Grasping Evil - Chapter 68

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The white-clothed female ghost’s face became red hot when they were invited into Ning Fan’s house whereas the red-clothed female ghost spat out a breath.

“This Zhou Ming, what other tricks is he trying to do…?”

Her tone was fierce but she didn’t feel any hostile intent from Ning Fan’s tone.

Yesterday, despite Ning Fan’s friendly tone, she could feel some hidden expression within. Tonight, his tone was as friendly just like a friend’s. She had grown accustomed to the fickleness of the world, which shaped her sharp judgement in one’s tone.

It seemed that for tonight, Ning Fan wasn’t going to harm the two of them. In which case, she didn’t mind going into his house because she really wanted to know what kind of pills Ning Fan was concocting. If they were able to treat her injuries, she would seize it straightaway!

On the contrary, the white-clothed female ghost was walking gingerly, as if she was shy to go into Ning Fan’s house.

“Honghong sister, I think we shouldn’t go in. I… I am scared…” The female ghost in white was tugging the sleeve of the red-clothed female ghost and pleaded.

“What are you afraid of? He won’t eat you anyway. Hold on for a second…who gave you the permission to call me by my name?!” The red-clothed female ghost was offended. She gently knocked the forehead of the other female ghost and pulled her towards the house forcefully.

Inside the house was the decorations and furniture left by the previous medical officer, Huang Xie. Besides the bottles of pills, everything in the house was tidied and cleaned decently, which made it an entirely different place as compared to Huang Xie’s sloppy behaviour.

The red-clothed female ghost had unconsciously raised her impression of Ning Fan when she saw the cleanliness of the house. It indicated that Ning Fan was a conscientious and meticulous person. The conscientiousness of a person could be determined from how meticulous one handle and arrange his things.

Then, her eyes met Ning Fan teasing eyes. She was a woman with a shrewd temper. Instead of avoiding his eyesight, she gave an evil smirk to him. However, blood flowed out of her bloody eyes as she smiled, it didn’t show any friendliness but scariness. 

“Miss Honghong does have a distinctive smile. Zhou has to admit that only a few can smile in this way among all the beauties  that I have met before. It carves a deep impression in my mind.”

Ning Fan was apparently teasing her but it didn’t sound disgusting and she wasn’t angered.

This was because there was virtually no men that would tease her.

However, she was reluctant that her maiden name was called by him. There wasn’t any proper reasons as to why it was that way. She just didn’t want him to call her that way.

“Don’t you call me miss Honghong! Do I know you very well?! Call me Ning Honghong!”

“Your surname is Ning?” Ning Fan was stunned that she had the same surname as his.

“Why? Are you unsatisfied with my surname?” Ning Honghong pointed her sharp and blood-red fingernail at him and grumbled.

“How dare I…Zhou only feel that miss Honghong’s name is very nice. Ning Honghong…Hong means red, it’s a good match with the surname Ning. Judging by the name, I think Miss Honghong must be a lady with outspoken and forthright views.”

Ning Fan’s praise had affected Ning Honghong emotionally. Her bad opinions of him started to reduce.

Then, he shifted his gaze at the white-clothed female ghost and found her slightly amusing. Was her bashful behavior because of the fact that in her previous life she was a young miss who didn’t leave her boudoir? 

The longer he looked at her, the more he could feel a particular feeling from her. There was some kind of familiarity from her, as though he had seen her somewhere before.

Female corpse!

Ning Fan was startled. He finally understood why there was a lower hostile intent when he encountered the two of them. Not just their temperament fitted his taste, the white-clothed female ghost’s face in particular was nearly similar to the female corpse in the green coffin.

Could she be the soul of that corpse?

No. There shouldn’t be a relation between them. The Qi of hers isn’t the same…’ Ning Fan said to himself and gave up the absurd idea.

He shook his head and said to Ning Honghong with a smile, “Miss Honghong has the name that fit her characteristic. What about the celestial beauty in white?”

“She is called…” The moment Ning Honghong tried to open her mouth, she was stopped by the white-clothed female ghost with her hand and pleaded. 

“Sister, don’t tell him…”

“Alright. Sister won’t tell him that your name is ‘Mu Weiliang’ …” Ning Honghong held her chuckle.

“En, Sister, you are a good person. Please don’t tell him.” The female ghost in white was shivering.

Ning Fan couldn’t help but laugh after hearing their conversation. He had never laughed as relaxingly as now since he had undertook the Evil Cultivation.

“Mu Weiliang…it’s a good name…I don’t admire the spring as much as how I admire you, Weiliang. I like this name.”

As soon as Ning Fan’s voice faded, the female ghost in white yelped. She gaped at Ning Fan in disbelief.

“How…how do you know my name?”

She was clumsy and always went blank. It was her inborn limitation, but it made her look cute.

Ning Honghong and Mu Weiliang. The thought that these two female ghosts were correlated to his life had never crossed his mind. He never imagined that they would meet in such a coincidental situation. It must be fate that couldn’t be explained or calculated.

He wanted to converse with them a little longer but Ning Honghong was impatient. She started to patronize Ning Fan while her eyes were captivated by the bottle of pill in Ning Fan’s hands. She was licking her lips.

“Zhou Ming, what revolution is the pill that you have concocted?”

As Ning Honghong approached Ning Fan, the fragrance of the pill became richer and showed some subtle healing effect on her abdominal wound.

Could it be Zhou Ming was concocting a Third Revolution pill just now?

She gasped for a breath of air and locked on Ning Fan’s eyes expectantly. No girls would be willing to leave wounds or scars on their bodies unattended. Her scar was a big hole in her abdomen, making her broken intestine visible from the outside.

“Third Revolution!”

