Grasping Evil - Chapter 392.2

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Five thousand traces of Peak Nascent Soul Realm sword light flew across the air, shredding everything within the sword formation.

Within the Eastern Profound Sword Formation, each of the Wild Beasts died horribly when countless swords literally shredded them to pieces.

Meanwhile, Ning Fan’s magic power was being consumed quickly like water gushing from the top of the waterfall. He took a few more Spirit Recovering Pills, flinging caution to the wind. Just then, intense black flames rose above the center of his palm which expanded into a sea of flames.

It was the Samadhi Fire Palm. As he directed his palm at the Wild Beasts, each of them got incinerated into ashes. Not a single beast was able to escape alive.

The herd of blood beasts gradually diminished and the number of Wild Beasts was dropping. Because of Ning Fan’s viciousness and formidable strength, even the Wild Beasts from afar did not dare to come to their own kind’s rescue.

There are only fifty Wild Beasts left…

Forty… Thirty…Twenty…

The state of Ning Fan’s injuries became more severe as he continued to battle. Nearly all of his Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppets had suffered heavy damage. It would be difficult to use them in the future unless they get repaired.

On his side, there was only him and his three Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets that still had the strength to fight.

Opposite them, there were still three Void Refinement Realm beasts and twenty Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts. All of them were shocked to stand above the corpses of their kind in the middle of the sea of blood.

Ning Fan’s hands had taken the lives of another one hundred and twenty Wild Beasts. However, he suffered grave injuries as the price. He was covered with blood from head to toe.

Most of the blood on him came from the blood beasts he killed while a small fraction of it was his own blood that flowed out from his wounds.

His immortal veins were already on the brink of bursting after he pushed himself to his limits by haphazardly consuming pills several times. Now, his body could no longer take the medicinal power of any pill.

His magic power was severely depleted. It was difficult for him to continue the battle.

In a way, Ning Fan was like an arrow at the end of its flight after fighting up until this point despite his formidable strength.

However, the lesser magic power he had, the clearer the sword intent within his mind.

Traces of sword intent coiled around his palm. Killing someone with his sword intent would not use any magic power at all.

When he merged his sword intent with his heart, he heard the calling of his flying sword for the first time.

His Separation Slayer Sword which was revolving around him showed excitement. It seemed like it craved battle.

Meanwhile, the Blood Dragon Demon Sword within his storage pouch was longing for blood. It wanted to devour all the blood of the blood beasts.

“Blood Dragon Demon Sword…”

Ning Fan patted his pouch and took out a blood-red demon sword which was as clear as crystal.

Right after he took out that sword, he infused all the baleful qi he accumulated after killing more than one thousand Divine Transformation Realm beings into the sword from its tip.

The Blood Dragon Demon Sword glowed and gave out an extraordinary red light which looked eerie and evil. Besides, it even gave off a faint dragon’s cry.


A strange and inexplicable scene occurred!

Just as the Blood Dragon Demon Sword began to glow red, all the blood beasts including the three Void Refinement Realm beasts revealed looks of absolute fear. Each and every one of them let out frightened roars.

They were blood beasts which were food or nourishment for the Blood Dragon Race.

It was similar to what happened in the Black Dragon Pond. Every one of the dark beasts lurking around the pond was food for the black dragons!

As soon as Ning Fan noticed the terrified expressions of the blood beasts in front of him, he immediately figured out that this Blood Dragon Demon Sword was something that had an extremely strong restraining effect on the blood beasts.

He raised his heels and disappeared into whiffs of smoke. At the next moment, he strangely emerged above the back of a Peak Divine Transformation Realm blood beast and thrusted his sword into its skin.

To a blood beast which had a body that was a few thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) large, having their back pierced by a sword which was only three chi* (30.7 cm per chi) long was equivalent to being stung by a mosquito. It should not have been painful or itchy.

However, when the Blood Dragon Demon Blood cut through its skin and penetrated into its back, a massive suction force activated itself within the sword. In the next moment, the beast collapsed to the ground. Within seconds, the sword had completely sucked the blood of the gigantic Peak Divine Transformation Realm blood beast dry, turning it into a dry corpse!

“This sword is a bloodthirsty sword that thirsts for blood. But I’m afraid its terrifying bloodsucking ability only works with blood beasts.”

Ning Fan’s mind became more determined and confident.

With this blood sword, the remaining nineteen Wild Beasts won’t be a trouble at all.

