Grasping Evil - Chapter 69 (2)

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He pushed all the distracting thoughts out of his head and started to make a plan for stealing the treasure. He imagined that these two female ghosts will no longer stop him from his nightly activities after they had received his help. He would strike tomorrow night after he found a slip in the security.

While he was still in his thoughts, the ground trembled uncontrollably and a huge rumble was heard from a distance.

At this moment, all the ghosts of Green Clan shoved their doors open and looked at the sky above. They saw a giant white skeleton that is roughly three hundred meter tall with raging Qi. 

“The incarnation of Bone Devil has descended! Come quickly and greet him!”

The great elder of Green Clan who is wearing green and at the rank of peak Gold Core realm slid to the incarnation on a green rainbow. 

That giant exuded the Qi of a peak Gold Core expert but it was likely that he could even pinch an early Nascent Soul expert to death.

“Human, show yourself! I know that you are here!”

The giant white skeleton gave a cold smile when he sensed Ning Fan’s faint presence. Ning Fan’s facial expression changed dramatically when he felt a powerful spirit sense sweeping across the land of Green Clan.   

The giant white skeleton? The incarnation of Bone Emperor?! Why had this being come?

His plan was going to work this time but why had the Bone Emperor emerge this time? Judging by his tone, it was clear what his purpose was, and that is to hunt after him.

Ning Fan was sure that he didn’t expose Mei Chen’s Qi. So, Bone Emperor must be using some other methods to track him down.

He tried to search his memory for the oversight. Suddenly, he recalled something that made him grit his teeth. He now knew why the Bone Emperor could locate him.

There was a jade-like translucent broken bone that is planted with a concealed energy of spirit sense in his storage pouch. It must be planted by the Bone Emperor the moment his incarnation was murdered.

“I’m too careless!”

He held the small piece of white bone in one arm. He spat out the Separation Slayer from his throat and held it in another hand. He slashed at the white bone, extinguishing the energy of spirit sense within. Then, he dashed to the vault hurriedly.

His original plan was to rob the items tomorrow night but he wouldn’t have imagine that he would be hunted after by the incarnation of Bone Emperor. Furthermore, the incarnation this time had the power to even crush an early Nascent Soul expert. He couldn’t deny that he was no match for the incarnation even if he had exhausted all his techniques and skills.

He could no longer wait till tomorrow to execute his plan! Before the Bone Emperor found him, he must rob the Sense Beads out from the vault!

The good thing about Bone Emperor’s appearance was that the Green Clan was thrown into confusion. The current juncture was perhaps the best chance to rob the vault.

Also, Ning Fan wouldn’t be the only one who had such intentions.

He turned to glance at the bamboo house. The two girls were still sleeping inside. He was afraid that he wouldn’t have the chance to bid farewell to them.

He had to rob the vault fast and leave immediately! Everything must be done with speed!

The dark gloomy night  resounded with the giant white skeleton’s angry howl.

He tried to perceive the hidden spirit sense in the small piece of white bone carried by Ning Fan. Unexpectedly, it was slashed by him.

He felt an acute pain that infuriated him even further.

“Human, there is no doubt that you are here! Fine, I will find you  even if it means razing the entire Green Clan to the ground.”

He snarled. This angry snarl shuddered countless of early Gold Core experts.

The great elder of Green Clan’s facial expression changed dramatically when he heard that the Bone Emperor wanted to annihilate the entire Green Clan. He absolutely had no idea what was going on. Then, he activated all the defensive formations in the vault without any hesitation to prevent anyone from robbing the items inside while the clan was in disorder. At the same time, he moved forth to the Bone Emperor and pleaded. “Your majesty, I don’t know how the Green Clan has offended your majesty, I plead to your majesty to kindly let us explain…” 

“Get lost!”

Bone Emperor slapped great elder of peak Gold Core realm and flung him away. He landed heavily on the ground and spurted out blood. He was severely injured by just one strike!

However, great elder didn’t dare to sound a complaint because the person who injured him was the dignified Bone Emperor!

During the time of chaos, Ning Fan was rushing towards the vault. Several experts of Green Clans had broken half of the formations before this. This was a formation activated by great elder during the emergency the prevent anyone, including the vault elder from going in.

The great elder did have a foresight about the circumstances during the chaos. Those who laid a siege attack to the formation were individuals who wanted to rob the items inside the vault. They included Chu Chen, the vault elder, Qu Han and a few experts. They came to the Green Clan with their hidden agenda and were surely unfriendly individuals.

One of the intermediate Gold Core expert’s facial expression turned cold as he saw Ning Fan.

There was a total of seven of them trying to rob the vault during the time of chaos. After adding Ning Fan to the total, there would be eight. Adding one more person into the group would reduce a portion of the rewards. That explained the reluctance of this intermediate Gold Core expert.

