Grasping Evil - Chapter 64

One is cleared! Two more to go!

Chapter 64 – Die Along With Me (>3500 words)

Despite the success of the Soul Incarnation Chant, Ning Fang didn’t feel happy, he realised that once the incarnation left his sea of consciousness, the incarnation would dissipate after half an incense stick of time. The incarnation would only remain intact when it returned to his sea of consciousness.

Ning Fan sighed slightly when he kept the incarnation back into his sea of consciousness. He found it hard to accept that he couldn’t use the incarnation that he had sacrificed his souls and lifespan for.

In a battle with a Gold Core old monster, it would take at least a few hours to see the outcome. Would there be a battle that would only take half an incense stick of time? Besides using the incarnation to kill the weaklings, Ning Fan’s couldn’t think of a better way to use the incarnation.

When he got to the bottom of it, he realised that his spirit sense was still too weak to sustain the incarnation. He needed to raise the cultivation of his spirit sense in order to use the incarnation.

After wearing his clothes, he looked at the shrunken storage pouch and turned to the black half a human size demon cocoon. He felt strange as he studied the demon cocoon via spirit sense.

“A mere Harmonious Spirit small sable…You dared to eat my millennium herbs? I had never thought that this small sable wasn’t just a mere Harmonious Spirit expert, it is a Void Fragmentation expert! I have overlooked this.”

Ning Fan smiled bitterly. He was a person who had tricked countless of people, but today he was tricked by a small sable.

It had become troublesome because the main herbs given to make the Nascent Soul Transformation Dan had entered the small sable’s stomach.

He gently rubbed his forehead, trying to figure out how to deal with this small sable.

Ning Fan sighed slightly. Due to the restriction of power in the Nine Yin Land, the strongest power that could exist in the Second Region was a peak Harmonious Spirit. It wouldn’t be a problem if he used his Gold Core incarnation to take down this small sable even if it could only last for half an incense stick worth of time.

However, the small sable must have some kind of life-saving techniques. It was impractical to capture or kill this small sable, after all, it was a Void Fragmentation old monster.

He couldn’t kill nor capture her… but it was a female.

Ning Fan’s eyes sparkled. As long as it was a female, he could use his Yin Plucking Finger…

After a series of contemplation, he sat down cross-legged, waiting for the small sable to come out of the cocoon. In the meantime, he took a vulnerary medicine to regulate the injuries of his souls and regain his strength.

After a day, the demon cocoon finally changed from black to white, from Yin to Yang. A strange magical power rippled out from the demon cocoon. Then, it broke open like cracking an egg. A beauty in jade white skin with no clothes stretched her body before she walked out of the demon cocoon.

“Ai, I have finally returned to my human form. As for my cultivation, it only reached the peak of Harmonious Spirit realm. Should I deal with that filthy man now?”

This female demon looked twenty three to four years old. The skin of her body was like a semi-translucent jade in pure white. She had slender legs and smooth abdomen. The shades of the leaves in the forest made her figure looked unusually charming. Her bosoms were well grown like a mature woman, and was larger than Ning Fan’s hand.

Her untied hair was left dangling down like a waterfall, long enough to cover her attractive buttocks, however, whether it was her buttocks or her jade like back, there were red marks of claws on it. Yes, these were the marks made by Ning Fan’s stroke while she was still a small sable.

Her beady eyes glinted with hatred. Her lips were still stained with the liquid of the herbs. 

“This woman looks a little like Chang’e…” Ning Fan mumbled. His eyes didn’t leave the female demon’s attractive body.

Chang’e was a famous immortal of the Heavenly Court during ancient times. He had seen her once in the ancient chaotic memory. 

Ning Fan’s gaze swept across the female demon’s buttocks and back. Her back started to grow hot because of shyness. Her indolent expression turned into anger. She turned to Ning Fan while one of her hands was covering her bosoms and the other the spot between her legs.

“Filthy brat! Have you seen enough?”

‘Humph! I have already regained the strength of a peak Harmonious Spirit, I am now as powerful as the previous White Bone Devil. This filthy man still dares to take advantage of me! He is seeking death!’

“Nice figure.”

Ning Fan’s tone was accompanied with a faint chuckle. The chuckle came from the self-confidence that he had in his strength. The peak Harmonious Spirit female demon couldn’t intimidate him at all.

“Be my cauldron or demon pet, or accompany me for half a month in the Third Region. Choose one of them…”

Ning Fan’s tone stupefied the female demon. He sounded too composed.

She raged when she heard Ning Fan’s haughty tone. Cauldron? Demon pet? Who did he think he was? A true immortal? He dared to ask a Void Fragmentation female demon as demon pet?

