Grasping Evil - Chapter 75

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The Green Clan was eliminated and Ning Fan had started his last seclusion in the forest. He had gained the reputation of being a villainous killer. 

A day later, his magical power began to recover. He then decided to do one thing, which is collect sufficient amount of Sense Beads to advance his spirit sense realm into peak Gold Core realm.

He estimated that it was impossible to achieve this breakthrough without a thousand Gold Core Sense Beads. Presently, there were only less than a hundred Sense Beads remaining in his possession after annihilating the Green Clan and robbing them.

If there’s no Sense Beads, then go and rob Sense Beads from others!

He rose up to the air with immortal cloud carrying the sable in his hand. Mu WeiLiang and Ning Honghong followed suit.

Ning Honghong’s body was still weak, but after Ning Fan’s treatment, her complexion gradually returned to normal. Mu Weiliang, on the other hand, was standing on the cloud without any injuries whatsoever. However, her mind was bothered by the surprise of seeing Ning Fan annihilating the entire Green Clan.

As soon as the immortal cloud moved, it sped straight to the encampment of the Black Clan. The number of experts in Black Clan was more than in Green Clan. The Great Elder of the clan was a peak Gold Core expert. When Ning Fan’s silhouette reached the sky above Black Clan, the whole clan panicked.

“The mag…linant star has come. Activate the grand formation, quick!”

The sentry, who’s early Gold Core ghost, was frightened when he met Ning Fan’s eyes. He had heard that this human annihilated the entire Green Clan alone. Every early Gold Core ghosts within the three hundred mile range would die without exception.

He activated the grand formation of the clan in a hurry, making the entire clan aware that an enemy had intruded into their territory.

Ning Fan lifted his chin and revealed an inexplicable smile. He had no idea that his reputation had reach such frightening extent. He did not come here to kill but to use the influence of his reputation to extort a sum of Sense Beads from them. Anyhow, the more powerful his reputation was, the better.

His eyes twitched. He patted the storage pouch and summoned the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron. In his mind, he was recalling the moments when he was together with the Old Devil, such as the moment when the Devil brought him to destroy a sect. He could recall how peerless his master was at that time.

“Master…. I will improve my cultivation realm and restore your strength, and eliminate the devil Moksha Emperor!”

The world seemed to be sinking and floating in his cold eyes. He would never forget the warmth he got from Seven Apricot City.

He pointed hard at the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron and said coldly, “Black Changmian, get out of here now!”

Black Changmian was the name of the Great Elder of Black Clan. The tone Ning Fan used was almost the same as the Old Devil.

Immediately, the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron smashed hard on the grand formation.

The formation apparently wasn’t as good as the Green Clan’s formation light. After all, it was rare to see a high grade formation expert like the Great Elder of Green Clan.

The first strike of the cauldron broke the formation. The second strike crushed the land and the third strike destroyed half of the encampment of Black Clan.

The entire Black Clan was thrown into chaos. Their dignified defensive grand formation was broken so easily.

The Great Elder of Black Clan, Black Changmian, is a woman with indifferent look. She gritted her silver teeth and rose to the sky with ten late Gold Core experts. She looked at Ning Fan in a way as if she was confronted by a formidable enemy.

“Zhou Ming! Green Clan is the one who offended you and you have destroyed them for that. Black Clan has never once offended you, so why are you attacking us?!”

“I have come here to rob some Sense Beads. Give me 100 Sense Beads and I will leave without a word.” Ning Fan’s expression remained unchanged but his eyes scanned the body of the female Great Elder, making her blush.

What a frivolous, arrogant boy! Had it not been for your prowess, I would have gouged your eyes out…’    

“Great Elder, he just wants 100 Sense Beads. Let’s just give it to him.” A few elders were relieved to hear that Ning Fan was only here to rob some things.

But then, a late Gold core elder who looked bony and had a stubborn face protested. “No! Although he is robbing the insignificant Sense Beads, he is robbing it openly in our clan. How are we going to gain respect from the others next time?!”

Black Changmian glared at the bony old man. ‘This old man lacks proper analytical observation!’ If it wasn’t because their clan was in an unfavourable situation, she, Black Changmian, would never accommodate this little Ning Fan. And the other respectable elders too would never kowtow to this young man.

Ning Fan wasn’t surprised to see someone objecting the demand. He gently pinched the hind leg of the sable and touched the spot that shouldn’t be touched, causing it to tremble and blush.

“You dare to touch that spot!”

“Who asked you not to release the demonic Qi…If you don’t release it, I will continue to touch it.” Ning Fan talked to the sable through spirit sense in a teasing tone.

“Shameless!” The small sable’s body was shivering, afraid that Ning Fan would touch that spot again and instantly after that, she unleashed all her frightening demonic Qi, covering the daylight.

The demonic Qi had encompassed the entire place. The true strength of all elders of Black Clan, including Black Changmian, was being sealed.

Black Changmian’s face turned pale. She could see that if they didn’t agree to the demand, Ning Fan would attack them.

“Prince Zhou Ming, wait. Our clan is willing to give you 100 Sense Beads!”

