Grasping Evil - Chapter 79

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Through the entrance examination, 75 people had officially gained the title of outer disciple in Sinister Sparrow Sect. Two disciples—Li Zhihuan and Lu Ziqiao—had both been promoted to inner disciple due to their more than ordinary performance.

As for the Wang Yao who obtained over 30,000 contribution points, he became the deacon disciple in the sect.

Ning Fan, who was looking strange, on the other hand was led by a pink-clothed female disciple to the front of broad palace in the Inner Sect.

That was the Dual Cultivation Palace. The elder position of this palace had been vacant for 30 years. From today onwards, Ning Fan would be in charge of this palace.

Rumors had it that there were a total of 231 female disciples in the palace but there were no male disciple.

The reason of why there were no single male disciples was because all the males who joined the Dual Cultivation Palace were plucked to death by the female disciples. Even the last early Harmonious Spirit elder of this palace died due to excessive plucking by the female disciples 30 years ago. 

Among the female disciples was one an outstanding member who had remarkable understanding of Dual Cultivation Law. She had already broken through to the Harmonious Spirit realm. In the days where the position of elder was vacant, it was this respected female disciple who assumed command of the palace. 

Bai Lu…She practices the rare evil cultivation named ‘False Luan[1] Art’ that uses her female body to pluck other females. It was said that all the female disciples in the palace have become her cauldrons. It’s interesting that the sect master assigned me to this place.

Ning Fan recalled all the information regarding that outstanding female disciple in his head, but his smile and eyes were facing the pink-clothed girl who led him here. 

This girl had an oval face and wore a pink dress. Though she wasn’t extremely beautiful, she was still a beauty. She was no doubt the deacon disciple who looked down on Ning Fan—Bai Xiu.

She felt helpless when she was assigned by Sect Master to work under Ning Fan. Her current expression was blended with a mixture of emotions.

After noticing that Ning Fan was staring at her, she clenched her fists hard but didn’t dare express any reluctance on her face.

The reason she was assigned to Dual Cultivation Palace was because she was the younger sister of the all-powerful female leader in the palace, Bai Lu.

Also, her elder sister was also the main reason she hated males.

As they walked into the Dual Cultivation Palace, there was a female disciple whose clothes were loosely worn, exposing her charming skin, but that made Ning Fan frown and recalled the memory he had in All Pleasure Sect. 

He once hated the evil females of All Pleasure Sect to the bone. Yet, he was practicing the Dual Cultivation Law—the cultivation method that he hated the most as well. And, after becoming the elder of the Dual Cultivation palace, he had to face these females for days and nights. Truly, this was not something he wished for.

Those female disciples didn’t look surprised at all, as though they had already been told that Ning Fan would take over the elder position in their palace. Now, their eyes were full of flirting expression when they looked at Ning Fan.

“Hehe…He’s a handsome elder. He’s going to be mine tonight!” A girl with an erotic eye expression said.

“I heard that he is very powerful. He has massacred a large number of ghosts in the Demon Sinister Forest, however, I wonder if he is the same on  bed.” Another girl said frivolously.

“Why not we pluck him together?” A pretty-looking woman licked her lips.

Sinister Sparrow Sect was after all an evil sect. Not everyone in the sect was as pleasant as Old Devil and Sinister Sparrow.

While facing the teasing of these girls, a hint of a sneer was revealed in Ning Fan’s eyes.

It was a lawless thought to pluck their own elder. If there were some of them who insisted in doing so, he wouldn’t refuse and would make them regret.

On the contrary, Bai Xiu was rather feeling uneasy about these frivolous remarks. Her face up to her ears completely turned red.

Under her lead, Ning Fan arrived in a large courtyard that was specially built for the elder. 

It looked somewhat shabby, full of cobwebs and weeds after thirty years of vacancy.

“Forgive me, Elder Ning, this courtyard looks old and shabby because it has been left empty for many years. I will now go and get some people to clean this place up for you, it will take just a moment.”

“No need. I can do it myself.” Ning Fan was very good in cleaning stuffs. He had started working for somebody else since he was very young.

With a wave of his sleeve, gusts of wind blew across the yard, blowing off all the dusts and cobwebs. Then, using his finger as the tool, sword Qi shot out from it, cutting away all the weeds that ruined the view of the courtyard.

After that, he took out roughly a hundred Immortal Jades, unleashed his spirit sense, found 12 spots of formation eyes and deployed the Spirit Grand Formation.

In not more than the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the whole courtyard had been swept clean, and a powerful formation was deployed.

Bai Xiu was gaping at the scene, especially when Ning Fan was deploying the grand formation.

Her hatred for Ning Fan had been reduced by a little for the first time, and replaced by a trace of respect.

The two of them then entered the house. Ning Fan picked a room located south of the building. After tonight’s rest, he had to head over to the main hall of the sect to provide explanation for numerous experts and elders about how he obtained the 2,000,000 contribution points. 

About the explanation, he naturally couldn’t tell them the truth because no one would ever believe that he could kill almost a thousand of Gold Core ghosts. So, he just had to find a lie and slip past the topic. No one was going to believe him killing this many Gold Core ghosts anyway.

