Grasping Evil - Chapter 57

Here's the Third release!

In the Seventh Region, the battle between two Void Fragmentation experts finally stopped after the last collision of magical arts. The place was in ruins and a large chasm was created. In the black mist, a female figure left in hurry towards the Sixth Region.

After a while, a howl of anger was heard from the White Bone Devil Monarch.

“Princess Mei, you dare to lower your cultivation to escape to the lower Region?! You really thought that I have no other ways to deal with you?!” He growled. “‘Bone Fragmentation Soldiers’!”

A rumble was heard when a rib bone was broken. It turned into a Void Refinement bone devil and chased after the devil princess.

“You really thought that you could run away from me without handing over the ‘Emperor Soul Remnant Volume’? As long as you are in the Demon Sinister Forest, you can never run away from me.”

If the battle between these two Void Fragmentation beings spread out, it would shake the entire Rain Immortal World. As a matter of fact, the White Bone Devil Monarch wasn’t any weaker than Moksha Emperor in terms of strength. He was just stuck here because of the formation.

Ning Fan on the other hand wasn’t aware of any of these. Or perhaps it was because of his insignificant cultivation that prevented him from having the chance to interfere in the conflicts between these two Void Fragmentation old devils.

Half a day had already passed. Ning Fan concocted a cauldron of pills. The fragrance of the pills wafted out as soon as the lid was opened. The inside of the cauldron was filled with golden pills. There were a hundred of them.

Bing Ling and Yue Ling were amazed because not even a Third Revolution Dan Master could concoct a hundred pills using the same cauldron. Could he be a Fourth Revolution Dan Master?

Ning Fan too, was astonished by the pills when he looked inside the cauldron.

Before this, he had put in the ingredients for a hundred pills. If he were to concoct these pills one by one using his Fourth Revolution Dan Master skill, he would be a big laughing stock for everyone.

In Seven Apricot City, he also concocted the Third Revolution pills named ‘Life Pill’ in bulk, but the success rate wasn’t as high.

Before Ning Fan entered the Demon Sinister Forest, he estimated that if he could concoct 80 pills out of 100, it would already be a huge success.

Today, he was amazed that he had successfully concocted a hundred of them perfectly.

As he was contemplating, he suddenly found the answer to it. Firstly, it was because he had made a breakthrough to the late Harmonious Spirit realm, which had further enhanced his magical power. Secondly, his spirit sense had already reached the peak of the Harmonious Spirit realm, which had also strengthened his control of over fire.

Perhaps the increase of his spirit sense didn’t directly increase his combat power, but it beneficially improved his perception, alchemy techniques and treasure refinement.

He gasped for a breath of air, put the pills into a bottle and kept the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron. His eyes turned before swallowing the Soul Enhancing Dan. While his body was absorbing the nourishment of the pill, he consumed the Sense Bead and started to refine the soul energy in it.

Bing Ling and Yue Ling didn’t know what a Sense Bead was because they had never been to this forest before, but they could still perceive a strong spirit sense hidden in the bead. Ordinary cultivators could never stand such power and they would be engulfed by this power if they consumed it.

Ning Fan dared to consumed them directly mainly because of his silver bone physique. Back then, the experts of Sinister Sparrow Sect dared not to consume these Sense Beads straightaway despite knowing its effects.

The first Sense Bead, the second …then the tenth Sense Bead was swallowed. Ning Fan’s spirit sense had broken through to the ‘False Core’ realm. He was just a tiny bit away from reaching the Gold Core spirit sense!

His sea of consciousness had slowly turned golden. One should know that only Gold Core old devils possessed a golden sea of consciousness.

His hand was holding the last Sense Bead that belonged to a peak Harmonious Spirit ghost. Ning Fan took a deep breath. As the hesitation in his eyes vanished, he swallowed the bead.

All of a sudden, a coercive force of spirit sense erupted from his sea of consciousness, causing his face to turn pale with surprise, and his nose to spurted out blood.

A peak Harmonious Spirit Sense Bead and a late Harmonious Spirit Sense Bead was entirely different. The cultivator would definitely be engulfed by the Sense Bead unless the cultivator had reached Gold Core realm.

Without any more hesitation, Ning Fan grabbed a handful of Soul Enhancing Dan and swallowed it like a bull.

He was afraid that this kind of pill consumption would be an absolute waste. Only less than half of its medicinal effect would be absorbed, but he could no longer consider that factor. He had swallowed more than ten pills in one go. His action made the two girls gape at him.

