Grasping Evil - Chapter 69 (1)

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“Weiliang, don’t you keep moving nor should you pinch me!”

“Honghong, don’t clamp your legs so tightly. Yep, Don’t shiver your lower abdomen either. I am treating your wounds.”

The atmosphere tonight was sexually arousing while Ning Fan was performing intimate treatment for the two girls.

His hands caressed Weiliang’s face as he unblocked the meridians on her face before putting the Regaining Eyesight Dans into her eye socket. Currently, she looked like a beauty that would overthrow a city. Her likeness to the female corpse became more obvious. Every movement and frown from her had distracted Ning Fan. Every time Ning Fan touched her face, it would turn red, like a ripe apple, her body shivering ever so slightly.

She had never approached a man before, let alone being touched. Her mind was in confusion, and her heart was constantly in her mouth.

As for Ning Honghong, she looked more miserable. Her body was completely nude. Her most private spot was touched by Ning Fan at random times. At any rate, no one asked her to get her lower abdomen injured.

While Ning Fan’s warm palm was caressing her icy cold lower abdomen, the inconsistent itches that spread from the lower abdomen to the other parts of her body was intolerable. It gave her the urge to push Ning Fan’s hand away but this was unfortunately a treatment,—the only way to heal her wounds. Both of her hands were gripping on the bed sheet tightly, and her legs were clamped tightly, as a protection for herself.

“Your hands…if you dare to touch that spot…argh…don’t touch that” She was trying to maintain her composure but the more she tried to do that, the more she needed to catch her breath. It stirred one’s heart when hearing her moans at random times. She wanted to threaten Ning Fan, but was unable to finish her sentence every time she spoke.

“I am helping you to relax your meridians and activate your veins…be quiet, or else you will regret it once my anger is stirred up!” Ning Fan took a deep breath to wipe away the desire in his mind. His mind was now akin to still water, but his face had frightened Ning Honghong.

Could it be that Ning Honghong didn’t know that her weak resistance and scolding were very stimulating to men?

“The Rouge Skeleton, it’s like dew or electricity, it’s also dream or illusion…”

Ning Fan murmured the incantation. He used his desire to cultivate the evil heart, while using all his effort to make his heart as unperturbed as a rock. After the completion of the first level of ‘Yin Yang Transformation’, his heart wouldn’t be seduced by any ordinary beauty, but these two women in front of him had become charmingly beautiful after regaining their looks. He couldn’t deny that he was attracted to them. The only thing he could do about his urge was to endure it.

As his fingers moved from Ning Honghong’s lower abdomen to her feet, all the meridians were healed, but the lower part of her body had turned wet. Ning Fan pretended that he didn’t see it to avoid Ning Honghong from feeling embarrassed. As for Mu Weiliang, he kept his word and made it as short as possible, as he was afraid that he would provoke her, knowing how timid she was. 

The three of them were emotionless, but because of this, it would raise doubts about their equivocal relationship.


The moment Ning Fan said this word, Mu Weiliang and Ning Honghong let out a sigh of relief for their struggle from Ning Fan’s hands was finally over.

The first female had regained her eyesight, while the second had her wounds healed. Although they had been taken advantage by Ning Fan, they got what they wished for.

Before they could celebrate though, Ning Fan spoke.

“Subsequently, I am going to break and remove the restrictive spells in your body by using lethal poison. The process will induce pain but you two have to endure it. Of course, in order to ensure a smooth diffusion of the medicine, I will have to dredge your meridians and veins again. I will avoid touching those spots that I shouldn’t touch with the best of my ability. Weiliang, you need to strip off your clothes now.”

“What?! You want to dredge our veins and meridians again?! Haven’t you touched enough? I can’t bear it anymore!” Ning Honghong’s face was as red as blood. Her breath was as fragrant as orchid. If her meridians and veins were dredged by Ning Fan again, she wouldn’t be able to hold her ejaculation. 

“I… do I have to strip as well?! No, no way... I will expose it all to you…” Mu Weiliang blushed all the way down to her neck when she thought about undressing herself. She was too shy. She couldn’t imagine how scary it was to let Ning Fan see her bare body.

“Don’t worry. I won’t watch. I promise.” Ning Fan gave a non-comforting comfort.

“Oh! Thanks!” Mu Weiliang said, believing in him. She should be the only one who would believe Ning Fan. It aroused Ning Honghong’s disagreement on how Ning Fan could possibly treat them without seeing their bodies? Touching them with his eyes closed? Even if he didn’t see it, he had touched it, this was way serious than actually seeing it.

Mu Weiliang took off her clothes one by one. She instinctively block her chest when she felt the chilling breeze. It embarrassed her so much that she wanted to cry.

Ning Fan sighed slightly and closed his eyes. Sure enough, Mu Weiliang felt better. She laid on the bed in the way like she was waiting to be plucked.

“I…I am ready…you can begin now…” Mu Weiliang sounded terrified. She closed her eyes and bit her lips.

If the restrictive spell in their bodies could be removed, they would be free from ghost slavery and leave Green Clan. They should endure it for the sake of their freedom.

