Grasping Evil - Chapter 59

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White Bone Monarch was angered! He didn’t feel as angry when his ‘Emperor Soul Remnant Volume’ was stolen by Princess Mei. He wanted to know who had such boldness to even dare harm his avatar.

The entire Demon Sinister Forest had become unprecedentedly dangerous when the Monarch gave the order. Ning Fan didn’t realise that he had just offended the highest being in the forest so badly.

The soul of the devil was burnt into nothingness, leaving a roughly 50 meters large skeleton standing on the ground.

It was a sword strike that finished off a Void Fragmentation expert’s avatar. Ning Fan felt very excited even though the avatar was only a Harmonious Spirit expert.

The opponent was an old monster of Void Fragmentation. Judging from its Harmonious Spirit avatar, its knowledge, magical power and techniques were not any weaker than the ones in Ancient Chaotic's memory, but Ning Fan still defeated the devil in the end. This battle had boosted his confidence so much. He imagined that if he was also a Void Fragmentation expert, he would never fear Emperor Moksha. In fact, he would be good enough to challenge Emperor Moksha even if he just possessed the strength of a peak Void Refinement realm expert.

Thus, it wasn’t true that Void Fragmentation experts were invincible.

He opened his mouth to swallow the sword and landed on the ground. He then looked at the huge white skeleton strangely.

Through a more careful observation, he could see that the white bone was a rare and unusually hard item. It was a piece of a rib bone from a Void Fragmentation expert.

The density and the strength of the white bone skeleton was reduced because it only came from a small piece of bone from the actual body.

His eyes moved and dotted on the white skeleton with a finger. Then, the large skeleton turned into a thumb-sized bone that was as clear as jade.

This small bone was actually many times harder than the previous skeleton. It was so hard that a Nascent Soul expert couldn’t even cut through it.

If this bone was forge into Separation Slayer, a greater sword would be born. The metal of Separation Slayer was made of gold, its edge was made of lighting silver and its backbone was made of earth steel. It was apparent that the earth steel was not as hard as this Void Fragmentation bone. If the earth steel was replaced by this white bone, he was confident that Separation Slayer would advance to intermediate ranked magical treasure.

Once a weapon hit the intermediate ranked mark, it could be advanced further by using the advancement method of Immemorial Divine Weapon, the absorption of spirit.

When the spirit of mountains, sea, earth vein, heaven and earth were absorbed by the sword, it would become an Immemorial Divine Weapon.

Ning Fan smirked and kept the small white bone into his storage pouch.

Anyway, upgrading Separation Slayer wasn’t his priority now. The injury caused by the finger strike just now wasn’t a light one. As for Bing Ling, she was even more injured than him.

Ning Fan’s expression hardened. He had never seen someone die due to protecting him.

It wouldn’t be very difficult to save Bing Ling, but it might make their relationship confusing.

He would just act according to the situation.

“I guess I have to re-enter seclusion. This time, I shouldn’t  save immortal jades any more and set the Dan realm formation in case some devil as powerful as the previous appeared. The time needed for my recovery would be at least three days. So, I won’t be getting any contribution points within the next three days.”

Ning Fan took out the contribution points jade disc and gave it a simple glance. Immediately after that, his eyes glittered.

The accumulated points wasn't 5154 anymore, it had become 2, 005, 154.

If there wasn’t anything wrong with Ning Fan’s eyes, the contribution points that he saw had just increased by 2 million points.

How could he obtain 2 million points after killing a peak Harmonious Spirit devil?

While he was still wondering about it, he saw a flash on the jade disc. The readings showed 5154 again and 6154 after another flash. He shook his head and realized that there must’ve been some kind of error with the system that’s why it showed a 2 million increase in points just now.

After that, he started to place thousands of immortal jades as the eye of the formation. He then used his spirit sense to connect all the dots. A grand formation of about ten miles was set along the river bank.

It was undeniably easier to set a formation using a Gold Core realm spirit sense.

The thought of contribution point disc still bugged him. Could it really be a mistake of the system?

In fact, the jade disc didn’t register the reading wrongly. That was an avatar of the White-boned Devil Monarch, created by using its ability of ‘Turning Fragments of Bones into Soldiers’.

