Grasping Evil - Chapter 386.1

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By just saying ‘get lost’, Yun Tianjue sent countless Nascent Soul Realm and Divine Transformation Realm cultivators flying backwards and even injured three Void Refinement Realm experts.

Ning Fan was rendered speechless with amazement. Yun Tianjue was even fiercer and tougher than he expected.

With regards as to how Yun Tianjue dealt with them, Ning Fan did not feel it was wrong at all. In fact, he felt that he would have done the same if he were the one facing them.

Since they had already blatantly mentioned the Rain Sovereign’s orders, it was impossible for them to allow Yun Tianjue to enter Snow Country no matter how he appealed.

Thus, he might as well directly intrude the country unreasonably. No one would dare to stop him anyway.

Yun Tianjue’s expression remained cold and detached the entire time. It seemed like injuring nearly ten thousand cultivators with a single utterance was an extremely common thing to him.

Sword light encircled the both of them as they travelled in the snowy sky. Half a day later, they had traversed more than one billion li* (500m per li).

In between two enormous mountains at the end of the vast snowy field, a valley covered with snow gradually appeared before their eyes. The landscape coincidentally resembled the shape of a dragon.

Outside the valley, Yun Tianjue kept his sword light and descended on the snowy ground with Ning Fan. His eyes were filled with a hint of seriousness for the first time.

This place was the Dragon Determining Valley!

“After entering this valley, you must follow me closely and don’t ever be half a step away from me. Don’t ask more questions and don’t talk too much. The lord of this valley does not have a good temper.”

Yun Tianjue took a step forward and went into the valley with a lonesome figure. Ning Fan immediately followed after him closely while doubting his words inwardly.

Who is the lord of this Dragon Determining Valley and what is that person’s identity? Could that person’s temper be worse than Yun Tianjue’s?

The atmosphere within the valley was peaceful. Its path was long and winding. Only the howls of the wind could be heard.

However, even though the snow-covered valley was tranquil, the entire place looked strange. Along the mountain walls of the valley, innumerable deep and quiet caves could be seen everywhere.

When Ning Fan and Yun Tianjue passed by one of the caves, they suddenly heard a shrill of a beast from within. At the next second, hundreds of beast shadows leapt out from the snow caves, lunging at the both of them while roaring.

Each and every one of the beasts had Divine Transformation Realm cultivation bases and above. Moreover, there were more than ten Void Refinement Realm beasts among them!

“Don’t act rashly. If you hurt any of these blood beasts, you won’t be able to walk out of this Dragon Determining Valley alive. That person’s temper is really very bad.”

Yun Tianjue uttered coldly. However, it sounded like he was giving a warning to Ning Fan.

Then, he made a step forward. An icy cold sword intent suddenly spread out from his body, covering the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li).


The moment he unleashed his sword intent, the group which consisted of nearly one thousand beasts in total were stricken with fear. Their beast pupils widened with shock and they all emitted painful wails one after another. A sword cut was left on their necks!

Each of the cuts was only half an inch deep. After making a shallow slice on the beasts’ necks, every one of them lost quite a bit of demon blood. Yun Tianjue then took out his Bloody Gourd. By shaking it, it drew all of the demon blood outside within it.

If the sword cuts were to be slightly deeper, this group of blood beasts would have been in grave conditions even if they would still live in the end…

Ning Fan criticized internally.

A moment ago, Yun Tianjue warned him not to act recklessly and hurt the blood beasts. Now, however, he straightforwardly bullied the entire group of blood beasts.

“Get lost!”

Yun Tianjue’s eyes darkened. As he released a boundless and formidable aura force, the group of beasts were filled with surprise and began to scatter, running away for their lives.

This scene gave Ning Fan a deeper understanding of Yun Tianjue.

Yun Tainjue’s aura force is completely overwhelming to Void Refinement Realm beasts.

“We shall enter the valley now!”

Yun Tianjue commanded with an imposing tone and travelled amidst the snow and wind at his own pace.

Ning Fan took a glance at the surroundings and noticed that countless ferocious beasts were deeply frightened. However, there were still a small number of beasts hiding in dark places. Their beast pupils were staring at Ning Fan while their mouths were drooling, as if they were looking at a tasty meal.

He knitted his brows, forming a worried frown and hurriedly caught up with Yun Tianjue. He could certainly imagine himself being assaulted by this group of ferocious beasts if he were to be apart from Yun Tianjue. With his current strength and capabilities, he might not necessarily survive.


A cold and displeased snort echoed from a remote part of the valley. The voice seemed to belong to an elderly.

This voice carried an aggressive aura which rivalled a Void Fragmentation Realm attack. As it rushed towards them, it turned into layers of dark clouds and fell towards them from the sky. They were strong enough to crush every expert below the Void Fragmentation Realm.

The aura force might be hostile and vigorous, but it seemed to be released with a sense of decency because the dark clouds did not fall upon Ning Fan. Instead, they only attacked Yun Tianjue.

Obviously, this elderly person was aware that Ning Fan did not injure the blood beasts.

This elderly person only attacks those who have wounded the beasts. Judging from this person’s actions, he is a person who clearly distinguishes between kindness and hatred.

“Your aura force isn’t half bad. But you aren’t my match.”

Yun Tianjue’s face was cold and collected. He did not seem to be affected by the previous attack. With a single finger, he shot out a ray of sword light. The elderly man’s aura force shattered at once.


The whole snowy valley nearly collapsed because of a single confrontation between the two individuals. A deafening bang reverberated across the air and the land within the vicinity of one million li* (500m per li) experienced a heavy tremor.

Ning Fan was inwardly amazed. The sword light that Yun Tianjue casually gave off with a single finger was not any weaker than the full-powered strike of his Stele of Sun and Moon.

