Grasping Evil - Chapter 72

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After swallowing the Jade Royal Dan, Ning Fan’s body was able to block the attack of the sword Qi!

He opened his mouth and the Starlight Sword Shadow flew out and slashed randomly, slashing away the sword Qi. The pieces of the Execution Immortal sword Qi were swallowed into his belly.

As the sword Qi entered his abdomen, he could feel an acute pain all over his body, but strangely, when the acute pain was superimposed with the pain of broken bones caused by the Jade Royal Dan, he couldn’t feel a single thing.

What he was feeling was numbness.

He unexpectedly discovered a strange phenomenon, pain could be counteracted by the same degree of pain, but at this moment, he wasn’t in the mood to ponder about the reason behind this phenomenon. As such, the correct method to relieve the pain when taking the Jade Royal Dan was with another pain. 

There was no pain from the Jade Royal Dan, no life-threatening pain from the sword Qi, but he could feel every sword Qi in his abdomen and his eyes turned cold.

Given his current realm, he was disappointed by the fact that he couldn’t devour the slightest bit of the Immortal Execution sword Qi. 

However, there was a trace of spiritual force within these sword Qi, and this spiritual force was greater than the Sense Beads!

While he was breaking through into the late Gold Core spirit sense realm, he was interrupted by the attack of the sword shadows which ended the entire process in failure. The remaining one hundred Sense Beads might not be enough for him to break through it.

But then again, if he devoured the spiritual force of these sword Qi, he was certain that he would be able break through into the late Gold Core spirit sense realm again!

He could currently feel that the grand formation was being besieged by the Green Clan experts. Once the grand formation was destroyed, he would die for sure and the two girls wouldn’t be able to escape.

Looking up, beyond the formation light, at Qing Hengxing who was laughing wildly, his cold eyes sparkled and he shouted at the two girls.

“Half an hour more! Just help me hold them.”

The Immortal Execution sword Qi couldn’t be devoured, but its spiritual force could. He forcefully separated the spiritual force from the sword Qi and threw it into his sea of consciousness, integrating with his spirit sense. 

A transformation slowly occurred in his sea of consciousness. The force in his spirit sense was also gradually increasing. Again, it rushed to the barrier of late the Gold Core spirit sense realm! 

Outside the formation light, the attack of the Green Clan experts intensified. The second elder, Qing Hengxing gave up using his physique as the weapon. He waved his palm and took out a tiny-hill-like magical treasure encircled by black Qi.

It was a High Rank Magical Treasure – the Extreme Spiritual Mountain! Every attack it launches contains thousands of kilograms, not even a peak Gold Core expert could withstand such damage.

“Extreme Spiritual Mountain, destroy it for me!”

Qing Hengxing smiled coldly. With a blow of his Gold Core Qi, the small hill suddenly turned into a 3000 meter mountain and smashed down on the formation light.

Each smash created deep cracks on the formation light, which consumed thousands of immortal jades.

He licked his tongue. In his estimate, this formation would lose its defensive strength in less than half an incense stick of time.

“Third Brother, once this formation is broken, you immediately go below and bring those spiritual herbs back. Tell Great Elder that I will stay here to have an enjoyable time with those two chicks.”

He stared at Mu Weiliang and Ning Honghong with lustful eyes, as if the two of them had already become an item in his bag of holding.

“If you can get rid of your lust, your mental state will improve tremendously. Perhaps you will be able to break through into the Nascent Soul realm after that.”

A trace of disdain was hidden very deeply in the Third Elder, Qing Wuwei’s eyes, while casting a spell that produce countless of gloomy fire balls and threw them on the grand formation.

It seemed like it was only a matter of time before they broke through the grand formation.

In the formation light, Mu Weiliang had lost her calmness whereas Ning Honghong were gritting her teeth, while they were busy replenishing the immortal jades into the empty formation eyes.

Ning Fan gave the two of them 400,000 immortal jades. Within this short period of time, about forty or fifty thousand had been expended.

If the situation continued at this rate, they were afraid that the formation wouldn’t hold for half an hour.

“Sister Weiliang, continue to replenish the formation eyes. I will use my spirit sense to maximize the defensive strength of this grand formation.”

Ning Honghong said and immediately sat down cross-legged, using her spirit sense to control the grand formation. Mu Weiliang was surprised by Ning Honghong’s courage. She gritted her teeth but didn’t stop Ning Honghong.

The Formation used the strength of mountains and rivers to form a defensive barrier. If a cultivator used his or her spirit sense to manipulate the formation, all the strength from the mountains and rivers could be maximally used.

However, this was an extremely risky act, because once the grand formation was destroyed and if the manipulator couldn’t withdraw her spirit sense from the grand formation in time, she would suffer serious damage.

It’s just that Ning Honghong didn’t have time to consider about all these risks. She only hoped that she could make another half an hour time for Ning Fan.