As for accompanying him for a half a month, she somehow felt dubious about it. She had already accompanied this filthy man for five days. He wanted to bring her into the Third Region? Firstly, he was a shameless man. Secondly, he was a man who didn’t know what death is.

Her face turned from anger to coldness. Her hand was still on her bosoms. She showed the demeanour which wouldn’t allow anyone to approach her.

“Don’t try to provoke me, otherwise you will regret it!”

A wave of magical power that was almost at the Gold Core was released from her body, but when it reached Ning Fan, it was bounced back strangely.

At this moment, Ning Fan grabbed the chance to send out the silhouette from his sea of consciousness. The intermediate Gold Core incarnation charged forth and the female demon was petrified.

“That is an intermediate Gold Core incarnation! Only Void Fragmentation old monsters should be able to do that. How can you do…argh! Release me!”

The black silhouette moved too quickly. She was absolutely defenceless.

In a flash, the dark silhouette appeared behind the female demon and pulled her in one arm while the other hand circulated the Yin Plucking Finger and poked a few times on her jade-like back.  

Then, the dark silhouette held the female demon tightly.

His face and Ning Fan’s smiled in a similar way. The dark silhouette was the secondary self and Ning Fan was the primary. As a matter of fact, they were the same.

“What have…you done?!” The female demon was shocked. Her magical strength had gone haywire after being poked by Ning Fan for a few times.

She struggled slightly. She had become as weak as the small sable. She didn’t even have to strength to struggle out of Ning Fan’s embrace.

Ning Fan shook his head when he saw the ‘small sable’ woman trying to struggle her way out. His palm patted on her buttocks, sending numbness and pain into her body.

“Release me! I am a Void Fragmentation…Release me!!! *Moan*…Release me!!! *Moan*…”

The female demon’s vision became misty. Tears started to well up in her eyes. She was a dignified Void Fragmentation expert and was given the title of ‘Princess Mei’, but now, she had fallen into the hands of a Harmonious Spirit junior. It was understandable that she was powerless when she was a small sable, but why was she still as vulnerable as before after turning into a human?


The female demon was a Void Fragmentation expert that killed at her whim. As for cursing someone ‘shameless’, it was her first time.

She could feel some kind of warm liquid flowing out of the spot between her legs. It frightened her very much.

Was she going to fall into this mere Harmonious Spirit novice’s hands and become his toy?

Or is this filthy brat going to turn her into his cauldron?!

She dared him to do that!

She gritted her teeth. She started to regain some of her strength. Then, she noticed the unstable Qi from the incarnation of Ning Fan behind her. As she began to understand something, she then threatened with a smirk.

“This isn’t right. Your incarnation is flawed. If you don’t release me now, I will bite your incarnation. I am sure that it would burst and dissipate.” The female demon licked her tongue from Ning Fan’s chest to the arms.

The posture she had right now was similar to when she was still a small sable. Because she was enchanted this time, she didn’t feel disgusted but excited instead.

As her cold and moist tongue licked the incarnation’s arm, it gave him the urge to release her. He then let her go. 

The misty enchantment of the Yin Plucking Finger in her eyes vanished. Ning Fan knew that if he didn’t release the demon, she would destroy his incarnation, causing him to suffer a great loss.

He made a step forward as his eyes sparkled and his face revealed a harmless smile. He then kept his spirit sense and the Soul Incarnation back into his sea of consciousness, and looked at the female demon from a distance.

He didn’t take the chance to humiliate and force the female demon, different methods were needed to deal with different kinds of opponents. The female demon was a Void Fragmentation expert. She had a very high self-esteem and dignity. If she was forced to the edge, Ning Fan wouldn’t be able to convince her, even if he sacrificed her life for that.

Given Ning Fan’s strength, he wouldn’t be able to keep the Void Fragmentation female demon as his cauldron.

The fact of plucking this woman must be a serious joke. The Yin energy of a Void Fragmentation female demon would be immense. The Yin energy in a drop of the blood would be enough for a hundred Ning Fans’. So, plucking needed a proper partner.

As for the idea of keeping the female demon as a demon pet, Ning Fan wouldn’t agree to do so, given his cautious behaviour. He absolutely wouldn’t keep a threat beside him.

If he couldn’t subdue her, he couldn’t kill her. If she was overly forced, she would probably use a technique that would perish her and Ning Fan. She was a Void Fragmentation expert after all. As such, she couldn’t be judged by common sense.

Furthermore, despite their emotions being stirred up, neither of them had a murderous intent against one another.

This was because the both of them had gotten along for five days. They had eaten their meals and had taken their baths together. He had touched the spots where shouldn’t be touched. These emotions made it hard for the female demon to kill Ning Fan.

