Grasping Evil - Chapter 384.2

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Yin Suqiu was going to be given the chance to ascend to the immortal world. In addition to that, the group that had chosen her was the number-one righteous sect of the Four Heavens Immortal World – Zifu Academy!

It was probably the most suitable path for her. Since she loved the path of righteousness so much, Ning Fan did not intend to interfere with her decision.

Moreover, Ning Fan did not think that Yin Suqiu would choose to cut off her relationship with him after joining the reputable righteous sect.

On the surface, although Tantai Weiyu and Lu Zhu may have better aptitudes than Yin Suqiu, the both of them had yet to see through the difference between the cultivators of the righteous and devil paths.

Yin Suqiu on the other hand, had understood it thoroughly. In ancient times, before the cultivation methods of the three main races: the divine race, the devil race and the demon race were distinctively created, there were no three races in the first place…

The so-called righteous and devil cultivators were just a divergence that was used by cultivators of later generations. The only difference between the righteous and devil paths was their cultivation methods. It was not about the separation between good and evil in the first place.

Even if Yin Suqiu joins the Zifu Academy and becomes one of the goddesses of the Southern Heaven from being a normal cultivator, she would still be together with Ning Fan if she wants to be together with him.

Moreover, Ning Fan believed that the Tribulation Wielding Immortal Emperor would certainly not dare to chase him away when he casually visits the Zifu Academy to prevent him from annihilating his faction. This would be when he finally gains strength rivaling an immortal emperor which would make the latter become dreadful of him...

Ning Fan had witnessed too many scenarios like this where one’s attitude changes from arrogance to humility.

Throughout his path of cultivation, he showed no mercy in taking someone’s life and dominated everywhere he went. As long as his strength remained, no one would dare to provoke him.

He did not believe in the path of righteousness. Neither did he believe in the path of devils. He only believed in his own path.

Be it divine power, demon power, or devil power, his character changed greatly after he combined all three of them. His brutality was neutralized by his divine side. Aside from that, he also had a trait of being capricious which made him rather unpredictable. Well, it was quite obvious that the current Ning Fan was no longer a ruthless devil lord who only killed and took people’s lives judging from his behavior during his visit to the Green Bamboo Palace this time.

Three different radical personalities which contradicts each other were already fused into one!

This was the most obscure part of Ning Fan that Tantai Weiyu could not understand.

Although the words he spoke were clearly flirty and provocative, his eyes looked honest and upright. From the beginning until the end, he did not show any indecency to the beauties.

Even though his baleful qi was tremendously strong, he had a very high self-restraint. It was just a matter of a single thought for him to decide whether to kill or not but his mind was not disturbed by his killing intent at all.

Despite having a domineering and proud attitude, he was unpredictable and quick-witted. His intelligence and schemes were not unrivalled, but he could be considered among the best.

When all of the contradictory elements combined, Tantai Weiyu who was a dignified Void Fragmentation Realm expert failed to see through Ning Fan.

Aside from that, she nearly got herself to agree with his words.

She thought Ning Fan was right. Yin Suqiu would not abandon him because of the difference in their paths and identities. If there were to be a reason in this world for her to forget Ning Fan, the only reason would be either one of them passing away… Apart from that, the person who would die would certainly not be Ning Fan but Yin Suqiu.

This woman was extremely stubborn. When she applies that stubbornness into her relationship, it would become a life-long and unfaltering devotion that she would not give up even if it would cost her her life.

Unless she dies, she would never give up on Ning Fan.

“Young Master Zhou, I can’t understand you. Does this mean you aren’t concerned about Sister Suqiu’s ascension to the immortal world? With her potential and capability, attaining the Divine Transformation Realm is just a matter of time for her. If she successfully achieves the Divine Transformation Realm, she will…”

“She will ascend to the immortal world? Unexpectedly, Suqiu will be the first person to ascend to the immortal world among all my women. Her future will definitely be bright and promising. It would be good for her. This just proves that I have a pretty excellent foresight.”

