Grasping Evil - Chapter 385.1

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Ten days passed by and the both of them had consumed tens of thousands of bottles of first level and second level spiritual wines.

Another ten days went by and nearly one thousand bottles of third level and fourth level spiritual wines were emptied.

In the ten days after that, Ning Fan and Yun Tianjue each took one hundred bottles of fifth level spiritual wines and drank together. Furthermore, they had yet to utter a single word.

For the entire month, the both of them did not even have a single conversation and the atmosphere was somewhat weird.

Ning Fan was secretly thinking that this so-called test was not as easy to pass as it seemed as he had yet to satisfy the white-robed gentleman after drinking so many bottles of spiritual wines.

One month has passed. I guess Bei Xiaoman has already been awake for one month.

I wonder if she would feel worried or not since she couldn’t find me after waking up, especially after her first time…

While drinking a fifth level spiritual wine, he delivered a message-transmitting flying sword at the direction of Penglai Immortal Island with the intention to calm Bei Xiaoman’s heart.

However, his attention was diverted because of this, causing the alcohol to disturb his mind. A burning sensation flowed across his body and his expression revealed a hint of intoxication.

The reason why he was not drunk after drinking so much spiritual wine was because he was tenaciously guarding his heart and soul, preventing them from getting chaotic.

Even so, if someone becomes distracted in a situation like this, they would lose their conscious self even if the wine was not intoxicating.

Ning Fan straightened his back, gathering himself together. His expression turned solemn as he cleared the feeling of getting drunk from his state of mind.

It’s a close call.

Just a little more and I would’ve been drunk.

Yun Tianjue who was sitting in front of him put down his wine bottle and looked at Ning Fan with displeasure.

“Your mind is disturbed. Was that message-transmitting flying sword for your woman? Sword cultivators like us should tie our hearts and souls to our swords and never be attached to lust and affection. Without a clear heart and a strong determination in persevering the Dao, it would be difficult to achieve the Dao of Swords in the end.”

“So what if the Dao of Swords will be difficult to achieve? What’s the point of achieving the Dao of Swords if one has nothing left other than himself and a sword ?”

Ning Fan shook his head. Attaching one’s heart and soul to their sword was probably the Dao of Swords that this senior had comprehended. However, this was not his perception on the Dao of Swords.

His Dao of Swords was not about attaching oneself to their sword. Instead, it was to keep his loved ones safe and happy using a long sharp sword. Whether he succeeds or fails to attain the Dao in the end did not matter to him.

“What’s the point of it if you end up with nothing other than yourself and your sword in the end… You’re right. I’m looking for someone.”

Yun Tianjue’s brows became tightly knitted together. He tightened his grip and crushed the wine bottle in his hand. It was clear that Ning Fan had hit a sore point of his as he also seemed to be in the state of being drunk.

As soon as Ning Fan caught sight of that, he was rather astonished.

I originally thought that this senior was just a sword cultivator who was only obsessed with swords. Now, however, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

The white-robed gentleman’s sword intent was extremely strong. Moreover, in terms of sword intent alone, Ning Fan had never seen anyone with a sword intent as strong as his.

Even the secret sword arts of the Sword Emperor seemed dull and ordinary in front of him.

This gentleman is not a cultivator of the Sword World but he is even stronger than the Divine Sovereign of the Sword World?

If I’m not wrong, his sword intent is the intent of the Heartless Sword. It does not allow even the slightest trace of existence of emotions. This person must also be a ruthless and cold-blooded cultivator.

However, the drunk expression that he suddenly had just now obviously showed that his genuine feelings are actually still around in the depth of his heart.

Ning Fan’s eyes shone with seriousness. In the Rain World, there were only a handful of Void Fragmentation Realm experts. Judging by his profoundness in the Dao of Swords, his identity was obvious…

He is Yun Tianjue, the White-Robed Sword God!

“Is Senior looking for someone? I am also looking for someone out there.” Ning Fan recalled Old Ancestor Dong Xu’s divination and changed the topic of conversation.

In order to discover your mother’s whereabouts, you have to find Yun Tianjue!

In the past, he had heard that Yun Tianjue was savage and merciless and that rumor made him hesitate. Thus, he did not go and look for him hastily.

Today, since that man had come straight to him, he could ask about Ning Qian’s whereabouts by means of devious questioning.

