Grasping Evil - Chapter 390.1

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When they entered the pool of blood in the form of rays of light, the water flowed and coiled around each of them and teleported them all away.

Ning Fan carried with him a thin piece of fiery-red dragon scale that was labelled with the number seventeen.

Each of the cultivators who enters the pool would be given a piece of dragon scale by Elder Chu and the dragon scales were individually labelled with different numbers. After they enter the pool, it would transport them to different areas.

Just as the teleportation light faded, Ning Fan reappeared. In a flash, he was already at the waterless territory located at the bottom of the blood pool.

There was a deep and quiet pool that was nearly hundreds of thousands of zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) deep above him. He stepped on the wet red soil. When he looked around, he realized that it was actually a swamp filled with mist of blood.

Beneath the Blood Pool, there was actually another realm which was separated into three layers.

The first layer was this swamp of blood mist. There were quite a lot of evil and strange blood beasts residing here. Their cultivation bases were usually at the Gold Core Realm and above. However, one could only obtain some dragon blood by killing Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts.

As for the second layer, a few Void Refinement Realm blood beasts were occupying that area. It would be extremely dangerous for Divine Transformation Realm cultivators to enter into that domain. Even ordinary Void Refinement Realm experts would be reluctant to enter without a good reason. Only Void Fragmentation Realm experts would go in without any qualms.

The third layer was rumored to be a place which was created by a former Rain Sovereign for secluded meditation. In the past tens of thousands of years, a few Rain Sovereigns of different generations had cultivated there. However, starting from the generation of the Red Cloud Rain Sovereign, it had been sealed off for some reason. Nobody was able to enter the third layer. As for the reason why it was sealed off, even the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators of the Serene Heaven Palace also had no idea why.

All of the above were information Ning Fan obtained from the revered elders of the Serene Heaven Palace.

In addition to that, he even spent a small fortune to exchange for a piece of jade slip which contained a map from the revered elders. It contained records of the general topography of the twenty-four swamps on the first layer.

Ning Fan inserted his spirit sense into the jade slip and committed it to memory. Then, he silently spread out his spirit sense which covered the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) like a fierce gale.

The blood qi in this place was extremely concentrated. It had a minor corrosive effect on cultivators' spirit sense. Common Divine Transformation Realm cultivators could only slightly restrain the blood qi in this place with the help of the dragon scale which Elder Chu had given. They certainly would not dare to spread their spirit sense too far away.

Ning Fan, however, did not face any trouble in this aspect. He had been involved in countless killings and massacres in his entire life and had tempered himself in the sea of blood for a long period of time. Thus, he was not afraid of the blood qi in this place at all.

After a long while, Ning Fan withdrew his spirit sense. There was no other cultivator aside from him within the area of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li). On the other hand, quite a lot of blood beasts reside around this area.

Besides that, he discovered a blood lake at the center of the seventeenth swamp. It was a passage leading to the domain of the second layer.

Ning Fan shook his head. He did not have the great ambition of heading to the second layer and challenging the Void Refinement Realm blood beasts there.

His strength barely allowed him to go against an Early Void Refinement Realm. He could at most avoid getting himself killed. Killing an Early Void Refinement Realm beast was simply a fantasy.

Even though he possessed three Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets, who could guarantee that he would not be attacked by three Void Refinement Realm beasts or more after he entered the second layer?

When that really happens, Ning Fan would not be able to assure his own safety.

His mission was only to kill five hundred Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts and gather fifty bottles of dragon blood.

Within the twenty-four swamps on the first layer, there would certainly be a sufficient number of blood beasts for Ning Fan to kill. Thus, it was unnecessary for him to undertake such a risk.


At the swamp he was currently in, tall, blood-red trees grew everywhere. However, a strange and bizarre roar which seemed to be from ten thousand dragons echoed in the air from the center of the thick forest.

As soon as the deafening roar was heard, nearly one thousand blood-red demon beasts with completely rotten bodies dashed out of the dense forest, charging towards Ning Fan.

These demon beasts did not have high spiritual intelligence. They were creatures in the middle of demon beasts and corpses. Most of them were in a half human and half dragon form. Once they sensed another living creature intruding their territory, they would attack without any regard.

Most of these blood beasts were at the Gold Core Realm. Only eleven of them were at the Nascent Soul Realm while one was at the Early Divine Transformation Realm.

To ordinary Divine Transformation Realm cultivators, they would probably face a certain amount of danger when they get attacked by this group of demon beasts.