The thing that caught her attention was that Ning Fan was using lethal poison to break the restrictive spell. Even though the one being poisoned was a Gold Core expert, it wouldn’t be easy to expel it out of the body. So, allowing Ning Fan to instill the poison into her body required trust. 

Her trust in him had grown indistinctly, probably from the first time they met.

She trusted that Ning Fan wouldn’t harm her.

However, it was just that when Ning Fan’s finger touched her tender bosom, she felt like she had been run through by electricity and she cried.


The problem was that Ning Fan couldn’t stop his finger. It moved towards her lower abdomen, causing her to faint because of over-embarrassment. 

Ning Honghong envied her for fainting as she do not need to bear the sensitive suffering now. She was deeply aware that Ning Fan’s finger was carrying the faint magic of Yin Plucking Finger. It was a very dangerous magic to female experts.

On the other hand, Ning Fan was feeling guilty because he was supposed to treat them but it seemed like he was taking advantage of them.

“You…softer…wait, not that soft…this is too itchy…*moan*….don’t touch that…”

Before Ning Honghong could complete her words, a sharp, tearing pain caused her to be on the verge of fainting.

“This is painful!”

Without a doubt, this was the pain caused by the lethal poison, not by Ning Fan. He wouldn’t do anything that would destroy someone’s purity.

The restrictive spell in Ning Honghong’s body broke and started to dissipate slowly.

“You dare to bully sister? Just wait and see when I leave the bed. You will surely get what you deserve.”

Plenty of time had past when he finished treating their injuries and removing the spells and they were now lying on the bed like jelly. One was still unconscious while the other slept due to over-fatigue.  

The scattered bed sheet was wet. No one would be able to know which girl did it.

The Qi of the unconscious Mu Weiliang gradually turned gentle and healthy because she had regained her eyesight and the restrictive spell was removed. 

As for Ning Honghong who was sleeping soundly, the ferocious Qi on her body had virtually vanished due to the healing of the bloody hole in her lower abdomen. The bloody tears no longer flowed in her eyes. Her expression had become gentle. Putting aside the traces of blood around her eyes, she was a true beauty.

If those experts of Green Clan who knew these two females saw the changes on them, they would certainly be astonished as the two of them were no different than disabled ghosts. One was blind and the other was filled with overwhelming ferociousness. They were definitely no beauty before.

No, they shouldn’t be able to recognize these two girls once they got out the house, because the difference was too big! They had turned from ugly women into beauties that could overthrow all men in a city.

“I suppose it’s done.”

He let out a faint smile and covered their bodies with blanket. Besides the sexual urge that he felt earlier, he had never had any lustful thoughts about them after using the incantations of Yin Yang Transformation. 

He didn’t show any uncourteous behaviour in front of the two beauties as he wasn’t a plucking thief. He wouldn’t sacrifice his cultivation grade only to have an intimate contact with female ghosts.

He was a devil with Dao.

He pushed the door of the bamboo house and stepped outside. The night was about to end as he stared blankly at the dark sky.

Then, he removed the lethal poison from the well water. He made a light stretch of his body to suppress the fatigue. As a matter of fact, he was the most tired person while treating the two girls.

A perilous place like Demon Sinister Forest had not given him the chance to rest properly. He needed to remain vigilant every time to avoid taking the wrong move that would bring disaster to himself, which was no doubt tiring.

If possible, he would be willing to bring the two girls out of the forest. He would let them experience the beautiful nature outside the forest. If the small sable was obedient enough, he would bring her along too. He would use her as a Void Fragmentation guard. 

However, none of the ghosts and demons of the forest was able to leave this place. They would turn into ashes once they stepped out of the boundary.

Perhaps, Ning Fan only had less than a month’s time to stay together with the small sable, Mu Weiliang and Ning Honghong.

“Little Black, what have you seen in the Eight Region of the forest?” He suddenly sent his voice into the Cauldron Ring to ask the small sable a question.

“Are you talking about the Eight Region? There are ghosts that are beyond Void Fragmentation realm in the Eighth and Ninth Region. It is impossible to find those experts in Rain Immortal World. The environment in the regions is no longer full of black mists but by the ‘Territorial Light of Separation’. In order to enter the Eighth Region, not only you need to have the cultivation realm that is beyond Void Fragmentation, but more importantly, you will need an immortal physique that can endure the Territorial Light of Separation! Furthermore, the Eighth Region does not exist in Rain Immortal World but in the Ancient Heavenly Court!”

“Ancient Heavenly Court?”

Ning Fan was amazed. He wouldn’t have thought that the design of the Nine Yin Land was so abstruse.

The first seven regions were situated in Rain Immortal World whereas the last two regions were located in Ancient Heavenly Court. The person who designed these regions had used the Territorial Light of Separation to connect the two worlds together. Once a person could go past the boundary of the Seventh Region into the Eighth Region, the person had entered the Ancient Heavenly Court.

That world was a place that countless of experts of Four Heavens Nine World longed to go. Who would have known that there was an entrance to it in the Rain Immortal World?

He was afraid that no one in Rain Immortal World knew about this except him.

However, what was the use of this secret to him?

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