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Dawn broke.

Ning Fan had spent the rest of the night on his bed regulating his breathing. Currently, his mind, spirit and qi were at their peak. He pushed the door and exited his room. Amidst the wind and snow, there was already a dumb servant waiting for him. It seemed like he wanted to bring him somewhere.

Ning Fan spread his spirit sense and discovered with surprise that he was the only one left in the guest house. There was no sign of Yun Tianjue.

He then thought to himself.

Perhaps Yun Tianjue went  to the Blood Dragon Pool in advance.

Ning Fan did not ask the dumb servant anything and followed him outside the guest house. Right outside the entrance, there was already a Void Refinement Realm striding bull lying prostrate on the ground.

The body of the beast was as large as five thousand zhang* with a pavilion built on its back. It seemed to be a beast for cultivators to ride.

There were more than ten figures of young people sitting on the back of the striding bull. Because of the Mortal Void Realm Sense Blocking Formation which separated Ning Fan from them, it was difficult for him to see their true appearances.

On the other hand, Ning Fan also did not attempt to activate his demon eye to see through the formation with effort. Instead, he leapt from the ground and got up on the back of the beast.

He would probably be heading to the Blood Dragon Pool by riding this beast today.

The lord of the Dragon Determining Valley really spent a large fortune in making a Void Refinement Realm striding bull to act as a mount.

What really astonished Ning Fan was that the seal that was planted within this Void Refinement Realms striding bull was not an ordinary mental seal, but a demon seal!

Only those who were proficient in demon cultivation methods could plant a demon seal… This discovery made Ning Fan think.

Could the master of this Dragon Determining Valley be an expert of the demon path?

Even though it was extremely difficult for humans to practice the demon path, it was not impossible. Like Ning Fan and the members of the Demon Sealing Sect, there were actually quite many human cultivators practicing the demon path.

The moment Ning Fan boarded the back of the beast, the Void Refinement Realm striding bull instinctively revealed a terrified look.

A dignified Void Refinement Realm striding bull actually felt frightened and nervous when it had close contact with Ning Fan… Unquestionably, it was the formidable power coming from his bloodline that could intimidate other beasts!

The reason why this striding bull was able to sense it was because its spiritual intelligence was rather excellent. Unless Ning Fan revealed his demon aura force on purpose, ordinary blood beasts would not definitely be able to tell Ning Fan’s identity as a demon ancestor of the Fu Li Race!


It was  unusual for this Void Refinement Realm striding bull which was extremely irascible and arrogant to guests to actually make a gentle and submissive cry after Ning Fan had mounted its back.

All of a sudden, the faces of all the male and female cultivators in the pavilion changed.

Anyone with a discerning eye would be able to tell that this striding bull was trying to please Ning Fan. But how could that be possible? A Void Refinement Realm ferocious beast was ingratiating itself to a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator?

“Hello. Are you Revered Ming?”

A voice was heard from the group of cultivators on the pavilion. It was hard to tell whether the person was angry or joyful when they uttered those words. Then, the Sense Blocking Formation was disabled.     

The person who spoke was a middle-aged Confucian scholar. He had a Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base. As soon as he saw Ning Fan approach, he immediately rose from his seat and cupped his fists to welcome him.

“You are?” Ning Fan walked into the pavilion and asked with a doubtful tone.

“Hehe. I am Yu Bai, a revered elder of the Serene Heaven Palace. They are also the revered elders of my Serene Heaven Palace…” The middle-aged scholar introduced with a friendly smile.

“So you are Fellow Daoist Yu.”

Ning Fan cupped his fists in return and nodded his head at the Divine Transformation Realm revered elders there to show respect.

There were a total of thirteen Divine Transformation Realm cultivators there. Five were at the early stage, three were at the middle stage, two were at the late stage, another two were at the peak stage while the last one was a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

The Serene Heaven Palace was a force under Chu Chang’an’s command. Thus, these revered elders were his subordinates.

Apparently, this group of revered elders were going to enter the Blood Dragon Pool with Ning Fan to train. Perhaps it would really cost Chu Chang’an a great deal in order to activate the Blood Dragon Pool even once. He not only invited the revered elders of the Scarlet Heaven Palace to enter, but also the revered elders from his own force.

Although it was clearly an act of seeking personal gain, the opening of the Blood Dragon Pool this time was originally an exception. Chu Chang’an was compelled by Yun Tianjue to open it.

According to Chu Chang’an’s personality, he would not accept any misgivings since he was unable to resist. It was a wise move to maximize the profits he could gain from it.

Most of the revered elders of the Serene Heaven Palace inwardly admired Ning Fan’s bearing when they saw him remain calm and unworried despite facing thirteen Divine Transformation Realm cultivators.

However, around two to three of them had strange expressions. They communicated among themselves telepathically. It seemed like they were talking badly about Ning Fan.