To Ning Fan, however, this group of demon beasts which only consisted of one thousand demon beasts were negligible even though there was an Early Divine Transformation Realm blood beast among them!


Sword light suddenly flashed inside Ning Fan’s eyes. He violently unleashed his sword sense and black-colored sword qi towards every direction.

Each of the blood beasts instinctively revealed an expression of fear as the sword sense went through them. However, before they could yelp or shriek, they were already shredded into pieces. Foul and filthy blood splattered all over the ground.

With the strength of Ning Fan’s current sword sense, it could instantly kill all the blood beasts below the Divine Transformation Realm.

As for the Early Divine Transformation Realm blood beast, both of its demon arms were severed before it could react when the sword sense struck it. It let out a painful cry and turned around to flee.

Pitifully, how could a mere Early Divine Transformation Realm beast escape from Ning Fan?


Starlight twinkled on Ning Fan’s glabella and a shadow of a sword shot out with an unimaginable speed. It caught up with the Early Divine Transformation Realm beast and went through its body, penetrating it from inside out. There was no way a mere Early Divine Transformation Realm blood beast would be able to withstand the power of a Peak Grade Spirit Treasure. It yelped and perished instantly.

Afterwards, eleven droplets of dark-red blood floated in the air where it died. All of them were drawn towards Ning Fan as he waved his hand and he kept it into a jade bottle.

“Eleven drops… An ordinary Early Divine Transformation Realm blood beast should only drop ten drops of dragon blood. I’m afraid the reason why this blood beast dropped eleven drops of dragon blood is closely related to the fact that it was close to breaking through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. Does this mean that the higher the cultivation realm of the blood beast, the more amount of dragon blood I can get from killing them?”

Ning Fan muttered to himself. He conjured his Fu Li Wings and stretched them wide. By flapping his wings just once, he disappeared without leaving a single trace.

Within the seventeenth swamp, the roars and cries of blood beasts could constantly be heard from different parts of the area.

Half a day later, Ning Fan had gone to nearly every part within the seventeenth swamp, killing every single blood beast in his sight. He eliminated 31 Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts in total. Among them, the strongest ones had Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivation bases.

However, outside a thick forest which was in the deepest and quietest part of the swamp, Ning Fan halted. His eyes widened with solemnity.

Nearly all of the Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts within the seventeenth swamp had been eliminated by him. Only this place still had Divine Transformation Realm qi.

He sensed that there were nearly ten indistinct but vigorous qi inside the forest. All of them were at the Divine Transformation Realm.

Aside from them, there was also one with the strongest cultivation base that was actually at the level of the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

When they noticed Ning Fan’s arrival, nearly one hundred thousand blood beasts immediately rushed out of the forest. Every single one of them bellowed and roared in a weird manner.

One hundred thousand Gold Core Realm beasts, five hundred Nascent Soul Realm beasts and eleven Divine Transformation Realm beasts.

Moreover, the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm blood beast had a decayed beast body that was four thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall. Its aura was domineering as if it was the king that commanded this large group of blood beasts.

“A beast king?”

Ning Fan’s brows gently knitted together. His expression was serious.

It’s beyond my expectations that a beast king can still be born among these blood beasts which only have low spiritual intelligence.

If a common Divine Transformation Realm cultivator fell into this large pack of beasts that was led by a beast king, they would probably be torn into pieces in mere seconds.


When the beast king let out an ear-splitting roar, countless beast shadows soared into the sky. They bared their fangs at Ning Fan as they lunged at him.

In any case, they were just blood beasts. Although their group was huge, their spiritual intelligence were too low and they did not even know how to get into a formation. To Ning Fan who had a sword sense, it did not matter how many low-level enemies he faced. As long as they were incapable of forming a battle formation and focusing all of their power at one spot, he had nothing to be afraid of.


He unleashed his sword sense once again. With just a sweep of his sword sense, tens of thousands of Gold Core Realm blood beasts perished right away.

When he made the second sweep with his sword sense across the area, not a single Gold Core Realm blood beast was left.

When he made the third sweep, the five hundred Nascent Soul Realm blood beasts were all eliminated.

Out of the eleven Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts, four of them which had Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base had also been seriously injured by the sword sense.


That beast king seemed to have been greatly angered. He led all of the remaining Divine Transformation Realm beasts and charged towards Ning Fan.

The eleven gigantic beasts which were at least one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall trampled upon mountains and rivers as they rushed towards him. Their aura force was impressive. 


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