Grasping Evil - Chapter 74

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Ning Fan was driving the immortal cloud slowly. He deliberately revealed hundreds of flaws so that the Gold Core ghosts would attack him.

When an early Gold Core ghosts rushed into the three hundred mile radius of Ning Fan’s spirit sense, they would instantly die due to their sea of consciousness being slashed.

Intermediate Gold Core ghosts who entered the hundred mile radius would also have their sea of consciousness slashed and instantly die because they were suppressed by the small sable.

Only late Gold Core ghosts had the ability to approach Ning Fan, but once their cultivation realm was suppressed by the small sable’s demonic Qi, they would face the same consequences as the Second and Third Elder of the Green Clan.

They all died!

The three immortal clouds of Ning Fan were all covered with dark blood Qi that reeked a bloody smell.

Along the way, he had killed more than five hundred ghosts. Of course, most of them were early Gold Core ghosts, some were intermediate Gold Core ghosts and only a few were late Gold Core ghosts.

An early Gold Core ghost was worth 2000 contribution points. An intermediate Gold Core ghost was worth 5000 points while a late Gold Core ghosts was worth 10 000 points.

Ning Fan’s contribution points has already reached a terrifying number – 1.89 million. The zeroes had been erased from the Merit Monument. However, at the present moment, he wasn’t in the mood to check his jade disc.

His complexion turned a little pale when he took a vulnerary pill to restore the energy of his spirit sense. It wasn’t a small burden to kill Gold Core ghosts using his sword sense, but in order to establish power, he must use the most powerful and unusual way to terrify the ghosts of the Third Region!

While collecting the Sense Beads, his eyes were gazing at the hazy sky in the distance.

From a three hundred miles distance, numerous tiny black spots were peeping at Ning Fan, but none of them dared to attack.

The green river fell into their line of sight in the far distance. The Green Clan was just after the green river.

A nine-layered spiritual formation was deployed outside the Green Clan. The first eight layers were Core realm grand formation. The black fog inside the formation covered the sky above. The ninth layer was a Nascent realm grand formation. The mist of blood inside made it look filthy.

The Great Elder of the Green Clan, Qing Lengshan was startled when he received the news that the whole team of experts led by the Second and Third Elder was wiped out. As such, he deployed the nine-layered grand formation, waiting for Ning Fan’s arrival.

Ning Fan halted his immortal cloud and jumped down from it. He walked towards the black fog in the void while carrying the small sable in his arms, leaving the two girls behind.

A few hundred metres outside the black fog, he halted his steps when the black fog split open like water and the figure of an elder in green robe came out.

His Qi was as dignified as the ocean. His eyes were blazing like torch. His green robe, green sword and wood spiritual energy were imposing.

This elder was the Great Elder of the Green Clan, Qing Lengshan! Behind him were the eight remaining late Gold Core experts, including Qu Han. As for those intermediate and early Gold Core experts, they didn’t dare to appear in front of Ning Fan.

Qing Lengshan had received the report that Ning Fan had a strange technique that could instantly kill early, intermediate and even late Gold Core experts within the 300 mile range. So it would be quite dangerous to confront Ning Fan alone.

Qing Lengshan was reluctant to believe such an absurd report, but it was the truth and he couldn’t deny it.

The only thing that remained unchanged was his indifferent, lofty and arrogant face.

He stood with his hands behind his back. His eyes glowed with a green light that had traces of threat while looking at Ning Fan.

“Zhou Ming? You have come to find me, saving me a lot of effort and time to find you…Heh! Heh! You are truly a reckless boy. I don’t care what kind of evil spells you used to kill so many of my fellow ghosts, you won’t stand a chance against my nine-layered grand formation! ‘Nine Greens!’ activate!”

Qing Lengshan and the other eight late Gold Core elders were all holding a green wooden plate. These plates were the key to control the grand formation. They immersed themselves into the grand formation via spirit sense. A very dangerous Qi along with a gruesome dragon’s roar rushed out of the grand formation. Then, a nine hundred-feet-large green skeletal dragons emerged!

All of the nine virtual dragons had a Gold Core realm Qi. The one controlled by Qing Lengshan exuded the Qi of a half-step Nascent Soul realm! They were formed by the force of the formation and spirit sense. It would be difficult to eliminate these dragon-like ‘things’.

The Nine Greens was a formation that consisted of eight Gold Core and one Nascent Soul. This was definitely regarded as Qing Lengshan’s pinnacle formation in his lifetime.

Now that the formation had been activated and the nine dragons had been summoned, Qing Lengshan’s expression turned into a cold smirk. “Zhou Ming, I will offer you a chance. If you cripple your cultivation base and hand over the devil spell that you used to kill hundreds of ghosts, I will show you mercy!”

Qing Lengshan not only wanted Ning Fan dead, he also wanted the spell that he used to kill those group of ghosts. The only thing that terrified him was the small sable, Mei Chen, in Ning Fan’s arms. That was, however just a feeling of fear. They outnumbered them and they had the nine-layered grand formation which was enough to gain their victory. So, what’s so scary about Mei Chen?!

