Grasping Evil - Chapter 76

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The last seclusion lasted for six days. On the ruined land of the Green Clan, Ning Fan expended 108 Sense Beads to restore the previous grand formation of the Green Clan – the Nascent realm defence grand formation.

A sable, two girls were guarding Ning Fan while he sat alone in the bamboo forest. After refining nearly a thousand Sense Beads, his spirit sense realm reached the peak Gold Core realm!

Across the Yue Country, Ning Fan’s cultivation realm might not be ranked in the top ten list, but his spirit sense realm could definitely put him into the top ten list.

He breathed out a turbid air and counted all the benefits that he had gained in Demon Sinister Forest.

There were still a hundred Sense Beads left, which was certainly not enough to advance his spirit sense.

With regards to the spiritual herbs, a lot of them had already been attacked by the small sable but he had robbed many of them also, so there wasn’t a huge variation between the original amount and the current. He had lost a few main herbs for the concoction but he had obtained a large amount of herbs required to a concoct Raising Spirit Dan and the Consolidating Spirit Dan.  

About the magical treasure, there were currently five Vessel Spirit Magical Treasures, their Vessel Spirit could be devoured by Ning Fan in the future to cultivate the second art of Divine Art Chant – the Defence Art! As for the five peak High Rank flying swords, Ning Fan’s spirit sense wasn’t capable of wielding it yet, but he could do it by force. Although this could only exert a tenth of the full power, it was more than enough to kill intermediate Gold Core experts.

On the other hand, the Eastern Ocean Bell gave Ning Fan a very mysterious feeling. It was a Highest Rank Magical Treasure which he certainly couldn’t wield with his current magical strength. If he forcefully wield it, he could probably exert a hundredth of its power. What caught Ning Fan’s attention the most was the inscription of the bell. There might be a lot of secrets behind it if he could decipher it.

In addition, Ning Fan had also robbed two Immortal Execution Orders and three Death Replacement Order from the Great Elder of the Green Clan. The Immortal Execution Order could kill anyone below the Nascent Soul realm, and the Death Replacement Order could protect one’s life once. The moment he got the Death Replacement Order, he each gave one to Mu Weiliang and Ning Honhong. He took the last one, integrated it with his spiritual energy and wore it in front of his chest. 

It seemed like he had also stumbled upon the way of taking a Jade Royal Dan, which was to relieve pain with pain. So when it hurt, he wouldn’t feel any pain. There was a great truth hidden in this incident that was beyond his ability to comprehend.

Anyhow, he had already comprehended one important point – that was he no longer need to wait for another ten years to take the fourth Jade Royal Dan. He just needed to bear the same degree of pain before taking one of the pills.

Back when he first entered the Demon Sinister Forest, he was merely an intermediate Harmonious Spirit cultivator, but presently, he had already broken through to the late Harmonious Spirit realm and his spirit sense realm reached a terrifying level – peak Gold Core realm. He had also acquired the inheritance of a Heavenly Emperor – the three arts in Divine Art Chant which allowed him to cultivate the Body Art – Soul Incarnation Chant. He had also cultivated the sword sense. The moment he come out of the forest and back into his world, he could instantly kill early Gold Core elders. As for the intermediate Gold Core elders, he could plot them to death and he could even fight those late Gold Core elders if he went all out.

Let’s not talk about Yue Country first. In Sinister Sparrow Sect alone, besides Sinister Sparrow and the unfound man – Ling Guiku, Ning Fan could probably be ranked third.

Besides the improvement in his cultivation, Ning Fan had also accidentally acquired a rib of the Bone Emperor that could enhance the power of his Separation Slayer. The current level of the Separation Slayer was already early-High Rank. Once it was reforged, it would be upgraded to at least Intermediate Rank weapon or even higher.

As for the eleventh cold Qi among the twelve Heavenly Cold Qi – Bone Prison Qi was another accidental reward. Ning Fan could only keep this cold Qi in his Yin Yang Locket because much preparation was needed before he could really devour this cold Qi.

