Grasping Evil - Chapter 388.3

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“Thank you for the gift, Brother Yu. I don’t have anything good to give you in return. Regardless, these are pills that I myself concocted personally. I hope Brother Yu won’t dislike them.”

Ning Fan casually took out a few bottles of pills which were for healing wounds. All of them were Fifth Revolution pills that he refined himself.

As soon as they heard that Ning Fan was going to give Yu Bai pills which he refined in return, many of the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators gently knitted their brows. From their perspective, it was already difficult for Ning Fan to be a Third Revolution Pill Master. It would be one in a million for him to achieve the Fourth Revolution. The Fifth Revolution was definitely a joke.

Therefore, they had thought that it would certainly be unworthy of the ten-thousand-year-old spiritual medicine when they heard him deciding to give the pills he himself refined as a present.

However, Yu Bai was rather excited. As the saying goes, even if it’s a trifling present, it’s the thought that counts. Ning Fan had decided to give him pills he personally concocted in exchange for his gift. This gift contained his kind intentions and sincerity. It was a sign that he recognized Yu Bai as a friend.

Even if the pills Ning Fan concocted were just of the Third Revolution, Yu Bai did not harbor any intention to reject this gift.

“Third Elder Brother, how can you give the Red Chamber Zoysia to this evil devil lord as a gift! Y-Y-You… It was for our mother…”

“Our mother has already consumed the Red Chamber Zoysia once before. It will have no effect on her anymore if she consumes it again…”

“Even so, you are going to suffer a huge loss by giving him the Red Chamber Zoysia since the pills that he’s going to give you may not even be Third Revolution pills!”

“Be quiet! Etiquette requires reciprocity. Besides, during exchanging gifts, one’s intention is the most important element. How could it be measured with the price of the item?”

Yu Bai gave an angry look at Yu Chong’er.

What he found admirable in Ning Fan was his magnanimous bearing and his talents. It had nothing to do with these pills at all.

Even if Ning Fan did not intend to give him pills in exchange for his gift, he would still be very pleased to have established a friendly relationship with him.

Now, Yu Chong’er felt even angrier towards Ning Fan as she placed all the blame on him.

Hmph! It’s all this big bad devil lord’s fault. He’s the reason why I kept being scolded by my elder brother.

Anger boiled within her and made her stomp her feet. She ran to Yu Bai and snatched the bottles of pills from him. Afterwards, she passed them back to Ning Fan in a bossy and arrogant manner.

“Take back your Third Revolution pills and return the Red Chamber Zoysia to my elder brother!” She was unwilling to see her own brother suffer a loss.

“Chong’er, how can you be so impudent!”

“Brother Yu, please calm your anger…”

Ning Fan calmly waved his hand. He was not enraged at all. Instead, he found this young lady rather funny.

Yu Bai is a person whom I can befriend. As for this Yu Chong’er… It seems like she is starting to show the temper of a mistress.

“Zhou Ming, take away your Third Revolution pills now. My brother does not need them! A big bad devil lord like you must never have any ties with our Yu Family!”

“I suppose the friendship between me and your elder brother does not relate to you at all, does it? Besides, are you really sure that these are just Third Revolution pills?” Ning Fan raised his eyebrows and had eyes that were deep as he looked Yu Chong’er in the eye. This young lady who had yet to experience the outside world had never been looked at by a man like this before. All of a sudden, her cheeks blushed and her aura force weakened.

“T-They are not Third Revolution pills? Are you telling me that they are Fourth Revolution pills?”

“Perhaps they are of the Fifth Revolution.”

“This can’t be possible! You’ve clearly mentioned that you are the one who refined these pills!”

“Yu Chong’er’s beautiful eyes widened slightly. Well, she was not a fool. Moreover, the medicinal qi of these pills clearly contained Ning Fan’s qi. He planted it within the pills when he was refining them.

She gently placed the pill bottles closer to her nose. When she sniffed the medicinal fragrance, she felt a cool breeze blow against her face. The medicinal fragrance she felt from these pills was a little too concentrated.

