Grasping Evil - Chapter 394.2

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Chapter 394.2: The Heaven Deceiving Cloak

Ning Fan smiled without saying a word. Suddenly, he grabbed Yu Chong’er’s wrist and spun in mid-air. In the next moment, they were already flying towards the exit of the cave.

Furthermore, what was even more shocking was that Ning Fan did not bring any of his three Void Refinement Realm puppets with him!

Without the intimidating aura of his three Void Refinement Realm puppets and his blood sword, Ning Fan was being targeted by a number of blood beasts as soon as he got out of the cave. All of a sudden, countless roars of blood beasts reverberated from the nearby forests and they all charged at Ning Fan.

Yu Chong’er’s face turned pale. She was scared half to death. At first, she wanted to scold Ning Fan for what he did as it was improper for men and women to have intimate physical contact and tried to break free from his devilish grasp.

However, when she saw a large group of blood beasts charging towards them, she could not help but feel fearful. Instinctively, she got closer to Ning Fan and clutched his arm. With an uneasy tone, she pleaded.

“I-I think it’s better that we go back to the cave now. If Void Refinement Realm blood beasts discovers our trail and surrounds us, we will be killed…”

“Are you afraid of death?” Ning Fan asked with a calm smile.

“Nonsense! Of course, I am afraid of death! I am afraid of dying here!” Yu Chong’er honestly replied.

“I’m afraid too. That’s why it’s better that we don’t let them discover us… Cloak, deceive the heavens!”

Ning Fan’s eyes turned solemn. A black-colored cloak suddenly emerged, enveloping both him and Yu Chong’er.

The moment the cloak enveloped them, both of them literally disappeared before the eyes of the incoming blood beasts, like they just evaporated into thin air.

Even the Mid Void Refinement Realm blood beast with them was extremely confused. It could not understand how they both suddenly vanished and where they had gone to.

In actual fact, they did not go anywhere. They still remained at the same place. It’s just that they had become invisible under the concealment of the cloak.

“I-It’s the Heaven Deceiving Cloak! You’ve successfully refined the Heaven Deceiving Cloak into your body?! This is an impressive and unbelievable achievement! You’ve really disregarded the grade of the spiritual equipment and refined a Profound Divinity Spiritual Equipment!”

As she drew herself closer to Ning Fan, she found this discovery extremely incredible. Everything was just like a dream.

What did this mean? It meant that from today onwards, if ever Ning Fan faces any opponent that he could not defeat, he could just summon the cloak and calmly flee under its concealment. Even Void Fragmentation Realm beings would not be able to find a trace of him!

“Help me keep it a secret.” Ning Fan solemnly spoke.

“Why?” Yu Chong’er’s cheeks blushed. She was not asking why Ning Fan wanted her to keep the fact that he had successfully refined the cloak a secret. Instead, what she wanted to know was why he was willing to trust her and think that she would help him keep it a secret.

“There’s no why. I’m not afraid of others finding out the existence of this cloak. However, I dislike others knowing all of my trump cards.”

It was clear that Ning Fan was not answering the question.

He was not afraid that Yu Chong’er would leak this secret out. In fact, he was just used to staying low-key with the fortune he had and that was it.

After that, they returned to the cave. This time, he brought his three spiritual puppets with him.

Afterwards, they travelled across the second layer to explore the place more. Their journey lasted ten days.

When the both of them travelled across the dense forests, they had brushed past countless blood beasts. However, none of the beasts were able to discover their presence.

Once in a while, Ning Fan would make a move and kill a few Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts. As soon as he was done with them, he would turn invisible using the cloak to avoid the trouble of getting surrounded.

By making stealthy attacks along their path, the chances of killing the blood beasts with one blow was much higher. Within ten days, Ning Fan eliminated a few hundreds more Wild Beasts.

As for Yu Chong’er, she had been in Ning Fan’s embrace all throughout these ten days. At first, she felt a little resistant. However, after being there for a while, she simply let him continue and behaved obediently as she had already grown accustomed to his smell and embrace.

Even though she would still complain endlessly during the journey, a strange feeling began to fill her heart.

Ten days later, Ning Fan and Yu Chong’er arrived at the central area of the second layer.

