Grasping Evil - Chapter 392.3

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After everything Ning Fan went through, he had already gathered a total of 107 bottles of dragon blood. Including the three bottles which Elder Chu gave to him during their first meeting, he possessed 110 bottles in total. If he brews all of it into blood wine, it would be equivalent to five hundred and fifty thousand units of magic power!

Ten years! Ning Fan only needed to wait ten years for the blood wine to be done. When that time comes, it would definitely be not difficult for him to break through to the Void Refinement Realm!

He kept the bottles of dragon blood properly and spread his spirit sense to study his surroundings. Countless pairs of eyes of beasts were spying on him in the dark from every direction. Besides, there were even several Void Refinement Realm beasts among them. However, none of them dared to provoke Ning Fan.

To be more specific, they were not afraid of Ning Fan but the Blood Dragon Demon Sword instead.

The dragon might of the immortal blood dragon residing in the demon sword was so strong that none of the blood beasts was bold enough to resist.

Ning Fan’s face was filled with a little surprise. However, his lips curved into a self-mocking smile in the next second.

Evidently, not a single blood beast will dare to attack me no matter where I go in this Blood Dragon Pool as long as I hold on to this sword.

If I have known about this and showed this demon sword from the very beginning, I suppose a difficult battle could have been avoided.

He gently raised the tip of his sword and uttered with a cold expression.

“Get lost!”

He infused a hint of dragon might from the blood dragon sword into his words. As soon as that formidable aura spread, the blood beasts hiding in the dark immediately shivered in fear and instinctively ran for their lives.

So it’s so easy to drive those blood beasts away…

As such, Ning Fan was not in a hurry to return to the first layer. With this blood sword, it was not dangerous at all for him to stay in the second layer.

He randomly chose one of the mountaintops and opened up a cave as a temporary dwelling place. He then ordered his three spiritual puppets to stand guard in the cave with the blood sword. In addition to that, he also set up multiple formations inside. Only then did he shake his Cauldron Ring and brought Yu Chong’er out.

She was still unconscious. Moreover, her cheeks were red and she was even crying in her dreams due to the effect of Ning Fan’s Yin Plucking Finger.

Ning Fan dispersed the power of the Yin Plucking Finger within her body. When the remaining power of his finger dispersed, she finally woke up and let out a squeal of surprise.

“Am I dead…?! Is this place the underworld…?”

She looked around the unfamiliar cave anxiously. Her senses were still a little muddled.

“No. You aren’t dead.”

Ning Fan sounded a little weak and frail. He sat on the ground with his back leaning against the stone wall. He felt extremely exhausted.

It was the first time in his life where he fought and killed until he completely used up his magic power. When he finally got to relax, only then did he notice that his entire body was full of scars and injuries. Even though the pain was unbearable, he just knitted his brows together.

He did not care about the pain.

“Did you save me? W-Why are you hurt so badly?!”

Yu Chong’er rubbed her eyes. Slowly, her mind became clearer and her senses sharper.

When she saw Ning Fan covered with blood from head to toe, her heart was suddenly filled with worry. A thought which she should have found extremely weird naturally surfaced within her mind.

How… How could he…

I despised him, underestimated him and even mocked him in the past. But he still risked his life to save me…

“I-I’ll help you stop the bleeding.”

“No need!”

Before Ning Fan could speak, Yu Chong’er grabbed his arm. Because of that slight movement, countless injuries on Ning Fan’s body ruptured.

When she realized that she had made a mistake again, she could not help but blame herself. Immense guilt weighed her shoulders down. Ning Fan had saved her life but she only caused his injuries to worsen, making them bleed even more severely.

“I have some pills with me. Here. Quickly consume them…”

“I can’t consume pills at the moment. My immortal veins have already been strained to their limits by overconsuming pills. Just stay here and keep me safe. I will sleep for a while. The bleeding will stop on its own.”

Ning Fan did not explain to her the profound healing effect of the Black Star Technique. With this technique, it was only a matter of time before his injuries were completely healed, provided that Yu Chong’er do not cause him any more troubles.

Exhaustion took over his mind and body. Ning Fan fell asleep in his current position.

Yu Chong’er felt even more ashamed of herself. She had once called herself a daughter of the heavens. She even bragged that she had a Void Fragmentation Realm master and her innate talent was unmatched.

Today, however, she finally understood that the difference between her, the so-called genius, and Ning Fan was huge.

She only managed to escape from the attacks of the blood beasts with the help of her Profound Divinity Spiritual Equipment, the Heaven Deceiving Cloak.