“You are also looking for someone, huh? Judging by how lonesome your figure looks, I suppose you haven’t found the person you wanted to meet, have you?” Yun Tianjue did not like to talk. However, he was no longer taciturn in front of Ning Fan.

“Indeed. I want to find a woman and her name is… Ning Qian!”

After Ning Fan said that name, he carefully observed Yun Tianjue’s expression.

Just as the woman’s name was heard by Yun Tianjue’s ears, his expression suddenly turned blank for a moment. Afterwards, he began to look perplexed.

“Ning Qian?”

“Senior knows her?!” A feeling of joy rose within his heart. If he could find his mother just like this, he could easily give her a peaceful life with his current capabilities and status.

“No. I don’t know her… This name just feels very familiar…” Yun Tianjue shook his head, feeling annoyed internally but he did not know why he would have such a feeling.

“Familiar?” A bit of disappointment filled Ning Fan’s eyes. His tone sounded like he was interrogating Yun Tianjue. He was very dissatisfied with such an ambiguous answer.

Does feeling familiar with the name mean that he knows her?

But judging from his expression, he clearly does not seem to remember who Ning Qian was, as if he has never met her before.

In Yun Ruowei’s dream, Yun Ruowei, Ning Qian and Yun Tianjue appeared at the Orchid Temple at the same time.

They should have met each other before…

Don’t tell me that they have never met each other since that day and he could not remember Ning Qian because their relationship was too shallow?

“You aren’t satisfied with my answer?!” Yun Tianjue’s eyes turned cold. With his personality, if any other person talks to him with a cold tone, he would have already drawn his sword and sliced that person into half.

Currently, Ning Fan who was a mere Divine Transformation Realm cultivator actually dared to question him with an indifferent tone. Even though he felt displeased, he was reluctant to kill him.

“With your shrewdness, you should have known my identity. Let me give you this advice – don’t and the token of a revered being, he would never be willing to drink with this anger me!”

Yun Tianjue uttered coldly.

“How would I be so bold?!”

Ning Fan withdrew his cold expression. If it wasn’t for Ning Qian’s whereabouts temperamental Void Fragmentation Realm old monster on the same ship.

Both of them fell into silence once more. Another few days passed by and they managed to finish all of the fifth level spiritual wines.

Yun Tianjue remained silent after finishing the wine. His left hand has already been cut off in the first place. Currently, however, he was using his illusory left hand to hold his empty wine bottle while being absorbed in his own thoughts.

“Senior, am I considered to have passed the test?!”

Ning Fan rose to his feet and cupped his fists. He had already finished up all of his spiritual wine without being drunk but he was unsure whether or not he had passed the so-called test from Yun Tianjue.

“This is not a test actually…”

Yun Tianjue undid his disguise and returned to his original appearance. His illusory left arm disappeared and became a hollow long sleeve which fluttered in the wind.

His long hair was messy. His eyes shone with a hint of desolation. Meanwhile, the massive sword behind his back gave off an intimidating sword qi.

“It wasn’t a test?” Ning Fan frowned. If it was not a test, it was an absolute waste of time to spend a month drinking wine here.

Did he have a lot of time? No. He didn’t.

Even though he had obtained nearly one thousand units of magic power after drinking such a massive amount of spiritual wine, such speed of improvement was way too slow for Ning Fan.

“Please excuse me. Senior can come and look for me again if Senior decides to give me a real test in the future.”

Ning Fan flicked his sleeves and made up his mind to leave.

Yun Tianjue’s face was filled with curiosity. He realized that the Divine Transformation Realm junior in front of him was actually not afraid of him.

The White-Robed Sword God becomes a devil whenever he holds a sword.

With a sword in his hand, the clouds of a hundred countries would move.

Even the Rain Sovereign would feel a little uneasy whenever he meets Yun Tianjue. However, Ning Fan actually dared to feel dissatisfied with him and talked to him with a cold and indifferent tone.

He is really an interesting kid.

“Don’t you like drinking on the same ship with me?”

“I’m afraid of dying here.” Ning Fan glanced sideways at Yun Tianjue. This man was a ruthless person who was willing to even kill his own fourth younger brother. Moreover, he was a man with a capricious mood. Since Ning Fan could not get an answer regarding Ning Qian’s whereabouts, he would only be putting himself in danger by spending time with him.

“I won’t kill you. I just like having someone to occasionally have a drink with me. Try this wine and see how it tastes.”

Yun Tianjue suddenly stood up. His face was as cold as ice. Neither anger nor joy could be found from his expression.


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