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The ferocious beasts residing within the Blood Creek were wild. Not only were there Wild Beasts but a minority of them were also Void Refinement Realm beasts.

It was clear that these beasts were put in that area to breed and live in order to groom them into blood beasts. That is why they had a fierce and cruel nature. When the revered elders of the Serene Heaven Palace came here in the past, they would definitely encounter the beasts a few times which would lead to skirmishes even though they had the striding bull protecting them.

Today, however, there was surprisingly not a single beast trying to ambush them on their way to the blood creek.

Everyone was inwardly astonished. Naturally, they had no idea that it was because of the aura force of Ning Fan’s ancestral blood which he released.

The demon race placed great emphasis on bloodline. Aside from that, this group of ferocious beasts had never been tamed or trained before. As such, they did not know that they should defend the Dragon Determining Valley and attack every enemy who tries to invade their land.

When they sensed the aura force of Ning Fan’s bloodline, none of them dared to engage him recklessly. It was similar to the little girl, Bright Sparrow, whom he had met in the past. Despite having a weak cultivation base, she could travel across the Dark Sparrow’s Grave without fear and danger. As long as she was conscious, no demon would dare to mess with her.

“Why did I suddenly recall that little girl…?” Ning Fan smiled and shook his head.

Well, he had probably already treated the little girl as his younger sister.

Cookie Refinement Master… Cookie Brother… Cookie Pills. Er… I think it should be Pill Cookies, right?

Ning Fan shook his head. He still could not distinguish between those names even today.

After passing through the Blood Creek and several thousands of mountains, the striding bull descended and stopped in a valley.

The valley was approximately ten thousand li* (500m per li) large. There was a deep pool in the middle which was clear and blood-red.

This isolated pool was the Blood Dragon Pool.

As they were so close to the blood pool, the Blood Dragon Demon Sword in Ning Fan’s storage pouch trembled even more violently.

His eyes stared at the pool, absorbed in his thoughts.

This Blood Dragon Pool looks rather similar to the Black Dragon Pond.

I suppose this pool is a secret place of the Blood Dragon Race.

“Is a blood dragon really here in this Dragon Determining Valley…?”

While he was still pondering, he suddenly heard noises of a fierce battle which came from above.

*Rumble* *Bang* *Boom*

Two massive sources of magic power collided against each other, causing the vast land within one million li* (500m per li) to shake terrifyingly. Every time magic power clashed, it would destroy mountains and rivers.

Above the sky, the dragon shadow of a blood dragon which was ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) long was visible. Its mouth contained a magical treasure which radiated a golden light. It was battling against Yun Tianjue. Meanwhile, Yun Jinghong was standing at the sidelines, spectating the fight.

The magical treasure which looked like a golden lamp was quite unique. Wherever it shone, no attack would be able to penetrate through it.

In addition to that, the combat power of the blood dragon was already at the peak of the Second Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm.

“A blood dragon?! Moreover, this dragon is actually…”

Ning Fan’s eyes widened with surprise. The reality turned out to be just like what he had expected. There was a true blood dragon residing within this Dragon Determining Valley.

However, what was beyond his expectations was that the blood dragon was actually the lord of the Dragon Determining Valley, Chu Chang’an!

“Oh? It turns out Devil Lord Zhou has very limited knowledge and little information… The true form of Lord Chu, the Void Fragmentation Realm expert commanding our Serene Heaven Palace, is a blood dragon. Even though this matter isn’t widely known, many experts within the Rain Palace knew about it.”

Yu Chong’er suddenly chimed in and made fun of Ning Fan.

Even so, Ning Fan did not care about her words. He indeed had no idea that Chu Chang’an was a blood dragon.

There were only a total of eleven Void Fragmentation Realm experts in the Rain Palace.

The Rain Sovereign had the highest status of them all. Below the Rain Sovereign, there were the four greatest Void Fragmentation Realm experts who were the important figures of the previous generation. Below the four greatest Void Fragmentation Realm experts, there were the seven sons of god. They were experts which the Rain Palace cultivated to the Void Fragmentation Realm with the best resources possible. Unfortunately, the fourth prince, who was one of the seven chosen sons, was killed by Yun Tianjue not long after he broke through to the Void Fragmentation Realm.

Elder Chu was one of the four greatest Void Fragmentation Realm experts. Yu Chong’er’s master was also one of them.

There was one thing that Ning Fan was unable to understand. Since Elder Chu was a blood dragon, he was unquestionably a member of the demon race. As a demon, he should not be able to join the Rain Palace. Even so, why was he still able to become a revered elder of the Rain Palace and command one of its divisions?