In any case, Ning Fan was not going to even bother thinking about them. The strength he revealed publicly was at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm but his strongest battle achievement which had spread around the world was killing Revered Flame with his Indestructible Fire Body.

In the Scarlet Heaven Palace, Revered Flame was also considered as one of the top experts. Since Ning Fan was able to kill him, no one would dare to underestimate him.

After all, the only outcome of belittling Ning Fan would be death, just like the remaining four members of the Revered Elders of the Five Elements last night!

“Fellow Daoist Zhou, come and have a seat here. Fellow Daoist is indeed extraordinary. You can actually make this striding bull behave obediently. Other than Void Fragmentation Realm seniors, it’s my first time witnessing someone having such a strong aura.”

“You flatter me. In fact, Fellow Daoist’s bearing is more extraordinary. Your Confucian Profound Method is already on the verge of breaking through. With just another two hundred to three hundred years of cultivation, you will naturally break through to the Late Divine Transformation Realm.”

Ning Fan took his seat and uttered with a faint smile. However, his words made Yu Bai feel absolutely surprised.

“Fellow Daoist has a really keen insight! I haven’t told anyone about how my Profound Method is close to a breakthrough. Even the revered elders of the same division as me don’t know about it. But Fellow Daoist noticed it at first glance. It really surprised me. Sure enough, the rumors can’t be trusted…”

The rumors that Yu Bai mentioned without a doubt referred to Ning Fan’s tainted reputation such as being a lecherous pervert who rapes any woman he meets, a bloodthirsty devil who kills countless people without batting an eye, a tyrant who lacked conscience and so on. All in all, none of the rumors regarding Ning Fan that circulated in the Rain Palace were positive. Thus, Ning Fan was nothing more than a merciless killer in the eyes of all the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators there.

That was the reason why the experts of the Late and Peak Divine Transformation Realm and Half-Step Void Refinement Realm did not stand up to welcome Ning Fan when he came. They wanted to avoid having their reputation stained. Only this good-natured man, Yu Bai, got up to greet Ning Fan so that he would not feel disregarded.

Ning Fan’s notorious reputation was also the cause of why a few cultivators on the pavilion did not spare a glance at him.

However, Ning Fan had frankly pointed out the progress of Yu Bai’s cultivation at first glance. Such a keen insight was enough to show the depth of his Dao comprehension. He was undoubtedly a first class cultivator who gained his strength through bitter cultivation.

Since he was a cultivator who practiced bitterly, his heart must be as still as a rock. A cultivator like that had purified his own heart and cultivated his moral character. How could he be a lecherous and bloodthirsty person? As such, they began to conclude that the rumors circulating within the Rain Palace were probably fake.

As soon as they had a clearer understanding of Ning Fan, not only did Yu Bai become more friendly, but the Late and Peak Divine Transformation Realm and Half-Step Void Refinement Realm revered elders also began to get closer to Ning Fan and started to talk with him.

Unable to see! They were completely unable to see Ning Fan as a brutal devil lord!

His smile was amiable. His eyes were deep. His demeanor was poised and graceful. His body was straight and elegant. Anybody who met him would feel like he was just a refined young master.

This was the change in his outward appearance after merging his three types of intent realms. His demeanor had experienced a radical transformation.

When he puts on his black cloak, his devil side would prevail. When he takes out his black cloak, he would conceal his devil side within his heart. If he doesn’t kill, no one would know how ferocious he was. Currently, his cultivation of the devil Dao had already reached a high realm as he reached such a state.

During his conversation with the revered elders, he effortlessly convinced all of them with his style of speech.

From the casual talk he had with them, he had also learned that this striding bull was heading to the Blood Dragon Pool.

The place where the Blood Dragon Pool was located was called the Blood Creek. It was a swamp filled with a thick blood mist. Without any doubt, it was full of danger as well. There were even some wild Divine Transformation Realm and Void Refinement Realm ferocious beasts that had settled within. Only Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters would be bold enough to enter themselves. Divine Transformation Realm juniors like Ning Fan and the rest must ride the striding bull to enter the place.

In any case, this striding bull was a Void Refinement Realm beast. Under its protection, all Divine Transformation Realm cultivators would basically not encounter any danger as long as they are careful and obedient.

“The Blood Creek…” While chattering with the cultivators, Ning Fan was pondering secretly.

Somehow, the closer he got to the Blood Creek, the stronger the strange feeling he felt as he left the Dragon Determining Valley.

Especially the Blood Dragon Demon Sword which seemed to be slumbering inside his storage pouch. It began to gently tremble as if it was expressing a hint of excitement.

Its reaction gave Ning Fan a sudden realization. He finally understood why he had that strange feeling ever since he entered the Dragon Determining Valley.

Dragon Determining Valley… Blood Dragon Pool… Blood Creek…

Could it be that there is a true blood dragon in this land?!

Could it be that the so-called dragon blood is related to the blood dragon?


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