Grasping Evil - Chapter 55

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In the ‘spirit’ realm grand formation on the river bank, 15 undressed enchanting girls woke up one after another.

In between their jade-like legs were muddy and stained with blood. After they were plucked, their original Harmonious Spirit realm cultivation dropped to Level Five Vein Opening and below.

Ning Fan had broken through to the late Harmonious Spirit realm after plucking  15 of the female cultivators without having the need to take the Raising Spirit dan. His original thought of preparing the Burning Spirit dan was deemed unnecessary.

Some of the girls were weeping. Although they were evil cultivators, they were quite sad for losing their virginity. Some of them glared at Ning Fan hatefully. The remaining ones either looked confused or in love with Ning Fan.

Despite their emotions, no one spoke. Silence reigned the atmosphere. The one thing that all of them wanted to know was, what would Ning Fan do to them later.

They were originally human cauldrons. It was only a matter of time before they were plucked by someone. If they were plucked by their original master—Purple Yin Old Devil—their cultivation would’ve deteriorate even more but that was still better than this inexperienced young man.

These were 15 delicately pretty girls but they were treated as enemies by Ning Fan. Losing their cultivation was equivalent to losing their value, which would probably get them killed later on.

“I hate you.” A girl named Jiang Qin Er who was carrying some illness in her body, gave a weak glare at Ning Fan.

“Humph! If you want to kill me, do it now!” A girl named Wu Mo Chou had heroic eyes and looked fearless towards death. She slightly moved her body to show her anger but she wasn’t as powerful as she had imagined.

“Hubby… if I serve you, can you spare my life?” A pink-white-skinned girl said. Tears were welling up in her eyes, as though being plucked by Ning Fan wasn’t an enjoyable process.

These were three types of girls. So they had three different responses. But, one thing was common in their responses—that was the unwillingness to die.

As for Ning Fan, he merely looked at these girls coldly but with murderous intent.

“From this point on, all of you belong to me, as a cauldron! However, if you are obedient, I won’t kill you, and neither would I leave you for my enemies to slaughter.”

Ning Fan’s tone was cold. When they heard his word, they all let out a sigh of relief. At least, they didn’t have to die now.

The gaze they gave Ning Fan contained some gratitude. After being plucked, they would lose their cultivation and Yin element, making them worthless to be a cauldron anymore. While comparing to those old devils who would just pluck and throw them, Ning Fan was a better devil because he still gave them a chance of living.

When they recalled the incident, it was them who attacked him. It was them that made Ning Fan their enemy. Now that Ning Fan had plucked them, it wasn’t as bad as being slaughtered.

“The next thing that I would do is to plant the ‘Restrictive Spell’ in all of you. Tentatively, you all will stay in the space of my magical treasure. If you are as obedient as you said, it wouldn’t be impossible for all of you to return to your previous cultivation, Harmonious Spirit realm or even higher—Gold Core realm.”

“Yes. As long as Master will spare my life, a restriction spell isn’t a big deal.” The girls were surprised by Ning Fan’s unexpected words and replied simultaneously. They were all amazed that Ning Fan knew the ancient Restrictive Spell.

After experimenting it on Si Wuxie, Ning Fan no longer want to erase their memories, otherwise they would only fully depend and rely on him. At that time, he might forget the fact that these were his enemies.

Restrictive Spell could control the life and death of the girls. It would probably be much better to manage these cauldrons without wiping off their memories.

Though he was just a late Harmonious Spirit realm cultivator, his spirit sense was already at the peak Harmonious Spirit realm. He used his spirit sense to enter the girls’ sea of consciousness and plant the Restrictive Spell. With a wave of his hand, all of them were kept into the Cauldron Ring.

The 15 of them emerged in a larger space that was full of red mist. There were flowers, grasses, mountains and water, and other magnificent buildings that were all created by the red mist.

This was the first time that they entered the Cauldron Ring with a conscious mind. They have never thought that there was such a marvelous magical treasure in the world.