But then, his threat were just deflected by Ning Fan’s sarcasm.

It was true that these late Gold Core ghosts would be highly regarded anywhere across Yue Country, but they were nothing in Ning Fan’s eyes. As for the nine-layered grand formation, although it looked mighty and imposing, it used spirit sense as the primary source of power. How could Ning Fan be afraid of it…?

He patted the small sable’s back. After knowing what Ning Fan wanted, she emitted the demonic Qi that rolled in the air like a gust of black wind. Under this demonic Qi, the cultivation base of Qing Lengshan and the late Gold Core experts began to fall crazily.

Except for Qing Lengshan who remained at the intermediate Gold Core realm due to his high cultivation base, the other elders’ cultivation base fell to the early Gold Core realm!

At this moment, Ning Fan gave out a yell. His spirit sense swept through them like swords. Cold sweats were trickling down their bodies.


After this word, the invisible sword sense thrust into their sea of consciousness violently. These nine Green Clan experts suffered different degrees of injury, but it wasn’t serious and none of them died.

Meanwhile, each of their green jade plate was crushed, and turned into a wisp of ghost Qi that smelled decayed.

“Oh? Not dead yet?”

Ning Fan was a little surprised. Besides Qing Lengshan, the other eight elders whose cultivation base had already dropped to early Gold Core realm should have died under his sword sense. Their survival was beyond his expectation.

His focus was fixed on the decayed smell and understood why they didn’t die under the slash of his sword sense.

“The Death Replacement Order!” His curiosity was aroused.

Including Qing Lengshan, none of them expected that Ning Fan would make such a quick strike. This single attack had broken all of the Death Replacement Order that they had prepared earlier.

The Death Replacement Order and the Immortal Execution Order were both obtained by the Great Elder by accident. The Immortal Execution Order was used to kill whereas the Death Replacement Order was used to protect one’s life. When one put a strand of spiritual force into the order, one would be able to withstand a single Nascent Soul realm attack.

Qing Lengshan still had two Immortal Execution Order. Initially, he had twelve Death Replacement Order, but nine of them had already been destroyed. Now there were only three left!

But he couldn’t care about that at the moment. There was only one thought that appeared in his mind – flee!

“Quickly enter the formation. We’ll use this formation to kill this kid!”

Hastily, the nine of them retreated into the misty air within the formation. Fear was still lingering on their faces.

Qing Lengshan looked down on Ning Fan before he attacked, but now, he was terrified.

“This kid is too heaven defying! If there is no Death Replacement Order, I would’ve been seriously injured and the eight of you would’ve surely died!”

Qing Lengshan was not the only one appalled, the rest of the elders who were currently staring at Ning Fan through the foggy air were also in fear. As for Qu Han, although she had already met Ning Fan twice before this, she was totally still shocked. The shock she experienced was greater than any of the elders. Her eyes were filed with complicated emotions.

When she first met Ning Fan, he told her that he was merely a Second Revolution Dan Master, even if she had some doubts about that, she still chose to ignore it because she didn’t put Ning Fan in her eyes.

The second time she met him, he was trying to rob the vault during the time of chaos, she saw how Ning Fan slashed open the defensive barrier of the grand formation and robbed all the herbs and items in the vault. At that time, she began to fear Ning Fan, realising that he had hidden a lot of things from her, but she still didn’t think that Ning Fan’s true strength could surpass hers.

However, this time, only a few days after the chaotic incident, Ning Fan gave her a dreadful feeling as if she had met her natural enemy.

Qu Han’s face turned pale. If it wasn’t for the Death Replacement Order, she would have already died. She wasn’t sure if she could live through Ning Fan’s next attack without the Death Replacement Order.

What should I do now…?

Never leave the grand formation. We must hide inside of it. This kid’s magical art won’t be able to penetrate the formation. We will utilize the force of the grand formation to eliminate this person!

The exact same thought emerged in their heads. They flicked the wooden plate in their hands to manipulate the formation force and the green dragon.

If they could reverse the time, they would not wish to offend Ning Fan again, but regrets would not change the fact that Ning Fan was going to kill them. The only way to change it was to struggle through the hardship.

The nine dragons sent gusts of wind, rain, lightning and fire just to attack a single person – Ning Fan.

“As long as I don’t get out of the grand formation, he can’t do anything to me… After all, this is a grand formation combined with eight Gold Core realm grand formations and one Nascent realm grand formation. It’s the greatest formation that I have ever used.”

Qing Lengshan’s eyes were filled with conceit. This grand formation alone was overpowering. He started to feel safe when he looked at the Nine Greens, but this sense of safety was seized away by Ning Fan the next moment.

A silver ray of light rushed through the heavy mist, just like how lightning penetrated through the dark clouds.


