Grasping Evil - Chapter 393.2

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“Z-Zhou Ming, don’t be too excessive! You’re a scoundrel, an extremely shameless man!”

Yu Chong’er covered her upper body defensively. His words sent chills down her spine and a feeling of disgust filled her. She would rather die than give him her body.

The grin on Ning Fan’s face grew wider, making him look even more malicious. He kept on getting closer to Yu Chong’er step by step without speaking another word until he drove her into a corner.

She wore a helpless and frightened expression. With an anxious tone, she asked.

“W-What are you trying to do?”

“I’m trying to get my reward for saving your life.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he reached out one of the tips of his fingers towards Yu Chong’er’s neck. She was so scared that she immediately shut her eyes. She knew deep inside that she would never be able to resist him.

At the next moment, she felt the button of her cloak behind her neck became undone. Her cloak slid down from her body. Only then did she realize that Ning Fan was actually taking her clothes off.

She was thoroughly embarrassed. She really wanted to unsheathe her sword and cut him into pieces. However, she knew very well that she could never put up a fight against him no matter what she did.

On the other hand, a part of her was looking forward to what was going to happen next despite being panic-stricken. It seemed like she could also not fully grasp her own thoughts.

However, she did not expect that Ning Fan would not do what was in her imagination after taking off her cloak. He only stared at her with some interest, just like he was studying a frightened fawn.

“What are you so afraid of?” Ning Fan deliberately asked.

“I am obviously afraid that you will…” As she sensed that Ning Fan was not doing anything bad to her, she gathered her courage and opened her eyes. Her cheeks were bright red.

After Ning Fan unbuttoned her cloak which was a spiritual equipment, he was slowly moving backwards. He did not seem to have any intention of violating her.

“Why did you take off my cloak…?” She asked with a puzzled look, even though she already had some guesses in her mind.

“I have told you. This cloak will be my reward. It’s a Profound Divinity Spiritual Equipment, right? This is something that only Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters would be qualified to use. Did your master give you this?”

“What?! Are you saying that the reward you want is not me but this cloak instead?” Yu Chong’er gently let out a sigh. But her expression became rather troubled.

Compared to losing her virginity, losing the cloak was certainly a small matter in comparison.

However, this cloak was a Profound Divinity Spiritual Equipment, a gift from her master who was one of the four greatest Void Fragmentation Realm experts . It was not something that she could randomly give to anyone, no matter what.

If her master ever asks her about it, she has no idea how she would explain to him.

Usually, Divine Transformation Realm cultivators would use Profound Earth Spiritual Equipment whereas Void Refinement Realm experts would use Profound Heaven Spiritual Equipment. Only Void Fragmentation Realm experts would use spiritual equipment of the Profound Divinity Grade.

The price of this cloak was somewhat expensive.

“Are you unwilling to give it to me as a reward? Or do you think that your life is not worth as much as a cloak?” Ning Fan asked provocatively.

“My life is naturally more valuable than this Heaven Deceiving Cloak! Hmph! If you want it, just take it then. However, after you take this item, both of us no longer owe each other anything.”

“Very well!”

Ning Fan promised her without hesitation. He liked this cloak very much.

The function of this Heaven Deceiving Cloak allows the wearer to conceal his presence. If he could refine this spiritual equipment and make it yield to him, he could even block the spirit sense of Void Fragmentation Realm experts when he puts it on.

Yu Chong’er’s current cultivation base was still incapable of refining this spiritual equipment. However, it was already enough to let her survive for a few days in the second layer even though she just draped it over her shoulders. Evidently, it showed how strong this spiritual equipment was.

In order to save Yu Chong’er’s life, Ning Fan had lost a spiritual puppet and caused a few of his puppets to be badly damaged. However, he had gained quite a lot of dragon blood from the battle and he even got a drop of golden blood and a Profound Divinity Spiritual Equipment. These gains were enough to make up for his losses.