As for Ning Fan, he forcefully killed his way out from the herd of blood beasts which also had Void Refinement Realm blood beasts among them, relying solely on his own ability and strength.

She had no idea that Ning Fan did not just escape from the encirclement of the blood beasts, but eliminated every last one of them instead. She did not know that he had actually gained a glorious victory in the battle against the beasts.

However, it did not diminish her admiration and respect for Ning Fan.

She had to admit that Ning Fan was extremely strong. One has to know that even an expert of the Early Void Refinement Realm might not be able to survive the pursuit of three Void Refinement Realm beasts.

She had to admit that Ning Fan was actually really good-looking when he was in deep slumber. Neither was there a fake smile on his face nor the cold-blooded nature of the Devil Dao he usually had. He was as quiet as a young master of her neighborhood.

However, when she saw Ning Fan’s pale and bloodless face, the greater the remorse she felt within her heart.

She recalled the words that her master had once said to her. The scenes from the past vividly flashed before her eyes.

“My master had once told me that I am the reincarnation of the sovereign of insects. In my previous life, I was the One-Hundred Grass Insect Sovereign. Thus, I was born with a drop of the sovereign’s blood which is an extremely nourishing item beneath the heavens. However, I only have a single drop in my entire life which can revive a man from death with its help…”

 “Unfortunately, no matter how precious this drop of blood is, it can’t be used on women. Thus, I can’t use it to save my mother. But this time, I have found the Blood Dragon Moss. The only reason why I am still alive right now is all because of Zhou Ming’s help. If I don’t repay him for his help, it’s really against my heart…”

“He’s the one who gave me hope. The hope of curing my mother. The hope of getting out of this place alive… I think I should give him this drop of blood…”

Looking at Ning Fan who was sleeping soundly, her face suddenly blushed.

She gently bit the tip of her tongue and a drop of golden blood flowed out. She held it in her mouth, mixing it with her saliva.

She pursed her lips hesitantly. A moment later, she finally made an extremely bold decision. While Ning Fan was sleeping, she kissed him on the lips to let the golden blood flow into his body.

Her moist and smooth tongue went through Ning Fan’s lips and explored within. Since she was doing something bold, she felt so embarrassed that she wanted to bury her head into a hole.

After all, she was a revered elder of the Rain Palace, the most treasured descendant of the Yu Family. A part of her could not accept such a shameless act of deliberately kissing a sleeping man. Even if it was to repay him for his help in saving her life, it was still a little too excessive, wasn’t it?

Luckily, Ning Fan was not aware of this. Otherwise, Yu Chong’er would really have no idea how to explain it to him.

After letting the golden blood flow into Ning Fan’s body, Yu Chong’er behaved like a terrified fawn. She hurriedly retracted her tongue and moved away from Ning Fan’s lips.

 However, Ning Fan, who was sleeping soundly reacted to her kiss, like he was doing it on purpose. He entangled his tongue with hers and kept it within his mouth, making her unable to break free.

Yu Chong’er’s face was as red as a tomato. She nearly cried out of embarrassment while cursing him inwardly.

“Shameless. This Zhou Ming is too shameless! He is already sleeping soundly. How come he can still react?!”

“Yes! He must have lots of experience in this aspect in the past. That’s why he still has a physiological reaction even when he is asleep. He is just too shameless!”

If it was not because Ning Fan was really asleep, Yu Chong’er would have thought that Ning Fan was deliberately taking advantage of her.

Since she was unable to break free from Ning Fan’s lips, she helplessly rested her body against his. She decided not to struggle anymore and let him continue.

She could only pray that Ning Fan would not wake up now. Otherwise, she would never be able to sever her relationship with him if he sees what was happening.

Gradually, she began to immerse herself in this kiss. Her first kiss was gone but it was a very comfortable experience.


A young lady’s moans vaguely reverberated across the cave. There was rapid breathing accompanying the noise.

When Ning Fan finally let go of Yu Chong’er, she hurriedly retreated to one side. The way she looked at Ning Fan was similar to looking at a demon.

Her delicate lips swelled after being in a prolonged kiss with Ning Fan.

Her chin, lips and mouth were tainted with Ning Fan’s saliva and smell…

Annoyed, she sat on the ground and contemplated. After such an erotic kiss, does it mean that her chastity was no longer intact?

“If my master finds out about this, I’m afraid he is going to beat me to death…” Yu Chong’er was a little scared.


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