Ning Fan yelled coldly. He moved his palm. A silvery shiny Starlight Sword Shadow illuminated with a cold light, thrust past the misty air and went straight to the trunk of the nine dragons.

The nine skeletal dragons were formed by the force of the formation and spirit sense. They were illusory and non-existent. So, they couldn’t be harmed by sword Qi, even with the White Bone Mountain sword Qi. 

“Gold Core ream sword Qi. You have really amazed me, but you certainly cannot hurt my formation dragons.”

Qing Lengshan grinned ferociously, but in the next moment, he was completely petrified.

After the flash of the sword light, the spiritual energy of the nine dragons started to burn. All nine of them let out miserable roars and began to dissipate!

“How is that possible?! What kind of divine power is that? How could it slash my virtual skeletal dragons?” Qing Lengshan’s palm was wet and cold, shivering from the spine.

The untouchable dragons were pulverised by Ning Fan with ease. To Qing Lengshan, this was more shocking than Ning Fan’s ability to instantly kill early Gold Core experts.

“Could it be that this kid’s sword is equipped with the Soul Burning ability? If this kid really has this ‘Void’ realm ability, I’m afraid that my grand formation won’t hold out for long!”

He panicked. The Nine Greens grand formation was purely built by the force of spirit sense, which was very vulnerable towards Soul Burning ability.

Not good. He lifted his head and saw a line of blood-red light sparkled from Ning Fan’s Separation Slayer. The void below his feet was filled with White Bone Qi that sent chills down their spines.

A blood-like sword Qi that looked like a blood-red light let out a wail like the cry of a ghost while tearing down the formation light of the Nine Greens.

Before the formation light could even recover, the Soul Burning ability burnt the spiritual energy in the grand formation, and in an instant, the entire grand formation was gone!

“Broken…my Nine Greens grand formation is… Green Clan!”

Qing Lengshan’s eyes were filled with desperation. Ning Fan recognized his eye expression. It was an expression of an individual that had nowhere to run.

“Kill him!”

Qing Lengshan reappeared from the misty air. Nearly a thousand Gold Core experts of the Green Clan rose to the sky.

Despite his deadly sword sense, it would be impossible for him to kill thousands of Gold Core experts simultaneously.

His expression became fierce. He instantly swallowed the 100 Sense Beads left without any refinement and absorption. The vast amount of spiritual energy rushed into his sea of consciousness.

In an instant, the strength of his spirit sense rose dramatically.

Peak Gold Core realm, the feigned Nascent Soul realm!

Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. Clearly, his sea of consciousness had been severely injured, but he needed the spiritual energy of the one hundred Sense Beads to temporarily boost his spirit sense to a terrifying state.


An extremely strong force of spirit sense rolled into the air, sweeping across all the experts. Each Gold Core expert of the Green Clan started to blow up into a fog of blood. This single strike had crushed nearly a hundred  ghosts, and the rest of them were severely injured. They quickly fled for their lives.

Qu Han and the other seven late Gold Core elders spurted out blood continuously due to the heavy injury in their sea of consciousness. While ignoring their injuries, they hastily ran a thousand mile away using the evading light. As for the Great Elder of the Green Clan who was the target of the attack, thousands of spiritual swords slash his body into a mud of blood before it was incinerated into nothingness.

Thousands of Gold Core experts from the Green Clan were brutally injured or died because of the frenzied skill of this young man.

The Green Clan was annihilated.

“From today onwards, there won’t be a Green Clan anymore in the Demon Sinister Forest.”

Ning Fan’s voice was cold. It echoed throughout three hundred miles in the sky. It trembled countless of experts who were secretly watching this battle.

He looked weak but his eyes were sharp and ruthless. Perhaps, this was the best chance to sneak-attack or kill Ning Fan, but when they saw him flicked his hand and sucked those hundreds of Sense Beads into his storage pouch, they halted their impulse and some of them even perished the thought.

There were so many Sense Beads. If Ning Fan went frenzied again, he might go and annihilate another clan!

“This person is ruthless and cunning. We should never offend him.”

Every expert who secretly watched this battle had already fled to avoid being involved in this conflict.

Originally, they all wanted to behead Ning Fan to please the Bone Emperor.

But then, they thought that it was better if the Bone Emperor handle the matter himself. It was too dangerous for others to handle.

A ‘problem’ appeared on Merit Monument in Sinister Sparrow Sect for the first time.

Ning Fan’s contribution points had exceeded 2 million for the second time and reached a terrifying amount of 2.15 million. He was now ranked number five in the list.

“This isn’t possible. The Merit Monument went wrong again!”

Bai Feiteng pounded the table and jumped to his feet. His face was full of shock. He was looking at Sinister Sparrow, hoping him to reset Ning Fan’s contribution points for the second time.

He would never believe it. No one would believe that Ning Fan could keep killing Gold Core ghosts again and again with his present strength and gain so many  contribution points.

This was totally impossible! No way!

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