There was only a pitch-black pit on the ground. It was so deep that its end of it could not be seen.

Looking at it from above, it was probably the passage to the third layer.

Near this hole, there were several Peak Void Refinement Realm blood beasts standing guard. Ning Fan could imagine how easily he would be crushed to powder by this group of blood beasts once he reveals himself.

The third layer of the Blood Dragon Pool was a private place that only the Rain Sovereigns of the past generations could enter for secluded meditation.

If one investigates the origin of this place, they would discover that this Blood Dragon Pool was built by Chu Chang’an who was the demon pet of a Rain Sovereign in the past under the request of another previous Rain Sovereign. It was initially meant for that previous Rain Sovereign to conduct his training.

When Ning Fan got closer to the hole, his eyes widened with a hint of surprise. It gave off the aura of dragon blood. Moreover, this aura was incredibly strong.

This discovery gave rise to a guess in Ning Fan’s mind.

Could there be tens of thousands of bottles of dragon blood in the third layer of the blood pool? Otherwise, how could there be such an immense aura of dragon blood?

“Z-Zhou Ming, I’m a little scared. Let’s go back. There are just nine more days before we can leave this place. It’s about time for us to return.” Yu Chong’er looked at the four Peak Void Refinement Realm blood beasts which were guarding around this bottomless pit and her limbs began to tremble uncontrollably.

It was possible that even a True Void Fragmentation Realm cultivator would not be able to handle four Peak Void Refinement Realm beings with ease.

Despite knowing that they were under the concealment of the Heaven Deceiving Cloak, Yu Chong’er was still afraid. After all, she did not want to die in this place, much less die together with Ning Fan here.

“I want to enter this pit to explore the place below. If you are scared, you can choose to let me knock you unconscious and keep you into my Cauldron Ring.” Ning Fan teased.

“You still want to knock me unconscious… How dare you?!” Yu Chong’er was so angry that she had a little difficulty breathing. She could still vaguely remember how Ning Fan knocked her out when they were trying to escape from the encirclement of the blood beasts.

This time, Ning Fan could actually still give such a callous and unsympathetic idea with a calm expression. It was just too infuriating.

“Give it a guess. Do you think I am daring to do so or not? ... Huh? This is…!”

Ning Fan was just cracking a joke in the first place. However, after activating his Fu Li Demon Eye, he could clearly see the entire place below the pit. His expression suddenly changed.

He had never expected that the so-called third layer of the Blood Dragon Pool would be in such a state.

If this was really what it appears, perhaps he was the only one in this world who could enter the secluded training ground of the former Divine Sovereigns.

If this was really the case, he really had to knock out Yu Chong’er again in order to prevent the leak of some secrets down there.

“I’m sorry. Since you are so scared, I think it’s better for you to take a nap for a while. Nine days later, I will wake you up again.”

Ning Fan did not give Yu Chong’er the chance to refuse. Without showing any sympathy, he touched the part above her collarbone using one of his fingers.

A trace of power from his Yin Plucking Finger flowed into her body. Her consciousness slowly slipped away. She certainly knew that Ning Fan was really going to knock her out once again.

She furiously took a deep bite on Ning Fan’s arm and fainted a few seconds later.

However, just a moment before she completely lost her consciousness, she suddenly felt shocked by her own actions.

How shameless of me. I actually bit his arm. How could I do such an indecent thing?

When she did that, it really was something that others should see.

“I’m sorry.”

Ning Fan sighed. To him, the third layer contained a massive fortune.

Thus, it was really inappropriate for Yu Chong’er to follow him. He had too many secrets. If Yu Chong’er finds out about them, it might not necessarily be a good thing for her.

He temporarily kept her into the Cauldron Ring. He then made a step forward, entering the pit and flying towards the third layer.

He could feel the qi of the dragon blood from the place in front of him getting stronger and stronger.

Perhaps there were really tens of thousands of bottles of dragon blood down there!

The third layer was the secluded training ground of the Divine Sovereigns of the past generations.

However, ever since the rule of the Red Cloud Rain Sovereign, no one was able to enter this place again. Even the Rain Sovereign of the current generation did not know what the third layer looked like.

Today, Ning Fan was the next person after the Red Cloud Rain Sovereign to enter this place!


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