Grasping Evil - Chapter 387.1

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Beneath the dark night sky, sleet and snow continued to fall upon the Dragon Determining Valley. Ning Fan stood outside a guest house for a long time. Yes, there were guest houses. Although the thatched cottage where Elder Chu was staying in looked run down, the guest houses were built with care.

The Dragon Determining Valley was still the number-one sect of Snow Country. The sect had nearly one million members. Naturally, most of them were outside the valley and were located in different areas of Snow Country. Only a few mutes stayed behind in the guest houses of the valley to provide service to guests.

“The Lord of the Dragon Determining Valley, Chu Changan… This person has an unsociable and weird personality. No matter who he’s dealing with, he always has a grumpy temper. But he’s also a straightforward person. If I am strong enough, he is someone worth befriending. As for Yun Jinghong who is also known as the Rainbow Cloud Prince, he is somewhat narrow-minded with means that are vicious and brutal. When he heard my name, he immediately tried to kill me. This person must also be self-conceited. Among the Void Fragmentation Realm experts of the Rain Palace, only Divine Sovereigns who attained the Sixth Heavenly Layer can obtain a title. He, however, gave himself the title of ‘Rainbow Cloud’. I guess, he’s determined on being a Divine Sovereign as well as breaking through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer…”

Amidst the dark snowy night, Ning Fan stood alone outside the guest house and muttered to himself. He was without a doubt analyzing the two Void Fragmentation Realm experts whom he had met during the day.

Although he was still very confused about why Yun Tianjue brought him here, he still had to understand the temperaments of the other experts. At the end of the day, one could only accomplish a task with ease by knowing his own strength and his enemy’s.

There was still something he could not understand within his mind, such as what the use of the dragon blood was.

Ning Fan patted his storage pouch and took out the three bottles. The liquid contained within the bottles was the so-called dragon blood.

He scanned the inside of the jade bottles with his spirit sense. Then, the frown between his eyebrows became deeper. Even though the liquid was said to be dragon blood, it did not really look like blood in reality.

If he refines and assimilates all the dragon blood inside these three jade bottles, he could obtain at least 5000 units of magic power. If he mixes the dragon blood with some spiritual herbs to concoct pills, it could raise his magic power by at least ten thousand units.

If he could brew the dragon blood into wine like how Yun Tianjue did, perhaps it would give him fifteen thousand units of magic power or probably more.

“This dragon blood is probably the ‘medicine blood’ from the rumors… One has to rear a group of demon beasts using unique techniques and take their blood when they are mature. The cultivators who obtain the demon blood will, of course, not directly refine the blood. They will certainly mix them into pills and wines. Thus, they are called medicine blood. This dragon blood is probably an extremely high-grade medicine blood. If it wasn’t for Senior Yun who brought me here, I certainly would not know that one is able to get such a massive benefit after being promoted to a revered elder of the Rain Palace.”

“If I can borrow Senior Yun’s Bloody Gourd and use it to brew wine using the blood, how wonderful would it be. However, according to what Yun Jinghong said during the incident just now, Senior Yun’s Bloody Gourd is one of the supreme treasures of the Rain Palace. It isn’t a treasure of a high grade, but it has a magical effect. Anyhow, I don’t think Senior Yun will lend it to me.”

“Besides, according to Senior Yun’s conversation with Elder Chu, I will be entering the Blood Dragon Pool tomorrow. I suppose that’s the place where the blood is obtained, the place where the demon beasts are reared. Apparently, that place is pretty dangerous. However, danger and narrow escapes are elements that have always been keeping me company throughout my journey, aren’t they?”

Ning Fan took a light breath and his eyes gradually became calm. Then, he recollected some secrets that he had overheard during the day.

Sinful seal, severed arm, for a woman… Cold, brutal, killing his own brother without mercy, being ungrateful…

Each of the descriptions of Yun Tianjue had made Ning Fan understand him even more.

From Ning Fan’s guess, the reason why Yun Tianjue killed his own brother was because of a woman.

