to help her find a solution.

“Fellow Daoist Cao, you wait here for me. After I settle some trivial matters, I will come and taste second level spiritual wines with you.”

Ning Fan smiled at him as he spoke. Cao Kang, however, did not feel that he was good enough to deserve that honor. His whole body trembled in fear and did not dare to meet Ning Fan’s eyes.

Terrifying! It’s too terrifying! Brother Yun Fan is actually Revered Ming, the ruthless and powerful guy who kills Divine Transformation Realm old ancestors like chopping vegetables! What on earth could be more insane than this matter?!

Well, Ning Fan did not truly mean what he had said. He was certainly not asking Cao Kang to wait for him. Instead, he was telling everyone about his relationship with Cao Kang. As such, no one from the Green Bamboo Palace would hold Cao Kang responsible for today’s incident.

Regardless of any circumstances, the Green Bamboo Palace had to give Ning Fan some face!

With his words, no one would dare to lay a finger on Cao Kang!

“An incident like this must not be repeated!”

Ning Fan stared at Qing Chuchu with his cold piercing eyes. The latter’s cheeks immediately paled. Without having the courage to hold her head up, she apologized with a soft tone.

“Revered Ming, please forgive us for what we have done. We didn’t know Revered Ming would come. We will certainly give Revered Ming a satisfactory compensation to make up for our mistake in this incident. I will do my utmost to satisfy Revered Ming if you have any requests. Even if Revered Ming asks for… I will not refuse… I only wish for Revered Ming not to annihilate the entire Green Bamboo Palace.”

“There’s no need for compensation!”

Ning Fan helplessly shook his head. Does he look like an evil devil lord who always destroys sects? Hmm. Well, he does look like one.

Qing Chuchu’s words implied that she would even sacrifice both Gong Mao and Elder Gong in order to satisfy him.

As long as she can calm Ning Fan’s anger, she was willing to do anything including…

With Ning Fan’s current identity, he did not care about their deaths at all. As for Qing Chuchu… He did not have any interest in her at the moment.

Ning Fan took a step forward and approached the lady in blue robes.

What intrigued him the most right now was her, Tantai Weiyu.

This lady was not ordinary. She bore a great resemblance to Ximen Ye as she also descended to the mortal world with her clone. With her clone alone, she already had Half-Step Void Refinement Realm strength…

Could it be that this woman’s true body is also at the Void Fragmentation Realm?

After that incident, Ning Fan was no longer in the mood to drink.

Besides, it didn’t matter anymore whether or not he continued on drinking as he had already completely understood his memory intent and it was now not far away from achieving Perfect Accomplishment.

As such, he decided to approach Tantai Weiyu to hear what she wanted to say.

“Young Master has really defeated Ximen Ye?” Tantai Weiyu walked shoulder to shoulder with Ning Fan. Despite that, she did not feel awkward at all and even started a conversation with some striking words.

“It’s just his clone.” Ning Fan was inwardly astonished. This woman was a member of the Zifu Academy who belonged to the Southern Heaven while Ximen Ye was a member of the Northern Heaven.

The news of Ximen Ye’s defeat has actually been spread so far away? Even the goddesses of the Southern Heaven knew about it.

“I see. Does that mean that Young Master can win against my clone with ease even without using the bewitching techniques of your Yin Yang Transformation? I don’t think so.”

Tantai Weiyu’s eyes glinted with a hint of battle intent as if she wanted to challenge Ning Fan to a fight. At the next moment, however, she changed the topic of their conversation.

“Young Master also likes drinking mortal wine?”

“How did you confirm that?”

“If you don’t drink mortal wine, then why did you come to the mortal wines section? If it wasn’t for that reason, I won’t have the opportunity to meet the Young Master. Since both of us have the same taste, I wonder if Young Master is willing to get drunk with me?” Tantai Weiyu gently shook her head. She also had a preference for mortal wine.

“Getting drunk? I don’t think that’s possible. My drunk personality is the worst. Once I am drunk, it’s very likely that I will violate Mistress Weiyu.” Ning Fan said on purpose.

“Pah! Don’t talk nonsense! Trust me, you won’t be bold enough to do so!” Weiyu smiled warmly and her eyes seemed to have vaguely misted over.

In this world, she was probably the woman who had the least fear of Ning Fan.

Yin Yang Transformation? Bewitching techniques?

Ning Fan would not dare to use those on her.

She was very confident of her judgement.

Ning Fan knitted his brows.

This lady is rather extraordinary…

He quietly spread out his spirit sense and tried to check this woman’s background. At the next moment, however, a trace of his spirit sense was pulled by a mysterious force. Then, it was literally sucked into Tantai Weiyu’s body.

Fortunately, it was just a trace of his spirit sense. Otherwise, Ning Fan would have probably suffered some injuries.

“Yang Devouring Physique!”

Ning Fan recognized Tantai Weiyu’s physique.

It was a physique that had a natural restraint on the power of the Yin Yang Devil Veins…With the help of this physique, any man who touches Tantai Weiyu’s body would have their power taken away by her to the very last bit.

If Ning Fan does not want to lose his little brother, it's best for him to refrain from using it to poke her.

If he did so, *cough* his little brother would probably be directly sucked dry by the woman.

“Young Master is a man of knowledge. I admire that. That’s why I said that Young Master would not dare to do anything to me. Isn’t that right?”

Tantai Weiyu’s eyes remained calm as before.

Well, she did not become the goddess of the Southern Heaven for nothing.


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