Grasping Evil - Chapter 388.2

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Ning Fan’s mouth curved into a smile.

If it’s really related to a blood dragon, I wonder if I can get additional benefits since I have the Blood Dragon Demon Sword.

Along the journey, they were served with spiritual tea and fruits. A small group of revered elders of the Serene Heaven Palace were having a cheerful conversation with Ning Fan. In the past, he had to be extra cautious when he was dealing with Revered Snow who was an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. Now, he had already reached a level where Divine Transformation Realm revered elders had to treat him equally. It was indeed unimaginable.

However, while they were having fun and were immersed in their conversation, a light snort which was slightly disharmonious interrupted the joyful atmosphere.

“Hmph! Revered Ming has really good means. In the Endless Sea, Revered Ming  has a prestigious and dignified status among the devil cultivators. On top of that, you can also easily and fluently talk with the righteous cultivators of our Rain Palace. You really have your bread buttered on both sides… I wonder if Revered Ming has ever heard of this saying? In this world, everyone has someone who favors them or hates them. Those who gain the liking of others are not necessarily good while those who are detested by others are not necessarily bad. However, those who are able to make both good and bad people like them, they must be… a cunning individual!”

To everyone’s surprise, the person who voiced this out was a young lady with a sharp and beautiful appearance. This lady’s hair was tied in a ponytail. She did not wear robes with delicate embroideries but a set of silver armor which made her look like a female general. Despite her military outfit, her petite and curvaceous body could not hide her natural beauty.

This young lady had an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base. Moreover, she had just attained that cultivation realm not long ago. Emanating a heroic spirit, she slightly raised one of her eyebrows while glancing sideways at Ning Fan. Her attitude towards him was rather contemptuous.

She actually dared to call Ning Fan a cunning person…

“Chong’er, mind your manners!” Yu Bai glared at the young lady and immediately cupped his fists at Ning Fan to apologize. His face was filled with awkwardness. Then, he continued speaking.

“This young lady is my younger sister, Yu Chong’er. She has always been training in the Yu Family and does not know about rules and common courtesy. Even though her words are offensive to Revered Ming, she certainly harbors no evil intentions. Please calm your anger, Revered Ming.”

Yu Bai was smiling bitterly and helplessly. Even if Ning Fan really was a cunning individual, he would never be bold enough to call him that in public. After all, Ning Fan was a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. One could decide not to befriend him, but one must never make him an enemy.

Besides, after exchanging a few words with Ning Fan, Yu Bai was already awed by him. He did not think of him as a cunning person at all. Naturally, he was extremely displeased by Yu Chong’er’s impertinent remarks about Ning Fan. In fact, he was very afraid that Ning Fan would be enraged after hearing her offensive words.

Ning Fan’s gaze casually moved towards Yu Chong’er. He then smiled and shook his head.

“Never mind. Your younger sister is frank and honest. It’s hard to find a young lady like her. As long as she spoke those words without harboring any ill intentions, I will never bother about it even if it was unpleasant to hear. Treat it as me giving Fellow Daoist Yu some face.”

“Hehe. Fellow Daoist Zhou, thank you for being magnanimous. Chong’er, why don’t you quickly come over here and apologize to Revered Ming?” Yu Bai’s eyes turned serious as soon as he looked at Yu Chong’er. He really had the air of an elder brother.

“Hmph! Who is going to apologize to him?! All of you are afraid of him and that’s why you won’t dare to talk bad about him. I, Yu Chong’er, am not scared of him. Do you know who my master is? He is Yun Qingge who is one of the four greatest Void Fragmentation Realm experts. I am not afraid of any pervert or devil cultivator!”

The little lady gave Ning Fan an angry stare. Well, how could she be wrong? Ning Fan was undoubtedly an evil person.

The little lady did not have exceptional talent in other areas but she was born with a keen sense towards baleful qi. She could clearly sense the shocking amount of baleful qi within Ning Fan’s body. Only those who had slaughtered hundreds of Divine Transformation Realm cultivators would have such a tremendous amount of baleful qi.

Yu Chong’er knew that Ning Fan must be a brutal and merciless devil lord. Thus, she concluded that the amiable character he had now was just a facade. He must be an extremely dangerous man!

Despite originally being a devil cultivator, he insisted on joining the Rain Palace to wash himself clean and become a righteous cultivator. If this wasn’t a cunning move, then what was?