Now he had the Black Demon Flame, White Bone Flame and Bone Prison Qi. If he could acquire the Black Yin Qi in the future, his body would have four kinds of Heavenly Frosty Earth Fire. If he was able to fully refine all of these flames and Qi, his power would be enough to surpass a Nascent Soul cultivator even before he reached that realm.

“I think I would have to find a time to practice the Black Devil Art and Snow Treading Art, and also the Yin Yang Transformation to unlock the second layer of ability. It will require me to gather flames and pluck Nascent Soul females. Flames is not really a concern but it is hard to catch Nascent Soul cauldrons. I have already  placed all of my hopes on the Yin Yang Locket with regards to my future cultivation path.”

If there was no Yin Yang Locket, he wouldn’t be able to capture formidable female cultivators that were as pretty as a flower and jade. Without the locket, he wouldn’t be able to absorb the Heavenly Cold Qi and the Earth Vein Flame. Without the locket, he wouldn’t be able to coincidentally decipher the Heavenly Emperor Remnant Volume.     

Ning Fan didn’t know what abilities were placed in the second layer of the Yin Yang Locket, but he knew a little about the abilities in third layer after his conversation with the mysterious girl.

Once the abilities in the third layer were unlocked, he would be able to use the Magical Treasure Space and save the mysterious girl from the Profound Yin World.

There were too many ways to improve his strength, but he knew that the most fundamental thing was to improve one’s magical realm. He was still a late Harmonious Spirit cultivator. Magical realm was harder to advance compared to spirit sense. There was no shortcut in the cultivation path. He was afraid that breaking through into the Gold Core magical realm needed at least ten years of tough seclusion.

There seemed to be another reward – his accumulated contribution points. 

After killing lots of ghosts and eliminating the Green Clan, his accumulated contribution points had reached 2.15 million. He didn’t have any idea how shocked the entire Sinister Sparrow Sect was.

Contribution points could be exchanged for magical treasures and pills. With so many points, he had no idea what items to exchange. What if he exchanged it for the Black Yin Qi?

He twitched his eyes. He could discuss this matter with the sect master as soon as he returned.

There was still half a day more before he left. It was time to bid farewell to those girls.

He walked quietly towards the Green River. The sable and the two girls remained silent at the river bank as though they had already sensed Ning Fan’s departure. Mu Weiliang looked somewhat listless. Ning Honghong’s expression remained unchanged but her brows frowned slightly, showing that she wasn’t emotionally unaffected.

As for the small sable, its eyes brimmed with mixed emotions. The Life-and-Death Spell was dissipating. After that, she, Mei Chen would no longer have anything to do with Ning Fan.

The ghosts of the Demon Sinister Forest couldn’t leave the forest or else, they would immediately turn into ashes. Perhaps a female ghost could be brought out of the forest through Cauldron Ring, but once the female ghost left the Cauldron Ring, she would immediately disintegrated.  

“I’m leaving, what’s your plan in the future?” Ning Fan asked softly.

“I’m going to the Purple Clan. I have decided that once I restore to my peak form, I will fight the Bone Emperor again.” It seemed like Mei Chen’s courage was affected by Ning Fan’s boldness.

“Sister Honghong and I will return to the Red Clan.” Mu Weiliang murmured.

“I see… By the way, let me show you all something.”

Ning Fan lowered his voice. With a flick of his Cauldron Ring, he took out a green coffin of excellent quality.

Mu Weiliang and Ning Honghong weren’t impressed by it, but Mei Chen immediately turned into a humanoid. Without caring about her naked parts, she stuck out her hands to touch the green coffin, feeling unbelievable.

“This is the Heavenly Coffin of the Ancient Heavenly Court. Where did you get it?!”

The Heavenly Coffin was buried with a being of Jade Emperor rank. So, it meant that there was a true Immortal female corpse buried in this coffin?

Mei Chan was too surprised to realize that she was showing her nude body to Ning Fan. After a moment, her pretty face burned with shame and embarrassment while Ning Fan smiled wryly and threw a robe at her. There  was no doubt that the robe was worn by him.

He didn’t make any explanation, he gently moved the lid of the coffin, exposing the female with a face of a sleeping beauty. That face was indistinctly similar to Mu Weiliang’s face.

