Grasping Evil - Chapter 389.3

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Just as Ning Fan was about to change his memories, a ray of sword light suddenly emerged around his body which destroyed all of Yun Jinghong’s cloud qi.

As the sword light flashed past him, Yun Jinghong felt an immense danger as if ten thousand swords were penetrating his heart. His expression greatly changed.

“Yun Tianjue, what do you mean by this?!”

“It doesn’t mean anything. I was just testing his bravery. Now, the test is over. I’m quite satisfied with how courageous he is. As for you…”

Yun Tianjue unleashed his sword qi. He pointed the tip of his sword and drew a semi-circle in the air. His sword intent suddenly multiplied into the thousands. That technique contained innumerable profound understandings of swords.

In the next second, the clouds which flowed between heaven and earth within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) were sliced into dust.

Millions upon millions of sword rays fell from the vast sky. At the moment the sword light swept across the area, Yun Jinghong puked a mouthful of fresh blood. He was nearly buried beneath the barrage of sword light.

The only reason why he was still alive was because Yun Tianjue did not want to kill him so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

“You even dare to touch my people?!” Yun Tianjue uttered in a proud and imposing manner.


Yun Jinghong was sent flying one thousand li* (500m per li) away after taking the sword attack and crashed into the ground, forming a massive pit. He was terrified.

“M-Myriad Sword Style…”

He was scared. There had never been a moment in his life where he would be so afraid of Yun Tianjue.

That sword attack was one of Yun Tianjue’s three sword techniques. It was the technique he used to destroy the fourth prince in the past!

That sword attack was the technique that let him make a name for himself. In the past, Yun Jinghong had once witnessed this sword technique from afar before he attained the Void Fragmentation Realm and that had scared him half to death.

However, he did not expect that the most he could do when faced with this sword technique was to still look at it in awe without being able to withstand it even after he had broken through to the Void Fragmentation Realm.

The last thing he had never expected was for Yun Tianjue who disdained to recognize his kinsmen to actually draw his sword for a stranger.

If he had known this earlier, he would definitely not dare to search Ning Fan’s memories!


The might of Yun Tianjue’s sword attack shocked every Divine Transformation Realm cultivator there. After all, a Void Fragmentation Realm expert who used to be a supreme being to them was swatted away like an insignificant fly. Anyone who witnessed that scene would be unable to retain their composure.

Even Elder Chu could not help but to feel extremely surprised. If Yun Tianjue had used this technique during their recent battle, Elder Chu would have been gravely injured in an instant without being able to withstand a single attack.

Is this the true strength of the White-Robed Sword God?!

Ning Fan secretly activated the power of the Black Star. His injuries recovered with an incredible speed. At the same time, he cupped his fists towards Yun Tianjue to express his gratitude.

“Thank you for saving me, Senior Yun.”

He was just a junior cultivator whom Yun Tianjue was barely acquainted with. However, the latter went against one of the seven princes of the Rain Palace for him who was just a stranger without any valid reason.

He would certainly remember this incident today where he was humiliated by Yun Jinghong.

He would also engrave in his mind the debt he owed to Yun Tianjue who saved him by displaying his profound sword technique.

“I didn’t save you. All of this was meant to be a test.” Yun Tianjue’s face remained expressionless.

“The token of a revered being is categorized into three different grades. If you can bring back ten bottles of dragon blood during this time’s collection, I will give you the bronze token. If you can collect twenty bottles, I will then give you the silver token. If you can collect fifty bottles, I will give you the golden token. However, if you collect less than ten bottles, I will consider that a failure in your test.”


When Yun Tianjue’s words fell on everyone’s ears, all of them thought they had heard wrongly.

The reason why Yun Tianjue had brought Ning Fan to the Blood Dragon Pool was to actually give him a test in order for him to obtain the token of a revered being!

Aside from that, to successfully pass the test, he had to gather at least ten bottles of dragon blood!


Ordinary revered elders who managed to gather a single bottle in the Blood Dragon Pool were already considered outstanding. Moreover, even Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts who enter the Blood Dragon Pool might not be able to gather ten bottles.

Isn’t the requirement of passing the test a little too demanding?

