Grasping Evil - Chapter 70

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A slash created an opening on the defensive barrier of the formation in the second level of the vault. 

When Ning Fan and Chu Chen entered the second level, their eyes were fixed on the jade cabinets that were filled with golden Sense Beads and some other ghost’s magical treasures.

Ning Fan’s burning gaze couldn’t leave the Sense Beads. If he could refine all of these hundreds of Gold Core Sense Beads…

As he looked at the ghost’s magical treasures, he was slightly stunned. There were also hundreds of them and some of them had higher spiritual nature than him.

“Vessel Spirit Magical Treasure!”

He began to collect large piles of Sense Beads and those Vessel Spirit Magical Treasures without hesitation, whereas the old man in a fisherman’s clothes, Chu Chen, was looking at those Sense Beads uninterestedly. 

“Let’s go to the third level and collect those spiritual herbs. Why are you wasting your time on these Sense Beads?”

As the great elder of Purple Clan, he had a few hundred Sense Beads in his clan but they were all useless to him. What he needed right now was spiritual herbs, a vast amount of them. He had decided to refine those spiritual herbs and break through tl the Nascent Soul realm and enter the Fourth Region!”

Even in Chu Chen’s dream, he wouldn’t have thought that these Sense Bead could be used to raise a human’s spirit sense realm.

Chu Chen still needed Ning Fan’s Separation Slayer to break open the grand formation in the third level. Naturally, he wouldn’t argue with Ning Fan because of his disagreement. Although they agreed to divide the treasures equally, he wouldn’t be calculative with Ning Fan with regards to these Sense Beads.

Ning Fan didn’t respond to Chu Chen’s comment. After collecting all the Sense Beads, he looked at the passageway to the third level. His eyes twitched and sensed that the Bone Emperor hadn’t found him yet. In other words, he could continue robbing herbs.

After ten breaths of time, the defensive barrier of third level’s formation was incinerated by Ning Fan’s single sword slash.

A hundred breaths later, the defensive barrier of the fourth level’s formation was incinerated too by his sword.

Ning Fan and Chu Chen were moving very quickly. At this time, someone must have probably reported the robbery to the great elder of the Green Clan!

In the fourth level, a depot was permeated with a cold air that could stung people’s bones. The items that were stored inside were all millennium spiritual herbs. There were even some that were two to three-millennium spiritual herbs.

Ning Fan and Chu Chen’s eyes twitched, they patted their storage pouches and began collecting the spiritual herbs frenziedly, as if their movements were fully synchronized.

The amount of spiritual herbs in Green Clan was appallingly great. The two of them ignored the types and age of the herbs, their hands collected them in lightning speed.

There were a few extremely rare spiritual herbs that were very important to Chu Chen’s break through to the Nascent Soul realm. At this time, Chu Chen spoke and asked Ning Fan for it.

“My young friend, this Jade Emerald Herb is very important to me. Could you give it up for this old man?”

“Young friend, this is a two-millennium Wooden Wind Grass, can you also give it to this old man?”

“That is Blood Magnolia, young friend…”

Not a single trace of threat was present in his tone. It was more like a discussion. This was because Ning Fan’s Separation Slayer had given him a great sense of danger, additionally he could also sense a hidden strength inside Ning Fan which would bring more harm to him.

Therefore, the dignified great elder of the Purple Clan spoke in a very friendly manner to a junior. If this was seen by the members of the Purple Clan, they would certainly be shocked by how friendly the hot-tempered Chu Chen had become.

“Okay, take them.”

Ning Fan wasn’t very selective in these spiritual herbs, it was because his present cultivation didn’t require Fourth Revolution pills yet. So, there was no rush in getting these kinds of spiritual herbs first. And, it was unnecessary to start a conflict with an elder because of this trivial matter.

In the vault, Ning Fan had gathered many of the required herbs to concoct the Nascent Soul Transformation Dan. Although he still lacked several of them, it wasn’t as bad when the herbs were eaten by the small sable.

After collecting all the spiritual herbs, there were still several ghosts’ magical treasures with exceptional rank left.

There were five peak high rank magical treasures and two highest rank magical treasures!

The peak high rank magical treasures were flying swords with gold, green, red, yellow and blue colors. They looked as if the five of them formed a complete set. If the five of them were launched at the same time, its power might be on par with the highest grade magical treasure!

There were two highest grade magical treasures. One of them was a small pure gold bell named Dong Ming Bell. The other magical treasure was a blood-red skeleton. It looked like it was crafted from the skull of some powerful ghost. It was named as Ghost Subduing Skeleton.

