Grasping Evil - Chapter 46

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Hundreds of miles of the maple woodland was razed to the ground by the three generals, on the very first day of building Ning City. Now, only half of it was left.

The remaining woodlands were of circular shape. Lan Mei had been following behind Ning Fan in this unromantic maple forest, pointlessly circling along the edge of the forest.

It wasn’t that Ning Fan didn’t know how to f*** with Lan Mei, he was just intentionally acting as an ignorant. As for Lan Mei, she was preoccupied with apprehensions and fear.

She was afraid. She was afraid that Ning Fan would put pressure on her regarding the marriage. Thus, she wanted to make it clear to him now.

It was all because her, being a stone girl.

‘Ning Fan is already an intermediate Harmonious Spirit warrior. Today, his godfather ‘Black Devil Ning’ has become a popular figure in Yue Country. My dad had high expectations of him. How could it be possible to cancel this marriage…”

Her brows looked pretty accompanied by her attractive facial features, but the arrogance and coldness between her brows had never disappeared. It looked like she didn’t know what a smile was.

“We have already gone around for three hundred and fourteenth times…” Ning Fan reminded.

“En…Just walk a little while more…” Lan Mei bit her lips. She was facing the same problem – her mouth was petrified.

Should she go straight to the point, and tell him that she was a stone girl and advise him to give up? This might probably work. She heard that he had a very prurient interest with girls. Despite him already having a wife, there was another girl that was following him in and out. Naturally, she wouldn’t marry such a lustful man because she wouldn’t obtain any happiness from it.

The thing that mattered the most was her privacy. How could she speak about it to a man?

They had been circling the forest for three hundred and fourteen times already but her determination was getting more and more shaky.

“What do you want to talk about? Why don’t you want to marry me?”

Ning Fan simply asked, and it had unintentionally hit the key point.

At this moment, Lan Mei blushed and clenched her pink fist, but her expression showed embarrassment.


“Hate me?” Ning Fan asked.

“No…it’s not really hating you…” Lan Mei shook her head and put her hands on her chest to calm her apprehension.

“Oh really? But I rather dislike you. I dislike arrogant girls.” Ning Fan didn’t realize how much his words had angered his listener.

Her cheek burnt as her shyness was replaced by anger. She took a step closer to Ning Fan, her head looked upwards, just slightly below Ning Fan’s lower jaw and said. “You truly don’t know how to please a woman!”

Lan Mei had a very short temper and she never smiled nor got angry with anyone. A lot of people had viewed this as an act of arrogance. But when she was in front of Ning Fan, she couldn’t maintain her usual indifferent expression because Ning Fan was continued to infuriate her. Clearly, Ning Fan was merely a teen but his words were extremely frigid.

He was deserved to be called the disciple of Han, the old monster, as their personality was virtually alike.

She unknowingly moved her face towards Ning Fan. The next moment, she realized that she was being intrusive as her forehead was only an inch away from his lower jaw. She could feel Ning Fan’s manly aura all over her face, causing her to blush and retreat so as to keep distance.

She stumbled over a rock and fell.

If a gentlemen was present on the scene, he would have quickly held her waist, preventing her from falling and pulled her into a nice hug. But this Ning Fan was only interested in watching her fall down and did absolutely nothing about it.

“You are…truly interesting. This is the first time that I see a cultivator fall down. Today, you have truly opened my eyes.”

“You! Humph!”

This was Ning Fan’s character. He would be very cold towards girls that he wasn’t interested in.

Nonetheless, Ning Fan’s coldness had stirred up some sentiments in her heart. She hated males who would always find ways to get close to her. On the contrary, she felt that her heart was at ease when she was treated by Ning Fan coldy, be it his expression or tone.

Had she taken a liking to him and his cold attitude?

“Pull me up!” Lan Mei extended her hands at Ning Fan shyly. This was the first time she held out her hand to a male.

“Why should I?”


She stood up herself feeling confused. But, she could feel a sense of comfort every time she heard his frosty reply. It was a comfort that couldn’t be put into words.

Perhaps, it wasn’t a bad thing if they got married. However, it was a pity that she wasn’t qualified to be a woman, so how could the marriage be possible?

The overwhelming shyness in her mind had diminished slightly. Thus, it was no longer that shameful to tell Ning Fan her big secret.

“Ning Fan, I can’t marry you. I would ask my dad to cancel the marriage. I am begging you. Can you promise me?”

“Cancelling the marriage? Hehe, I don’t mind. If you don’t want the marriage so much, so be it. You thought that you are the only person qualified to voice out your dislike towards a person? I’ve never said you that are my type either.” Ning Fan gave a frigid smile and turned to leave.

“No…It isn’t that I don’t like you…” Lan Mei’s face blush. She was covering her mouth with one hand while biting her lips, pulling Ning Fan over.

She would have never imagined that Ning Fan would agree to cancel the marriage without even asking for a reason. To her, this certainly exceeded her expectations, she no longer had to reveal her deepest secret.