“Perhaps he will be able to break the siege attack of these Green Clan experts after half an hour…” Ning Honghong tried to comfort herself, but she wouldn’t believe that Ning Fan would have ways to counterattack these Green Clan experts.

Her face turned pale the moment her spirit sense entered the formation light. Controlling a Nascent realm grand formation using the spirit sense of an intermediate Gold Core spirit sense was very difficult for her.

Gradually, her mind integrated with the terrain below the bamboo forest and constantly manipulated the force in the terrain to enhance the defensive strength of the formation light.

Outside the formation light, the Green Clan experts could feel the distinct increase of its defensive strength. As for Qing Hengxing, he frowned when he noticed that his Extreme Spiritual Mountain could no longer create traces of cracks on the formation light.

“Someone is using spirit sense to manipulate the formation? Humph! Is that someone the little b*tch? That’s annoying!”

Qing Hengxing’s eyes fell upon the girl in red clothes who was sitting cross-legged on the ground. His eyes turned cold as he flicked his right hand to summon the Extreme Spiritual Mountain back to his storage pouch and took out a purple-black tattered talisman.

Faint flashes sparkled from the talisman which made it look extra-ordinary. When the experts’ eyes fell upon the talisman, their expressions changed drastically.

“It’s the Heavenly Ghost Talisman! It contains the power of a single strike from a Nascent Soul expert!”

Everyone’s eyes looked over at Qing Hengxing with fear and dread. They couldn’t imagine that he would be willing to use such a precious talisman just to break the grand formation!

It showed how much the Green Clan adore Qing Hengxing. After a laugh, his finger twisted the talisman and instilled a vast amount of magical power into it. A purple light glowed from the Heavenly Ghost Talisman and faint cries of ghosts were heard.

He gestured to cast a spell. Then, a black fire appeared on the talisman. Smoke and ashes billowed to the sky above. With the cremation of the talisman, it slowly turned into a three hundred meter large purple skeleton. Gusts of sinister wind blew the air. The giant skeleton then bit on formation light and tore it forcefully. A thirty meters wide hole was ripped open from the formation light.

At the same time, the wail of a girl was heard from inside of the formation. Ning Honghong could feel the tearing pain as the formation light was torn open.

Her delicate and red lips had become pale, but she ignored the injuries in her sea of consciousness and rotated the force of the terrain to repair the formation light.

But then again, her spirit sense would be seriously injured even if the formation light was mended.

After seeing the state of the female ghost in red, he was slightly astonished, because she was able to endure the sharp pain when her spirit sense was torn along with the formation light. One should know that, that kind of pain was unbearable even to men. This girl must be a heroine in her past life.

Nonetheless, when he imagined a proud, conceited woman pressing against his body, his excitement was turned on even more. He bore his white fangs and gave a cold smile while constantly casting spells to goad the Heavenly Ghost Talisman to attack the formation light.

“I would like to see how long can this b*tch last! Rip it!”

He was wildly controlling the Heavenly Ghost skeleton. The giant skeleton was ripping off the formation light with every bite. In fact, the giant skeleton wasn’t ripping off the formation light but the spirit sense of Ning Honghong.

“Sister Honghong!” Mu Weiliang who was persisting in her task felt like her heart was stabbed with a blade when she saw Ning Honghong’s spirit sense being severely injured. She wanted to replace Ning Honghong’s position but she was pushed away by Ning Honghong.

“Silly girl… I just have to persist for a little while longer…”

Her skin seemed pale and bloodless, even whiter than the unhealthy skin of Mu Weiliang.

Her Qi was declining, but when she turned and saw that Ning Fan was still intact, she felt a relief in her heart.

“Just have to hold on for a little longer…”

Her smile was reluctant. Qing Hengxing finally lost his patience when he saw the perseverance and persistence of Ning Honghong. 

“Heavenly Ghost skeleton, burst it!”

Qing Hengxing made another cold gesture, the cremation of talisman turned into a skeleton and then exploded into purple flames!

At that instant, the purple flames spread out, drowning the hundred miles large bamboo forest. The entire area was burned by the sea of fire. The formation light was broken almost instantaneously. The immortal jades were being expended at an astounding speed. As for Ning Honghong, she could feel a burning pain in her spirit sense. Blood was all over her body, she fell to the ground.

The moment Ning Honghong fell to the ground, the defensive strength of the formation was greatly reduced. The hundred-miles-large bamboo forest vanished in the sea of purple flames!

As soon as the bamboo forest was gone, it also meant that the formation no longer existed. The grand formation was entirely destroyed!

The moment when the grand formation barrier was destroyed, the sea of purple flames flooded Ning Fan who was currently resisting the sword Qi with Qing Hengxing’s commands.

“Kill him first!” An outpouring wild laughter of Qing Hengxing was heard from the sky above. To him, Ning Fan was surely heaven defying for surviving the attack of the Immortal Execution sword Qi. There was no question that Ning Fan would die when he was struck by a Nascent Soul realm purple fire attack.

