Grasping Evil - Chapter 386.2

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Before Ning Fan could finish his words, his expression suddenly changed.

The red-haired elderly man was grinning, baring his oddly white teeth as his eyes shone with radiance. He lifted one of his fingers and pointed at Ning Fan.

All of a sudden, a column of blazing flames blasted out towards him. It emanated the aura of a Mortal Void Realm spiritual flame.

“If you can withstand this column of flames, this old man will grant you three bottles of dragon blood.” Elder Chu spoke with interest. As soon as he spoke, his words immediately caused the faces of all of the cultivators there to change including the green-robed Void Fragmentation Realm expert.

“Three bottles?!”

Unquestionably, this quantity of dragon blood meant a great deal to Ning Fan who was just a Divine Transformation Realm revered elder.

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with zeal. Even though the incoming flames looked vigorous and deadly, it was not at its full strength. Even if Ning Fan was unable to withstand it, he would not suffer a single injury. However, it would be extremely difficult for him to obtain some dragon blood from the elderly man afterwards.

Yun Tianjue had told Ning Fan that the reason why he brought him to this Dragon Determining Valley was to give him a test. But in reality, they came here to ask for some dragon blood for Ning Fan.

If Ning Fan backs off from this column of flames, not only would he lose the dragon blood which was a precious treasure to him but it would also make Yun Tianjue, Elder Chu and the others look down on him.

Without a second thought, Ning Fan stepped forward and extended his five fingers into the shape of a claw, facing the incoming fire wave. A vortex of the Yin Yang Fish emerged in the center of his palm. It was actually the Fire Plucking Technique.

After casting that technique, the blazing fire wave instantly vanished without a single trace. It had been completely absorbed by Ning Fan into his Stele of Sun and Moon.


Elder Chu took a light breath. Then, his face was filled with great delight.

“Very well! Very well! You truly possess the ‘Indestructible Fire Body’. Despite having just a Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base, you can even block an attack using a Mortal Void Realm spiritual flame. You aren’t half bad!”

Elder Chu slowly approached him. He then patted his storage pouch and took out three emerald bottles which were made of jade. Each of these bottles contained a small amount of dragon blood.

Even though Ning Fan had no exact idea of what level this so-called dragon blood was, he was certain that this blood was not really that inferior to the blood of the Divine Sovereign which he drank earlier.

“Thank you Elder Chu for your generous reward!” Ning Fan cupped his fists to express his gratitude.

“There’s no need to thank me! You deserve it. Now, since you have already obtained the dragon blood, Yun Tianjue, take this man and leave. The Dragon Determining Valley does not welcome you!”

Elder Chu impatiently waved his hand. Just as he wanted to walk into the cottage, a ray of sword light cut through the air and stopped at his neck. Yun Tianjue was the one holding the sword with his single remaining arm, seemingly wanting to kill this Void Fragmentation Realm elderly man.

“What does this mean?!” Elder Chu’s expression was filled with shock. He did not manage to notice how and when Yun Tianjue drew his sword. He was just too fast!

One has to know Elder Chu was an expert who had attained the Second Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm. It was truly unreasonable that he could not see Yun Tianjue’s sword light coming.

According to the rumors in the outside world, Yun Tianjue was only at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm. But in reality, it did not seem to be the case…

After pondering for a while, Elder Chu’s face darkened. As one of the reputable Void Fragmentation Realm beings of the Rain World, no one had ever placed a sword on his neck.

“Let him enter the Blood Dragon Pool.” Yun Tianjue demanded coldly.

“Impossible! He’s just a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. If he enters the Blood Dragon Pool, he will certainly die!”

“I don’t like nonsense.”

Yun Tianjue did not give Elder Chu any chance to reject at all. He did not like bullshit. If Elder Chu really rejects his request, he would cut straight through the latter’s neck with his sword.

He did not like to reason with anyone.

Ning Fan’s face changed but he did not interrupt them. Currently, he was still in bewilderment. He did not have a single clue of what Yun Tianjue was exactly thinking.

He said that he was going to give me a test. Then, he brought me here to obtain dragon blood. Now, he used his sword to compel a Void Fragmentation Realm expert to obey his request…

“You’re brutal… Fine. I will let him enter the Blood Dragon Pool. But if he dies, you better not put the blame on me!”

Elder Chu was furious but also curious at the same time. He had heard rumors that described Yun Tianjue as an arrogant and domineering man. It was his first time seeing this man bring his descendant here to obtain some dragon blood… Inwardly, he thought to himself.

Could it be that this Peak Divine Transformation Realm junior has a close relationship with Yun Tianjue?

“He won’t die. He even survived after drinking three mouthfuls in a row. How will he die in the Blood Dragon Pool?” Yun Tianjue’s tone was flat but his words immediately surprised Elder Chu.

“Drinking three mouthfuls in a row? Who, below the Void Refinement Realm, is able to try three mouthfuls of your blood wine in one go?!”

Elder Chu began to study Ning Fan from head to toe. His eyes seemed to be probing the latter’s background. However, he gradually realized that he could not clearly see through this Peak Divine Transformation Realm junior.

Countless thoughts ran across his mind but he eventually nodded his head, showing approval to Yun Tianjue’s request.

“Very well! I will make preparations at once and try to open the Blood Dragon Pool tomorrow for him to enter. Today, you can get some rest in the Dragon Determining Valley. As for you all…”

Elder Chu’s gaze shifted to the green-robed Void Fragmentation Realm expert. With hesitation, he said.

“Yun Jinghong, since I have decided to open the Blood Dragon Pool, you might as well let these four newly-promoted revered elders who you have brought enter the Blood Dragon Pool tomorrow along with that Peak Transformation Realm junior.”