She was a Netherworld Sable, the female demon named Mei Chen. She was called ‘Princess Mei’ by the ghosts. Among the demons, she was recognized as ‘Empress Lan’. She was a woman with a fiery disposition, not even the Bone Emperor could threaten her. As such, it was perfectly normal that Ning Fan couldn’t turn her into a cauldron.

She was Empress Lan, Mei Chen. She fed on ghosts to increase her cultivation. A single Qi from her could make every ordinary ghosts tremble with fear.

Her eye expression now was filled with cofusion. She hated Ning Fan but she couldn’t force herself to kill him. Besides, she might not be the opponent of Ning Fan currently.

‘I have already regained my peak Harmonious Spirit strength, but why am I still weaker than him? That incarnation just now should be one of the secret arts in the black jade. Why did this filthy man cultivated those shameless enchantments when there are so many good magical arts that he could learn?'

Mei Chen criticized him in her heart. She could see that Ning Fan didn’t intend to keep her as a cauldron or a pet, otherwise, he wouldn’t add the last option – to accompany him for half a month in the third region.

“What do you want?” The female demon gritted her teeth to suppress her murderous intent, but when she saw Ning Fan’s composed smile, her anger surged.

This was how ill-tempered she was.

“Come with me to the Third Region. I need to borrow your strength to suppress the ghosts again.” Ning Fan showed a faint smile.

“No way! If I enter the Third Region, the Gold Core underlings of the Bone Emperor would certainly come after me. I don’t want to go and die with you!” The female demon gritted her teeth.

“Bone Emperor? Oh, he is the true form of that White Bone Devil? Don’t worry. With the two of us combining our strengths, even if the Bone Emperor sends a peak Gold Core incarnation to come after us, we have nothing to fear. I need a large amount of Sense Beads to break through the Nascent Soul realm. If you could help me, I will have more millennium herbs for you. This isn’t a threat, this is a negotiation. You don’t need to feel unsatisfied.” Ning Fan said in an even tone.

“Your matter is unrelated to me. There is nothing more that could be discussed between us. I have already shown you a great deal of mercy for not taking your life. Why don’t you go and ask how ruthless, I, Empress Lan is?” Mei Chen knitted her brows. She would never go into the Third Region no matter what, but Ning Fan’s millennium herbs were too attractive to her.

‘Do I need to seize the herbs from this filthy man?' Mei Chen’s eyes flashed with a domineering light.

“If you don’t go and help me, I may die in the Third Region. At that time, you would certainly regret it.” Ning Fan smiled strangely, but this word made Mei Chen’s face blush.

“It’s best if you die. Why would I regret it?” Mei Chen’s tone wasn’t as firm as before. If it wasn’t that dangerous, she would probably provide some aid to Ning Fan.

“Just now, I have planted the Restrictive Spell in your sea of consciousness. If I die, you would die too.” Ning Fan smiled slightly. His words struck Mei Chen like lightning.

She immediately checked her sea of consciousness and found out that what he said was true. She was angered. She wouldn’t have thought that Ning Fan was such a rascal.

“Why did you do this to me? If you want to go in the Third Region to die, go in there by yourself. Why are you taking me with you to your grave?!”

She felt that her rage was going to erupt. She had never felt so angry in her life.

It was planted by Ning Fan’s incarnation when she was enchanted.

It was a Life-and-Death Spell. It was a kind of a restrictive spell but its effect was entirely different from any ordinary restrictive spell. An ordinary restrictive spell could only be planted if both parties agreed to it. After the spell was planted, the master could control the life and death of the person. As for the Life-and-Death Spell, it wasn’t as troublesome. You could plant such spell as long as your spirit sense was stronger than the target despite the target’s unwillingness.

However, no one was foolish enough to plant such a spell except for Ning Fan.

The name of the spell originated from its function. When two people were planted with the Life-and-Death-Spell, the both of them would die if the other person would die before the spell’s duration ended..

The lasting period of the spell was only half a month. After that, he would leave the forest and cut all the connections that he had with Mei Chen, but in this half a month, he was willing to borrow Mei Chen’s power to hunt for Gold Core ghosts.

Ning Fan hated losing. Since so many of his millennium herbs were eaten, he would need some repayment from her.

His opponent was a Void Fragmentation expert after all. Although they had gotten along for a few days, it couldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t kill him when she regained her peak Gold Core strength in the Third Region. Although he wasn’t afraid, it could still be quite troublesome.

The Life-and-Death Spell was the best solution to this problem. It allowed him to use Mei Chen to suppress the ghosts and also freed him from the worry that Mei Chen would stab him in the back while they were in the Third Region.

“Die with me, or live with me!” Ning Fan showed a successful smile that angered Mei Chen so much.

