Grasping Evil - Chapter 58

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The white-boned devil ahead was a mere peak harmonious Spirit but there was some kind of hidden Qi inside of it. Its Qi covered thousands of meters wide, causing some fluctuations and cracks in the void. Furthermore, some kind of devil Qi was found within the perimeter of the blood-red mist in the forest.

It stirred up more of Ning Fan’s fear and discomfort while he was sizing up the devil despite the murderous intent of an immortal emperor.

Void Fragmentation realm!

These three words suddenly appeared in his head, making his turn face ugly. He was wondering why he met a Void Fragmentation ghost in the Second Region.

This ghost had a very high level of Qi and magical power which he couldn’t detect despite him being a peak Harmonious Spirit expert. It was true that the cultivation of the ghosts in the Nine Yin Land was restricted by the formation. So, it was impossible for them to go into the lower regions. This devil must be from the higher regions. It might have used some sort of special ability or seal or incarnation or any other means to break into the lower regions.

After pondering all of these, Ning Fan changed his fearful expression. He no longer feel frightened despite looking slightly alarmed.

As long as it wasn’t the real body of the devil, he might be able to eliminate him.

Ning Fan’s eyes became unnaturally composed as if he had recovered from his shock. When the white-boned devil noticed the unusual changes in Ning Fan’s  expression, its eyes turned cold.

This brat feared me just now because he realized that I’m a Void Fragmentation expert, but he suddenly changed when he knew that this wasn’t my true form. He has an extraordinary perception despite his low cultivation. Or he has concealed his strength. He cannot be underestimated…

The both of them put up a strong facade when they realized that the other wasn’t an easy enemy. In the next moment, they casted their strongest skills at the same time.

The devil yelled, “Dance of Bracken Sprouts!”

“Fire Transformation Sword Strike!”

Ning Fan shook his Cauldron Ring to keep the two girls within it while stepping into his icy rainbow and went airborne while his other hand carried the unconscious sable and slashed at the devil. However, his sword strike couldn’t cut through its armour. The recoiling force shook his sword so much his hand felt numb.

The next second, he saw the devil violently made a heavy stomp on the ground, shaking the entire land. The next thing that happened was that thousands of bones, that were as sharp as a spear, pierced out of the ground and shot up above as if it was going to also pierce through the sky.

Every bone was sharp enough to pierce through an Early-intermediate ranked armour. Ning Fan could already feel the coldness from it. He quickly activated his invisibility hair band and disappeared.

The countless bones were shooting in every direction as its target suddenly disappeared.

Ning Fan had evaded the attack but tens of innocent Harmonious Spirit ghosts couldn’t escape their fate and died in the area.

“Invisibility Equipment, humph! An insignificant trick!"


The devil showed a disdainful look and let out a strange howl. The sound wave wasn’t just intangible waves. It rippled everything it touched. Ning Fan’s face changed instantly when his figure turned visible because of the sound waves.

Although this devil had suppressed his cultivation to the peak of Harmonious Spirit realm, its abilities and magical arts were still matchless. Even if Ning Fan was in the late Harmonious Spirit realm right now, he merely had a few tricks which wouldn’t be enough to defend against his opponent.

When the devil saw Ning Fan’s ordinary skills, its fear for him reduced. His huge palm waved, slapping Ning Fan to the ground.

“Leave the ‘Netherworld Sable’ here and I will let you go!”

The devil said with a smile. He sounded exceedingly arrogant. He was already a monarch of the ghosts across the Demon Sinister Forest, so who could rival his strength?

As a matter of fact, Ning Fan didn’t wish to provoke such an incredible devil during his hunt. He would’ve let the ‘Netherworld Sable’ off his grip if the devil didn’t hurt Bing Ling, but the fact remained that the devil had injured Bing Ling with his finger strike.

Ning Fan didn’t have a favourable impression of Bing Ling, but she was hurt because of guarding his safety. If it wasn’t for her, he would be the one who was injured now.

His eyes turned cold. He waved his palm and took out a new scabbard that carried Xiao Dugu’s second sword intent.

This sword intent was only comprehensible to Gold Core experts. So, it wasn’t a problem to him anymore as his spirit sense had already reached Gold Core realm, and his silver bone physique was strong enough to handle the sword intent.

Ning Fan wanted to release the sword intent and turn it into a Gold Core sword intent to break the defense of the devil. This devil was without a doubt a ghost and a ghost only possessed an intangible body but this monarch ghost had reached a level where his body was protected by an external armour – white bones.

As long as the white bones were destroyed, Ning Fan’s Separation Slayer, which had the ability to incinerate souls, could finish the Harmonious Spirit soul of this devil with ease.

