Grasping Evil - Chapter 71 (2)

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The experts of Green Clan had searched for thousands of miles in the Third Region for four days, but they still couldn’t find any trace of Ning Fan.

“Trash, a bunch of trash! What’s the use of you all if you can’t even find a single person?”

Qing Lengshan unleashed his overbearing aura that swept across the experts in the hall, giving them a chilling fright. Even the late Gold Core elders changed their facial expression.

“Great Elder, perhaps that man is no longer in the Third Region. He is a living human so he can enter the Fourth Region or return to the Second Region without a problem.” The second elder, Qing Hengxing, said. He was a brawny man with rough and cold face.

“Well, it makes sense…” Qing Lengshan’s expression changed and immediately, the corner of his mouth raised a smirk.

“Has the refinement of the Immortal Execution Order completed?”

“Great Elder, the refinement has reached the last step, but… are we really using this to destroy a mere Zhou Ming? This is the item we use to deter the other Clans…” The third elder,who was called Qing Wuwei, said. He was a short, elegant middle-aged man. His face was full of hesitation.

“Stupid. As long as we kill that man, we will get the favour of the Bone Emperor. If everyone in Green Clan has reached Nascent Soul realm, can you imagine how easy it is to enter the Fourth Region!”

Qing Lengshan let out a cold humph. He was extremely disdainful of the short-sighted thoughts of the elders in the hall.

In Nine Yin Land, the Eighth and Ninth Regions of the forest didn’t exist. As such, the Bone Emperor who resided at the Seventh Region was the king. If they could please the king, who would dare to touch the Green Clan?

It was a pity that all these ghosts were short of visions. No wonder none of them could be the Great Elder.

“The refinement of the Immortal Execution Order is about to complete. Have you collected a strand of Zhou Ming’s Qi?” Qing Lengshan asked apathetically.

“Great Elder, we have completely collected Zhou Ming’s Qi in his bamboo house has.”

The fourth elder, Qing Yun, was a handsome man. He reported to the Great Elder respectfully.

“Good. Set up the altar and be ready to execute that man!”

Qing Lengshan flicked his sleeve and led all the experts to the ancient sacrificial altar.

“That year, I used the Immortal Execution Order to kill a peak Gold Core elder of Ivory Clan, causing them to fall. I can’t believe that today, I have to reuse the order to kill only a mere Zhou Ming!”

He laughed and couldn’t wait. Suddenly, as if he had a second thought, he commanded.

“Also, Second and Third Elder, you two will bring experts to search for Zhou Ming in the Third Region. When the Immortal Execution Order is executed, that man will surely die, and there will be a formation with four sword shadows at the place he dies. If he is still in the Third Region, you all can bring back the spiritual herbs to the clan. Of course, if anyone dares to swallow the spiritual herbs, humph! I still have another Immortal Execution Order!”

Qing Lengshan’s eyes swept across the crowd. No one dared to express a single dissatisfaction.

In the grand formation within the bamboo forest, Ning Fan was refining the energy of spirit sense in the Sense Beads. His intermediate Gold Core realm was approaching the next stage – late Gold Core realm.

Only 23 days had passed, but the power of his spirit sense had been improved to such extent. If this news was spread across Yue Country, no one wouldn’t be shocked.

“Almost. It seems there are only a hundred Sense Beads left…”

Ning Fan smiled faintly. He had only refined 400 Gold Core Sense Beads, but that was about to bring his spirit sense realm to the late Gold Core stage.

It was about to reach. Only this last round of refinement to break the bottleneck of this realm…

Ning Fan’s eyes blazed like torches. He put all of his focus, and prepared to break through into the next realm of spirit sense.

However, at this moment, a danger struck him without warning. His eyes turned furious. He spurted out a mouthful of blood. His spirit sense loosened, which made him fail to break through. A force of backlash impacted his sea of consciousness, causing tearing pain in his spirit sense.

He looked at his chest with shock. There was a hole that appeared unknowingly and blood was trickling non-stop from the wound.

Just now, at the moment when he saw about to break through the realm, a sword shadow that came from nowhere pierced through his chest!

“The sword shadows are still here!”

He rose from the ground and brandished the Separation Slayer in his hand. He turned to block a sword shadow with a slash but failed to stop another sword shadow coming from another direction. It pierced through his abdomen, leaving a bloody hole.


Ning Fan’s face turned slightly pale. More sword shadows dashed over from all directions, unreasonably giving him no way of handling these strikes.

The two girls who were originally guarding Ning Fan lost their usual beautiful expression when they noticed Ning Fan failed at the critical moment of spirit sense advancement and he was being pierced through by swords.

They were able to recognize the origin of the sword shadows which made them feel even more alarmed.

“Immortal Execution Order! How on earth did you offend the Great Elder of Green Clan forcing him to use the order on you? Ning Fan, we will help you!”

The two of the girls moved forth to defend Ning Fan against the sword shadows, but they were petrified by a sudden surprise.

Nearly ten silhouettes of Green Clan experts were standing in the void above the bamboo forest, attacking the grand formation aggressively.

“Don’t worry about me. Go and control the formation. Don’t let them break it… Humph! Immortal Execution Order, Green Clan! So it’s Green Clan who secretly plotted against me!”

