Grasping Evil - Chapter 56

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In an indistinct blood-red cave, Ning Fan stayed within with his torn robe. There were wounds on his chest. The injuries that he suffered weren’t light.

He placed 11 Sense Beads on the ground in front of him. He had killed 25 ghosts of Harmonious Spirit realm. The formation rate of Sense Bead was greater in these ghosts than the Vein Opening ghosts.

If he completely absorbed these 11 Sense Beads, he was confident that his peak Harmonious Spirit realm spirit sense would rise to Gold Core realm spirit sense.

Anyway, he couldn’t consume these beads for the time being because he had suffered some serious injuries due to the spontaneous explosion of those ghosts that he killed.

The danger in the Second Region was expectedly much higher. Harmonious Spirit ghosts have basic intelligence and were very ferocious. He was afraid that even an early Gold Core cultivator would need to avoid these ghosts.

He took out the vulnerary...

It took him half a day to fully recover his injuries. After that, he consumed the Sense Beads.

There was a trace of blood-red colour on the surface of these Harmonious Spirit realm Sense Beads. It was the ghosts’ brutal and cruel emotions. The red lines had to be removed before he could consume it.

He had no choice but to take out the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron to carefully remove these impurities. Also, he needed to concoct ‘Soul Enhancing dan’ to serve as an auxiliary pill.

Soul Enhancing dan was a Second Revolution Dan. It wasn’t hard to concoct. There were more than enough herbs in his storage pouch to concoct such pill. The only concern was that he would become vulnerable when he immersed himself in concoction. His life would be in jeopardy if a ghost attacked him from behind.

He had already set the spirit realm formation but he was still afraid that it couldn’t withstand the attack of a Peak Harmonious Spirit ghost.

There were two choices to resolve this problem. The first was to set a ‘dan’ realm formation using 10 000 immortal jades. This could ensure his safety.

However, he had discarded this idea once he recalled its disadvantages. The value of a Second Revolution Soul Enhancing dan was only worth 50 immortal jades per pill. He only needed to concoct 11 of them, and thus it was undeniably a huge loss of immortal jades to use10 000 immortal jades for 550 immortal jades worth of pill.

Even if he had enough of them, this should not be the way to use it.

There was another way. There were two Gold Core female cultivators in his Cauldron Ring, Bing Ling and Yue Ling.

As for these two females, Ning Fan was going to pluck them soon. They were the cauldrons nurtured by Purple Yin Old Devil to help him broke through to the Nascent Soul realm. So now that they were Ning Fan’s, he should use them to break through to Gold Core realm.

Before plucking them, he needed to plant a Restrictive Spell on them. Although they didn’t have an amazing combat strength, they were more than enough to handle those Harmonious Spirit ghosts.

Ning Fan didn’t hesitate anymore once he had decided. He waved his sleeve, releasing the two girls from his Cauldron Ring.

One was in blue and the other was in white. Their faces were as delicate as peach. The power of Yin Plucking Finger caused them to feel a burning sensation in their bodies. Their jade-like legs rubbed gently against each other. And, an unbearable and annoying moan was heard from them.

In ‘Yin Yang Transformation’ magical art, Yin Plucking Finger was lethal to female cultivators. Once Ning Fan broke through to the Gold Core realm, he would have more heaven defying magical arts, specifically for suppressing female cultivators.

After letting the two girls out, Ning Fan waved his sleeve again, spraying some refreshing and chilling wind on them to let them regain their consciousness.

The two of them forcefully opened their eyes. When they saw Ning Fan, the burning sensation in their bodies burned even more, as if they had found the right target.

The elder sister, Bing Ling, had a resolute behavior. She gritted her teeth to bear her sexual desire and held herself from embracing Ning Fan. Although she was blurred by her libido, she still remembered that Ning Fan was the enemy. She resisted herself from going forward, but her body could no longer hold it. She put her hand into her blouse and started to massage it gently.

The younger sister, Yue Ling, didn’t have such control. It was probably because she was a careless girl, she was fully controlled by her sexual desire.

Presently, her judgment was already clouded by her sexual desire. Her eyes were sparkling when she looked at Ning Fan. She licked like a kitten and climbed to Ning Fan like a water snake, tangling herself with him. She used her soft bosoms to gently rub it against his body.