Clearly, the Ghost Subduing Skeleton has a higher quality and power compared to the Eastern Ocean Bell. Upon seeing this treasures, Chu Chen’s eyes blazed even more intensely compared to the time when he saw those millennium spiritual herbs.

On the contrary, when Ning Fan’s attention was shifted from the five-coloured flying swords to Eastern Ocean Bell, he was slightly surprised, as if he had detected something unusual.

“I want the Eastern Ocean Bell!”

“I want the Ghost Subduing Skeleton!”

Two yells resounded in the place. When they realised that their interests weren’t conflicting, Chu Chen let out pleasant laugh while Ning Fan’s eyes relaxed.

“Alright, young friend will keep the Eastern Ocean Bell while I’ll keep the Ghost Subduing Skeleton. As for the five flying swords, I don’t need it, so I will let young friend take it.”

Chu Chen was truly generous. As a matter of fact, there was a lot of history that lied in this skeleton. It was crafted from the skull of a Spirit Severing ghost. With such item in hand, it would give the possessor of the item a chance to advance to the Spirit Severing realm. Without a doubt, this only worked on ghosts and would absolutely be useless to Ning Fan.

Thus, this item was even more precious than the Eastern Ocean Bell. That explained why Chu Chen let Ning Fan take the five flying swords. 


Ning Fan naturally wouldn’t decline the good intention of the elder. With two slashes of his Separation Slayer, it broke the defensive spell that safeguarded the five flying swords and Eastern Ocean Bell.

Elder Chu Chen on the other hand, wasn’t able to break open the defensive spell after a few turns and twists. He then looked over at Ning Fan and gave him a wry smile.

“Can young friend help elder break the spell…”

The dignified great elder of the Purple Clan was asking a tiny Harmonious Spirit junior for help and he didn’t even feel ashamed of doing that because Ning Fan was qualified for him to ask.

“Of course!”

Ning Fan swung his Separation Slayer to slash open the defensive spell of the Ghost Subduing Skeleton.

Whether it was the five elemental flying swords or the Eastern Ocean Bell, Ning Fan wouldn’t be able to wield any of them yet with his current magical power. The thing that caught Ning Fan’s attention the most wasn’t the physical body of the bell but the ancient inscription on its top.

According to the ancient chaotic memory of the Immortal Emperor, this inscription was like the characters from the Demon Race, but not much details were found in the memory.

Although he didn’t know the underlying meaning of this inscription, he had a faint feeling that the value of this inscription was higher than the highest rank magical treasure. Even if the inscription was deemed useless, Ning Fan wouldn’t feel that he had suffered a loss when the Ghost Subduing Skeleton was given to the elder, because it was also useless to him. 

“Haha! This is great! Your attitude fits mine! Why not come with elder back to the Purple Clan to have a seat…?”

Chu Chen was holding the bloody skeleton as if he was unwilling to be parted with it.

“Thank you for Great Elder’s kind intention, but junior preferred to come and go freely…”

Ning Fan saluted Chu Chen with his fists cupped and left in a flash of light.

Meanwhile, the land outside the vault shook abruptly when the white giant skeleton made a stomp on the ground, causing large cracks on the ground and the buildings to sunk three feet deep into the ground!

A three hundred meter tall giant raged. He was supposed to have found the human who killed his incarnation but none of his shadow was found in the Green Clan. He expressed his anger on the ground, the rows of houses and the bamboo forests. All of them were crushed and impacted by his stomps.

As Ning Fan left the vault, he immediately sensed it. There was a wave of strong spirit sense penetrating through his body.

However, he remained calm and used the force of his incarnation to conceal his Yang energy, preventing his real identity from being exposed.

He had achieved his objective. So there was no need to get entangled with the Bone Emperor. The chaotic situation in Green Clan was the perfect time for him to leave the clan, no one would notice him.

He immediately dashed into the bamboo house. In Green Clan, the number of individuals who had ulterior motives were as plenty as the fur on a cow’s skin.

The night sky rumbled with the angry howls of the Bone Emperor’s incarnation. It made every expert in the Green Clan tremble with fear, none of them dared to block his way.

“Human, get your a*s out!”

Outside the bamboo house, Ning Fan hesitated but eventually decided to bid farewell to the girls.

It was just that when he got back to the bamboo house, there were no traces of them. It would be impossible for them to continue their sleep when the Bone Emperor was creating such a ruckus.

He was afraid that the two girls had already escaped the Green Clan during the time of chaos. They naturally didn’t have a reason to continue staying in the Green Clan as the both of them were already healed from their injuries and free from the restrictive spell after all.

The thing was that Ning Fan felt a little disappointed with the two girls because they didn’t wait for him to return.

“Forget it. It’s just a meeting by chance.”