A hint of ruthlessness surfaced from Ning Fan’s eyes. He looked up and saw four illusory swords outside the grand formation in the sky locking him at four directions, and the countless sword shadows were coming from these four illusory swords.

He suddenly got a surprise when he recalled this renowned four swords in the Ancient Chaotic Memory.

Immortal Execution Four Swords! 

The four illusory swords had existed for as long as eternity. The swords would seal the sky above. Even if it was only a illusory shadow, the Qi that it exuded was obscure and profound. It would wash the air with light stench of blood. The stench of blood was formed by the blood Qi from countless of immortals. 

The so-called Immortal Execution Order could condense four illusory swords and lock the target with its boundless sword Qi!

During the ancient times, the true Immortal Execution Order weren’t four illusory swords but four completely real swords!

Outside the grand formation, the second elder, Qing Hengxing and third elder, Qing Wuwei, were leading around ten Green Clan experts to break the barrier of the formation.

They were just following the orders of the Great Elder to seek for Zhou Ming in the Third Region but didn’t think that he was bold enough to stay here after robbing all the spiritual herbs.

“Haha! We’ll wait until the Immortal Execution Order killed him. Then, we will retrieve back the spiritual herbs. It will be considered a great contribution!” Qing Hengxing gave a cold laugh and exerted more strength to break the Nascent realm grand formation.

His body was as sturdy as iron bone. Every punch of his created traces of cracks on the grand formation, made the land to tremble, and gusts of wind to emerge. Although the cracks on the surface of the grand formation recovered quickly, the immortal jades in the formation eyes were being consumed at great speed.

The formation would be broken when the immortal jades were exhausted!

Before Qing Hengxing could finish his laugh, two elegant silhouettes were holding immortal jades given by Ning Fan to replenish the formation eyes.

One girl in red showed a murderous look. While controlling the grand formation, thousands of green light shot up abruptly and turned into light bamboo leaves as sharp as sword sweeping at the Green Clan experts.

The Nascent realm grand formation itself had the effect of killing!

They had not imagined that there were companions that helped that Zhou Ming control the grand formation. They were completely caught off guard. Four Gold Core experts were killed by the light of the formation. While the rest of them were injured to a certain extent.

Even the steel man Qing Hengxing was wounded at the chest. He roared but when his eyes fell upon the two uniquely beautiful faces, it switched into a lewd smile.

The two girls in action had the perfect look that he had ever seen in his life. 

“Okay, okay, okay! I never thought that that Zhou Ming had these two beautiful ladies guarding for him. But, he will never escape from the tribulation of Immortal Execution. As for these two girls, it doesn’t matter because the formation will eventually be broken! Heh! Heh! You two are quite good looking. After breaking the formation, I will not spare the two of you. Tonight, I’m going to make you two feel an irresistible pleasure!”

Qing Hengxing was a late Gold Core cultivator and also a rare physique ghost cultivator that had amazing combat strength. As long as the grand formation was destroyed, he alone could handle the girls!

As for the two ladies in the formation, their pretty faces changed as they saw the two elders of Green Clan.

A moment ago, Ning Honghong manipulated the formation to amplify her attack. The blow seemed damaging but it was mainly due to the enemy being caught off guard. Now that all of them were already alerted, it became hard to injure them again like just now.

Besides, that blow just now had consumed a tenth of the immortal jades. So how many times such blow could be launched?

The eyes of the two girls fell upon Ning Fan. Their faces were filled with unbearable heartache.

The present Ning Fan had thousands of bloody holes on his body. His flesh was damaged badly. They were afraid he wouldn’t stand long under such circumstances.

But then at this time, despite some pieces of flesh had been cut off of Ning Fan’s body and some white bones became visible from the outside, a trace of anger filled his eyes expression before it turned into the will to annihilate Green Clan!

“Green Clan…I will remember this revenge! When I break the Immortal Execution Sword Shadow, I will go and annihilate Green Clan!”

His words, with the murderous intent of Immortal Emperor fell into the ears of the Green Clan experts. Everyone including Qing Hengxing could feel a trace of fear due to it.

What kind of murderous intent was this?! Not even the supreme Bone Emperor had such murderous intent!

However, the fear only petrified them for a moment as they weren’t newly born chicks. They wouldn’t be frightened away by a mere murderous intent.

In the grand formation, Ning Fan’s eyes revealed resoluteness when he took out the third Jade Royal Dan.

The time interval since taking the last Jade Royal Dan was too short. Thus, this time, he would suffer horrendous pain.

But then, he was left with no other choice. Despite the swords being merely illusory, he would still lose his life.

It was either die in pain, or slashed to death by the swords!

He swallowed the Jade Royal Dan. The flesh of his body had been cut numerous times by the sword shadows. The silver light in his bone was glowing brighter.

“I am the Ancient Chaos! Immortal Execution Sword Shadows, how dare you slash me!”

This time, he used the imposing manner of the Immortal Emperor in the Yin Yang Locket to command the sword shadows. Surprisingly, a moment of hesitation was observed from the sword shadows.

Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold, and he did something that no one could believe.

He opened his mouth and swallowed the countless of sword shadows into his belly.

“If I do not die, the sword Qi of Immortal Execution will be refined. And none of you can escape!”

Ning Fan’s desire to eliminate Green Clan had risen to the pinnacle state!

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