Grasping Evil - Chapter 62

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It was the fifteenth day after he entered the Demon Sinister Forest.

Ning Fan was still carrying the small sable while hunting for Sense Bead from the ghosts like a cold-blooded killer in the Second Region.

He wasn’t sure why every Harmonious Spirit ghost was so afraid of him while he was carrying the small sable. The ghosts became twenty to thirty percent weaker than usual.

He started to have doubts about this unusual phenomenon, and was connecting this to the small sable.

Five days had passed. The killings of ghosts had exceeded 300. His Separation Slayer had been already upgraded to a high rank magical treasure. As for Ning Fan, he had obtained 122 Harmonious Spirit realm Sense Bead.

He believed that if he refined all of these beads, his spirit sense would advance  to intermediate Gold Core with ease.

He gradually became adept at using the Gold Core sword intent – white bones piled up like a hill, through the killings. As the tip of the sword pointed below, there would be a fuzzy image of white bones rippling on the ground, making it looked very eerie and strange.

As for his contribution points, Ning Fan had already reached a terrifying number.

124954 points! He was ranked 74th in the Merit Monument!

In this half a month’s time, Ning Fan’s contribution points constantly kept Sinister Sparrow amazed. At this very moment, countless of seniors were staring at the Merit Monument, none of them dared to interrupt the atmosphere.

“Look! Ning Fan’s contribution points increases by two ‘200’. It means that he has killed two intermediate Harmonious Spirit ghosts!”

“Another ‘1000’ points, another peak Harmonious Spirit ghost is killed!”

“In half a month’s time, he has obtained 120 000 points. He needed to kill at least 300 Harmonious Spirit ghosts for that. This Ning Fan… I’m afraid that not even a Gold Core expert could defeat him.”

In this half a month’s time, Ning Fan’s reputation had spread not only within the Sinister Sparrow Sect, but also to other sects. It had caused some commotions across Yue Country.

The Sects which were observing Sinister Sparrow Sect had gotten this news the fastest – a heaven defying intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert named Ning Fan had killed up to 300 Harmonious Spirit ghosts in half a month’s time!

The news shuddered every Harmonious Spirit cultivators who heard it, including the intermediate Gold Core experts.

Even if they were intermediate God Core experts, they could never kill so many Harmonious Spirit ghosts as easy as cutting vegetables, unless they were peak Gold Core experts.

The name of Han Yuanji’s disciple of Seven Apricot City and the descendant of Black Devil Ning had slowly been forgotten. A new name was given by some Gold Core old monsters, it was ‘Harmonious Spirit Killer’.

Some old monsters even acknowledged that Ning Fan was the first one below Gold Core realm that was considered powerful across Yue Country!

There was a continuous flow of old monsters of Sinister Sparrow Sect to the Merit Hall. Later, people below the Harmonious Spirit realm were no longer allowed to enter because the hall was already too congested with people. 

Yan Zhuiyun’s eyes were mixed with different emotions. According to Ning Fan’s current speed, he would definitely be able to accumulate more than 200 000 points, outranking him.

His more than ten years of effort was no nothing compared to a month of Ning Fan’s effort. This was really hard for him to stomach. His degree of awe for Ning Fan grew higher unconsciously.

“Back in Seven Apricot City, I have certainly made the most sensible choice by leaving promptly and not offending this man.”

Every Harmonious Spirit expert was looking at Ning Fan’s booming contribution points with fear.

Those Harmonious Spirit old monsters were deemed high rank cultivators in Yue Country but they were nothing in front of this young Ning Fan.

The one who felt most uncomfortable right now was Bai Feinteng and his son Bai Bi. The father never got along with the old devil. So, the son would also never get with Ning Fan. Unfortunately, not only was the father no match for the old devil, even the son was weaker than Ning Fan. History just repeats itself, which was very unfavourable for them.

Today, the person Bai Feiteng couldn’t accept the most was Ning Fan. Ning Fan had created a dreadful impression in him.

It wasn’t common for an intermediate Gold Core old monster to fear an intermediate Harmonious Spirit junior. The degree of unacceptance was so high for a very arrogant Bai Feiteng.

Meanwhile, in the Merit Hall, the one who was the most happy seeing Ning Fan’s extraordinary results was Miss Lan Mei.

Although she never laughed, her eyes had never left the Merit Monument. Every time the monument flashed, she knew that Ning Fan was fine.

Initially, she was worried for Ning Fan’s safety after entering the Second Region, but today it seemed like it was all unnecessary.

Inside the Merit Hall, there was a person from Extreme Yin Gate – Ji Mo Old Monster!

His eyes flashed with astonishment and cold intent.

“He had never thought that this Ning Fan has such a powerful strength. Could he be the one related to the disappearance of old master’s cauldrons? In which case, I’m afraid that we a;ready have offended that scary Black Devil Ning of Ning City. I have to inform old master about this!”

Ning Fan’s fame was on the rise. If Ning Fan knew that he was called the ‘Harmonious Spirit Killer’, he would feel that he was not worthy of that name.

Putting aside the fact that he was merely a late Harmonious Spirit expert, the reason that he could kill so many Harmonious Spirit ghost was because of the Separation Slayer which could kill the spirit and the small sable that could scare the ghost and suppress their strength.

The deterrence of the small sable affected those peak Harmonious Spirit ghosts so much that they could only exert the strength of an intermediate Harmonious Spirit ghost. So, killing these ghosts had become a piece of cake.

The killing of over 300 Harmonious Spirit experts might be frightening but if they were suppressed, it was practically easy.

He was wearing a tattered robe stained with blood, making him look like a beggar.