Mu Weiliang exclaimed softly when Ning Fan answered. As for Ning Honghong, her eyes blazed with fire. She tried hard to hold back her excitement and asked in a calm tone, “What…is the effect of the pill?”

“The name of the pill is Blood Healing Dan. It’s a Third Revolution pill that heals the damaged parts of the body, including the loss of organs and flesh. It also applies to the body of ghosts. In fact, I concocted this pill for you, Miss Honghong…”

Ning Fan shook his head. He didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh as Ning Honghong was too hasty. If he didn’t say out his intention, he was afraid that she would forcefully seize the pill from him, which was supposed to be a gift to her.

Very few girls in this world would be willing to use the word ‘I want’ directly to convey the message.

“You concocted this for me? What is that supposed to mean?” Ning Honghong was stunned for a moment and looked at Ning Fan, confused. She initially wanted to seize it from him, but there was no need for that anymore.

This was because Ning Fan had already tossed it to her palm.

“This is yours, Weiliang!”

Ning Fan patted his storage pouch to take out another bottle containing two Regaining Eyesight pill. He then stood up, held her hand up and put the bottle on her palm. 

He didn’t think of such an action as inappropriate. Inadvertently, he had viewed her as the female corpse in the green coffin, the female whom he had had a happy moment with.

However, Mu Weiliang was being touched by a man for the first time. After she was overwhelmed by shyness, she became tongue-tied and her body shivered. She totally forgot about freeing her hand from Ning Fan’s soft grip.

She only regained her senses when Ning Fan released his hand. She then said softly,“Could you not call my name directly…? I don’t feel very good about it.”

“Alright, Weiliang.”

“En, thank you.”

The naturally slow-witted girl obviously didn’t notice that she was called Weiliang again.

Ning Fan didn’t provide any explanation for what he did. He took out bottles and containers from his storage pouch and placed them on the table.

Every container was a unique poison with unimaginable prices. At this moment, Ning Honghong couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“I am asking you. What is the meaning of all these?! And, what are you doing by taking out so many poisonous bottles? Do you want to poison us to death?”

“Have you seen anyone poisoning the enemy in their front before? Besides, we aren’t enemies. I am preparing to treat you two’s injuries and remove your restrictive spells as well.”

“Are you helping us because you want to accomplish your hidden agenda in Green Clan?” Ning Honghong was straightforward. She was able to read Ning Fan’s emotions. She could feel that Ning Fan was telling the truth, but why would Ning Fan treat them so nicely when they were neither relatives nor friends?

Was it because he was attracted to their looks? That was impossible, because their looks weren’t particularly attractive.

If it wasn’t because of connections and lust, it must be because of benefits.

She was an outspoken person. Ning Fan knew about her behavior, so he didn’t try to hide his intention.

“That’s right.  I will help you two to escape from the misery of slavery and you two will help me. What do you say?”

Ning Fan’s smile wasn’t a pretense. He believed that he had expressed his good intention very well. He didn’t think that Ning Honghong would deny the offer.

“Erm…that will depend on what kind of help you are talking about. If we are free from slavery but are hunted down and killed because of you, I will prefer being a ghost slave.”

Ning Honghong’s facial expression was stern. She wasn’t an indiscreet person. She would need answers for her doubts.

“Don’t worry. I just want to steal some things from Green Clan. It won’t cause any big trouble. I only need the two of you to release me from your surveillance at night. Even if I fail and die, the blame won’t be put on you two.” Ning Fan explained.

“To let you walk out of your house at night? Even if you commit a serious crime, the responsibility isn’t on our shoulders. Fine, I will help you on this. Now, help me heal my injuries. I have been suffering from torturous pain at my lower abdomen for many days and nights. I long for recovery.”

Ning Honghong heaved a sigh of relief. She didn’t ask about what items he wanted to steal. It was a courtesy not to ask as everyone had their own secret.

Even if she asked, would Ning Fan tell her? This Ning Fan was merely an early Gold Core expert, it wasn’t likely that he would cause a major trouble…

Ning Honghong was impressed by Ning Fan’s concocting skills, but disdained Ning Fan’s cultivation level, because she could easily eliminate him by just raising her hand.

She couldn’t wait to get her injuries treated. Mu Weiliang beside her was also longing to regain her eyesight.

Ning Fan stopped talking when the deal was made. He turned and flickered his sleeve. A chilling breeze blew in to make the bed and clear off the dust. Then he turned to them and said with a smile, “Alright. I will treat your injuries now. Weiliang only needs to lie down. As for Honghong, you will need to strip off your clothes. Don’t worry, I won’t peek at it.”

“What? You want me to strip?!”

Ning Honghong sounded reluctant, like she choked on a fly, but she understood the reason behind it. Mu Weiliang’s injuries were on her eyes whereas her injuries were on her lower abdomen. 

Why did the injuries fall on her abdomen instead of somewhere else? That was a private spot! 

“Sister Honghong, don’t worry. Zhou Ming has already promised. He won’t be seeing it. You have to strip it off quick.”

Mu Weiliang said with a simple smile. Ning Honghong felt indignant when she realized that Mu Weiliang was standing on Ning Fan’s side.

“He won’t be seeing it? How will he able to treat the injuries without seeing it? These are the comforting words used to deceive small kids. Only a foolish person like you will believe it! Fine. I don’t have much beauty to hide either. If he sees it, let it be!”

Ning Honghong gritted her teeth and started to undress her red skirt, revealing her pink-white skin that looked like a bright moonlight that captivated people’s heart under the night sky.

“Why aren’t you starting it…? Quick!” 

Her bare body was lying on the bed. Her bloody eyes were closed and her face burnt for the first time.

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