They had never seen a cultivator who acted as wildly as him. Even Old Devil Purple Yin would only swallow Second Revolution pills one by one to slowly refine and absorb sequentially.

Having digested all the pills at the same time, Ning Fan could feel a swelling pain in his Yin Yang Evil Veins but his eyes were filled with ferocity.

A layer of his diaphragm was broken as he felt a spiritual pain in his sea of consciousness. This kind of pain could make even a Gold Core old devil wail but there were no visible changes on Ning Fan’s body except for the green vein that popped out of his forehead.

The pain was not like the one he felt after consuming the second Jade Royal Dan.

“Break it through!” He growled and exerted the force of his spirit sense to suppress the foreign force in his sea of consciousness so that it could be absorbed.

The coercive foreign spirit sense subsided before being engulfed by Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness. Then, a strong spirit force shot out of his eyes, flying a whopping 300 metres.

It was an early Gold Core spirit sense!

After that, he kept his spirit sense. His already torn and tattered robe was now drenched with sweat. He removed his clothes in front of the two girls and wore a white robe with a large black cloak. The black and white clothes represented Yin and Yang.

After that, he immediately sat cross-legged and stayed silent, focusing on fortifying his spirit sense realm.

His spirit sense realm would become unstable after the break through. In other words, his spirit sense realm could fall back to the Harmonious Spirit realm any time.

“He has already broken through to the Gold Core spirit sense realm while he is still a Harmonious Spirit cultivator!”

Yue Ling eyes glittered with shock, but not because of Ning Fan being naked before her. Bing Ling on the other hand had already anticipated that Ning Fan would break through to the Gold Core spirit sense realm. The thing that shocked her the most was that he was bold enough to change his clothes in front of them.

Clearly, these two sisters had different views.

“Congratulations on your advancement, Master!” The two girls congratulated him with a warm tone. They had to say it regardless of their sincerity.

Ning Fan only focused on stabilizing his spirit sense, he totally ignored their congratulatory remarks. Or perhaps, his mind was guarding the Heavenly Spirit which had separated him from the outside world.

The two girls retreated respectfully to avoid disturbing Ning Fan and continued to  guard their post. Their respect for him had grown stronger when they witnessed him advance to the early Gold Core spirit sense realm.

They somehow had the feeling that Ning Fan would surpass Old Devil Purple Yin in the days to come.

Old Devil Purple Yin reached the early Gold Core spirit sense realm when he was already 200 years old. It was apparent that Ning Fan’s innate endowments had surpassed Purple Yin’s.

Hence, it wasn’t a bad thing to accept Ning Fan as their master.

“Sister, what are our plans in the future?” Yue Ling murmured.

“What else can we do? Since we have already accepted him as our master, we have to accept our fate as his cauldrons. As for now, we just need to guard master’s safety.”

As Bing Ling spoke, the entire Spirit realm grand formation shook. In fact, it wasn’t just the formation, it was the entire Second Region of the forest.

They saw a black sable stained with blood ignorantly jumping straight into the formation.

Their faces instantly changed. They held their swords to slash the black sable but it dodged their attack agilely.

It was very quick! By the looks of it, its strength was at the early Harmonious Spirit realm. Due to its heavy injuries, its strength wasn’t at its top form.

Its mouth seemed to be holding something. It was moving hurriedly but it still carried the demeanour of a woman.

The sable saw Ning Fan who was sitting cross-legged while it completely ignored the two Gold Core female cultivators. Its eyes revealed a hint of despair before it leaped into Ning Fan’s arm and went unconscious. The dark blood from its wounds stained Ning Fan’s new robe.

Luckily, the sable didn’t try to attack Ning Fan while it was escaping, otherwise, Ning Fan’s spirit sense realm would certainly drop from the Gold Core realm due to instability.

“This is a ‘Netherworld Sable’! A legendary beast of the Netherworld that can eat ghosts to nourish its strength! I can’t believe that such a beast actually existed in this world.”

The two girls were shocked. They were both Gold Core cultivators but they couldn’t stop a mere Harmonious Spirit beast’s intrusion.

It was fortunate that the sable didn’t disturb Ning Fan’s spirit sense, otherwise, the two girls wouldn’t be able to absolve themselves from the blame.