Despite all of that, she didn’t know why she didn’t want to hide the truth from Ning Fan. She probably feared that Ning Fan would misunderstand her and think that the marriage was cancelled because of her extreme arrogance. She could feel Ning Fan’s prejudice against her.

“Actually…actually I am a stone girl.”

Her eyes were closed as she spoke, she was afraid of seeing Ning Fan’s cold pair of eyes.

Stoned girl was considered abnormal amongst the females because they wouldn’t be able to find happiness and give birth to babies. To the males, they were worthless.

‘I hope you won’t look down on me…”

Lan Mei’s eyes were tightly shut. She gave a faint smile and released Ning Fan’s sleeve and said in a relaxed tone. “Alright, I have said what I wanted to say. You can go now…”

“Stoned girl?” Ning Fan halted and started to analyze Lan Mei for the first time.

She was a pretty girl in blue clothes, her dark hair was tied in a topknot. The only annoying thing about her was her brows. There was an expression of arrogance within it that gave her a frigid facial expression.

He didn’t have any positive feelings towards her, but he realized that it didn’t make sense for him to dislike her. This girl wasn’t as arrogant as what the rumors had said. The arrogance was only a pretense that she had put up to protect herself.

She was a stone girl…No wonder she tried to cancel the marriage multiple times. It was all because of this.

“Does it sound funny? You are the only person who knows about this. Could you not tell the others?” Lan Mei showed a rueful face.

“Why would I tell the others? Stoned girl…Let me check on you and see whether I could treat it. My master owes your father a debt of  kindness. My action would be treated as repaying the kindness.”

Ning Fan said. He extended his hand towards Lan Mei.

The current Lan Mei blushed. The sadness in her heart had turned into shyness and concern.

‘Checking on me? Ning Fan is truly a pervert! What did he want to see? My private place? How can he be so shameless?’

‘He is going to see that spot. Are you letting him do that? Bah! Bah! Bah! Why am I thinking about all these crazy stuff?’

“Don’t move!”

She saw an icy rainbow forming below Ning Fan’s feet before he moved as fast as a Gold Core warrior towards her back. His left hand was holding her soft and smooth collarbone while his right hand was holding her wrist to feel her pulse.

Given Ning Fan’s skill in the medical arts, why would he need to check it with his eyes? He just needed to check her pulse to understand her condition.

This was the result of her, overthinking Ning Fan’s words.

Half of her velvety skin was in Ning Fan’s embrace and her heart was fluttering. This was the first time that her hand was held by a male that didn’t know how to show tenderness, he was gripping her wrist tightly.

She could feel certain painful sensation but she was overwhelmed with another feeling. She somehow felt comfortable about the pain that Ning Fan had caused.

“Release me…” Lan Mei struggled softly.

Ning Fan frowned and gave her a slap on her cute butt.

When she felt that her butt was slapped , she didn’t react very much to the pain even though she could feel it because she felt a sense of comfort from it.

“You dare to… hit me… there…?” Her breathing rate had become slightly rapid.   

Ning Fan was completely unaware of all of these. He was only focused on Lan Mei’s pulse and vein and was slightly surprised by it.

“Do you always faint every time your period comes because of the pain?” Ning Fan muttered.

“How did you know?!”

Lan Mei’s face was as red as blood. Period was the most personal thing for girls. How could Ning Fan, a male dare to ask such a question? And, how did he know about it?

“Do you have a painful sensation that lasts for an hour every night? Yeah, the position should be here.” Ning Fan’s fingertip touched the position below her bosom and above her lower abdomen. It wasn't perverted as it was only a gentle touch, but Lan Mei’s body shuddered slightly as soon as Ning Fan’s finger touched her.


“You aren’t an inborn stoned girl. Your illness isn’t hard to treat, but the medicine is slightly rare. How about this? I will go to the Sinister Sparrow Sect for the discipleship ceremony tomorrow. Then, I would go to your room to conduct a surgery.”

“Surgery? On which part of my body?”

“What do you think? The surgery would be conducted on whichever part of your body is blocked. You are truly a foolish girl. Alright, our stroll ends here. I still have other matters to attend to. See you tomorrow night!”

Ning Fan immediately released her without warning and stepped onto his icy rainbow and disappeared.

Lan Mei felt her face heating up, even after Ning Fan disappeared. It was either Ning Fan’s frosty behavior, or him slapping her butt, or the touch of his fingertip, it was a terrifying form of stimulation for her.

Due to the fact that she had known her illness, she would have never get in touch with any males, but a lot of her private body parts had been touched by Ning Fan.

Furthermore, on which part of her body would the surgery be conducted when he arrives at the Sinister Sparrow Sect tomorrow?

“No way… how can this matter develop unto such a stage?”

Her head was preoccupied with a mixture of feelings. Rapid fluctuation could be seen on her chest. As she watched his back, disappointment struck her.

‘He was truly a frosty male. He didn’t feel anything at all after touching me…’

‘Could he really do that thing to me tomorrow…’

Lan Mei’s face blushed again. She stopped thinking about the possibilities again and cursed him in her heart.

“Absolutely brazen…”


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