Ever since Yu Chong’er was born in the Yu Family, she was treasured by her family members like a precious pearl. Furthermore, she was pampered by a Void Fragmentation Realm expert and was kept as a disciple. As such, it made her slightly proud and arrogant than the rest.

Fortunately, her character was quite pure and kind. She usually has a strong sense of justice and was always ready to help the weak. She was not like the other cultivators of the righteous path who are only good at talking but do not walk the talk.

Therefore, it was normal for a lady with a strong sense of justice like her to not like Ning Fan who was a notorious devil lord.

She did not know how to hide her feelings. If she doesn't like something, she would not hold herself back from expressing her feelings. However, she did not expect that her own brother would not side with her at all after she spoke the truth, but helped Ning Fan instead. It really infuriated her.

“You can continue to act in this manner. Regardless, I, Yu Chong’er, will never be cheated by you.” Yu Chong’er expressed her dissatisfaction towards Ning Fan through telepathy.

“…” Ning Fan directly ignored her. With Ning Fan’s personality, he was too lazy to even argue with a little lady like this.

Precisely. His easy going nature indeed had the element of being a facade. If he were to show his original self, perhaps he would be as cold as ice to this group of unfamiliar cultivators.

However, a person who wears a facade was not necessarily evil most of the time. It was just what life forced them to do. Everyone had a mask with them. Be it righteous cultivators or devil cultivators, it’s up to them to decide whether to put on their masks or reveal their true selves.

Ning Fan was not a good man. However, he had no grudges against the Serene Heaven Palace. Besides, Chu Chang’an had even given him three bottles of dragon blood which were considered as a grand gift. Thus, he had a good impression of the Serene Heaven Palace instead of having grudges.

When he faces his enemies, he would eliminate them without mercy.

When it comes to his friends, even if they slightly mock him, he would turn a blind eye to it.

All the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators in the pavilion were people with discerning eyes. How could they not notice that Yu Chong’er was communicating with Ning Fan telepathically. Additionally, judging from the shape of her mouth while speaking, most of them knew that she probably did not say anything good to him. In all likelihood, she was probably saying sarcastic remarks towards Ning Fan again.

However, Ning Fan did not even talk back at her. Neither did he dart a single glance at her. His demeanor and magnanimity made the revered elders there admire him even more.

“Hai. Seeing for oneself is truly a hundred times better than hearing from others… It is very rare to find someone in the Rain Palace who has such a strong tolerance like Revered Ming. My younger sister is still immature and ignorant. Even though she insolently spoke to Revered Ming, Revered Ming still put up with her. I really feel apologetic to you… Revered Ming, please accept me as a gift.”

Yu Bai clenched his teeth. A part of him was feeling guilty and ashamed of himself whereas another part of him was unwilling to offend Ning Fan. After pondering for a while, he took out an exquisite jade box from his storage pouch and handed it to Ning Fan.

When he opened the jade box slightly, a whiff of medicinal fragrance that would only be given out by a ten-thousand-year-old medicinal herb filled the air. All the revered elders in the pavilion were surprised and their eyes were filled with zeal.

“It’s a ten-thousand-year-old spiritual medicine! It can’t be wrong. Could it be the…”

Yu Bai’s facial muscles tightened. A second later, he heaved a sigh as if he had let go of the burden on his mind. His expression turned calm and reached out his hands to pass the jade box to Ning Fan. With an apologetic tone, he said.

“This is a tuft of the Red Chamber Zoysia. It has been verified by a Fifth Revolution Pill Master that its age is thirteen thousand and four hundred years old. If one consumes it, it can prolong their life by two hundred years. Now, I will give it to Brother Zhou as a gift.”

“Red Chamber Zoysia?” Ning Fan was inwardly astonished. This was a miraculous medicine that could prolong the life of a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. One could only consume a tuft in his entire life and a single tuft could extend his lifespan by two hundred years. If it were to be sold in a marketplace, it could be auctioned up to one hundred million immortal jade.

To Divine Transformation Realm cultivators, no, to anyone, having an extra two hundred years of life was extremely precious.

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed.

Since Yu Bai is willing to give me this item as a gift, he is sincerely trying to befriend me.

Of all the thirteen Divine Transformation Realm cultivators in the pavilion, only Yu Bai stood up to welcome him. Thus, Ning Fan had a favorable impression of him.

He was not lacking in spiritual medicines that could extend his lifespan, but he had to keep this spiritual herb from Yu Bai. Once he keeps it, it would mean that the both of them have established a friendly relationship.


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