As for his other doubts, however, he managed to figure it out on his own.

During his meeting with Chu Chang’an, he had already sensed that this man was a Void Fragmentation Realm fire cultivator. That fact baffled him at first. Since the Rain Palace wanted to nurture a Void Fragmentation Realm fire cultivator to obtain the item they wanted, why didn’t they directly request Elder Chu’s help instead of nurturing Revered Flame and roping him in?

It was only now that he knew the reason behind it. It was naturally because Elder Chu was a member of the Blood Dragon Race. He was a demon, a member of a different race. Since he wasn’t human, his loyalty would certainly waver. Perhaps the Rain Sovereign did not trust him at all.

“May I be so bold to ask Miss Chong’er how Elder Chu joined the Rain Palace?”

“Lord Chu was a demon pet of the former Rain Sovereign…”

Without waiting for Yu Chong’er to answer, Yu Bai had already told Ning Fan using telepathy. His expression tightened as if it was a deep secret.

Well, ‘demon pet’ was not a good name to call someone. Thus, it certainly could not be used in public.

After telling Ning Fan, Yu Bai raised his head without speaking a word and observed the battle between man and dragon.

The other Divine Transformation Realm cultivators also had the same feeling. All of them were attentively watching the fight between Void Fragmentation Realm experts in the sky, trying to obtain new insights from it.

Ning Fan understood what was going on and refrained from asking another question. He only stared at the blood dragon thoughtfully.

Elder Chu was a member of the Blood Dragon Race. However, his bloodline was a little inferior. His bloodline of a True Spirit Race could not compare to the royal bloodline. However, his natural aptitude must be incredible. Otherwise, he would not be able to attain the Second Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm.

Ning Fan placed his hand on his storage pouch. Countless thoughts flooded his mind. His Blood Dragon Demon Sword was forged using the bones of an Immortal Blood Dragon. To the demon race, immortal demons were beings of the True Immortal Realm. They were clearly powerful and could not be underestimated.

If Elder Chu were to assimilate this sword, his demon bloodline would advance to a higher level. It would not be difficult for him to attain the Third Heavenly Layer.

Ning Fan was formulating a plan. He wanted to draw Elder Chu to his side using this blood sword and make him one of his allies.

This was, of course, preparation for the battle that was going to happen in the Ancient Heavenly Court in the future.

Regardless of any factors, Emperor Moksha would definitely head to the Sword World to eliminate the Old Devil. However, he would go to the Ancient Heavenly Court before that and only finish off Old Devil on his way back.

Ning Fan’s plan was to bring down Emperor Moksha in the Heavenly Court. The more Void Fragmentation Realm allies he had, the better it would be.

It was still unknown how many people Wei Xuan could gather. It was also unknown whether Ning Fan would be able to successfully manipulate the rogue devil. Besides, he could not predict what cultivation realm he would have when he ascends to the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Therefore, drawing many Void Fragmentation Realm experts to his side was a necessity. He must depend on his own to gain the aid of several Void Fragmentation Realm experts.

“Sacrificing the blood sword should be enough to exchange for Elder Chu’s help. However, there is only one problem. Currently, I don’t have the qualifications or strength to negotiate on an equal footing with Elder Chu at all. He is a Void Fragmentation Realm expert. If he knows that I have the blood sword, why would he need to accede to my request. He can just forcefully seize it from me. On the other hand, what can I do to protect the blood sword? Senior Yun may be able to protect me for a while, but it’s impossible for him to protect me forever… Thus, from how the current situation looks, although it’s possible to draw Elder Chu to my side, it’s still not the right time to do so.”

Ning Fan’s eyes gradually turned calm. Without sufficient strength and capabilities, he had no qualifications to negotiate.

On the bright side, there were still sixty plus years before the Ancient Heavenly Court reopens. In the remaining years, Ning Fan would probably be unable to attain Void Fragmentation Realm. However, it should not be impossible for him to get some allies at the Void Fragmentation Realm.

There was Mei Chen in the Demon Sinister Forest. As long as he could bring her out of there, she could be a Void Fragmentation Realm helper.

There was also Luo You in the Profound Yin World. If the power of her primordial spirit recovers, she could probably be a Void Fragmentation Realm helper to him too.

When Ning Fan negotiates with Elder Chu in person after obtaining a few Void Fragmentation Realm trump cards in the future, he would definitely succeed.

“There are only sixty years left…”

Ning Fan clenched his fists tightly. Above the sky, the fierce battle had already come to an end.


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