Grasping Evil - Chapter 60

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‘Mountain Creek Travel’, the ‘Dan’ realm grand formation, if set in the correct places in the water, it could combine all the creaks into one. Its defensive strength was enough to withstand the attacks of Gold Core experts.

Ning Fan felt relieved after setting the grand formation in the second region. This meant that it wouldn’t matter even if the peak Harmonious Spirit bone devil returned.

This action proved Ning Fan’s great foresight. After the Dan realm grand formation was set, before he could rest, the ghosts in the region charged frenziedly towards Ning Fan’s position, as though they had received some sort of provocation.

In the beginning, there were only ten of them. Then, it increased to hundreds of Harmonious Spirit ghosts. Ning Fan could already imagine his tragic fate if he was attacked by so many of them, without the help of the Dan realm grand formation.

It went without saying that the riot of the ghosts was related to the devil that he had just killed. That devil was an avatar of a Void Fragmentation expert. It was likely that he had offended a violent being.

Does it matter if he offended the devil? If he was given a choice, he would still choose to eliminate the true form of the devil. In fact, this was how he protected his weakness.

In his hand was the sable that came out of nowhere. Despite it being unconscious, its mouth was still clenching on a black piece of jade.

Ning Fan kept the sable into his Cauldron Ring, leaving the black jade in his hand. He knew that it was an extraordinary black jade, but he simply didn’t have the time to find out.

There were several broken ribs in his chest. After keeping the black jade, only then did he have time to treat his broken ribs. He sat cross-legged on the bank of the creek, with a flutter of his sleeves, Bing Ling and Yue Ling were released from the cauldron.

Bing Ling’s body and clothes was sticky with blood. She was still unconscious, her face as white as paper and her weak Qi indicated her critical condition.

Yue Ling who was in front of her sister was still crying. Her eyes revealed alertness and resentment when Ning Fan released them.

“You…what do you want to do with my sister? It was all your fault! If it wasn’t for you, my sister wouldn’t have suffer such a serious injury! I want you to give my sister back!”

Yue Ling clenched her fist tightly and pounded Ning Fan’s chest like a frenzied little lion.

Ning Fan knitted his eyebrows, but he felt a sense of relief. He raised his hand to pat on Yue Ling’s head gently.

“I can save her. You have to help me.”

Every person would have a time of being tender-hearted. Ning Fan’s ruthlessness disappeared when his enemy suffered injuries to save his life.

She felt a sense of security after being patted by Ning Fan and hearing his words. She sounded expectant. “If you can really save my sister! If you really can! I will…I will become your cauldron!”

“That isn’t necessary, you both are already my cauldron.”

Ning Fan smiled. This was the first time he smiled to Yue Ling. The bright and hearty smile touched her heart, causing her to blush.

He knelt down, ignoring Yue Ling, and used his spirit sense to enter Bing Ling’s clothes, then thoroughly checked her body.

The meridians were broken, bones were crushed, and the vital organs were damaged. If Ning Fan was the one who had such injuries, he would’ve died. Bing Ling just barely survived because of her Gold Core realm, but that wouldn’t keep her alive for long if she didn’t receive any medical attention.

Bing Ling’s injuries made it suitable for her to take the Jade Royal Dan, but he was afraid that she couldn’t bear the incredible pain of the pill, knowing that she had weak willpower.

In which case, treating her would be more difficult. First, he had to treat her internal organs to stabilize her life force.

He waved to take out three Third Revolution pills named ‘Void Origin Pill’. It was well known by everyone across Yue Country. It was a great pill of the Great Void Sect. These pills were robbed by the old devil back then when he broke into the Great Void Sect to treat the poison in Zhihe’s body. There were still some of them left.

This pill was able to heal any kind of injuries, even for a Gold Cold expert. The preciousness of this pill was even greater than some Fourth Revolution pills. There was a proverb in the Truth Cultivation World that the pills with magical essence were valuable but the pills with lifesaving ability were priceless.

Yue Ling gaped at Ning Fan when she saw the pill.

It was a secret pill of the first ranked righteous sect – Great Void Sect that they kept only for themselves. There were a lot of righteous sect who went to ask for these pills, but very few of them could get it. The question was, how did Ning Fan obtain this pill?

If such a precious pill was sold in the market, its price would be inestimable. Ning Fan was willing to sacrifice such a precious pill just to save the cauldron.

Thinking about this, Yue Ling’s resentment against Ning Fan gradually faltered .

“He is really being generous to sister. If he can really save sister, I will forgive him.”

Yue Ling’s expression wasn’t captured by Ning Fan as he was entirely focused on saving Bing Ling. Although the pill could stabilize Bing Ling’s injuries, there was one prerequisite – Bing Ling’s body must have healthy meridians before consuming the pill otherwise, the effects of the pill would never flow in her body.

Treating Bing Ling was harder than he had imagined, but that didn’t stop him.

He took a deep breath before swallowing a Void Origin Pill. Once the pill was fully melted in his stomach, he lowered his body and placed his mouth on Bing Ling’s lips to channel the medicinal effect to her body.