“I’m not feeling well…help me…”

Yue Ling had lost her consciousness, but Ning Fan hadn’t. He slightly frowned, and gently touched her forehead. A cool energy penetrated through her heavenly spirit, vanishing the confusion.

As Yue Ling regained a part of her consciousness, she saw herself shamelessly being embraced by Ning Fan in a pleasure-seeking posture, she then gritted her teeth.

“Yooouuu…dare to humiliate me?! Don’t you fear Purple Yin Old Devil will take revenge on you?!”

“Humph! I have already plucked 15 Harmonious Spirit concubines of his, do you think that I fear him?”

Ning Fan said with a cold smile. His words were like a pail of cold water splashing on the two girls’ head.

‘What?! This youth actually dares to touch the women of Purple Yin Old Devil? He is seeking death! The old devil is the ancestor of Extreme Yin Gate, the heartless and ruthless master of devils that ruled Yue Country a thousand years ago!’

Her initial proud tone suddenly dropped. Her expression became frightened and her body started to tremble.

Since this person had plucked 15 Harmonious Spirit females, naturally he wouldn’t let go of them. He was truly audacious!

“You…let me go…” Yue Ling said with a faltered tone. She feared that this time Ning Fan let her out because he was going to pluck her.

No way. If she lost her virginity, Purple Yin Old Devil would never forgive her.

“I beg you, don’t touch my sister. If you want to start plucking someone, pluck me first…” The hatred in Bing Ling’s eyes disappeared. There was only fear now. She didn’t fear getting hurt but it was the opposite for her sister.

The relationship between these sisters were deep, making Ning Fan frown, his expression somehow softened.

He recalled how much he was willing to do for his younger brother. That was why he had chosen the path of evil cultivation. He was sure that these two sisters also had some bitter experiences in the past for being cauldrons.

However, Ning Fan still couldn’t release them because of this. His expression relaxed and gently pushed Yue Ling out of his embrace and said in a low tone.

“I didn’t intend to pluck any of you. It was your sister who came to my embrace in the first place.”

“You…you are lying! I would never voluntarily go into your… your embrace.” Yue Ling sounded tender. She wanted to rebut, but thinking that she and her sister had fallen into Ning Fan’s evil grasps, it made her voice falter.

Bing Ling and Yue Ling slowly regained their consciousness. Due to the disruption of the power of Yin Plucking Finger, they couldn’t use their magical power. They were like two lambs waiting to be slaughtered in front of Ning Fan.

“You…what do you want? When will you release us…?” Bing Ling controlled her tender tone and asked with difficulty.

“I am going to concoct pills but there are countless of Harmonious Spirit ghosts in the area. Despite my ‘spirit’ realm formation, I’m afraid that it couldn’t hold the attack of Peak Harmonious Spirit ghosts. I will plant Restrictive Spell on the two of you. Then, you two will guard my safety. If any one of you tries to have some funny thoughts against me, I can only tell you that you would certainly regret it.”

Ning Fan’s tone was cold, but when these words fell on their ears, they felt a sense of relief.

This was still better than being plucked by him. It was fine to guard him but how did this Ning Fan know about ‘Restrictive Spell’?

Once they were planted with this spell, even if they had escaped from his grasps, their lives would still be controlled by him. At that time, they were afraid that they would not be able to return to Extreme Yin Gate.

There was no other way. It seemed that they could only follow Ning Fan until they die.

The both of them would bore the torture of Yin Plucking Finger. A blush started to appear from the bottom of their faces up to their forehead, as if they were ready for anyone to pluck any time.

“Please plant the Restrictive Spell on us.”

There were some reluctance in their hearts, but they knew they couldn’t show it on their faces.

Ning Fan slightly sighed and said, “You two are valuable to me because of your cultivation. If I have the luck to break through to the Gold Core realm or obtain other cauldrons, it wouldn’t be impossible to let the two of you go. As such, you two should perform your duties beautifully.”

Ning Fan swept across his peak Harmonious Spirit realm spirit sense, entered their sea of consciousness and planted the Restrictive Spell.

