Grasping Evil - Chapter 384.1

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Inside a private room of a bamboo house, a wine pot was being heated with fire.

Ning Fan took a light sip of the mortal wine in his cup. Even though it did not contain any medicinal power, it was mellow and aromatic. As soon as it entered his mouth, it slid down his throat very smoothly. It was indeed excellent wine.

There were three women sitting in front of him. Except for Tantai Weiyu who was indulging in the taste of wine with a calm and collected expression, the other two women wore different expressions.

Qing Chuchu was scared stiff of Ning Fan at the moment. The reason why she came here to accompany them to drink was merely to quell his thunderous rage.

What was Ning Fan’s favorite thing to do? It was certainly destroying one’s sect and slaughtering every one of its members, wasn’t it?

Qing Chuchu didn’t want her sect to be wiped out in one day because of angering Ning Fan.

On the other hand, the other young woman who had no idea of death or danger was staring directly at Ning Fan as if she was going to devour him.

“Miss Lu Zhu’s eyes are extremely large and round. I suppose your name, Lu Zhu, means green eyes (Lu Zhu = 绿lǜ means green, 珠zhū means pearl or pearly things). However, it sounds very strange to me since your eyes clearly has black pupils. Where is the green color…?” While sipping the delicious wine, Ning Fan spoke teasingly.

“Zhou Ming, you shouldn’t go too far!” Lu Zhu slammed her bare hands on the wooden table in front of her. She was so furious that her five internal organs were on fire. However, she then restrained her rage after Tantai Weiyu gave her a glance.

“Sister Lu Zhu, have you forgotten our master’s teachings?”

“No. I haven’t…”

“Our master has once said that we, the cultivators of the Zifu Academy, should always follow the path of righteousness and uphold our virtues in whatever we do or think. Even if the person we are facing is an extremely shameless devil lord, we should not fight or kill him as long as he does not go against the heavenly rules. Moreover, even if he really violates the heavenly rules, our master will conjure heavenly tribulations to eliminate such a sinful and evil person. There is no need for you to be so upset…”

There was a hidden meaning in Tantai Weiyu’s remark which suitably criticized Ning Fan.

Meanwhile, Ning Fan secretly activated his Mind Reading Technique and saw through what was in her mind once again.

Their master is actually the Tribulation Wielding Immortal Emperor… Another immortal emperor who holds a certain position? If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean that the blood-red lightning and silver flames that I had devoured in the past were summoned by this immortal emperor? Since I will no longer face any heavenly tribulations of lightning, I wonder if I can pay the immortal emperor a visit in the Southern Heaven and get some lightning tribulations from him to temper my Spirit Crushing Whip once I ascend to the Four Heavens…

Presumably, Tantai Weiyu would not even be able to imagine that Ning Fan was actually dead set on taking advantage of his master.

One had to admit that the Mind Reading Technique was a really good technique.

From the beginning until the end, Ning Fan did not talk with the women at all. Occasionally, he would activate the Mind Reading Technique and read all of their thoughts.

The information he got included the countless secrets of the Zifu Academy, their objective of descending to the mortal world this time and even about Yin Suqiu!

“Young Master certainly is a cold-blooded person. I invited you for a drink but you have only been drinking and refilling your own cup for the past four hours without even asking anything about Yin Suqiu. She is your woman. Don’t you at least care about her?”     

Tantai Weiyu’s voice was gentle and soft but her words were incisive. She was obviously attacking Ning Fan’s Heart of Dao which was about protecting his loved ones.

“I already know the matter regarding Suqiu. I even know that Mistress Weiyu has masturbated three times in your entire life. Don’t you think it’s weird too?”

Ning Fan teased again. As soon as his voice fell, Lu Zhu was immediately enraged and scolded him.

“Zhou Ming! You are too insolent! Sister Weiyu only criticized you a little a moment ago and now you try to taint her purity. She is a pure goddess and leads an honest and clean life. She is different from ordinary women like us. How can you claim that she masturbated?!”

“Oh? Does Miss Lu Zhu mean that an ordinary woman like you always masturbate?”

“You!” Lu Zhu’s cheeks flushed red. She had inadvertently divulged the most unspeakable secret of a woman.

Yeah, I masturbate! So what?!

Everyone has the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. What’s wrong with masturbating?!

She really wanted to snap back at Ning Fan like that. However, she knew that the more she would debate with him, the more absurd it would become. As such, she decided to keep quiet and sit on one side without paying any attention to Ning Fan.

Lu Zhu no longer uttered a single word but Tantai Weiyu’s face was blushing with shame. Internally, she was surprised.