Due to Bing Ling’s body being unable to withstand the medicinal effect, he needed to channel the dissolved medicine into her body slowly.

“You! What are you doing?”

Yue Ling was blushing. She had never seen anyone using a kiss to treat a person. She realised that this Ning Fan wasn’t a good ‘thing’ after all, taking advantage of her sister while treating her.

However, Yue Ling could see that her sister’s Qi was improving. So, he wasn’t as bad as she thought.

Seconds later, she realised that Ning Fan was doing something even more shameless.

It took the time for an incense stick to burn for Ning Fan to fully channel all the dissolved medicine to Bing Ling’s body. Despite his care, she still felt a painful sensation when she felt a medicinal rush in the middle of the process.

The condition of her vital organs were stabilized, her meridians and bones were starting to heal itself slowly. Void Origin Pill was worthy of being the  sought after pill of Yue Country. The problem was that some of the meridians were entangled with the other and some bones were joined incorrectly to the other bones.

The nourishment of the medicine was boiling in her body, her meridians were in pain, her face looked uncomfortable.

Ning Fan frowned. His finger removed her blouses and dress like a knife, leaving her Dudou and undergarment.

Her Dudou was glued to her damaged bosoms. He carried Bing Ling and leaped into the creek. The coldness of the water slightly alleviated Bing Ling’s suffering.

At the same time, he used his Yin Plucking Finger to touch Bing Ling’s sticky bosoms. After a few breaths, the unconscious Bing Ling started to moan and was in a state of confusion.

“You…you are absolutely shameless! Why are you doing this to her? Can’t you see what condition she is in? You aren’t human!”

Yue Ling was shy and angry at the same time. She hadn’t thought that Ning Fan was someone who desperate for sexual activity when she saw that he was ‘playing’ with her dying sister.

“Yin Plucking Finger could let her feel more comfortable so that she won’t feel the pain…” Ning Fan explained briefly without expecting Yue Ling to understand.

Yin Plucking Finger was akin to an anaesthetic drug in the world of mortals. It could make someone unable to feel pain for a period of time.

This was because Ning Fan had to forcefully break the entangled meridians and bones to reconnect them properly so that they could heal normally.

This would be very painful. Ning Fan had taken a Jade Royal Dan before so he knew how painful it was to have the meridians and bones broken and restored  again. Bing Ling wouldn’t be able to withstand such a pain with her normal sensational response.

This time Yue Ling really misunderstood him because she had never heard of a treatment that the injured female needed sexual ecstasy.

“If you can’t heal my sister, I will…”

Yue Ling threatened Ning Fan, but found out that she could never become a threat to Ning Fan.

Yet at this time, he spoke, causing her face to turn as red as blood and stirring her anger.

“Yue Ling, strip off your clothes. Come and hold your sister. I am going to connect the bones inside of her.”

“I am not peeling my clothes off!”

Yue Ling gasped in anger. In spite of that, she still leaped into the creek with her clothes on.

She believed that her clothes didn’t need to be taken off during the treatment process, she had no choice but to hold her sister in the river.

Unfortunately, Yue Ling’s clothes were too thin. After being soaked in water, her bosoms and buttocks became visible, creating a lithe figure and curve.

Slowly, her nipples started to form in her thin and soaked clothes, making her extremely shy.

She was also being been taken advantage of even if she didn’t take off her clothes.

As she was holding her sister, she lifted her head vigilantly but saw no obscene expression in his eyes, unexpectedly, he had ignored her.

Her appearance and figure were considered exceptional. Anyone selected to be cauldrons would have to meet these requirements. Now that her body was soaked and wet, even a stern monk would be affected by her. She couldn’t understand why this youth didn’t even bother to look at her.

“Is he really a lascivious one?” Yue Ling started to doubt her judgement of Ning Fan.

Or perhaps she was as beautiful as a female immortal but Ning Fan was only interested in pink human skeletons?

Afterwards, she saw Ning Fan’s hand circulating magical power to break Bing Ling’s bones and reconnect it again. Because of the anaesthetic effect of the Yin Plucking Finger, Bing Ling’s pain was minimal.

She finally understood the effectiveness of Ning Fan’s enchantment.

As for Ning Fan, his injuries weren’t light. His face turned pale after he exerted  his magical power for a few rounds, some blood trickled at the side of his mouth. It wasn’t easy to recover from the damage done by the White Bone Devil’s finger strike.

Yue Ling felt moved all of a sudden.

“His body is injured heavily too, but he is willing to put that aside first to treat her sister…”

During fights, this youth was a cunning and shameless male who would use the meanest and ruthless way to defeat his enemy. Now, he was being very nice and gentle to his cauldrons.

As a matter of fact, this youth was thousands of times better than countless of devils outside. Yue Ling was sure that there were no devils who would treat their cauldrons nicely.

Yue Ling’s eyes glinted with warmth, hardly seen in her cold path of Truth Cultivation.

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