Grasping Evil - Chapter 61

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It took one whole day for Ning Fan to fully connect Bing Ling’s bones properly but she wasn’t awake yet. Yue Ling who was watching her sister closely, used her knee as a cushion for her sister.

Outside the illuminating formation barrier were nearly a thousand of Harmonious Spirit ghosts. The cry of the ghosts shivered Yue Ling. Her expression was baffled while she was peeking at Ning Fan who was sitting cross-legged to heal his wounds. It relieved her guilt to see him recovering.

Three days later, Ning Fan’s injuries had been fully recovered with the help of three Void Origin Pills. A black sable was lying on his knee unconscious while his hand was holding a tattered black jade.

His palm gently stroke the body of the sable. Yue Ling didn’t know that Ning Fan liked small animals.

“It looks like Second Black…” Ning Fan looked at the small sable and recalled a loyal big black dog that he used to keep.

Unfortunately, the dog was beaten to death by a prince called Hai Ning.

It was rare to see sadness in Ning Fan’s eyes but it vanished as fast as it emerged. If one asked him about the similarity of this black sable and his black dog, he would say their eye.

It was the expression of being trapped and helpless.

Because of this eye expression, Ning Fan decided to let the small sable swallow a Void Origin Pill to heal its injuries.

“A Harmonious Spirit beast. I am qualified to keep it given my current capability.” He muttered. Yue Ling could hear it despite his soft voice. At this instant, it made her feel confused.

After feeling Ning Fan’s care for her sister and her, she was shocked to see him so caring to an animal.

When he thought about the Ning Family, his eyes and face turned cold, showing some signs of frustrations.

He would return to Ning Family, probably some time later. His desire to eliminate the entire Ning Family had diminished. This time, when he return to the family, he would only kill those who plotted against him as the Ning Family was still his home after all. The word home was deemed a luxurious place to cultivators.

The alteration of his state of mind was a kind of self-improvement because cultivators felt that they were at home wherever they went. In other words, they were homeless.

He didn’t want to dwell further in his thoughts. His eyes shifted back to the black jade. As he was trying to decipher it, the Yin Yang Locket trembled slightly in his dantian.

This was an ancient jade stone. It was mentioned once in the Ancient Chaotic Memory. It was called the ‘Immemorial Soul Crystal’. There were some Immortals that planted their spirit sense in this crystal, to inherit cultivation methods or record the knowledge of cultivation during the ancient times.

The marks on the jade stone indicated that it was split into half by someone.

This Netherworld Sable was being chased by the White Bone Devil several days ago. It must be targeting this jade stone. As Ning Fan was trying to unlock the message inside the jade stone using his spirit sense, it was deflected  back as it touched the jade stone.

It either his spirit sense wasn’t powerful enough or it needed a special way to unlock the message inside.

Ning Fan Chen kept his silence while trying to figure out different ways of using his spirit sense on the jade stone, but nothing was accomplished.

He shook his head for not having the luck to obtain the inheritance.

At this moment, the black sable which had been unconscious for three days twitched and turned for the first time. Its eyes opened, it let out a light yawn, and rolled in Ning Fan’s embrace.

Her half-awake eyes suddenly turned into fear and anxiety. She realised that she was sleeping in a stranger’s arms, while her tender body was being touched and played by the stranger.

“Filthy man! You are seeking death!” Her eyes revealed the anger of a woman. She wanted to scream and curse at Ning Fan, but too bad, she was merely a beast. The scream had turned into *Wu* *Wu* and *Ow* *Ow* - the weak shout of a beast.

This sable was literally the female devil who fought the White Bone Devil. Currently, her face was in disbelief because Ning Fan’s hand was just too bold!

As he stroked, touched her charming hip and the spot between her legs. He eventually stopped on her lower abdomen and drew circles on it.

“Shame…shameless…I am the ‘Devil Empress’ – Prince Mei. How dare you insult me?!”