Even Yu Chong’er who did not get along well with Ning Fan felt that it was unfair.

The Blood Dragon Pool would only last for a month once it is opened. Other than Void Refinement Realm old monsters, who else would be able to gather as many as ten bottles of dragon blood within one month?

No one among them thought that Ning Fan would be able to complete his test. However, if one says that Yun Tianjue was deliberately making things difficult for Ning Fan, it didn’t look like it.

Since Yun Tianjue had already blasted a Void Fragmentation Realm expert away in order to save Ning Fan, would he make it difficult for him?

“Ten bottles… He can’t do it.” Elder Chu shook his head. He regarded Ning Fan as a rather special cultivator because of his stubbornness but he did not think the latter had the capabilities of gathering ten bottles of dragon blood.

A single blood contained one hundred drops of dragon blood. One would need to kill ten Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts in order to gather that much blood.

In other words, one would need to kill one hundred Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts within a single month in order to collect ten bottles of dragon blood. To a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, it was clearly an impossible task.

“You want to take a bet?” Yun Tianjue initiated a bet with others for the first time.

Elder Chu was stunned for a moment.

Isn’t it the Third Prince, Yun Bushu, who always likes to bet? Since when did the Eldest Prince learn to make a bet?

“I will bet for him to gather fifty bottles of dragon blood.” Yun Tianjue uttered an astonishing remark once again.

“Fifty bottles?! Eldest Prince, you must be joking with me…”

“I will bet my sword while you will bet your Void Spiritual Flame.” As soon as Yun Tianjue finished speaking, he untied his massive sword and stabbed it into the ground.

The meaning of his actions was obvious.

If Ning Fan fails to gather fifty bottles of dragon blood, the massive sword would belong to Chu Chang’an.

If Ning Fan succeeds, Chu Chang’an’s Void Spiritual Flame would belong to Yun Tianjue.

“Fine. I’ll take this bet!”

Chu Chang’an’s eyes flashed with excitement. He knew that the massive sword was an inheritance from the Sword Devil. Not only did it contain the Dao of Swords of the Sword Devil but it also contained Yun Tianjue’s Dao of Swords.

It was a gamble where he could use a Sixth Grade Void Flame to bet for an inheritance of the Sword Devil. In addition to that, it was a bet that he has a high chance of winning. Even though Chu Chang’an was not a person who was fond of gambling, he was willing to take a bet for it.

Well, it was basically an absolute gain without needing to lose anything, wasn’t it?

“…” Ning Fan’s eyes paused at Yun Tianjue. He felt that the latter was getting more difficult to understand.

This man seemed to be very confident that Ning Fan would be able to gather fifty bottles of dragon blood.

In other words, he actually believed that Ning Fan could kill five hundred Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts or more within one month.

Yun Tianjue had even staked his massive sword for this bet. All of a sudden, Ning Fan was under a tremendous amount of pressure.

If I don’t manage to gather fifty bottles of dragon blood, I wonder whether or not he will seek revenge on me or vent out his anger on me.

Apparently, I must show all of my strength and capabilities during this trip to the Blood Dragon Pool. Otherwise, I don’t have any assurance of gathering fifty bottles of dragon blood.

“The Blood Dragon Pool is now opened! Zhou Ming, my young friend, this old man is looking forward to seeing how many bottles of dragon blood you can collect.”

Chu Chang’an gave him a crooked smile and lifted the restrictive barrier of the Blood Dragon Pool. Each of the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators immediately turned into multiple rays of light and dived into the pool.

Chu Chang’an believed that he would not lose the bet.

Who is able to collect fifty bottles of dragon blood within one month…?

He placed all of his attention on Ning Fan and he was not even concerned about Yun Jinghong who had left with grievous injuries.

He just wanted to find out why Yun Tianjue, who usually considered everyone and everything beneath his eyes, would be so confident in a junior cultivator like him.

He also wanted to know who Ning Fan was to Yun Tianjue since he could make the latter who was so attached to his sword stake it in a bet.

If it wasn’t because he could not sense any bloodline on Ning Fan that was related to the Rain Palace, he nearly wanted to assume he was Yun Tianjue’s son.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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