“Zhou Ming, you are nothing but an early Gold Core expert. Plus, you have low combat strength. But still you insist on robbing the vault? Go and die!”

The intermediate Gold Core expert’s eyes turned cold. He waved and summoned a ghost’s magical treasure – a ball. It flew to Ning Fan’s head and was going to eliminate Ning Fan with lightning so that competition would be reduced.

However, the attack of an intermediate Gold Core expert was a joke to Ning Fan. The Starlight Sword Shadow flew out of his mouth and pulverized the Intermediate Rank Magical Treasure that had the shape of a ball with one strike!

The ghost’s magical treasure was crafted by Sense Beads. The body of the magical treasure was formed by the energy of spirit sense. As for Ning Fan’s Separation Slayer, it had the ability to burn spirits. So, how could Ning Fan be afraid of ghost’s magical treasure?

The light of the sword didn’t diminish. It pierced through the intermediate Gold Core ghost cultivator, incinerating him to dust.

Every ghost which were present at the moment, including Chu Chen and Qu Han shivered with fright. 

What magical treasure was that?! It was like the natural predator of ghosts. Could it be the Void Rank Divine Power of Spirit Augmentation – Soul Burning Divine Power?

They began to realise that it wasn’t a ghost’s magical treasure but the magical treasure of a human!

“You are a human. You are the human who killed the incarnation of Bone Emperor. I understand now. No wonder the Bone Emperor would come to the Green Clan all of a sudden!”

Qu Han was slightly astonished. She never imagined that the Zhou Ming whom she had underestimated was the one who threw the Demon Sinister Forest into chaos.

What amazed her even more was thatafter Ning Fan waved his palm to keep the intermediate Gold Core Sense Bead, Ning Fan slashed at the almost-Nascent grand formation with his Separation Slayer. The Soul Burning Divine Power of the sword burnt a man-sized opening on the formation.

Without saying a word, he turned into an icy rainbow and penetrated the opening, but the opening was closing up very quickly. 

No one would have anticipated that Ning Fan could slash open the almost-Nascent realm grand formation, which had opened a path for them into the vault.

Except one person, an old man who had never underestimated Ning Fan from the start. He was Chu Chen!

The moment Ning Fan slashed open the formation, he rushed through the opening.

When the opening closed up, Qu Han and the other experts were left outside the grand formation. They could only watch Ning Fan and Chu Chen go into the vault and rob everything from outside!

“Dammit! They have managed to get into it first! We have to quickly break open the formation. We can’t allow them to reap all the benefits in the vault!”

After deducing that the dead expert that was killed by Ning Fan, there were only five of them now, including Qu Han began attacking the formation. Their speed of breaking the formation wasn’t as fast as before.

At this moment, Ning Fan and Chu Chen rushed into the first level of the vault and began collecting the century-old herbs. 

“Brat! You are pretty good for being able to slash open the almost-Nascent realm grand formation. No wonder you were able to eliminate the incarnation of Bone Devil! I’m impressed! I am the great elder of Purple Clan, Chu Chen, do you want to collaborate with me to divide these herbs?”

“Collaborate? Senior, you have already revealed your identity and cultivation grade. How can I refuse the collaboration? I didn’t know that senior is the great elder of the Purple Clan, forgive me for my disrespect.”

Despite their conversation, their hands were moving continuously. In a few seconds, hundreds of wooden cabinets had been broken and all of the herbs had been kept into their storage pouches.

As if they already had the implicit consonance, they ignored those herbs that were scattered on the floor and rushed to the second floor.

Separating the benefits equally was better than competing for it. It would have wasted time and in the end, they would face the outcome which the snipe and the clam would face and the fisherman* (a third party) would reap all the benefits in the end. 

This was mainly because Ning Fan didn’t have the certainty to kill Chu Chen and Chu Chen wasn’t confident enough to kill Ning Fan.

Chu Chen was amazed when he saw Ning Fan’s current cultivation realm which was merely a late Harmonious Spirit expert.

“A late Harmonious Spirit expert is able to kill the incarnation of Bone Emperor? He also has the guts to enter the Third Region? Not only does this brat have a strong reserve of amazing power, he is exceedingly audacious…I’m afraid an extraordinary man has been born to the Rain Immortal World.”

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*The story between the snipe, the clam and the fisherman – When the snipe saw the clam on the beach, it swooped downwards to eat the clam. The clam also saw the snipe coming, so its mouth remain closed until the snipe landed on the beach. Then, it opened its mouth again, revealing its flesh to trick the snipe to eat its flesh. The moment the snipe put its beak into it, the clam closed its mouth, trapping the snipe’s beak. The clam was stubborn and refused to let the snipe go. Suddenly, a fisherman came and saw two of the animals. He captured them easily and effortlessly. He was the happiest party as he reaped all the benefits. 

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