Her silver teeth and fists clenched as she  finally agreed to Ning Fan’s demand. Ning Fan smiled faintly. He patted the sable’s buttock asking her to stop the flow of her demonic Qi.

He darted a deep glance at Black Changmian. He always liked women who could see the bigger picture.

After leaving Black Clan, Ning Fan continued to sweep across the other clans in the Third Region. He didn’t kill a single ghost because his majestic reputation was enough to help him get what he wanted. If he killed someone in the process, it would hurt their feelings and robbing would not be as easy as with the Green Clan.

“Bai Zhi, get out!” Ning Fan’s Dan Fragmentation Cauldron smashed hard at the grand formation of the White Clan.

“Cheng Kong, get out!” Cheng Clan was also doomed.

“Du Shenghong, get out!” The grand formation of the Du Clan was also crashed and destroyed.

Ning Fan had swept through the eleven clans that had connections to the Bone Emperor. The last station was the Bone Clan.

He stood on the highest point of the Bone Clan gazing at the skeletal architecture within a hundred miles. Then, he had a surprise look in his eyes for the first time.

Bone Clan wasn’t as simple as the other clans. Their formation wasn’t lower than Nascent realm grand formation.

Within the grand formation was a very cold Qi of white bone that was extremely favourable to Ning Fan because it was like nourishing the White Bone Mountain Sword Qi in his body.

The coldness of the bone was extraordinary. Ning Fan was buried into his contemplation for a while before he found out that the coldness of the white bone was actually one of the twelve Heavenly Cold Qi, but it wasn’t the Black Yin Qi.

His face turned joyful as he didn’t think that he could reap such great benefits before coming to Demon Sinister Forest. Although he couldn’t find the Black Yin Qi, he had accidentally found the White Bone Cold Qi. 

“When you meet a treasure, do you have any reason not to take it?!”

This time, he didn’t reveal himself and destroy the grand formation of the Bone Clan, instead, he landed quietly outside the Bone Clan and started devouring the White Bone Qi that lingered in the clan.

In three days’ time, the grand formation of the Bone Clan continued to weaken. At first, no one paid attention to it, but later on, some guards of the formation started to notice the dramatic change in the grand formation and reported it to the higher echelons.

The Great Elder of Bone Clan was named Gu Mo. He was an elder with white hair and in skeletal armour. His present expression was heavy.

He had received reports one after another that the other ghost clans’ grand formation was being destroyed and their Sense Beads were robbed away by a young man.

Except the three ghost clans closest to Princess Mei and the eliminated Green Clan, Bone Clan was the only left to be invaded.

“Zhou Ming…this name sounds very familiar…”

In Gu Mo’s mind, he recalled when he was pursuing Chen Mei several days ago, he met an extremely timid young man who was also called Zhou Ming. That day, he remembered that he disdained that young man a lot.

“No, it shouldn’t be the same person…there are still a lot of them who have the name, Zhou Ming...”

He shook his head. He was pondering over why Zhou Ming hadn’t attacked his clan over the three days. He had decided to teach this ‘Zhou Ming’ a lesson, that’s why he enhanced the power of the grand formation.

However, at this point, Gu Mo received a report from his underling saying that the White Bone Qi that supported the power of the grand formation was disappearing.

“It’s not possible! This is the ‘Bone Prison Qi’ granted by the Bone Emperor. It’s one of the twelve Heavenly Cold Qi. Unless someone is devouring and refining it, it will never disappear…not good. That Zhou Ming was already in our clan, seizing the Bone Prison Qi away!”

Nevertheless, it was too late. Before he could gave an order, the land suddenly quaked violently.

The White Bone Cold Qi in the grand formation was all extracted away. The remaining formation light had power weaker than Nascent realm. Ning Fan’s Dan Fragmentation Cauldron easily break it.

The first cauldron strike broke the formation. The second cauldron strike cracked the ground. The third cauldron strike turned half of the Bone Clan into ruins.

“Gu Mo, get out of there!” When Ning Fan shouted, Gu Mo who was sitting in the palace of Bone Clan was in shock.

Zhou Ming had come. What surprised him the most wasn’t Zhou Ming’s invasion, it was his voice that sounded so familiar. It was exactly the same as the voice of the young man he met that day.

“It’s him. It’s him!”

He dashed up to the sky in evading light and looked at Ning Fan in disbelief.

“No doubt, it’s him!”

Gu Mo observed Ning Fan thoroughly. After that, he immediately hid all his hostility towards Ning Fan.

When he met Ning Fan, he didn’t see through Ning Fan’s human’s identity, his cultivation realm and his pretence.

This young man had hidden his power very well. He didn’t looked like the rumoured reckless man at all.

And, his arrival in Bone Clan indicated that he certainly had the strength to destroy the entire Bone Clan.

Not only he had seized away the Bone Prison Qi in the grand formation, he had also broken the grand formation. His power was nothing like human.

“I want a hundred Sense Beads.”

Ning Fan said in a plain tone but sounded overbearing, but it turned into a bitter smile in Gu Mo’s heart.

Just give it to him anyway.’ In case this young man had even greater hidden strength that could not only eliminate the Green Clan but also made him face the same fate as Qing Lengshan.

100 Sense Beads in exchange for peace? It was worth it! 


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