Indeed. She managed to attain the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm after cultivating the Dao for 1700 years. In her entire lifetime, she had masturbated exactly three times…

How did Ning Fan know that kind of private matter which was supposed to be a woman’s deepest and darkest secret?!

Yes. It must be that kind of secret art…

“The Mind Reading Technique, huh?!”

Tantai Weiyu gritted her silver teeth and spoke something that made Ning Fan frown.

“It’s really the Mind Reading Technique as expected! It has been rumored that Emperor Ancient Chaos was the only person who was able to comprehend the Mind Reading Technique among all of the cultivators of the Yin Yang Devil Veins in the past. With just a single glance, he was able to see through the thoughts of all women beneath the heavens… Young Master Zhou certainly is an outstanding expert with incredible natural talent. If I’m not wrong, you are the second individual who was able to comprehend this technique after the passing of Emperor Ancient Chaos. I really want to know why you can achieve something that other cultivators of the Yin Yang Devil Veins can’t!”

Tantai Weiyu was not aware of the existence of the Yin Yang Locket. Thus, she would never be able to understand that no other cultivator of the Yin Yang Devil Veins beneath the heavens could display the Mind Reading Technique other than Ning Fan who possessed the Yin Yang Locket.

He was the legitimate successor of the Yin Yang Devil Veins… Even though his cultivation method was a little too shameless, he was someone that countless cultivators with fiendgod cultivation methods could not surpass.

“Tantai Weiyu seems to have a deep understanding of my Yin Yang Devil Veins…” Ning Fan’s expression turned solemn. Other than Luo You, there were none who understood his methods so well. Although Tantai Weiyu’s understanding was not a quarter as deep as Luo You’s, she was the second individual to be able to.

“Didn’t Young Master Zhou hear of a saying? When Heaven creates an illness, it will invent a medicine to cure it. When Heaven creates Yang, it will create Yin to restrain it… What does Young Master Zhou think my Yang Devouring Physique is for…”

“Specialized in eliminating the rapists beneath the heavens?!” Ning Fan felt the part of his inner thigh turn cold. He wondered if that was just an illusion.

“Young Master Zhou certainly is smart. This is the duty of my Tantai Aristocratic Family, the duty of being cultivators of the righteous path… That’s why Young Master Zhou must never fall into my hands. Or else…” Tantai Weiyu puckered her lips and smiled. She was not afraid of any type of perverts.

Whoever touches a single hair of hers would die.

“Your first name is Weiyu (Weiyu = 未wèi means not yet, 雨yǔ means rain) but you love holding an umbrella even during a sunny day. Is it because you want to cover yourself from the sun…? Apparently, the Yang Devouring Physique has some disadvantages too. Will you even absorb the sunlight? It seems like Mistress Weiyu’s life is not very easy.”  Ning Fan took another sip of wine. He also exposed the secret of Tantai Weiyu’s physique.

Her face darkened as Ning Fan had exposed the matter which pained her the most. However, that expression was only there for a second. No one noticed it except for Ning Fan. She stopped talking and covered her mouth with her sleeve to take a sip of the wine. Her cheeks were already slightly red.

Originally, she would never get drunk from drinking. However, she was slowly being intoxicated as her mind was disturbed after Ning Fan exposed a few of her secrets.

Lu Zhu and Qing Chuchu had no idea what Ning Fan and Weiyu were talking about at all.

Ning Fan’s Mind Reading Technique was a secret. It was a secret technique that the Tantai Aristocratic Family discovered from studying a few cultivators of dual-cultivation methods. How could outsiders possibly know about it?

Weiyu’s Yang Devouring Body was also a secret. Other than knowing Tantai Weiyu could not get close to any man, Lu Zhu did not have much understanding about her physique.

The reason why Ning Fan could see through Weiyu’s physique was not because he read her mind using his Mind Reading Technique but due to him noticing a few minor details.

“Since Young Master Zhou has the Mind Reading Technique, aren’t you going to care about Yin Suqiu? Well, she was chosen by my Zifu Academy. If she were to be given the opportunity of ascending to the immortal world, she will definitely join my Zifu Academy. When the time comes, she will be a genuine cultivator of the righteous path. Young Master Zhou is a devil lord. I’m afraid the both of you cannot be in love in your entire lives.”

“An opportunity to ascend to the immortal world… Mistress Weiyu must be joking. The matter of whether or not Suqiu will be together with me is completely unrelated to being a righteous cultivator or a devil cultivator. Instead, it’s related to my life and death.” Ning Fan shook his head. If it wasn’t because he had learned such a major issue using his Mind Reading Technique, he might not necessarily let these women off so easily.


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