Her eye expression was fierce. Although she had already recovered completely, her body was still weak, unable to escape Ning Fan’s palm, leaving Ning Fan to lay his hands on her body freely.

She truly think too highly of herself, Ning Fan would never have a desire for a small sable. He was Ning Fan, not Yu Chi, so how could he do such a thing to a pet?

“Uh? You are awake. Little Black…” Ning Fang smiled gently. He put down the black jade. Both of his hands were stroking the small sable in his embrace. As for Princess Mei, a sudden rage was stirred inside of her.

She was a well-respected Devil Empress, how could she be called ‘Little Black’? Was he treating her as something like a pet?!

Princess Mei struggled lightly, but she still couldn’t get out of Ning Fan’s hands. When her eyes saw the black jade, her expression suddenly turned excited.

“‘Emperor Soul Remnant Volume’! This is great! It hasn’t been taken back by White Bone Devil!”

She started to regain her senses and think.

She was running away from the Bone Devil. When she reached her limit, she saw a blurry grand formation, and leaped into it. She couldn’t remember anything after that.

Wasn’t she being hunted by the Bone Devil? Why wasn’t she dead yet? And the black jade was still here. Could it be that this man had defeated the Bone Devil?

This was not possible. Bone Devil was an invincible opponent. How could a mere late Harmonious Spirit Ning Fan defeat a peak Harmonious Spirit clone of Bone Devil?

“Filthy brat! Give the black jade back to me or I will not let you live!”

Princess Mei turned to Ning Fan with a threatening eye expression, but the murderous intent in her eyes weren’t captured by Ning Fan.

He was a human, he couldn’t understand the meaning of *Hu* *Hu* made by a beast.

He naturally felt happy when he saw that the little sable awake. His fingers circulated magical power as he stroke her body. He was trying to channell some magical energy into her body.

“Don’t move, your injuries aren’t recovered yet.”

In Ning Fan’s Yin Yang Evil Veins, a hundred of the spirit in the veins had been raised. He didn’t need to use the Yin Plucking Finger technique to cast the magical power of Yin Yang. The energy that entered her body made her feel weird. This was because she was a female after all.

“Release me!”

“Don’t touch here!”

“I will kill you if you dare to touch here!”

Every word that she expressed wasn’t understood by Ning Fan. His finger didn’t stop. Slowly, the sable felt  warmth and comfort that made her want to sleep.

Ning Fan’s way of massaging was too profound.

Her two fore claws were placed on Ning Fan’s arms, her hind legs were moving comfortably. Her eyes started to be filled with sexual desire.

“You filthy lustful brat! Release me and I will guarantee your  life! Please, I am begging you! Uh…Uh…”

Her body turned like jelly, losing all of her strength to resist. She had no choice but to allow Ning Fan to touch her at his will. As for the internal injuries, they had already started to heal gradually.

As the time went by, the unexpected struck Ning Fan.

A warm liquid flowed out from the spot between the sable legs, dirtying Ning Fan’s clothes. It smelt tempting.

“This little thing is actually a female?! Why is your body expelling this liquid after a few strokes…?”

Ning Fan was speechless. When he saw the spot between her legs, he saw no ‘bird’ there, which he didn’t notice before.

As she saw Ning Fan looking at her secret spot, she felt so embarrassed that she wanted to die.

“Why did it turn out to be like this?! This is my first time! It’s gone!”

Insult and embarrassment. She was the prestigious Princess Mei, a threefold Void Fragmentation expert. And now, she was played by a puny Harmonious Spirit expert.

“Little Black, you need to be obedient, okay?” Ning Fan said seriously.

“F*ck yourself! I will kill you!” Princess Mei bit on Ning Fan’s finger lightly, she couldn’t even break his skin. From an outsider’s point of view, it looked like the pet was trying to be playful with its master.

Ning Fan hadn’t realised that the group of besieging ghosts outside the grand formation started to leave when the small sable awaken. Some of them were even running away desperately from the grand formation.

The small sable that was teased by Ning Fan was actually a very terrifying being to the ghosts.


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