After listening to Elder Chu’s words, only then did Ning Fan realize that the green-robed Void Fragmentation Realm expert was actually the seventh prince of the ‘Seven Princes of the Rain Palace’, Yun Jinghong!

When they heard of the possibility of entering the Blood Dragon Pool, the four Divine Transformation Realm experts showed fear. Only the green-robed Void Fragmentation Realm expert nodded his head with contentment.

“Oh? They can also enter the Blood Dragon Pool? If that’s the case, I want to thank Elder Chu for your generosity on behalf of my four juniors. After all, it is certainly a rare chance for them to gain new comprehensions if they can enter the Blood Dragon Pool once even if they might die inside… Hehe. Since we are only entering the Blood Dragon Pool tomorrow, can Elder Chu allow me to settle some ‘old scores’ with Yun Tianjue today?”

When Yun Jinghong uttered ‘old scores’, he sounded especially hateful.

He made a step forward and his green robes fluttered in the wind. A massive cloud qi rose around his body. All of a sudden, the hollow space began to crumble. His aura force was just that terrifying.

“White-Robed Sword God, Yun Tianjue… Hehe. How can a mere First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm cultivator like you be regarded as a god of swords?! You’re just the son of a simple divine messenger. If it wasn’t for the Sword Devil Inheritance that you obtained by luck, how would you have gradually become a son of god? You were highly regarded and given preferential treatment by our father but you didn’t even think about repaying his kindness. Instead, you murdered my fourth elder brother for a woman. Today, I shall deal with you!”


Yun Tianjue still remained silent but his eyes slowly became cold.

“You and I are both Void Fragmentation Realm experts. Today, I have already found the bottleneck of the Second Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm. In the near future, I will definitely break through to the Second Heavenly Layer. You aren’t my match! You are just a man who has lost his memories. You gave up your emotions and devoted yourself in cultivating the Dao of Swords. Now, you can’t even remember your own woman. What qualifications do you have to become the head of the seven princes of the Rain Palace?!” Yun Jinghong teased.

“My woman…” Yun Tianjue felt a mild pain on his chest but he did not know the reason behind it. His eyes became even colder.

“Based on what reason can a man like you be also qualified to obtain the Xuan Wei Bloody Gourd, the supreme treasure of the Rain Palace? Hand over the gourd! Otherwise, on the day I break through to the Second Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm, I will admonish Father to strip off your status as the head of the seven sons of god and sever your other arm!” Yun Jinghong threatened aggressively.

“Just you?!”

Yun Tianjue’s eyes were piercing cold like a glacier that had never melted in ten thousand years.

He was never a weakling who would tolerate being bullied and threatened by others. As for Yun Jinghong’s words, every single one of them displeased him.

For the past one thousand years, the world knew that he was a Void Fragmentation Realm expert who was stuck at the First Heavenly Layer.

It was because he had committed a serious crime. As punishment for his crime, a sinful mark was branded on him, his cultivation base was sealed and one of his arms was severed. He could be said to be a shame to the Rain Palace.

But is he really just at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm?

Ning Fan shook his head. At the very least, he felt that Yun Tianjue was certainly stronger than Elder Chu and Yun Jinghong. Even if he was compared to Emperor Moksha, he was not any weaker.

Yun Tianjue lifted a foot and made a stomp on the ground. Mountains and rivers shook and the wind howled eerily. Sword qi then chaotically flew in every direction.

Under this sword qi, Yun Jinghong, a dignified expert at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm, felt his body tremble uncontrollably. His physical body was on the verge of crumbling. Meanwhile, his primordial spirit experienced a sharp pain. It was nearly crushed. When faced with Yun Tianjue, he was as lowly as an ant!

When his eyes met Yun Tianjue’s, it felt like they were being pierced through by swords. Blood instantly dyed the whites of his eyes.

When he tried to withstand Yun Tianjue’s aura force, he felt a massive pressure crash into his chest as if a heavy blow had just struck his body. After retreating for tens of steps, only then did he regain his balance. But in the next second, he puked a mouthful of fresh blood. His face was filled with disbelief.

“T-The strength of the Fourth Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm! This is not possible! You should be at the First Heavenly Layer! It should have been impossible for you to continue advancing into the next cultivation realm when you have been branded with the ‘Devil Subduing Sinful Seal’ by Father after you murdered my fourth brother… Don’t tell me you have broken the sinful seal yourself! But how is that even possible?!”

Terror filled Yun Jinghong’s face. The Fourth Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm was a terrifying cultivation realm!

He always thought that Yun Tianjue was just at the First Heavenly Layer but he had never expected that the latter would grow so strong to such an extent.

If it wasn’t because Yun Tianjue did not have the intention to kill, Yun Jinghong would have certainly died just now!

It was just too unbelievable!

A dignified expert at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm could not even stand a single blow of Yun Tianjue!

“This time, I pulled my punches. If there is a next time, your life will be gone! I don’t like talking nonsense but let me give you a reminder, killing you is as simple as slaughtering a dog!”

Yun Tianjue looked sideways at Yun Jinghong. His face was arrogant and cold. A ray of sword light swirled around him and Ning Fan and then travelled straight to the remote part of the Dragon Determining Valley.

Ning Fan found it difficult to calm his amazement.

An old monster at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm was someone that Ning Fan had to look up to.

However, this kind of expert was actually powerless against Yun Tianjue.

Yun Tianjue’s strength was a little too overwhelming.

“If I have this man’s strength and capabilities, do I even need to be afraid of Emperor Moksha?!” Ning Fan’s eyes were filled with zeal for the first time when looking at Yun Tianjue.


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