Then, he stretched his finger gently to poke at their collar bone and bosom to remove the power of Yin Plucking Finger. Afterwards, he ignored the two of them and cut open a big pit on the ground with his Separation Slayer. He then induced the Earth Fire to start his concoction.

The two of them started to regain their full consciousness. The reddish colour on their faces faded away. They started to analyse Ning Fan after getting back to their normal state of mind.

A man who could differentiate black and white, and didn’t have any lascivious desires. Was he a devil who had really plucked 15 Harmonious Spirit cauldrons?

Judging from the surface, the two of them were willing to believe that Ning Fan was a normal young prince. However, it was because of this reason that they had underestimated him.

This young man in front of them would be their master from now on. The sisters didn’t have a wild wish that Ning Fan would release them. They could discern that he was not a man with compassion and sympathy or he would only show his sympathy to certain people.

After a moment of contemplation, Bing Ling was frightened by his cultivation. As for Yue Ling, she softly exclaimed while covering her mouth to avoid provoking Ning Fan.

Late Harmonious Spirit realm!

Half a month ago, this Ning Fan was merely an Intermediate Harmonious Spirit cultivator. How long has it been? How could he reach the Late Harmonious Spirit realm so quickly? The speed of his advancement was terrifying. Even if he used the plucking technique, but was there a plucking technique that could help one advance so fast?

When he was an Intermediate Harmonious Spirit cultivator, he could already capture them with ease. Now that he was a Late Harmonious Spirit cultivator, killing the two of them would be easier.

As they observed Ning Fan’s concoction technique, they could clearly see that he was a Third Revolution Dan Master, raising their respect for him.

Was this Ning Fan really a youth? Why did he have such an adept concoction skill? Usually, it would take hundreds of years of training to produce such talent.

Following Ning Fan wasn’t any worse than following Purple Yin Old Devil after all.

They both slightly sighed. Then they stood up to start guarding Ning Fan. The unwillingness in their hearts started to diminish by now.

When they swept the gaze across the area, they were stupefied.

There were innumerable Harmonious Spirit ghosts everywhere. It was indistinct but it was everywhere. There were roughly a few hundred of them and it sent a major distressed signal to the both of them.

“This is…what place is this?!”

They were initially supposed to guard Ning Fan but they were scared by the current situation. They hoped that he would quickly complete concocting his pill so that he could protect them.

Meanwhile in Demon Sinister Forest, a dark current was rippling.

There was a ten thousand tall White Bone Devil Monarch looking at a gorgeous Ghost Mother.

These two ghosts escaped from the Rain Immortal World. They were the monarch of ghosts that would cause disaster to the land. This was because the both of them were Void Fragmentation experts!

However, the gorgeous Ghost Mother spurted out a mouthful of blood and her eyes were full of hate whereas White Bone Devil Monarch let out a great laugh.

“Princess Mei! Why aren’t you surrendering yet? If you submit yourself now, you would become the queen of this land. I won’t mind it even if you are not dead.”


The gorgeous Ghost Mother gritted her silver teeth. She circulated the magical power of Void Fragmentation to have a battle with White Bone Devil Monarch.

Their Void Fragmentation Qi had shaken the Fourth Region, Fifth Region and the Sixth Region. Plenty of ghost kings, and ghosts that were stronger than ghost kings stood on the summit of a mountain and looked at the direction of the Seventh Region astonishingly.

Two Void Fragmentation ghost monarchs were battling.

Countless of ghosts felt fear, including the Nascent Soul and Spirit Severing ghosts. Only some Void Refinement ghost could maintain their composure but they were still scared deep inside.

The power of a Void Fragmentation ghost monarch would be able to annihilate the entire Sixth Region easily.

The Qi from the battle was getting weaker with every region that it passed. When it reached the Third Region, it had already become very mild, and when it reached the Second Region, it couldn’t be felt anymore.

Ning Fan wasn’t a ghost so he couldn’t sense the threat from the ghost monarch and the Qi of the battle. However, the ghosts in the Second Region were shaking and crawling on the ground. They became unresponsive towards any attack or any intruders. If Ning Fan were to see this scenario, he would be delighted as this was the perfect time to hunt as many ghosts as possible, a massacre would surely happen.

Unfortunately, he was concocting…




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