Grasping Evil - Chapter 63

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The Immortal World of Four Heavens consisted of four inherited sects, namely the Drifting Heaven, Void Heaven, Brahman Heaven and Emperor Heaven. The ‘Emperor Soul Remnant Volume’ was one of the Emperor Heaven’s inheritance.

Ning Fan immersed into the black jade via spirit sense. Suddenly, a cold and chilling sensation was casted into his sea of consciousness, like a fishing net.

His face changed dramatically when his mind was intruded by the chilling sensation, but he calmed himself down after that because the coldness was harmless. It was the force of the spirit stored in the black jade used for imparting secret techniques.

“‘Divine Art Chant’, it’s an ancient technique. Is this the long lost divine ability of a Fiendgod?”

Ning Fan was mildly astonished. He hadn’t thought that the inheritance in the black jade was a secret art of a Fiendgod.

The technique of a Fiendgod could enhance one’s physique, allow one to grow into a giant that could move mountains and walk in the sea. Some of the techniques could even enhance one’s magical power, so strong that it could destroy the heaven and the earth. It was powerful enough to cover the heavens with a single finger.

However, the current secret art’s only use was to strengthen one’s spirit sense. 

In Truth Cultivation World, spirit sense could be used to sense, concoct pills, craft items, but it couldn’t inflict direct and heavy damage on the enemy. However, once the ‘Divine Art Chant’ was completely cultivated, a single thought could turn the world upside down, shatter the firmament, murder immortals and kill without shedding blood.

With this divine technique, the person could slash the heaven with a stick of grass and cover the sky with his will. 

Ning Fan’s face turned solemn while he was carefully integrating the chilling energy into his sea of consciousness to absorb the message of the cultivation technique into his brain.

Strangely, his expression sometimes turned into a mild smile, sometimes into a frown and sometimes he looked unsettled and anxious. It was hard to determine his real emotion from the mixture of expression.

He began to mutter after a period of time.

“This divine chant consists of eight arts. During the ancient time, Immortal Emperor Tai Chang who was in the Emperor Heaven had a famous technique that consisted of eight arts. Anyone who cultivates his art could achieve daily advancement in spirit sense. It can be used to attack, defend, live and kill… If I could cultivate the eight of them, I would be invincible in the Immortal World of Four Heavens after tens of thousands of years of hard training. Unfortunately, this remnant volume only has three of the eight arts.”

He sighed deeply and kept the black jade that had already expended all of its magical power while his mind was recalling the information about the Divine Art Chant. 

The first art in the divine chant was ‘Falsifying Art.' It uses the strength of one’s spirit sense to conceal the physique, cultivation and face. Anyone with a higher realm of spirit sense than the caster would be able to see through the concealment but anyone with lower realm of spirit sense would be unable to do so.

It was very useful in killing and fleeing, but the cultivator of such art also required the consumption of an ancient spirit grass named ‘Spirit Refining Grass’ that had already been lost over the years. Only its medicinal energy could allow one’s spirit sense to obtain the ability to conceal.

“This art is undeniably a good art. If I can master this, I don’t need Sisi to act as ‘Black Devil Ning’ anymore! Once  my spirit sense broke through to the peak Gold Core realm, who would be able to recognize that I am also Ning Fan? But, the Spirit Refining Grass is rarely found in the Rain Immortal World...”

The second art of divine chant—Defence Art. It could allow one to use the spirit sense to form a shield. The endurance of the shield depended on the strength of the spirit sense. This art is used to keep the caster alive. However, there was a disadvantage in using this shield. It would discharge most of the strength in the spirit sense. If the user of the art wasn’t strong enough, it would take him a long while before he could use it again for the second time.

Yet, cultivating such an art would also require devouring the vessel spirit of a defensive magical treasure. Magical treasure with vessel spirit was very limited. Such a treasure was exquisitely crafted and very expensive. No one knew how many of such treasures were needed to be devoured in order to cultivate the art, but the fact remained that money would certainly be burnt extravagantly to buy those treasures. Due to Ning Fan not having any magical treasures with vessel spirit right now, he wasn’t able to use such a technique. 

“If I can cultivate this art, it would be able to offset the defect in my defence.”

Ning Fan mumbled to himself. Although these two arts were very uncommon, Ning Fan was still able to accept them with calmness. However, when the information about the third art sparked in his mind, his face changed drastically into surprise, delight and some other mixed feelings.

The third art of the divine chant was ‘Body Art’. One could condense two types of incarnations using the spirit sense.

The first type was the incarnation of a false body. The incarnation of false body could live up to a day or more but would last longer as the magical power improved. It could also increase the number of incarnations but the biggest disadvantage was that the incarnation had zero magical power.

The second type was condensing the incarnation of the true self. Only a small number of Void Fragmentation old devils could condense an incarnation of themselves. In Truth Cultivation World, there were different categories of incarnations.