He had expended all his mana pills after five days of slaughter. As such, he had sensibly decided not to hunt anymore.

Yue Ling had taken a bath in the creek covered by the grand formation. She clumsily set up a fire to cook some angelfish while waiting for Ning Fan to return.

Her sister Bing Ling was already awake. She had heard about the incidents that happened after she collapsed. Her cold gaze was mixed with contradicting feelings.

“Sister, what is our future plan now…?” Yue Ling asked the same question again but her tone was different this time.

“I don’t know…” Bing Ling was slightly confused, she couldn’t give an answer to that.

After returning to the grand formation, disregarding how dissatisfied the small sable might be, he gave her a bath.

“Kittens and puppies hated baths.” Ning Fan smiled seeing the struggling small sable in his hand. He didn’t know that the small sable was struggling because she was unwilling to be in contact with a male, not because she hated bath.

“I would absolutely not forgive you!” The small sable let out helpless tweet. But no one could understand the threat coming from those noise.

After the bath, he changed into a new set of clothes. The three people and a sable sat around the fire pit, eating the baked angelfish. Except for Ning Fan who was sitting in a carefree manner, the other three beings were filled with mixed emotions.

“When do you two want to return to the Cauldron Ring?” Ning Fan said plainly.

“Don’t you want to see the two of us…?” Bing Ling gritted her teeth. If it was before, she wouldn’t be willing to stay even a second longer with Ning Fan, but she didn’t mind it now.

“It’s not about that. I have decided to enter the Third Region after my seclusion. There would be lots of Gold Core ghosts there. At that time, I’m afraid that even my live would be in danger. The two of you would only be a nuisance there.”

“You don’t need to explain, you are the master. We will follow whatever you say.”

Bing Ling said. She felt warmth upon hearing Ning Fan’s remark. Ning Fan didn’t hate them, but he cared for them instead…

However, why is this Ning Fan so poor in comforting ladies? Why did he have to say that the two of them were a ‘nuisance’ to him?

Due to the brightness of the fire, Ning Fan’s faint smile was seen and deeply imprinted in Bing Ling’s eyes.

He was the enemy and the master…

The two girls, along with 15 other Harmonious Spirit female cultivators had gone into the Cauldron Ring. Ning Fan hesitated about what to do with the two girls.

Plucking? No, he couldn’t do that. What about letting them go? He couldn’t do either of that for the time being, he didn’t want to reveal the matter of capturing the cauldrons to the Extreme Yin Gate which would offend them directly. However, he knew that this matter wouldn’t stay hidden for long.

“If I have the strength of a Gold Core expert, perhaps I don’t need to fear the Extreme Yin Gate anymore…”

He carried small sable in his arms while he sat cross-legged. The ground slit open due to a slash from his sword, the earth fire was ignited and he was able to start the concoction.

Every herb required was tossed skilfully by Ning Fan into the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron. This time, he had decided to concoct 200 Second Revolution Soul Enhancing Dans at the same time.

His early Gold Core realm spirit sense had greatly enhanced his alchemy skill. He was confident that he could make 200 Second Revolution pills in one shot.

He was confident in concocting the Fourth Revolution pill ‘Nascent Soul Dan’, even if he was concocting two of those pills.

His skill in alchemy amazed the small sable in his arms. 

Ning Fan’s had taken down 300 Harmonious Spirit ghosts in five days. It was a feat that left a deep impression in the small sable’s heart, but she couldn’t imagine that such a young man had already reached the Fourth Revolution Dan Master realm.

Furthermore, this kid had vast amount of herbs in his storage pouch, he had even taken out countless of thousands-year-old herbs. 

The small sable licked her mouth and her eyes were burning. 

“If I consume his herbs, it wouldn’t be hard to undo the seal on my body and recover my cultivation.”

She took the chance to get out of Ning Fan’s arms while Ning Fan was still concocting pills and slowly crawled towards the storage pouch, but she was grabbed by her neck by Ning Fan and then back into his arms.

“Little Black, don’t mess around. If you mess around again, I will plant the Restrictive Spell on you.” Ning Fan knitted his brows slightly.

“What? You dare to plant a Restrictive Spell on me? I…I…am scared…”

The small sable wanted to curse him but her body started shivering. She couldn’t imagine how tragic it would be if she, a Void Fragmentation expert was planted with a Restrictive Spell, her life would be fully controlled by Ning Fan.

She obediently stuck out her tongue to lick Ning Fan’s hand while being disgusted by its action, acting like a demon pet to make Ning Fan happy.

As for Ning Fan, he revealed a gentle smile, seeing the small sable becoming obedient.

“That is better. Wait until my spirit sense reaches the intermediate Gold Core realm, I’ll bring you along into the Third Region to kill those Gold Core ghosts!”

The small sable almost wanted to cry out loud after hearing this.

“Don’t! I am only an early Harmonious Spirit expert. If we enter the Third Region, I would be ripped off by Bone Devil! No, we can’t go there!”

Princess Mei, a dignified Void Fragmentation was about to cry.

The fragrance from the pills was exuded from the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron, this meant that the completion of the concoction was getting closer.

Three days later, the Mountain Creek Travel covered by the grand formation leaked a wave of powerful spirit sense, sweeping across the 200 sections in the region. Any ghost that was scanned by the spirit sense revealed fear on their faces.

Intermediate Gold Core realm!

After reaching the intermediate Gold Core realm, Ning Fan discovered something from the black jade for the first time. 

“This is … ‘Emperor Soul Remnant Volume’?!” He was in shock.

During the ancient times, ‘Emperor Soul Remnant Volume’ was one of the ancient inherited treasure of the Heavenly Emperor from the Four Heavens Immortal World.


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