He shook away the thoughts in his head and left the Green Clan, but when he reached the river bank of the green river, he came to a halt.

He saw two girls with graceful figures. One was in white clothes and the other was in red clothes. They were standing there as if they were waiting for something or someone.

Who could they be if they weren’t Mu Weiliang and Ning Honghong?

“Why are you all here…” Ning Fan landed his evading light and gave a light smile.

“We are waiting for you. Initially, I want to continue to run but Sister Weiliang insisted to stay here and wait for your return no matter how hard I tried to convince her. She said that you will leave the Green Clan as soon as you’ve robbed them and finished your tasks. It seems like Sister Weiliang had made the right guess…So, should we go now?”

“Fine. I have robbed quite a lot of items and I needed a place for my seclusion. You two are just the right assistants that I need to protect me during my seclusion.”

“Humph…so you are going to need our help…” Ning Honghong lifted her head but she didn’t decline.

As for Mu Weiliang, she revealed a shy smile when she saw that Ning Fan agreed to travel with them. “Okay…alright…I will ensure your safety…”

Three evading lights slowly disappeared into the night. When the sky turned bright, the Bone Emperor was still searching everywhere in Green Clan but there was no sign of the human. He was enraged and after his uproar, he made a decision. 

“Humph! If my incarnation can’t find you, my true self will descend! As long as you are still holding my bone, even if you had erased my spirit sense in it, I would still be able to locate your whereabouts using the Bone Seeking Technique!”

The furious Bone Emperor left the Third Region and headed to the Seventh Region. Everyone made way for the emperor.

After the Bone Emperor left, the great elder of the Green Clan – Qing Lengshan – caught a breath of relief.

Another serious matter struck him a few minutes after his suffocation was relieved.

“Impossible! How could all the spiritual herbs in the vault be robbed? Who did this?!”

In the tribe hall, Qing Lengshan was enraged as he glared at the five Gold Core experts below. Qu Han was one of them. They were the ones who attacked the vault during the time of chaos.

Qu Han and these few experts had been aiming for the vault for a long time now. Despite knowing this fact, he hadn’t thought that Qu Han and these experts were capable of robbing everything inside the vault.

It was a near-Nascent realm grand formation. Qu Han and these few experts absolutely couldn’t break it within a short period of time!

“Who did this?!”

Qing Lengshan’s white brows knitted tightly, like an enraged lion enduring its  injuries.

“Great Elder, it’s Zhou Ming and Chu Chen.”

Qu Han gritted her teeth and spurted out two names.

“Chu Chen? Zhou Ming?”

The Great Elder’s mind started searching his memory for these two names but he found nothing. He couldn’t recall any peak Gold Core expert called Chu Chen or Zhou Ming.

“Great Elder, Zhou Ming was the newly-appointed medical officer and he is a human!”

A Gold Core expert who also committed the robbery added.

“What?! Human?! Could he be?!”

Qing Lengshan showed a pair of furious eyes. A mouthful of blood was spurted out of his mouth.

He finally understood why the Bone Emperor became frenzied the moment he came to the Green Clan.

The Green Clan actually took the one who offended the Bone Emperor into the clan. Why didn’t he notice that a human has entered their clan? If he was able to distinguish Zhou Ming’s real identity earlier, not only would it not anger the Bone Emperor, he would get a huge favor for this big contribution.

A large contribution had brushed past his shoulder just like that. The worst part of it was that it had even made the entire Green Clan lose all the spiritual herbs in the vault.

“Chu Chen is a ghost. He could change his appearance and name which will make it very hard to trace him. We’ll just ignore him! Now, investigate Zhou Ming! I just want Zhou Ming! Once we find this man, not only will we win the Bone Emperor’s favour, we can also get the stolen spiritual herbs back! Spread my orders down in the Third Region. Use the Immortal Execution Order at Zhou Ming! I want the person who tricked our clan to pay a hefty price!”

“What?! Immortal Execution Order?!”

In the tribe hall, the several late Gold Core experts who heard this had their expressions changed and bodies shivered, as if they had heard something very terrifying.

The Immortal Execution Order was used by Ancient Heavenly Court to execute rebellious and escaped Immortal Gods. It would only be usually used on divine beings! Once one had refined this order, the person which the commander wanted dead would die when a strand of his Qi was marked on the order.

Although the Immortal Execution Order that was held by Qing Lengshan was merely a broken item, no one below the Nascent Soul realm would be able to wield its power! Isn’t it too wasteful to use such a heaven defying item on a mere Zhou Ming? Besides, it could only be used once…

It seemed like Qing Lengshan was totally aggrieved and angered this time, the impulse of killing Zhou Ming had already overwhelmed him! 

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