When Bai Xiu saw Ning Fan was satisfied with the decorations and arrangements in the room, she let out a sigh of relief and left the room. But before she could walk out from the door, Ning Fan called for her.

“Bai Xiu, don’t rush off, I still have things that needs your help.”

“Wh-what is it that you want Bai Xiu to do, Elder?” Bai Xiu felt a shiver down her spine, guessing that something wasn’t going right because there was only a man and a girl in a room and the night was approaching. 

Could it be that he wants to perform some extraordinary activity with me?!

In her heart, she regarded Ning Fan as a lascivious dual cultivator that always plucked women. So, was he really thinking of plucking her now?

She bit her lips and covered her chests with her hands, looking in terror. If Ning Fan were to pluck her here, she could not resist at all. Perhaps she could ask for her sister, Bai Luan’s help. After all, her sister had already reached the Harmonious Spirit realm and was wandering around in the palace.

As Ning Fan saw all the wild thoughts and emotions surfacing on her expression, he shook his head, thinking that this girl must have a deep prejudice against him.

“You don’t have to be afraid. I’m not going to… you. I need you to prepare some hot water and clean women clothes. I just want to have a bath before I rest.”

“Only to prepare some hot water…? Roger! Bai Xiu, roger that!”

She heaved a sigh of relief and left the courtyard immediately, like she had just been granted an amnesty, and sent people to get the hot water.

After she left, Ning Fan flicked the Cauldron Ring on his hand, releasing the two sisters—Bing Ling and Yue Ling.

Naturally, the hot water was meant for these two girls and the clothes were for Bing Ling whose dress had been torn and stained with blood.

However, he soon realized that it was a wrong time to release them now because both of them were naked and was hugging and kissing each other, looking intoxicated.

One was kneading the bosom of her partner while the other was sticking her finger into her partner’s lower genital tract, causing her let out an intolerable moan.

Ning Fan revealed a strange look, as though he didn’t recognize them at all. It was hard to believe that both of them turned out to be lesbians. 

Both of their smooth and wet tongues was tangled with one another. The fluids in their mouth were dripping off at the side of their lips. Pink flush spread over their snowy-white skin. It looked like they were reaching their climax, but after noticing that they had left the Cauldron Ring, both of them changed their looks instantly.


Blush surfaced on Bing Ling’s cold face while Yue Ling quickly separated herself from her sister and covered her face.

“I’m sorry to interrupt. I was thinking of getting you two out for a bath…Uh, why not you two carry on with what you are doing?”

“We…we…don’t dare to…”

Bing Ling was still gasping for air shamefully due to orgasm.

What made her more ashamed was that Ning Fan was looking at her and her sister’s naked bodies. 

“Was this how the two of you satisfy each other while you were still in Extreme Yin Gate?”

“Yes… the Old Devil didn’t allow us to have any contacts with men to make sure that we keep our purest Yin to aid his advancement to the Nascent Soul realm in the future. When we can’t stand it anymore, we will do this. Please spare our lives, Master.” Bing Ling was biting her lips. Now that hey had already become Ning Fan’s human cauldrons, they were sure that Ning Fan wouldn’t feel pleased seeing them having sex secretly. 

“There’s no need for you two to act this way. I have already said that if I can find a way to break through the Gold Core realm, I won’t pluck you, but if I have no other choice, I will make up for what I have done. I felt very grateful when you guarded me back in Demon Sinister Forest. As long as I don’t die, I will ensure the safety of the both of you. As for the lesbianism just now, to be honest, I don’t really hate this kind of activity. So you two carry on. I will now go outside to keep watch for you two, what do you say?”

Ning Fan smiled faintly, pushed the door and stepped outside, leaving sufficient time for Bing Ling and Yue Ling to do what they loved to do.

As both of them were his cauldrons, he might be very angry if they did this with a male. To him, there was nothing to be angry about when two girls were having sexual relationship with the other as he got nothing to lose.

Then, he discovered that some bloodstrings had been formed in the Yin Yang Locket in his dantian when he was aroused by the girls’ sexual activity.

Currently, the Yin Yang Locket had been wrapped around by bloodstrings, making it look like a piece of blood-red jade locket.

He was surprised to learn that seeing the act of spring[2]of Bing Ling and Yue Ling could stimulate the advancement of the Yin Yang Locket, though the effect wasn’t as great as personally plucking a girl.

Suddenly, an idea struck him. With his current strength, he needed to pluck a Nascent Soul female cultivator to break through to Second Level Cultivation Law, which was incredibly hard to do. In order to break through to the Third Level Cultivation Law, he needed to pluck a Void Fragmentation female cultivator, which was equal to sending himself to death. But what if he sneaked into female sects and just watched their act of spring?   

Probably, this would make the Yin Yang Locket advance. As long as he wasn’t noticed by anyone, there wouldn’t be any danger.

He even felt more grateful to the two sisters after discovering the second way of advancement.

Outside the house, he was guarding the entrance and hearing the intermittent moans from the inside. He could somehow also hear the two girls mentioning the name ‘Ning Fan’ during their act of spring, which caused him to stumble and almost fall down.

He found it both funny and annoying when these girls were fantasizing him during their sexual activity.



  1. ^ Luan - a mythical bird like the phoenix.
  2. ^ Spring - the common euphemism for sex.

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