That woman must be extremely important to him as she was able to cause the cold and merciless man to become enraged. Perhaps the fourth prince had hurt that woman and that’s why Yun Tianjue killed him…

Ning Fan certainly did not like prying into other’s secrets. However, he was curious about Yun Tianjue’s background because the latter gave him a favorable impression.

That Yun Jinghong claimed that Yun Tianjue had forgotten everything as he had decided to give up his emotions to cultivate the Dao of Swords. He had even forgotten his beloved woman. If that’s what it is, it isn’t weird at all that he forgot about Ning Qian who was just a stranger to him.

“Ning Qian…” Ning Fan’s eyes were suddenly filled with guilt and remorse.

The reason why he was searching for Ning Qian was not because he missed her. He grew up without a mother. Therefore, the feeling he had for his mother whom he had never met before could barely be considered as the feeling of missing her.

Instead, he just felt worried and a bit ashamed of himself.

What he was ashamed of was him not even knowing whether his mother was alive or dead even though he was her child. It made him feel undeserving of being her child.

What he was worried about was that Ning Qian’s life and fate had been deliberately concealed by someone. He could not imagine what kind of expert was strong enough to conceal another cultivator’s fate.

Could it be that Ning Qian has also been plotted against by a True Immortal?

“In my memories, my surname is Yun. According to Dong Xu’s divination, it showed that if I want to find Ning Qian, I have to look for Yun Tianjue. Thus, it can be inferred that my biological father is also a member of the Rain Palace… Both the fates of my mother and I have been altered before. Perhaps it’s not accidental. Could it be that my father has displeased someone and that’s why such a misfortune befell on us? The enemies are probably also in the Rain Palace. In the future, I must not search for Ning Qian in a showy manner.”

Ning Fan became silent. After debating against himself, he decided not to tell Ning Qian’s name to anyone else.

He had already asked Yun Tianjue and it did not give him an answer. If he has a chance in the future, he would ask Yun Ruowei. Other than these two individuals, Ning Fan would never mention Ning Qian’s name to a third person.

“Hehe. Isn’t this Revered Ming? It’s surprising that the devil lord who kills without mercy also has the refined interest of admiring the falling snow in the wind. It’s really ridiculous.”

A few mocking voices were heard from the darkness. The shadows of four individuals were gradually revealed in the snowy area afterwards.

The four of them looked at Ning Fan with disdainful eyes. They were none other than the four Divine Transformation Realm experts that Ning Fan had met during the day.

All of them had white hair and beards and their bone age was already at three thousand years old and above. They all were Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts.

“Who are you all?!” Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with coldness.

“We are the ‘Revered Elders of the Five Elements’ of the Scarlet Heaven Palace!” The four of them replied with a sneer.

“The Revered Elders of the Five Elements…”

Ning Fan’s eyes were now solemn. After he had been promoted to a revered elder, he had intentionally inquired about quite a lot of information regarding the Rain Palace.

The division he was placed under was the Great Heaven Palace and the Void Fragmentation Realm expert he was subordinate to was Yun Tianjue.

As for Revered Flame, he was a revered elder of the Scarlet Heaven Palace and was under the command of Yun Jinghong.

In the Scarlet Heaven Palace, Revered Flame was the fire cultivator with the strongest natural talent. Naturally, the Rain Palace regarded him highly and importantly.

The five strongest revered elders of the Scarlet Heaven Palace were called the Revered Elders of the Five Elements. Revered Flame controlled the fire element. His bone age was the lowest among the five, but he already had a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base. His combat power was also extremely strong. Currently, the four individuals in front of Ning Fan were the revered elders of the other four elements.

They were Revered Gold, Revered Wood, Revered Earth and Revered Water.

In the Endless Sea, Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts were supreme beings of the internal sea. In the Rain Palace, however, Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts were only high-ranking revered elders.

When Ning Fan thought of that, his eyes slightly darkened.

Could it be that these four individuals came here in the middle of the night to avenge Revered Flame? Are they here to create troubles for me?