The real cultivation of the avatar was Void Refinement when it was summoned. Due to it chasing after Princess Mei into the Sixth Region, and as Princess Mei suppressed her cultivation and continued to enter the fifth, fourth, third until she reached the Second Region. It gave the avatar no choice but to suppress its cultivation as well until it reached the Harmonious Spirit realm so that it could enter the Second Region.

In truth, an early Void Refinement ghost was really worth 2 million contribution points. However, only certain masters of Sinister Sparrow Sect knew about this.

In the Merit Hall, it scared Sinister Sparrow when Ning Fan’s accumulation points suddenly increased by 2 million points.

According to the records, the highest contribution point that could be obtained from killing ghosts in the forest was a peak Gold Core ghost which was worth 15, 000 points. The higher leveled ghosts would be the ghost king but no one had ever killed such a ghost before due to them being at least at the Nascent Soul realm.

No one knew why Ning Fan’s contribution points increased by 2 million points suddenly. This must be a joke!

What kind of ghost was worth 2 million contribution points?

“There must be something wrong with the Merit Monument. Ai… it’s probably because it has been used for many generations.” Elder Mengchu’s forehead was beaded with cold sweat because many people started to snicker and whisper about his bad maintenance of the monument.

“It’s 2 million contribution points. How could this be possible? I will step down and hand over the position of White Honour to him if he really obtained 2 million contribution points!” Bai Feiteng’s eyes looked displeased. His accumulated points was merely 1.97 million, but Ning Fan’s sudden increment had taken his fifth place, pushing his position to the sixth.

Bai Feiteng's face suddenly felt hot. How could the fifth place that he obtained through a few hundred years of effort be snatched by an inexperienced Ning Fan? What kind of joke was this?

“This is certainly caused by an error in the Merit Monument!” Bai Feiteng said firmly. The other elders also felt the same way.

“I dare to bet that the monument had really made a mistake. If I am wrong, I would use my third leg to walk!” A shirtless brawny man laughed and disapproved the readings of the Merit Monument.

Every time something inexplicable happens, people would always treat it as irrational or illogical. For instance, cultivators would usually laugh when they heard the mortals say that ghosts were non-existent. In the same way, the immortals of Four Heaven Immortal World would laugh when cultivators deny the existence of immortals.

“I urge Sect Master to correct the readings of the Merit Monument.” Bai Feiteng made an obeisance by cupping his hands before his chest. Who wouldn’t envy Ning Fan? Who would even be convinced that Ning Fan really obtained 2 million contribution points in just several days and be ranked top five?  

Only the sect master, Sinister Sparrow, knew that there wasn’t an error in the Merit Monument. The monument was built by a higher realm ancestor named ‘Sparrow God Kidd’ using his extraordinary ability. It had incredible workmanship and system. It would never show an error.

However, if it wasn’t the fault of the Merit Monument…

Sinister Sparrow had no idea what grade of monster Ning Fan had killed in Demon Sinister Forest.

Of all the previous sect masters of Sinister Sparrow Sect, they had only gained some understanding about the forbidden regions of the forest. They knew that there were some ghosts whose cultivation was beyond Nascent Soul and Spirit Severing.

‘2 million of contribution points… If it didn’t came from a Spirit Severing ghost, it must’ve come from a Void Refinement ghost. What is this Ning Fan doing in the forest?! How could he always makes us worry?! He hasn’t even officially entered the sect yet.’

Sinister Sparrow didn’t tell anyone about it. He followed everyone’s suggestion and adviced to correct Ning Fan’s contribution points.

Ning Fan's 2, 005, 154 points had been corrected to 6, 154.

The 2 million contribution points continued to bug Sinister Sparrow’s mind. He was unable to maintain his calmness because of this. He suddenly realised that allowing Ning Fan into the Demon Sinister Forest was a huge mistake.

That kid must have encountered something huge in the forest. Sinister Sparrow hoped that Ning Fan didn’t provoke any kind of ‘deadly’ ghosts, otherwise, that kid would certainly not be able to return even if he was given ten lives.

‘He is surely a kid who knows how to create troubles. I’m afraid the secret that he is keeping is more than Han Yuanji.’ Sinister Sparrow heaved a long sigh. It seemed like his understanding of Ning Fan wasn’t that deep at all.

There wasn’t a single outer disciple who had caught his attention and made him worry. He touched his forehead and was speechless.

This was, perhaps the first time that the Merit Monument created an error…



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