Mu Weiliang held Ning Honghong in her arms. Her tears fell, looking at Ning Honghong’s gaunt look.

As for Ning Honghong, she bit her lips, blood was trickling out of the side of her mouth. Tears welled up in her eyes.

She failed to help Ning Fan hold them for half an hour.

“Sister Weiliang, you should run now…”

She gave a helpless smile. With so many Gold Core experts from the Green Clan here, they wouldn’t have a chance to escape.

“I’m not going anywhere!”

Mu Weiliang was gazing at those Green Clan experts and the lustful-looking Qing Hengxing who was approaching them with fright. Ning Fan’s condition was still unknown after he was submerged into the sea of fire, whereas Ning Honghong’s status was not far from death. Despite all of these, she tried her best to suppress her fear.

She stood up. Everything around her was surrounded by a sea of fire. Her cold look was fixed at those Green Clan experts who were getting closer to them.

“Leave them alone and I will come with you…”

She said in a faint tone to Qing Hengxing. She had decided that once Ning Fan and Ning Honghong escaped, she would commit suicide by breaking her veins to avoid being insulted by this man.

Nevertheless, it seemed like her intention was seen through by Qing Hengxing.

“Heh…heh… You don’t have the right to negotiate with me when you are already in my hands!”

Qing Lengxing was very satisfied. Although he had lost a life-saving talisman, he had not only completed the task given by the Great Elder, but also captured two strikingly attractive women. He was undeniably the benefited party.

He exerted the Qi of a late Gold Core realm, pushing Mu Weiliang to the ground. He made his way slowly to her and touched her bosoms with a chuckle of lust.


Mu Weiliang’s expression was filled with despair. At this moment, something within the hundred-mile-radius sea of purple fire shook violently.

The four Execution Immortal Sword Shadows suspended in the sky were crushed!

An extremely cold voice was heard from the sea of fire. Under the influence of the voice, the rapiers that was carried on the waist of those Green Clan experts shuddered and produced shaking sounds, as if these metals were frightened.

Rapiers were non-living things, how could they be afraid? What are they afraid of?!

Qing Hengxing retracted his hands and retreated without hesitation, a Starlight Sword Shadow that carried the power to incinerate a Gold Core ghosts slashed at him!

That was close! If he was a second slower, his hands that had touched Mu Weiliang’s bosoms would be cut down!

“Who just sneak-attacked me!”

He was frightened and angry at the same time. The fright came from the power of incineration of ghosts in the Separation Slayer, no ghost would be able to defend against that. He was angry because he didn’t know why someone wanted to meddle in the matters of the Green Clan.

He didn’t realised that the attacker was Ning Fan because he had thought that Ning Fan was already dead when he was flooded by the purple fire.

He saw a divine-looking young man in white clothes and black cloak within the sea of purple fire. His dark hair was devilish. His eyes were filled with a trace of frightening sword light.

He was only a teenager but his cold face and ruthless eyes was like an immortalized mystical ice that stood between the Heaven and Earth.

“Zhou Ming, it’s you. How could it be? You should have been killed by the Execution Immortal Order and died in the sea of fire…”

Qing Hengxing made a few steps backwards. His soul trembled greatly and the anxiety in his heart grew. This young man was merely a late Harmonious Spirit expert but he could sense an unstoppable aura from his eyes, as though he was confronting a Heavenly Emperor, as though he was being swept away by tidal waves of anger.  

That gaze wasn’t the murderous intent of the Immortal Emperor. It was a sharpness that could slay anything, like a sword that could slay immortals and devils!

The waves of that came from Ning Fan’s soul turned the sea of consciousness of everyone chaotic and causing cracks in some of them. The waves rolled so much that their sea of consciousness was filled with thunderous sounds as though countless of lightning were striking in their heads.

Not only did Qing Hengxing stop looking at Ning Fan, the dozen of Green Clan experts present also didn’t dare to look at Ning Fan directly!

“That’s Zhou Ming! No way! The Zhou Ming that I saw used a lot of effort just to kill the medical officer, Huang Xie!” A man with a shabby face was horrified. He volunteered to join in the task of killing Zhou Ming because he knew how weak Zhou Ming was. 

However, before his words faded, his body was already severed into half! There was no sign of where it came from! An early Gold Core expert was slashed to death just like that!

The same situation occurred to the 21 early Gold Core experts. They were either cut into half at the waist or sliced into mud of meat by the shapeless sword light!

Only 14 intermediate Gold Core experts, Qing Hengxing and two late Gold Core experts were excluded from such tragic death, however, every one  of them were looking at the young man in terror.

Without a doubt, the killings were done by that young man!

“What have you done?!”

Qing Hengxing bellowed to hide away his panic.

And yet, the young man didn’t answer him. He then said in a cold tone with the spirit sense of a late Gold Core realm.

“If there is no expert that is half step away from a Nascent Soul realm amongst you, then today, all of you will die!”

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