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The five tombstones continued to fall upon the four revered elders. None of them could move a step as it felt like their limbs were being restrained by mountains. In a matter of seconds, they began to continuously puke out blood. The four of them mustered up all their strength and delivered another round of full-powered attacks. Only then did they manage to pulverize the five tombstones. Even so, they were all filled with horror.

Four Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts joining hands to fight against Ning Fan were gravely injured by the latter in an instant… Other than Void Refinement Realm beings, who could inflict such heavy damage on four Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts with a single move?!

This Zhou Ming’s strength is a little too scary. Could it be that his combat power is already at the Void Refinement Realm even though he just has a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base?

“This is bad! Hurry up and leave this heavenly dwelling space. We aren’t his match and we will all be killed by him inside here!”

The four revered elders were terrified. If Ning Fan summons the tombstones again, they could not ensure their survival!

“Trying to leave? Don’t you all think it’s a little too late?”

A pair of purple wings suddenly appeared on Ning Fan’s back. He stretched them as widely as he could. As soon as he beat his wings once, he disappeared without a trace. At the next moment, a droplet of concentrated black ink spread in front of the four revered elders, drawing them within.

Black Tempest Rupture Art!

Ning Fan’s spirit sense was already at the Void Refinement Realm. His incarnation certainly became stronger as well and attained the Void Refinement Realm just like the saying which goes, ‘when the river rises, the boat floats and rises with it’. Naturally, the might of his Black Tempest Rupture Art had also greatly increased. How would Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts be able to withstand it?!

One’s cultivation level might be difficult to improve but there were still some shortcuts in improving one’s spirit sense.

Even though Ning Fan’s cultivation level had yet to break through to the Void Refinement Realm, he would still have combat power at the Void Refinement Realm as long as his spirit sense attained that level!

“What is this technique? It’s clearly a Void Refinement Realm attack! Ahhhh!”

Black-colored sword light swept across the area. The four individuals were instantly shredded to pieces.

A cloud of blood mist spread into the air. Afterwards, Ning Fan recondensed his physical body. The set of white robes he wore remained spotlessly clean. He now held four storage pouches in his hand and four traces of primordial spirits.

Killing others and seizing their treasures? Well, who doesn’t know how to do that? However, Ning Fan was a true expert in this.

He scanned through the storage pouches of the four revered elders and found that there were only a few tens of millions of immortal jade within. This discovery could not stop Ning Fan from frowning.

Apparently, even though the revered elders worked for the Rain Palace, their salaries were extremely low. They could not get rich as fast as a devil cultivator who killed people everywhere.

However, although they did not have a great deal of immortal jade, the pills, cultivation methods and magical treasures they had were first class.

The revered elders of the Rain Palace might not have high salaries, but the benefits they could enjoy were especially good. To any outsiders, it would make them so jealous that they would be rendered speechless.

If some of them figure out a way to get some income through gray areas, they could absolutely make money faster than devil cultivators who put themselves in a sea of blood.

At the place where the physical bodies of the four revered beings were destroyed, rays of golden light gradually condensed into a Dao Fruit. It seems to have been produced by Revered Gold’s physical body. Then, it slowly landed on Ning Fan’s palm.

By just killing four individuals, Ning Fan managed to obtain a Dao Fruit. It undoubtedly proved that his luck was getting better and better.

Other than this Dao Fruit, Ning Fan actually still had another unexpected gain.

After the blood mist dispersed, a mass of white cold qi gradually condensed. To his surprise, it was actually a type of Heavenly Cold Qi.

This Heavenly Cold Qi was called the Divine Cold Soul. It was ranked third of the twelve types of Heavenly Cold Qi. Presumably, it previously belonged to Revered Water.

Seeing Ning Fan casually keeping their storage pouches and precious treasures, the primordial spirits of the four revered elders were shocked and angry. Of course, they were also fearful at the same time.

“Z-Zhou Ming! You can’t take our treasures. Moreover, you can’t kill us. Otherwise, Prince Jinghong will definitely know that you are the one who murdered us. Judging from the prince’s personality, he will certainly not let you walk out of the Dragon Determining Valley alive!”

“Oh. Thank you for your reminder.”

Ning Fan sneered. He patted his storage pouch and muttered.

“Puppets, appear!”

In the next moment, three Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets appeared. The four revered elders were shocked to the core.

Three Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets?!

This man actually has three Void Refinement Realm puppets with him? Taking his own combat power into consideration, he will be able to fight with ease even if he is faced against four Void Refinement Realm experts!

The four of us who are merely Half-Step Void Refinement Realm cultivators came to cause troubles to him. How laughable it was. We were absolutely digging our own graves.

“W-What do you want…?” The four individuals were even more scared now. They were sure that Ning Fan would not dare to kill them but they did not think the latter would let them go either.

“You are right. Killing all of you right now is unwise. Let’s wait until we leave the Dragon Determining Valley. I’ll kill you all after that. Who will know that I am the one who killed the four of you?! Soul Memory Searching Technique!”

Without any mercy, Ning Fan directly searched the souls of the four primordial spirits and wiped out their memories. After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn passed, all the four revered elders had become beings with no intelligence. Ning Fan passed them to the spiritual puppets and sealed them off. Once he leaves the Dragon Determining Valley, he would then let the spiritual puppets devour their primordial spirits.