He thought to himself.

I’m afraid both Yun Tianjue and this elderly person are not ordinary Void Fragmentation Realm experts. They are definitely the strongest even among all the Void Fragmentation Realm experts.

However, compared to Emperor Moksha, I wonder which of them is stronger.

“Hmph! White-Robed Sword God. You truly deserve your esteemed reputation… Come, enter the valley!”

The voice of that elderly person slowly faded in the howling wind.

Yun Tianjue still remained as cold and indifferent as usual. He showed no rejection to the elderly man’s offer. Without even darting a glance at Ning Fan, he began walking into the deeper part of the valley.

After passing through layers upon layers of misty fog, they arrived at a quiet and secluded sea of snow which was ten thousand li* (500m per li) large.

There was nothing above the sea of snow except for a dilapidated thatched cottage. Vague white smoke was slowly rising into the sky from its chimney. The scene looked extremely out of place to this area which was covered with snow.

On the other hand, this place gave Ning Fan a rather uncomfortable feeling. If this feeling was not wrong, the current snowy domain they had reached after passing through the misty fog was actually another heavenly dwelling space.

“A heavenly dwelling space created with a wave of hand…”

Ning Fan did not find it strange when he recalled the means that a Void Fragmentation Realm old monster could possess. However, he just could not understand why Yun Tianjue would bring him to such a place. How was he going to collect blood and whose blood would he be collecting…?

It’s certainly not possible for it to be the blood of the blood beasts outside. Then, am I going to take that Void Fragmentation Realm old monster’s blood?

When he thought of that, his gaze which was filled with curiosity shifted to Yun Tianjue.

All of the Void Fragmentation Realm experts of the Rain World works for the Rain Palace. As such, the Void Fragmentation Realm elderly man can be considered as Yun Tianjue’s associate. I suppose he isn’t so cold-blooded as to deliberately come here to kill the elderly man and take his blood.

“Elder Chu, I have come to collect blood.”

“It’s still less than ten years. I haven’t prepared your dragon blood!” An impatient voice echoed from within the thatched cottage. Afterwards, the figures of six people walked out from the cottage.

The ones who led the group of six were an elderly man and a middle-aged man. Behind them were four Divine Transformation Realm cultivators.

The elderly man was none other than the person who replied to Yun Tianue. He had hair as red as fire and wore a set of robes made of hemp. His body gave off a fierce heat and did not seem to be concerned about the coldness of the cold weather.

His cultivation base was at the Void Fragmentation Realm!

The middle-aged man beside him was dressed in a set of green robes. His body emanated a thick and cold qi like that of a cloud. When Ning Fan’s eyes met his bright piercing eyes, he felt a sharp pain on his primordial spirit. Inwardly, Ning Fan could not help but feel surprised.

This middle-aged man in green robes is also a Void Fragmentation Realm expert!

Today, three Void Fragmentation Realm experts had come to the Dragon Determining Valley of Snow Country at the same time!

“Yun Tianjue, long time no see. You are still not dead yet? How do you feel having the Sinful Mark in you which seals your cultivation base at the First Heavenly Layer? It’s awful, isn’t it?”

The eyes of the green-robed man were grim and wicked when he looked at Yun Tianjue.

Yun Tianjue did not even dart a glance at him and his eyes were only staring at the red-haired elderly man. Then, he repeated the words he uttered just now.

“Elder Chu, I have come to collect blood.”

“Yun Tianjue! This old man has already told you that it’s not ten years yet. There is no dragon blood for you!”

“Even if I don’t have my share, he should have his. He is the newly promoted revered elder of the Great Heaven Palace. His name is Zhou Ming. According to the usual practice of the Rain Palace, newly promoted revered elders can get at least a bottle of dragon blood.”

“He is Zhou Ming?”

Elder Chu suddenly wore an eccentric appearance.

Meanwhile, the face of the green-robed man beside him immediately darkened and he straightforwardly questioned with rage.

“You are Zhou Ming! Are you the one who killed Revered Flame?!”

Unquestionably, Revered Flame shared a rather close relationship with this green-robed Void Fragmentation Realm expert. Perhaps the former was this man’s descendant.

Allowing no explanation, the green-robed man sent a wave of forceful aura force towards Ning Fan. However, it dispersed into nothingness when Yun Tianjue flicked his sleeve.

When Yun Tianjue withdrew his sleeve, his face remained cold and arrogant. He still did not look at the green-robed man even once.

“Go and collect your dragon blood!” Yun Tianjue ordered Ning Fan with an indifferent tone.

Countless thoughts ran across Ning Fan’s mind at the same time. He scanned through the surroundings and secretly made a judgement.

Yun Tianjue must be on bad terms with the green-robed Void Fragmentation Realm expert.

Moreover, judging from their positions, the four Divine Transformation Realm cultivators who are standing behind the green-robed Void Fragmentation Realm expert seem to be on his side.

As for the red-haired elderly man, he just shows his wrathful expression to everyone without bias. He does not seem to have a friendly relationship with the green-robed expert or Yun Tianjue.

After thinking carefully, Ning Fan chose not to look at the green-robed expert as well. Moreover, he did not even bother to answer the latter’s question.

Ning Fan was now a revered elder of the Rain Palace. A dignified Void Fragmentation Realm like him actually acted against him in public. Ning Fan did not have anything to talk to people like him.

As for whether he would offend this man or not…  Well, he had already offended him ever since they met, right? Since he had Yun Tianjue’s protection, he did not need to fear him. He only cupped his fists to the red-haired elderly man and said.

“Greetings to Elder Chu. This junior is Zhou Ming…”


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