According to other people, there were a few fascinating magical treasures that could hold living things inside. The sky and land could be created inside. It was boundless. It was an item that no one could possess because it only existed in the legends. As for the magical treasure in True Cultivation World, they were pathetically small, which made live beings unable to live inside of it.

“What is the background of our master? He is merely a Harmonious Spirit expert. How did he possess such a fascinating magical treasure that existed only in the legends?”

The girls were in shock. Clearly, the red mist was a conducive environment for them to cultivate. In fact, it would improve their cultivation more compared to the outside world.

Joyous Union Iron was an ancient raw material that was already lost long ago, but Ning Fan had obtained it by accident. He had used this raw material to refine such a legendary magical treasure. This item was no doubt a great fortune.

Regardless of which type of girl, those who loved, hated or others who had ulterior motives against Ning Fan had instantly changed their attitudes towards him as soon as they saw this marvellous magical treasure. Some of them who hated Ning Fan a lot buried their hatred towards him immediately.

“Let’s stay here then. We have become the master’s cauldrons. We have to get used to it.”

These 15 girls were just the beginning...

When the grand formation was removed, Ning Fan eyes were still closed. He then stood up at the river bank. His life didn’t give him a choice. Since he obtained the ‘Yin Yang Transformation’ cultivation method, his identity as a devil would never change.

Perhaps one day, he would even be condemned, scolded by millions of women. His evil name would spread across the world.

Or maybe one day, the women of the Four Heavens and Nine Worlds would show hate and fear when they heard of his name.

“No matter what I become, Zhihe will never dislike me. My master as well. Probably, Si Wuxie and Lan Mei won’t too…”

He gently rubbed his forehead, rubbing off all the troubling thoughts. He suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes now glittered and didn’t looked dispirited.

Since he had stepped into the devil’s path, he should be a true devil that even the heavens and earth would dread.

“Next, Second Region!”

He leaped, the air below his legs turned into an icy rainbow, going straight to the Second Region. After flying for thirty miles, he came to a halt in front of a thick and black fog.

There was an indistinct spatial energy circulating in the fog. According to the map, within this black fog was the Second Region of the forest.

According to the spatial energy of the formation in this area, it seemed to be at least a few thousand miles in area. It wasn’t like the small area in the First Region.

Judging by the atmosphere, nearly tens of thousands of Harmonious Spirit ghosts were sensed from the inside. It immediately sent Ning Fan some chills. In the atmosphere, he sensed hundreds of Qi. It sent him some alarmingly dangerous signals.

Peak Harmonious Spirit realm! There were at least a hundred of peak Harmonious Spirit ghosts in the Second Region.

If Ning Fan had not broken through to the late Harmonious Spirit realm, his life would surely be in danger.

He gasped in a breath of air and made a step forth into the black fog. In a flash, he had entered a world that was as red as blood.

The place was full of gloomy blood-red peach trees. The moment he was appeared, an early Harmonious Spirit ghost immediately emerged. It had the body of a girl but its face was green and had ferocious fangs.

Harmonious Spirit ghosts could shape-shift into half human form. Only Gold Core ghosts could shape-shift into a full human form. They could even become a real beauty that could seduce any cultivators and swallow their Yang essence.

Early Harmonious Spirit ghosts weren’t a threat to Ning Fan. As the ghost lunged forth to bite him, his Starlight Sword Shadow flew. The sword went through the body, severing it to two parts. Then, it glowed with shapeless flames and incinerated the ghost into nothingness.

After keeping his Sword Shadow, Ning Fan stretched out his hand towards where the ghost was incinerated and grabbed a Sense Bead the size of a finger nail, which was also stained with blood. The power of spirit sense in this bead was ten times greater than a Vein Opening Sense Bead.

Ning Fan’s eyes lit up. It seemed like his decision was right to come to the Second Region. Not only could he hone his combat techniques through the life-and-death battles here, he could also advance his spirit sense to another level by acquiring the Sense Beads of the ghosts.

“It won’t probably take long before my spirit sense reaches Gold Core realm, but I am unsure of how many Sense Beads I have to consume for it to advance to the Nascent Soul realm.”