“You are Zhou Ming? Indestructible Fire Body. What a big name. However, only Yun Yan will be restrained to death by you. I have to say that you have actually done us a good deed. After you killed Yun Yan, our status in the Scarlet Heaven Palace will rise.”


Ning Fan looked sideways at this group of four individuals. He felt that he had actually overestimated them.

Indeed, they were here to create some troubles for him. However, their objective was not to avenge Revered Flame.

“Hand over the three bottles of dragon blood. Otherwise… Hmph!”

Revered Gold stepped forward and moved his left hand in a circular motion, shooting out a golden ray which rushed directly at Ning Fan. The speed of his move was nearly not any slower than Ning Fan’s.

That ray of golden light was clearly the light of a heavenly dwelling space. It seems that he wanted to capture Ning Fan in a Treasure of Immortal’s Abode and bully him inside.

Ning Fan’s eyes became grim. He stood still without avoiding or evading and allowed Revered Gold to catch him.

Inside the space of the treasure, thunder rumbled and lightning flashed in the sky. Ning Fan stood imposingly in midair. There was no sign of fear across his face. The four revered elders surrounded him and each of them was sneering evilly, especially Revered Gold. He held a golden thumb ring in his hand, feeling extremely proud of himself. Apparently, this heavenly dwelling space was created by that golden thumb ring.

“Zhou Ming! Hand over the three bottles of dragon blood. If you do so, we will only crush your primordial spirit and your life will be spared!” Revered Gold threatened. His tone sounded like he would not allow any refusal at all.

“Crush my primordial spirit? Just with the four of you?!”

Ning Fan shut his eyes and when he opened them, they were much colder than before.

So it turns out that if one doesn’t have strength and an influential background, they will still be bullied by others even if they have joined the Rain Palace.

As a matter of fact, he could leave or enter a heavenly dwelling space like this as he pleases with his current capability.

Since he deliberately allowed himself to be caught inside this space, he no longer harbored kind intentions.

When the four revered elders saw Ning Fan not knowing what was good for him, their eyes turned fierce. All of them were enraged. Simultaneously, they performed hand seals to launch their attacks.

“Primordial Earth Sword!”

“Thunder Dao Whip!”

“Small Ice Abyss Technique!”

“Deadly Wind Technique!”

The techniques that the four revered elders displayed were all Peak Divine Transformation Realm techniques!

“Zhou Ming, you might be able to resist Yun Yan’s flames with your Indestructible Fire Body, but you won’t be able to withstand our techniques!”

Revered Gold uttered with contempt.

“Is that so…? Earth crumbles! Thunder vanishes! Ice shatters! Wind disperses!”

Ning Fan clawed at the air with his five fingers. Five tombstones of the black dragon which were each one thousand zhang* tall suddenly emerged in the sky. Unquestionably, he had cast the Five Graves of Dragon Burial Technique!

Borrowing the power of his Fu Li Blood and his massive amount of magic power, the destructive power of this technique was nearly on par with a Half-Step Void Realm Technique!

The five tombstones could bury five dragons, break the five elements and seal off incarnations of cultivators and primordial spirits!

Since this technique could even fend off Ximen Ye’s devilish sounds of the five elements, it would be as easy as pie to destroy four types of Peak Divine Transformation Realm techniques!


As the five tombstones crashed into them, the techniques of the four revered elders were forcefully destroyed. The fluctuations of magic power from this collision spread wildly to all directions.

The faces of the four revered elders were filled with great astonishment. They recognized that the techniques which Ning Fan had just displayed was the ancestral blood secret technique of the Black Dragon Race!

The black dragons were not within the five elements. Thus, the five tombstones could break all five elements beneath the heavens. However, this secret technique was lost a long time ago. Why would Ning Fan have this technique?

From the perspective of the four revered elders, even if Ning Fan obtained this technique by accident, how did he manage to use it since he was not a member of the demon race nor a demon cultivator with the ancestral blood of the Black Dragon Race?

They just could not figure it out!

But no matter what, this technique had a natural restraint to all of the techniques of the five elements beneath the heavens. Unless one has a cultivation base higher than this technique, all their techniques using the five elements would be ineffective against him.


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