Ning Fan spoke with a proud tone.

He rarely felt conceited. However, when his own women were being praised by others, he would be happy. It was much more delightful than being the one to receive the compliments.

It was similar to a silly parent who would feel happy for the rest of the day when their child was praised by others for being smart and obedient.

After all, Ning Fan was just an ordinary person.

“I am only worried about two things. Firstly, I am worried that that silly woman will refuse the chance of ascension fearing that I will be angry…”

Just as Ning Fan finished speaking his first worry, Lu Zhu instantly sneered.

“Impossible! The chance of ascending to the Four Heavens is extremely precious. It’s certainly impossible for that Yin Suqiu to refuse such a golden opportunity for a mere love affair!”

“You don’t understand her.” Ning Fan was too lazy to bother with Lu Zhu.

“What’s your second worry?” Tantai Weiyu wore a faint smile as she asked.

“As for my second worry… Fortunately, I restrained my lust in the past and stopped myself from wanting her. I have heard that the Zifu Academy has very strict requirements on the female cultivators who are going to ascend and join their forces. If a woman has yet to be officially marriaged, she is strictly not allowed to have sex which will destroy her chastity. If a woman already has a partner, she will only be given the chance if her partner fulfills the conditions of being a righteous cultivator. I am not a righteous cultivator. As such, it’s lucky that she wasn’t formally married to me and I didn’t destroy her chastity. Since she is still a pure woman, I don’t think it will affect her ascension to the immortal world.”


Tantai Weiyu actually laughed.

One has to admit that the point which she found funny was quite weird.

Actually, there wasn’t anything wrong in laughing. She originally thought that the problems that Ning Fan was worried about must be something very serious, such as the issue of safety in ascending to the immortal world. Ironically, what Ning Fan was worried about was whether he had destroyed Yin Suqiu’s chastity or not.

What does this man’s mind hold? A pile of dung?


When Tantai Weiyu was laughing, Ning Fan did not take a second glance at her and suddenly rose from his seat.

He did not ask any details about Yin Suqiu’s ascension. The ascension formation and the passage to the immortal world were very likely to contain the secrets of the Zifu Academy. Perhaps even Tantai Weiyu did not know anything about it.

Moreover, Ning Fan believed that he had no enemies in the Southern Heaven Immortal World. Thus, Yin Suqiu would safely ascend to the Southern Heaven. Apart from that, joining the Zifu Academy also guaranteed her safety.

Even though the cultivators of the Zifu Academy were rumored to have stubborn adherence to old and dated rules, there were none who committed serious violations of laws and discipline. After all, there were also advantages of being pedantic.

Ning Fan also believed that Yin Suqiu was no longer that ordinary lady who was stubborn about the differences between righteous and devil cultivators after going through countless changes. Her horizons should have already been broadened after everything she had experienced.

Ning Fan had that much confidence in his own woman. If he does not believe in his own woman, then he wouldn’t be Ning Fan anymore.

After bidding farewell, he left in an elegant and unrestrained manner. Even Qing Chuchu who was still in the state of apprehension and Lu Zhu who had suffered some grievances could not help but admire him from the bottom of their hearts. Ning Fan indeed had an impressive demeanor. That demeanor had nothing to do with his appearance. It was just a calm attitude that remained unchanged despite whatever happened.

Especially his eyes which were filled with trust and confidence for his partner… To every lady who longed for a partner that treats them with sincerity, it probably had power destructive enough to harm their Heart’s Devil.

“Wait a moment! Didn’t Young Master Zhou want to compete with me?” Tantai Weiyu suddenly rose to her feet and spoke calmly.

“Compete? How do we compete?” Ning Fan’s eyes shone with surprise. He had never noticed that this woman would have such a strong desire to win.