“You are ruthless! I, Mei Chen, am threatened by someone like you for the first time, and most of all, I have no choice but to obey!”

Mei Chen gritted her teeth. She had never seen someone so idiotic that he would use his own life to threaten someone. Ning Fan was insane, he was definitely a madman!

She was a Void Fragmentation old expert, but she was so afraid of death. Ning Fan who was merely a Harmonious Spirit expert wasn’t afraid of danger that could cost his life.

Although danger and luck existed hand in hand in True Cultivation World, this brat had just taken an exceedingly high risk.

“Little Black, you must be obedient. When we enter the Third Region, you should turn into a small sable and stay in my embrace.” Ning Fan’s smile was enraging, his words could infuriate the listener even more.

“My name is Mei Chen, not Little Black! Quickly, give me some clothes to wear now. I dropped my storage pouch in the Third Region. I have no clothes with me now! Since you want me to stay with you for half a month, so be it! After that, get as far away from me as you can!”

“As you wish.”

Ning Fan patted his storage pouch to retrieve some clothes, he then threw it to the female demon.

It was the uniform of a male. It still had Ning Fan’s masculine smell. She frowned but still wore it anyway. Since she was a demon, her sense of smell was sharper than any human. Her nose was full of Ning Fan’s scent right now.

This was a disgusting smell! He has a disgusting smile! This has a disgusting warmth!

She had cummed because of Ning Fan. 

She was planted with the Life-and-Death Spell because of Ning Fan. She was forced to go to the Third Region because of Ning Fan.

“I am not going to live or die with you, you filthy man! I hope that you will die soon so that I could continue my happy life!”

The was the first time that Empress Lan, Chen Mei, hated a man so much, but she was still unable and not determined enough to kill him.

Her body shook and twitched, thinking about becoming a small sable and stay in Ning Fan’s embrace again. It disgusted her very much.

What she didn’t realise was that for the past few days, when she was still with Ning Fan, those were the safest days of her life. She didn’t need to worry that she would be eaten by another beasts while sleeping. She didn’t need to open her eyes to face the groups of bowing ghosts. All of the danger had been shouldered by Ning Fan alone. Her main role during the next few days was to be a small sable that hid under her master’s embrace for protection, waiting for her master to gently and comfortably stroke her.

When her cultivation grade was sealed up, it had somehow sealed her coldest and most frigid behaviour as well.

Many years later, perhaps the smile of this infuriating man would still linger in her mind and wouldn’t be erased.

A day later. A youth in white clothes and black cloak was holding a small sable with one arm, while his other arm was holding the Separation Slayer. After eradicating the entire Second Region, he entered the Third Region.

The small sable consumed a few more millennium herbs and regained her early Gold Core realm strength. For an instant, countless of ghosts in human form in a thousand mile radius were shaken. 

“Empress Lan, Chen Mei has returned!”

In the merit hall of Sinister Sparrow Sect, Ning Fan was ranked just below Yan Zhuiyun. Ning Fan was now ranked 46th.

189, 754 contribution points!

Yan Zhuiyun’s face was slightly nervous. He was ranked at 45th place with the contribution points of only 190, 000. He would be surpassed very soon.

Although he already knew that his rank would be surpassed by Ning Fan before this, he hadn’t thought that Ning Fan could do this after just seventeen days.

When a flash was seen on the merit monument, Yan Zhuiyun held his breath. He could feel his heart pounding inside him.

“He is going to exceed my points! He is worthy of being called the young master. I can’t be compared to him.”

He was sighing before he gaped at the latest changes.

In the merit hall, countless of Harmonious Spirit experts, including the Gold Core old experts were watching the monument in astonishment and disbelief.

Ning Fan’s contribution points was suddenly raised by 2000 points!

Only by killing an early Gold Core ghost could earn him 2000 points—he had entered the Third Region.

“He could even kill a Gold Core ghost now? Not possible!” None of the Gold Core old experts dared to underestimate Ning Fan anymore. 

Lan Mei felt a sense of worry, the thing that she was most concerned about has just happened.

Why did Ning Fan lack a sense propriety? He even entered the Third Region. What was the use of giving him the map that she robbed?

“Father! You have to save Ning Fan! There are peak Gold Core ghosts in the Third Region.” Lan Mei pleaded.

“No need for that.” Sinister Sparrow smiled bitterly.

Before this, Ning Fan could even kill a Spirit Severing old expert. So he must be quite prepared to enter the Third Region. 

Sinister Sparrow couldn’t believe it anyway. He wasn’t sure how Ning Fan would deal with the attacks of peak Gold Core ghosts if he was besieged, he was merely a Harmonious Spirit expert after all.


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