Fifth Revolution… Can they really be Fifth Revolution pills!? No. They can’t be! This man is a bad devil lord. It’s impossible for him to be a Fifth Revolution Pill Master!

But this medicinal fragrance…


Feeling doubtful and incredulous, she unplugged the cork of one of the bottles. In the next moment, the pill fragrance which was originally sealed within the bottle began to spread, filling the air within the pavilion.

The moment the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators smelled the pill fragrance, their expressions changed greatly.

“A Mid Grade Fifth Revolution pill… Divine Injury Pill! Consuming a single pellet of this pill can allow a gravely injured Divine Transformation Realm to be completely healed! A single pellet is worth ten million immortal jade!”

“A Mid Grade Fifth Revolution pill… Death Sealing Pill! This is a pill that can only be found in the Upper World. The recipe of refining this pill had never been widely spread. Revered Ming actually knows how to refine it!”

“Revered Ming is actually a Mid Grade Fifth Revolution Pill Master!”

All of a sudden, the attention of all the cultivators focused on Ning Fan as if he was some kind of ‘attention magnet’. Their eyes were filled with astonishment and excitement.

In the Rain World, the total number of Fifth Revolution Pill Masters did not even exceed 50.

As for Sixth Revolution Pill Master, there were only seven of them.

Up until today, there was still no Seventh Revolution Pill Master. Of course, there were rumors which claimed that the Pill Sovereign who had been cultivating in seclusion had already attained the Seventh Revolution Pill Refinement Techniques. However, there was still no evidence to prove it.

The status of a Fifth Revolution Pill Master was certainly more honorable than an ordinary Divine Transformation Realm cultivator.

In addition to that, Ning Fan was at the middle stage of the Fifth Revolution. What made him even more outstanding was him also being a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert. When everything was added up together, his status was just too great.

Not a single Divine Transformation Realm cultivator present was willing to offend a Fifth Revolution Pill Master!

Yu Chong’er cautiously put down the bottles of pills. She was left dazed and rendered speechless. She had never expected that Ning Fan could refine Fifth Revolution pills, let alone be so generous to give a few bottles of those pills to Yu Bai.

Adding all of these pills together, they are worth at least two hundred million immortal jade…

The value of  Ning Fan’s present that he gave to Yu Bai was even higher than that of the Red Chamber Zoysia.

He didn’t have the intention to take advantage of my brother at all. Instead, it’s my fault for judging and treating him as a cunning villain.

“I’m sorry. I’ve misunderstood you. Y-You may not be a good guy but perhaps you aren’t a bad person too… I didn’t expect that you were a Mid Grade Fifth Revolution Pill Master… I... I… All in all, I apologize for what I have said to you earlier. However, even though I have apologized, I will still not like you. I hope you can understand.”

Yu Chong’er began to talk incoherently.

The meaning she wanted to express was probably that she wanted to maintain a normal relationship with Ning Fan from today onwards. She neither likes nor hates him. She would just treat him like a stranger, just like a saying that goes – a friendship need not to be overly showy.

However, the words she used to express her meaning were rather ambiguous. When each of the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators who had gone through a lot in their lives heard it, they felt that it was like a lover’s talk, especially when the couple had just quarreled with each other.

What does ‘I will still not like you’ supposed to mean? When she emphasized those words, it simply attracted more attention. It’s just seemed like the more she tried to hide it, the more it exposed her true intentions.

Even Yu Bai was staring at his own younger sister in a weird manner.

Chong’er has been opposing Zhou Ming aggressively and showed her temper. Could it be that she has some feelings for him and she was provoking him on purpose to try to gain his attention?

Well, Yu Bai had seen quite a lot of actions like this and knew what she was thinking.

“Hehe. It’s wise that Mistress Chong’er doesn’t like me. If you like me, I will be worried because I already have wives.”

Ning Fan teased her and his words caused many of the revered elders to laugh heartily.

“You! Hmph! I don’t care if you have wives or not. You’re just detestable!” The guilt she had for Ning Fan just now immediately disappeared.

Sure enough, he is not a good guy. How dare he tease me in front of everyone!

My master is right. There’s nothing good in men, especially men who cultivate the devil path!


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