There were fire incarnation, frost incarnation, lightning incarnation, sacrificial incarnation and many more. As for the incarnation of Body Art, it was called Soul Incarnation Chant. 

The name of the art originated from the nature of the art. Soul Incarnation Chant was related to sacrificing one’s soul. It was easy to sacrifice the soul to produce an incarnation but it would be detrimental to oneself.

It required the person to sacrifice half of the three spiritual, and physical souls to produce the incarnation.

After losing half of the souls, Ning Fan would become a person deprived of souls. His defensive strength against spiritual attack would be greatly reduced. The difficulties in cultivating other magical art would tremendously increase. Most importantly, his lifespan would be reduced by half.

Of course, if he had a lucky chance, he would be able to obtain some valuable treasure that could condense one’s soul, replenishing his lost souls. However, his lifespan would remain as it was and wouldn’t be able to return to his original lifespan.

Thus, the sacrifice of using such an art was enormous. Any ordinary Golden Core old men had roughly a thousand years of lifespan. It could reach 1500 years if they had consumed some life-lengthening pills. As for the Harmonious Spirit experts, they could only live up to 500 years. The same applied to Ning Fan.

None of them would be willing to sacrifice half of their lifespan just to produce an incarnation, but Ning Fan thought otherwise.

He was merely a seventeen-year-old teenager, but he had already reached the late Harmonious Spirit realm and intermediate Gold Core realm spirit sense. Even if he lost half of his lifespan, he still could live up to 250 years. He would be able to increase it to 500 years if he could break through to the Gold Core realm before reaching 250 years old.

What Ning Fan was most worried about wasn’t the length of his lifespan. If he wouldn’t be able to defeat Moksha Emperor when he reached a hundred years old, he wouldn’t be able to live up to 500 hundred years even if he had that lifespan.

It wasn’t hard for him to make this decision because the Soul Incarnation Chant was very alluring to Ning Fan.

Once the Soul Incarnation Chant was completed, the incarnation created would have the same realm of spirit sense as Ning Fan’s, intermediate Gold Core realm spirit sense.

Also, the cultivation of the incarnation would rise as Ning Fan’s spirit sense realm rose.

If his spirit sense realm broke through to the Nascent Soul realm, his incarnation would also break through to the Nascent Soul realm. At that time, his incarnation would be the number one expert in Yue Country.

Seventeen years old to achieve Nascent Soul realm? How could he not feel excited about it? His advancement of spirit sense in Demon Sinister Forest was faster than the advancement of his cultivation, all he needed to do was to refine and absorb as many Sense Bead as possible.

Perhaps Demon Sinister Forest was created as a training ground for cultivators who cultivated the Soul Incarnation Chant. Or perhaps, all the ghosts in this forest was cultivated by some experts so that they could train in this forest and advance their incarnation’s grade. 

“I must use the Soul Incarnation Chant!”

His thought of heading into the Third Region was put on hold.

He wanted to form an intermediate Gold Core incarnation of himself before he entered the Third Region with the small sable to wipe the map out.

With his incarnation, he was confident that he would become the number one expert in Yue Country after a month.

“Little Black, wait for me here. I will cultivate this magical art first, and then bring you into the Third Region.”

Ning Fan walked to the river bank. He stripped off his clothes, things and storage pouch. The incarnation needed him to sever his soul into two. Any external things that were not physically connected to oneself would affect the success rate of creating the incarnation.

Of course, things like spirit equipment, Cauldron Ring and Yin Yang Locket didn’t need to be taken off of his body—any magical treasure or spirit equipment that had acknowledged the master wouldn’t be rejected by the master’s body.

Ning Fan’s body was bare. He opened a stretch of area and sat down cross-legged. He closed his eyes as he examined his soul, beginning to sever his soul into half, and condense an incarnation.

He didn’t need to worry about the small Harmonious Spirit sable would do any harm to him as he could instantly finish the sable off should it become hostile. However, judging from the looks of the sable, it was very unlikely for it to turn hostile. It had been timid, smart and cute.

As Ning Fan was condensing the incarnation, the small sable grumbled to herself.

“What have I, Princess Mei, done in my previous life? Why did I encounter this filthy man? First, I cum for the first time because of this man. Second, I have lost the inheritance which I have risked my life for, robbing the White Bone Devil!”

The small sable used its head to turn the mixture of things on the ground. They were Ning Fan’s clothes and some magical treasures.

Among them was a black jade that had already lost most of its magical power. It made her want to cry because the inheritance in the black jade could only be imparted once. Now, this black thing had become useless.

It was the black jade which she risked her life for, but now, it had fallen into that filthy man’s hands so easily. Where is the justice in this world?

She didn’t know what the inheritance was in the black jade, including the Bone Devil, because none of them had deciphered the black jade until today.

The small sable was indignant. She didn’t understand why she, a Void Fragmentation expert, was not able to decipher the inheritance. Why did Ning Fan had such luck to obtain it? 