However, when he straightforwardly promised Yu Chong’er, he didn’t notice that her eyes flashed with a hint of disappointment.

“We don’t owe each other anymore… Is he really that delighted that both of us no longer owe each other anything…?” A young lady’s thoughts were always very complex.

She gently shook her head and cast aside her thoughts. Hesitantly, she asked.

“Should we return to the first layer…?”

She was a little afraid. After all, she was the one who enraged the beast king as she stole the Blood Dragon Moss. Because of her reckless and selfish actions, she brought trouble to her brother and the other revered elders. She was afraid that they would never let her off easily when she returns.

“Are you scared? Speaking of which, why did you want to enter the forest of the beast king to steal a spiritual herb? Did you know that your actions nearly got your brother killed?” Ning Fan asked with curiosity. He only thought that this spoiled little lady who acted rashly without much consideration would also feel scared after making a mistake.

“I didn’t know. At first, I thought that I wouldn’t be spotted by the beast king as long as I was cautious enough with the help of the Heaven Deceiving Cloak… This is the Blood Dragon Moss. It’s something that can cure my mother’s illness. We, the Yu Family, have been searching for this for hundreds of years now but we haven’t managed to find even a tuft after so many years. I didn’t expect that I would find it in a place like this. At that time, I didn’t think about it too much. The only thought I had in my mind was the need to get this spiritual herb… Zhou Ming, is my brother extremely angry at me?”

She lowered her head. Her face could not be seen clearly. Her fragrant shoulders began to tremble gently. She knew that she had made a huge mistake. However, if she could do it all over again, she would still take the risk again… for her mother.

Ning Fan remained silent.

This Yu Chong’er might be a little immature, but her nature isn’t bad.

“Don’t worry. All of them are still alive since I rescued them. If we return to the first layer, they will never dare to accuse you as a way of giving me some face. However, there are still 19 days before the day comes when we exit this dragon pool. In these 19 days, I intend to continue staying in the second layer and see if I can hunt some more beasts. It is pointless for me to return to the first layer.”

“You are insane! The second layer is so dangerous…” Yu Chong’er was extremely angered and shocked.

Is his brain made of wood? Isn’t he aware of how dangerous this place is? Doesn’t he know how scary it was seeing how his white robes were entirely soaked with blood?

“There’s no problem. I have my ways to protect myself. Besides, if I refine this Heaven Deceiving Cloak, I can even explore the third layer.” Ning Fan did not sound like he was joking. If he manages to refine the Heaven Deceiving Cloak, he would be able to conceal himself from the spirit sense of Void Fragmentation Realm beings. He could then sneak around in the entire Blood Dragon Pool without being spotted by any beasts.

Furthermore, if he fails in refining the cloak, he still has the Blood Dragon Demon Sword. With the sword, he was still capable of roaming freely around the second layer.

Thus, there was completely no need to be worried about his own safety.

However, he would certainly not explain to Yu Chong’er about the Blood Dragon Demon Sword.

“Heaven Deceiving Cloak? This is a Profound Divinity Spiritual Equipment. Only Void Fragmentation Realm beings are able to refine it into their bodies…” Yu Chong’er doubtfully stared at Ning Fan. She did not think that Ning Fan would be able to refine a Profound Divinity Spiritual Equipment.

“Void Fragmentation Realm beings, huh? Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am unable to do it.”

Ning Fan’s eyes were filled with confidence. He had already comprehended the three divine abilities of the Void Fragmentation Realm. Besides, of all the things he had done, which one was not shocking and unbelievable? It would probably be difficult to refine this spiritual equipment, but it did not mean that he could not succeed at all.

At least, it was worth a try!

When Yu Chong’er saw his confident eyes, she immediately avoided eye contact.

Arrogance would make one appear to be wild and crazy but self-confidence would make one look excessively charming.

At this very moment, Ning Fan’s eyes would stir the hearts of almost everyone.

“Perhaps he really is able to do it…” Unconsciously, Yu Chong’er was lost in her thoughts.


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