The four beings were the revered elders of the Rain Palace. But so what if they were? Ning Fan had never liked being bullied by others. Since the four revered elders wanted to crush his primordial spirit, he killed the four of them. As long as he does it stealthily enough without letting Yun Jinghong know, it would be fine.

As for the tokens or proof of identity of the four revered elders, Ning Fan abandoned them inside this heavenly dwelling space. Then, he conjured a trace of golden purple mist on the tip of his finger and waved it in the sky. The heavenly dwelling space slightly parted. He took a step forward and returned to the snowy night outside.

His presence did not reveal a single trace of his baleful qi. Obviously, he had practiced his control on his baleful qi to the highest level.

He briefly studied his surroundings. Dawn was about to arrive.

Ning Fan turned around and thought of returning to his room. All of a sudden, he heard a voice from a place where no one was supposed to be.

“Have you killed them?”

This voice appeared without showing any signs. The owner of this voice had obviously seen Ning Fan leaving with the four revered elders.

Ning Fan was surprised internally. After he had a clearer view of the person’s appearance, his heart felt calm somehow. The person who asked that question was Yun Tianjue.

Since Yun Tianjue guessed that Ning Fan had already killed the four revered elders, he would certainly not deny it. After all, Yun Tianjue was on bad terms with Yun Jinghong. Thus, Ning Fan assumed that he would not blame him for killing Yun Jinghong’s subordinates.

“I have just destroyed their physical bodies. Their primordial spirits still exist. But as soon as I leave the Dragon Determining Valley, it will be their end.” Ning Fan admitted.

“Very well. Since they have struck you first, it’s normal for you to retaliate. Since they wanted to kill you, you should kill them in return. You are a member of my Great Heaven Palace. No one shall bully my people.”

Yun Tianjue’s words were cold but the words he uttered made Ning Fan’s heart feel warm.

Unexpectedly, a sword devil who had a ruined reputation would also side with a disputant who was in the wrong. Ning Fan had only experienced this feeling before from Old Devil. Today, he felt it again from Yun Tianjue.

Seeing Ning Fan in one piece, Yun Tianjue indifferently turned around. When he was about to leave, Ning Fan called him.

He was confident that he would be able to obtain a lot of dragon blood. However, if he wanted to maximize the medicinal power of the dragon blood, he would need one thing to brew the blood into wine.

“Senior, can I borrow your Bloody Gourd?”

When Ning Fan uttered those words, he was stunned for a second.

What happened to him? How dare he make a request to the notorious sword devil?

He had a very strange feeling. He rarely asked others for help and he would definitely not ask for anything from anyone. But when he spoke those words, he felt natural like it ought to be that way.

But after he blurted out those words, he shook his head and bitterly smiled, feeling regretful for the slip of his tongue.

Didn’t he see Yun Jinghong who asked for the Bloody Gourd from the sword devil being beaten like a poor dog?

Yun Tianjue stopped. His face darkened. He hated it the most when someone asked him for something.

But when he noticed Ning Fan’s expression, his eyes slowly eased. He then understood what Ning Fan was up to after pondering for a while.

“You want to brew some blood wine?”

“No. It’s just a slip of my tongue. I certainly won’t dare to have any thoughts on Senior’s Bloody Gourd.” Ning Fan shook his head. Well, he did not think the sword devil would lend anything to anyone. It was already rare that he did not seize another’s posessions.

Yun Tianjue frowned. He was an unsociable man and would never speak more than three sentences in a conversation with anyone, much less having a drink with anyone on the same table.

He would slice up anyone who makes a request to him or ask him for something with his sword.

However, despite his cold attitude, he had some favorability towards Ning Fan.

This young chap was rather to his liking.

If that’s not the case, he would definitely not drink with Ning Fan, let alone bring him to the Dragon Determining Valley from afar and help him obtain the dragon blood even though he was openly violating the orders of the Rain Sovereign.

He was not a kind man. He had never trained a junior himself. Ning Fan was the first one.

“Take it!”

Yun Tianjue casually tossed a blood-red gourd to Ning Fan and vanished amidst the wind and snow. He only left a cold and indifferent sentence.

“It will take ten years to brew blood wine. Once you finish using this gourd, you must return it to me!”

“Er…” Ning Fan was at a loss.

The sword devil who is rumored to be unfeeling and merciless is actually so open?

He held the gourd in his hand and gently shook it. There was still quite a lot of blood wine within the gourd. It was probably equivalent to seven mouthfuls.

“There is still some wine inside…” Ning Fan opened his mouth and asked. However, he was interrupted by an impatient voice before he could finish his words.

“It’s yours!”

In the deeper part of the snowy field where darkness prevailed, Yun Tianjue said with impatience.

“You better not disgrace me when you enter the Blood Dragon Pool tomorrow!”


Ning Fan cupped his fists towards the source of the voice. His eyes were filled with gratitude.

Yun Tianjue’s reputation might have been ruined, but was Ning Fan’s reputation any better? There were always errors and mistakes in judging a person according to the rumors.

With this Bloody Gourd, I can brew some blood wine with the dragon blood. I wonder if I can break through to the Void Refinement Realm in one go ten years later…


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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