“Young Master has yet to comment on this wine. I noticed that the Young Master is also very fond of mortal wine. I suppose you must have some unique insights about mortal wine. Before we compete with each other, I would like to hear your comment. If Young Master is willing to share, I will be extremely grateful. If I may be so bold, may I know what wine is to the Young Master?”

Tantai Weiyu suddenly asked an unrelated question. It seems like this woman’s thoughts were always running astray.

“The word ‘wine’ stands for the water of the You(酉yǒu) hour1. You(酉yǒu) is the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches. It is the west direction, the autumn season, the time when the paddies ripen. The liquid fermented from the grain is wine!” Ning Fan quickly replied.

“Those are the definitions from books. I want to hear Young Master’s personal thoughts on it.”

“Anything that intoxicates a person is wine. The beauties in the world, wealth, fame, reputation... What isn’t wine if it can intoxicate a person’s heart?” Ning Fan answered with a serious tone this time.

“Well said, Young Master. Anything that intoxicates a person is wine. If that’s what it is, are the innumerable beauties of Young Master Zhou mellow and delicious wines to you?”

“…” Ning Fan did not comment anything after hearing Tantai Weiyu’s words.

“May I know what intoxication is for Young Master?”

“Dying from wine is intoxication. Living through wine is consciousness! In between intoxication and consciousness, it contains the meaning of life and death. I suppose the reason why Mistress Weiyu insists on drinking wine is because you want to comprehend the meaning of life and death with its help!” As Ning Fan spoke, his answer immediately caused the three women there to be astonished.

Qing Chuchu, the palace lord of the Green Bamboo Palace, had never heard of such a profound meaning of wine even though she had spent most of her life brewing wine. It just pointed out the origin of wine.

Lu Zhu who was one of the prodigies of the Zifu Academy emphasized the most on the cultivation of understanding of the Zifu Academy. Just as its name implied, its method of cultivation was similar to schooling which heavily stressed on learning and understanding in order to comprehend the Heavenly Dao and improve their cultivation base.

With such an atmosphere, there were always disciples exchanging views with each other within the Zifu Academy. They rarely competed against each other using their magic power. Instead, they exchanged their views on their comprehensions of Dao.

It would be conducted through debates, playing the qin, chess, calligraphy, painting and other methods. Sometimes, they would adopt a more straightforward method by competing with their spirit sense. After all, one’s intent realm was a direct reflection of one’s original heart. The stronger the comprehension on Dao, the stronger the spirit sense one possessed.

Despite living and cultivating in such an environment, Lu Zhu had never seen a young man who could speak such profound words like Ning Fan.

Moreover, even some of the seniors of the sect did not have such a high comprehension in the Dao like Ning Fan.

It had nothing to do with one’s natural aptitude. It was only related to one’s power of understanding!

Lu Zhu did not know how good Ning Fan’s potential was. His power of understanding, however, was probably extremely profound and deep.

Tantai Weiyu’s face turned red. Well, the point that made her feel embarrassed was also quite odd. Did Ning Fan say anything embarrassing to her that caused her to blush?

As a matter of fact, she was surprised to learn Ning Fan’s power of understanding.

Not only did he perfectly answer her question, he had also elaborated on the true meaning of consciousness which was beyond the meaning of intoxication.

Furthermore, he had even directly pointed out the existence of the great Dao of life and death hidden within drinking wine.

There were three thousand great Dao within wine. What Ning Fan saw was memory and samsara whereas Tantai Weiyu saw the principle of life and death.

“He has actually seen through my Dao…” Tantai Weiyu felt her heart pound. She had never experienced such a feeling before.

She had never felt so astonished by a man.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. The twelve Earthly Branches are a Chinese ordering system in various context including its ancient dating system, zodiacs and ordinals. 酉yǒu is the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branch, which means 5pm to 7pm. It also refers to the rooster in Chinese zodiac. (Click here to check out the table of the twelve Earthly Branch.)
    Source: Wikipedia

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