If someone around here heard Ning Fan’s remark, the person would be in shock because Ning Fan claimed that he wanted to achieve the Nascent Soul spirit sense in this Demon Sinister Forest. If he really did achieve that realm, fundamentally, he would probably become an unparalleled individual in the entire Yue Country.

What Ning Fan didn’t know that killing an early Harmonious Spirit ghost had earned him 100 contribution points, stupefying everyone in Sinister Sparrow Sect. It gave White Honour an indescribable feeling, and made Lan Mei’s heart burn with anxiety.

Ning Fan activated his invisibility equipment to exercise caution while hunting down the ghosts in the Second Region. Meanwhile, in the Merit Hall, his contribution points were increasing at an incredible speed.

“Look, Ning Fan’s points went up again. It is at 2154 points now. This means that he has already killed 14 early Harmonious Spirit ghosts. How could this be possible? Even though I am an intermediate Harmonious Spirit elder, I can’t kill an early Harmonious Spirit ghost with ease.” Elder Meng Chu was staring at the Merit Monument. He had been guarding it for 200 years but he had never seen such unbelievable scene.

“It’s 2354 now! A 200 points increase. He killed an intermediate Harmonious Spirit ghost?!” A female deacon exclaimed.

However, this wasn’t the end yet. 2554, 2754, 2954… His contribution points didn’t stop rising for at least half an hour.


Presently in the Merit Hall, the elders below Intermediate Harmonious Spirit gasped in a cold breath of air. Ning Fan consecutively killing Intermediate Harmonious Spirit ghosts meant that it was also easy for him to kill them.

‘White Honour’, Bai Feiteng didn’t look pleasant. As for Bai Bi, he was holding his breath in disbelief. He was merely an Early Harmonious Spirit cultivator but Ning Fan was already killing Intermediate Harmonious Spirit ghosts like child’s play. If he offended Ning Fan, he would get no benefits. So why would he offend him?

Outside the Merit Hall, the anxious Lan Mei was pulling Sinister Sparrow inside.

“Dad, I plead you to go into the Demon Sinister Forest to bring Ning Fan out from the Second Region…”

“Ah, when did my daughter started to show concern for a boy? Don’t worry, that Ning Fan is Han Yuanji’s disciple after all. He surely has some special schemes. He must have had a trump card in his hands for him to enter the Second Region…”

Sinister Sparrow said, but when his eyes landed on the Merit Monument, he too was shocked. He knew that the ghosts would be more intelligent starting from the Harmonious Spirit realm. Plus, these ghosts were blessed by the magical power that existed within the forest. It wasn’t easy to battle a ghosts with the same grade, let alone killing them.

As for Ning Fan, his killing of those ghosts were non-stop, as if he didn’t need to recover his magical power and rest.

After the increase of 4154 points, it then stopped, as if Ning Fan had rested for a day. But Sinister Sparrow was guessing that Ning Fan would do something even more astonishing after he regained his strength back.

“If he killed a late Harmonious Spirit ghost, he would surely be a heavenly genius.” Sinister Sparrow touched his jaw. His expression hardened. According to his understanding of Ning Fan, he must be planning to do something big after resting for one day.

The most he guessed about Ning Fan was to kill a Late Harmonious Spirit ghost but the truth had gone beyond his prediction.

After a day of stagnation, there was suddenly a big jump, from 4154 to 5154 points. A thousand points was added into his contribution points.

Only Peak Harmonious Spirit ghosts were worth 1000 contribution points!

“This is impossible! Peak Harmonious Spirit ghosts? Even I couldn’t kill them that easily. How could this kid possibly kill such a powerful ghost?”

Bai Feiteng could no longer sit still. He felt that he had underestimated Ning Fan from the very beginning.

“Is this kid going to target Gold Core ghosts soon?! Is he going into the Third Region?!”

Bei Feiteng’s white brows knitted and formed '八' while thinking the possibility that Ning Fan would enter the Third Region. No one could deny this possibility! Bai Feiteng was speculating silently.



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