He raised the blood sword into the air and wielded it using flying sword techniques.

Since the blood sword was originally a Void Treasure, penetrating the hard hide of the blood beasts was the same as slicing a cake.

Even though the sword’s destructive power was not strong, once it pierced into the body of a Divine Transformation Realm blood beast, it could instantly suck the blood of the beast until the very last drop!

Within ten plus breaths, all the remaining Wild Beasts were killed with the help of the bloodsucking sword!


Compared to the Wild Beasts, the three Void Refinement Realm blood beasts had higher spiritual intelligence. The three of them exchanged glances with each other. After seeing the annihilation of the Wild Beasts, they now had the intention of running away.

They were also blood beasts. As long as the blood sword pierces into their bodies, all of their blood would be instantly sucked dry by the sword.

The blood sword carried the might of an immortal blood dragon. Blood dragons of this level could even suck the blood of a Life Immortal Realm blood beast dry in an instant, much less Void Refinement Realm blood beasts!

If these three Void Refinement Realm blood beasts faced this blood sword right at the beginning of the fight, they might not necessarily be afraid of it because it would do them no harm as long as they avoid being pierced.

However, after a lengthy and arduous fight against Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets, they were already heavily wounded with blood oozing out from their wounds in streams. As long as Ning Fan lunged the blood sword into their wounds right now, they would certainly die!

“Are you planning to flee? It’s too late!”

Ning Fan smiled maliciously. He turned into a trace of smoke with just a single step and landed on the back of one of the Void Refinement Realm beasts. Looking at the dense and numerous wounds on its body, he lifted his sword and stabbed it into its back, disregarding the pleading eyes on the beast’s face.


The tip of the sword penetrated through the beast’s hide followed by its blood-red sword body. While the Void Refinement Realm blood beast screamed painfully, its skin shriveled and its body dried up incredibly fast.

One breath later, its blood qi became dull.

Two breaths later, its body was only left with shriveled skin and bones.

Three breaths later, it breathed its last and collapsed to the ground.

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with excitement. Even though he did it using the might of the blood sword, it was still his first time killing a Void Refinement Realm creature on his own.

His footsteps became a little unsteady. The blood sword which had devoured the blood of countless beasts seemed to have grown bolder as it was trying to devour Ning Fan as well.

Ning Fan’s eyes turned gloomy.

This sword is rather difficult to control.

As he staggered to regain his balance, he made another step and teleported to the back of another Void Refinement Realm beast. With a single stab, it died within three breaths as well!


The last surviving Void Refinement Realm blood beast was extremely terrified.

As a blood beast, it had no strength to retaliate at all when faced with the Blood Dragon Demon Sword!

He withstood the blows from the spiritual puppets and turned around to flee with all its might. When Ning Fan tried to fly and pursue the beast, he helplessly realized that the current him no longer had a single trace of magic power. Thus, he was already unable to catch up with it.

“Finish it.”

He gave a command to his Void Refinement Realm puppets. After that, he stabbed the sword to the ground to maintain his balance as he was a little unsteady to stand on his own feet right now.

It was his second time experiencing such a bitter battle.

As the level and strength of his enemy increased, the more difficult the battles became. Currently, it was very difficult for him to kill in an overbearing way like before.

In the dense forest far away, a painful cry of a beast was heard. It belonged to the Void Refinement Realm blood beast from before. Without a doubt, the only outcome for it was death when it was attacked by three Void Refinement Realm puppets at once.

Ning Fan flicked his sleeve and kept all of the dragon blood on the ground. To his surprise, he discovered that the blood veins of the blood beasts that he killed using the blood sword were completely dry. None of them left any dragon blood.

In this battle, there were 120 Wild Beasts in total that had died in Ning Fan’s hands. He collected nearly 1500 drops of dragon blood which filled up fifteen bottles.

After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn passed, his three spiritual puppets with blank expressions returned with an enormous corpse of the beast. Unbelievably, there were actually one thousand drops of dragon blood within a Void Refinement Realm beast! It was one hundred times that of a Divine Transformation Realm beast!

Ning Fan could not help but feel slightly terrible. If he didn’t use the blood sword to kill the other two Void Refinement Realm blood beasts which sucked their blood dry, he could have gotten another two thousand drops of dragon blood.

However, he just thought about it for a bit and discarded that thought immediately. Given the circumstances, he completely had no time to worry about the dragon blood as it was a life and death situation.


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