Not long after the small sable entered the grand formation, a sound of mountains and land cracking were heard from afar. A white-boned devil with the size of about 30 meters suddenly appeared. Every step it made produced shook the forest. Its devil howl frightened countless of Harmonious Spirit ghosts.

This devil was supposed to only have a peak Harmonious Spirit strength but its true strength was seemingly stronger than a Gold Core old devil.

Its devil howl alone could already subdue nearly 10 000 ghosts nearby. Who was this white-boned devil?

It seemed like it was tracking the Netherworld Sable since it smiled as soon as it saw the Spirit realm grand formation.

“Princess Mei, you have suffered some serious injuries. If you seal your cultivation once more, you might be able to outrun me by going into the First Region. I didn’t expect you to hide into a mere Spirit realm grand formation. Are you insulting my ability? Break!”

The white-boned devil pointed with its finger. The cave crumbled and the 300 meters wide Spirit realm formation was instantly destroyed.

Bing Ling and Yue Ling’s face instantly changed. The devil just destroyed a Spirit realm grand formation with a finger. They were afraid that not even an early Gold Core old devil could do it.

“Sister, go and protect Master. I will handle this devil. We have to stall some time for him.”

Bing Ling gritted her teeth. As she was already planted with the Restrictive Spell, her life and death was already connected to Ning Fan’s. So, how could she let him die?

There wasn’t enough time to contemplate why the devil emerged and suddenly attacked the grand formation. Her mind only had one priority - to prevent this devil from attacking Ning Fan.

She was, at the very least, a Gold Core expert. She might be able to hold it off for some time even if she couldn’t take it down.

“Dan Revolution Art, ‘Icy Water Arrow’!”

She summoned a small light blue arrow and blew it with Dan Qi. The Early-intermediate ranked magical treasure turned into thousands of rain arrow of icy light, falling at the white-boned devil.

This rain arrow might not harm Gold Core experts but it could definitely kill a Harmonious Spirit expert. A sound of clunking metals was heard as the rain hit the devil’s body. Of the thousands of arrows in the rain, none of them managed to break the devil’s defensive body. Bing Ling was stunned when she found out that she had totally underestimated the devil.

As for the devil, it was only surprised for a moment. It already knew that there were two delicately pretty girls ahead; it showed a sinister smile.

“Gold Core humans, I haven’t eaten such a delicious meal for a long time…it reminds me a lot of how tasteful the meat is!”

The devil smiled. He pointed his finger and the Early-intermediate ranked magical treasure exploded. He pulled his finger downwards sending Bing Ling off. She spurted out blood when she fell to the ground. Her life had been reduced to 50 percent and was in an unconscious state.

“Sister!” Yue Ling cried and looked up angrily when the devil smiled and sent his finger strike, injuring her.

Yue Ling bore the pain and closed her eyes. She was going to bet her life with this sword to defeat this devil.

Finally, she realised that her life was so unpleasantly bad. It started when she was kidnapped by the people of an evil sect and was turned into a cauldron. Now she had fallen into her enemy’s hands and was planted with a Restrictive Spell.

In fact, she could bear all of these sufferings but what she couldn’t bear was her sister’s death, because her life would be meaningless if her sister died.

“Filthy devil, I will kill you!”

Yue Ling was being very hasty and rash.

As she was about to lunged to her death, Ning Fan finished stabilizing his spirit sense.

He looked at the sable that suddenly appeared in his hands and frowned. He then saw Bing Ling laying on the ground, injured, and Yue Ling heading towards a wild devil. His eyes turned cold. He didn’t expect some ghost to come here and cause him trouble during his seclusion.

“Where did this devil come from? He dares to harm my cauldrons?!”

His legs moved in the air as an icy light formed under his feet. One of his hands grabbed Yue Ling’s waist and the other silvery hand punched violently against the white-boned devil’s steel punch.


A strong collision exploded, causing a 300 meters wide area of forest to be flatten to the ground.

Ning Fan fell down in front of the unconscious Bing Ling. He was in shock. His fist was badly wounded by the white-boned devil’s punch. He had to admit the overpowering physique of this devil.

How could there be such powerful devil in the Second Region?

As for the White Bone Devil, its eyes had a hint of surprise for the first time. He didn’t expect that a fragile youth could withstand one of its finger strike with its late Harmonious Spirit realm cultivation.

“This is rather strange. He is just a Harmonious Spirit insect but he can take my bone strike, even if this bone was just a mere incarnation of my true self…”   



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