He crushed the scabbard with one hand and a sword intent which smelt like a nauseating stench of blood spilled out from Ning Fan’s body.

Dugu’s first sword intent was Fire Transformation Sword Strike. The profound concept about this was the conversion of the sword intent to fire soul.

The concept for Dugu's second sword intent was to treat the sword as a tool of killing. The swordsman who understood this must be equipped with the heart of stone, otherwise, he would receive a tremendous backlash from the murderous intent. Next, sufficient murderous intent must be accumulated through continuous killing. Lastly, the swordsman had to train very hard in order to master this skill.

As for the two elements, heart of stone and murderous intent, Ning Fan already had them. The only thing that he was lacking now was training. However, he was able to converge the sword intent into a single spot and launch an attack to break the devil’s Harmonious Spirit armour.

The white-boned devil, who was standing opposite of him, twitched its eyes in surprise the moment he saw Ning Fan crush the scabbard.

“The secret sword technique of the sword ancestor! Who are you?”

He was a Void Fragmentation expert and a monarch of ghost but was frightened by the Gold Core sword intent as it suddenly recalled a very dreadful memory from before.

It reminded him of an imposing girl holding a long sword that slaughtered innumerable devils during the ancient times.

‘If I could destroy that sword, I would become invincible!’

Seconds later, his fear switched to hate and anger. Since this young man knew the secret sword technique, he had to be a descendant of that imposing girl. Besides, the reason that he died and was kept as a ghost in Nine Yin Land was because of that girl.

“I will kill her descendant. Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The devil’s gaze turned greenish blood-red. His murderous intent against Ning Fan soared wildly.

Ning Fan on the other hand had turned a blind eye to what was happening to the devil. His left hand was still carrying the unconscious small sable while his right hand was holding Starlight Sword Shadow. He shut his eyes and immersed his mind into the blood-red sword intent.

Who was the sword ancestor? Was the sword ancestor the ancestor of that girl? Ning Fan didn’t have a single clue about it.

Now, he only saw white bones in the blood-red sword intent. In the bloody mist, he was holding a sword, standing opposite of him was a girl who continued to slash the devils ruthlessly with her sword. Her face was blurry.

In Ning Fan’s eyes, these images turned into a sentence of a short poem.

A hill of white bones that didn’t have names, the bones of princes and princesses that didn’t have skin… They were women with rich dresses and men that cultivated the evil dao. One strike could blight thousands of bones.

Ning Fan opened his eyes and immediately stepped onto the icy light. He pointed forward with his sword, shooting out the sword intent that was illuminated with starlight towards the 30-meter-large devil.

“The second sword intent… A Mountain of White Bones!”

At this very moment, the devil felt a sense of extreme danger and threat which made it frenzied to the point that it had forgotten its main intention of coming here – capturing the sable.

It casted its magical power and converged it on one of its finger, and pressed it towards Ning Fan.

The finger strike was sufficient to crush an early Gold Core expert to death, let alone Ning Fan.

The tip of Separation Slayer turned into a blood-red light along with Ning Fan’s murderous intent. It was a simple and plain blood-red light but it carried a fearful sword intent that stabbed violently at the devil’s fingertip.

The instant their attacks collided, a strong force channelled itself through Separation Slayer towards Ning Fan’s chest, breaking a few of his ribs, and causing him to spurt out blood. He swallowed the fresh blood instantly and exerted more force in the handle of Separation Slayer, piercing into the devil’s finger.

When the blood-red light touched its finger, a large hole was seen from it. This scene was totally out of its expectation, as if its thoughts were washed by a pail of cold water.

The attack that was capable of crushing the bones of an early Gold Core expert was destroyed. Ning Fan looked like a person who didn’t fear death and a fearlessly frenzied dog which could scare anyone.

The next thing that happened also shocked the devil. A scorching temperature was channelled from the opening of its finger across its bones. It continued to move until it reached the soul under its bones and ignited, forming a shapeless flame, burning the soul inside.

This was the very first time that the devil displayed a shocked expression, it was clearly in disbeleif. A resounding wail soared to the sky. It was a distressed signal that alerted all ghosts in the Second Region.

In the meantime, in the Seventh Region, a 3000-meter-tall white-boned devil could feel that his avatar was killed, igniting his fury.

“My avatar is killed! Which ghost has such an audacity to kill my avatar! Find out who it is and rip the killer to pieces! Also, do not let that old female devil escape from Demon Sinister Forest! I want all ghosts of the forest to lock the exit of the seven regions! Kill any intruder on sight!”

The white-boned devil had been the monarch of the seven regions for countless of years. This was the first time that he felt truly angry!



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