“This is…”

Ning Honghong and Mei Chen shifted their eyes to Mu Weiliang strangely when they saw the face of the female corpse. Mu Weiliang felt a headache as though she had thought of something. She squatted down and looked very much in pain.

Ning Fan’s speculation was true. Mu Weiliang sure enough was related to the female corpse.

He closed the lid of the coffin and asked. “What is happening to you?”

“It’s not… but it looks like … I don’t know. I don’t know at all a-about the d-door. I didn’t open it, I was just waiting for someone, waiting for someone…”

Mu Weiliang’s small face panicked, as if she saw something gruesome. After a period of time, she went unconscious after suffering from too much pain in her head.

Faint claw-scratching sound was heard from the closed coffin, it made Ning Fan’s hair stood on its end, and immediately, he kept the green coffin back into the Cauldron Ring. This time,  taking out the female corpse accelerated the corpse transformation.

Mu Weiliang fell into Ning Honghong’s arms, looking haggard. It took a long time for her to wake up, but after waking up, it seemed like she had forgotten about what had happened before.

“Who is that female corpse? And what’s her relationship with sister Weiliang?” Ning Honghong asked with concern.

“I don’t know either, that’s why I asked her.” Ning Fan knitted his brows slightly. He knew the female corpse was related to Mu Weiliang, but after this incident, he knew that the female corpse wasn’t actually Mu Weilaing. Their Qi weren’t the same, and at that moment, the female corpse revealed her murderous intent due to the corpse transformation, she showed it to everyone including Mu Weiliang.

Mei Chen too was worried, but she was worrying about another matter.

“Son of a b*tch, that female corpse is transforming. It’s very dangerous to carry a transforming female corpse.”

“I can’t help it. Master said that we can’t abandon any woman whom we had sex with.” He smiled teasingly. Mei Chen retreated two steps backwards after listening to Ning Fan’s tone and words, he had sex with that female corpse.

Ning Honghong and the awakened Mu Weiliang blushed, feeling embarrassed and indignant at the same time. They couldn’t imagine that Ning Fan was actually such a lawless person.

“Fine. Let me give you all a ride. I’ve seen the Great Elder of the Purple Clan once. I can go to the Red Clan too. With me sending you all there, no one will make things hard for you all.”

Parting ways always involved sad emotion, but if there was a chance, Ning Fan would enter the Demon Sinister Forest again, wasn’t it?

The storm of the female corpse had passed. Mu Weiliang was now looking at Ning Fan like she was trying to avoid him though she had no idea why she was acting in such a way.

Mei Chen’s despise as well as fear for Ning Fan grew a little more. She underestimated Ning Fan too much. She had no idea that Ning Fan wouldn’t even let a female corpse go, much less a small sable.

As for Ning Honghong, she was lost in her contemplation. On the immortal cloud, she secretly asked Ning Fan to do her a favor.

“With your abilities, I think you would be able to trample Wu and Yue Country within ten years. Sister needs a favor from you. After leaving Demon Sinister Forest, help sister to take care of the Ning Family in Wu Country. Alright?”

This request made Ning Fan felt like crying and laughing at the same time.

The old ancestor of his family - Ning Honghong, was asking him to take care of the Ning Family?

It seemed like he still had scores to settle with the Ning Family. His original intention wasn’t to eliminate the entire Ning Family, he just wanted to root out the evils. With Ning Honghong’s personal and sentimental request today, it reminded him even more that he definitely couldn’t start a bloodshed in Ning Family.

A bold idea arouse in his mind, but he shook his head and suppressed it down.

Virtually all the bodies of the ancestors of successive dynasties of Hai Ning Ning Family were all buried in the ancestral graves outside the ancestral temple. If he dug out Ning Honghong’s body, would she be resurrected?

He didn’t have a clue about it. Even the Ancient Chaotic Memory didn’t have the lame idea of digging out people’s corpses and studying the possibility of resurrection. However, it seemed like in the ancient times, there was a Grand Supreme Old Monarch in the Heavenly Court that could concoct a pill that could revive the dead… 


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