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t hard to decipher the inheritance in the black jade. There were only two conditions to decipher it. First, the realm of spirit sense should’ve already reached the Nascent Soul realm. Second, one must possess the token of an immortal emperor.

For the first condition, due to the black jade having been broken, the requirement was reduced. That was why Ning Fan was able to decipher the information inside of it, despite him only having an intermediate Gold Core realm spirit sense.

The second condition, Ning Fan had fulfilled it as well because of the Yin Yang Locket. It allowed Ning Fan to sense the exceptional aura of the black jade, that it was a treasure that belonged to an immortal emperor. Thus, Ning Fan was acknowledged as an ancient immortal emperor.

During the ancient times, the black jade was placed in the Four Heavens in the Immortal World under the Ancient Heavenly Court. Only the people with Immortal Emperor realm and token were able to obtain the secret art inside the item. As for the Bone Devil and Princess Mei, neither of them had the token of an immortal emperor. Even if they were Void Fragmentation experts, they weren’t able to unlock the secret art inside. 

This made Princess Mei’s mind chaotic, but there was nothing that she could do. There was no one who could control fate. So, who else could she blame if she didn’t have the lucky chance?

She began to worry about one thing. Later, this Ning Fan would certainly bring her into the Third Region. She could lose her life there any time.

Given her current cultivation, it would be impossible to go through the barrier of the higher regions, but this Ning Fan might have some kind of fascinating magical treasure that he had used to carry her while she was unconscious.

If Ning Fan really used a magical treasure and bring her into the Third Region, her life would surely be in danger given her current cultivation.

However, if she recovered her real cultivation, could Ning Fan still force her to enter into the Third Region?

“I don’t care anymore. I need to remove the seal first, only then could my cultivation return to its normal state. Then, I will deal with this filthy man. All of his thousands-year-old herbs are here. Hehe, I will finish all of them. Once I reached the Gold Core realm, I will suppress it to the peak Harmonious Spirit realm and stay in the Second Region. Then, I will get rid of this filthy man.”

The small sable bit open the storage pouch. The fragrance of herbs spread out, making her saliva drip.

“Millennium Land Breeze Cane! Millennium Anther! Millennium Purple Laneige! *Hiss* Two-Millennia Jade Bone Ginseng! Where did this filthy man got all of these good herbs? Hehe, these are all mine now!”

All of the herbs were up to a thousand years old. Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to withstand the powerful medicinal energy of the herbs, only beast were suited to consume them.

While Ning Fan was condensing his incarnation, the small sable was also frantically attacking his herbs. Most of them were the ingredients to concoct the Nascent Soul Transformation Dan. 

“Humph! Who asked you to molest my body? I will eat them all! Damn! How could a mere Harmonious Spirit cultivator get so many high grade herbs? Dammit! I have to finish them all!”

The unfortunate thing for the small sable was that it got full after eating a third of the herbs. Her veins could no longer stand the extra medicinal energy.

She then laid on the ground, and her body was exuding a faint light. A black demon cocoon the size of half a man encompassed her entire body. She was borrowing the medicinal energy from the cocoon to break the seal and regain her magical power.

“As long as my peak Harmonious Spirit realm is recovered, I will show you my true power!” She gritted her teeth and grumbled, she hated Ning Fan too much.

As Ning Fan and she were advancing themselves, she didn’t know that the heaven didn’t stand on her side.

In the sea of consciousness, Ning Fan could see three spiritual and seven physical souls that had the same face as him. His eyes quickly turned from hesitation to decisiveness.

“I want to sever you to create an incarnation!” He said to his soul.

“I am you! Go ahead and sever it. It is best if it could enhance our strength!” The soul replied in a plain tone.

After the conversation, Ning Fan waved his hand, and Starlight Sword Shadow materialized in his palm. He then swung it, severing the three spiritual and seven physical souls into half.

For an instant, his body was as white as a piece of paper. Blood was spurted out from his mouth and two of his sideburns had turned grey.

Aging in youth? It could already tell how much it drained Ning Fan’s youth. He had lost part of his lifespan and vital force. It was without a doubt a severe loss.

Any cultivator would select the path of longevity in the cultivation world. However, Ning Fan just did the opposite instead—he used his lifespan in exchange for cultivation.

“Using my soul as the core. Body Art can now become my incarnation.”

Blood trickled down from his eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth. As he opened his eyes, his expression turned violent. A wave of spiritual energy rolled and a faint light shone on the land in front of him. An incarnation of himself materialized.

The only thing that differed from Ning Fan was the intermediate Gold Core magical power.

The incarnation was produced!

Ning Fan looked delighted but he suddenly frowned. Due to the imperfection in the sacrifice of his souls, there were flaws in the incarnation.

The incarnation had the indistinct sign of dissipating the moment it left his body, causing his expression to change dramatically. 

If the incarnation dissipated, all of his sacrifices would be in vain!

“How could this possibly happen?” Slowly, Ning Fan started to realise the problem. It was far worse than his imagination...


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