Grasping Evil - Chapter 80

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early High Rank Magical Treasure > low grade High Rank Magical Treasure

After the two girls were done with their deed, Ning Fan kept them in his Cauldron Ring to avoid revealing any information about the two cauldrons.

The night was quiet. He tensed from time to time and felt the extreme fatigue after a month of struggle.

He lounged in the bath barrel filled with petals and water prepared by Bai Xiu. The petals were called ‘Jade Wingceltis’. It could help alleviate the fatigue of a cultivator, but it was relatively expensive, not even Harmonious Spirit elders could use it.

So, it was unexpected that Bai Xiu would prepare such an expensive barrel of bath water for him. It seemed like his status in the sect had skyrocketed after obtaining 2,150,000 contribution points.

The fortunate thing was that no one believed that he was able to kill Gold Core experts, but his tremendous points had earned him the title of ‘The First Man below Gold Core realm’ and also ‘The Harmonious Spirit Killer’.

A youth just became famous due to accumulated reputation. To put it bluntly, Ning Fan was no longer be as low key as before, he was now under the watchful eyes of many people.

“If I can get those Spirit Refining Grass and learn the first art of Divine Art Chant – Body Art Chant, I can camouflage my cultivation base, appearance and identity using my peak Gold Core spirit sense.  No one below Nascent Soul realm would be able to see through my disguise. In this way, I will be able to steal the Black Yin Qi or kill people using an unknown identity.”

His eyes turned cold. He naturally wouldn’t forget the plot of Extreme Yin Gate. If it wasn’t because of his Divination Technique foreseeing their ambush ahead at that time, he would most likely be dead given that so many Gold Core experts were lying in wait for him. 

He slowly exhaled, calming down his mood, buried his head into the bath water in silence.


On the other hand, Wang Yao…

Ning Fan…Let me see whether you are the person I’m looking for.  

Both his hands gestured as he spoke out incantations. His palms turned into a gruesome white bone claw. In the next second, the piece of glossy rib bone inside Ning Fan’s storage pouch shone.

“So, he is the one! Good! Once this body has broken through the Nascent Soul realm, I’m going to pulverize you brutally!”

Wang Yao sneered and then returned to his stony expression. A trace of white bone light shone under his feet before he flew straight through the grand formation out of the Inner Sect. No one would believe that he had such a queer method.

Moreover, no one would know that it was Wang Yao who annihilated the three clans across Yue Country. 

He had devoured all the corpses he killed to advance his cultivation. His main objective right now was to restore his Nascent Soul realm, because he noticed that there were quite a number of Gold Core experts in Sinister Sparrow Sect. As such, only by having the Nascent Soul strength could he take his revenge on Ning Fan under the noses of all those experts.

A sense of uneasiness aroused in Ning Fan’s heart. He got out of the bath barrel and waved his hand to summon the white bone in his storage pouch, however, he saw that it was still lying quietly like an inanimate object, which puzzled him.

“Could it be just my delusion? No, I have to divine it just in case.”

He calculated it with his fingers. A moment later, his face overflowed with surprise, anger and some bewilderment, he discovered that someone was plotting against him but he couldn’t find out who the person was. The person might have a cultivation base way higher than his, which explained why his magical strength wasn’t able to calculate this person’s identity.

He took a deep breath and his eyes glittered with a cold light. After getting dressed, he took the piece of short bone and muttered.

“Bone Emperor, were you that someone?”

Of all the enemies he had, the enemies who were far stronger than him were only the Bone Emperor in the Seventh Region of Demon Sinister Forest and the Demon World’s Godly Emperor – Moksha Emperor.

Moksha Emperor would never come to Rain Immortal World until 100 years later, and Bone Emperor wouldn’t be able to leave Demon Sinister Forest, but still, there were some unsettling feeling in his heart.

“I need to be extra careful. I can’t keep this bone in the storage pouch for the time being.”

With a wave, he kept the white bone into his Cauldron Ring. At this instant, Wang Yao, who was thousands of miles away massacring clans of cultivators, had a twitch on his face. 

“Humph. What a vigilant brat! I have only used the Bone Seeking Technique for a brief moment. However, you absolutely won’t know that I’m Wang Yao and you certainly won’t escape your fated death.”

Ning Fan, on the other hand, realized that he couldn’t be careless even after he had left Demon Sinister Forest. This feeling of uneasiness made him lose interest in having a relaxing bath.

There were many things that required power. He needed power to cure his master—the Old Devil. He needed power to defeat Moksha Emperor. And even after he ascend to the Four Heavens Immortal World, he would also need power to deal with the countless of Fiendgod descendants.

Apart from everything else, the enemy he was going to face in a hundred years’ time was the Demon World’s Godly Emperor – Moksha Emperor.

“There is no time to waste. Tomorrow, after patronizing those old experts, I will concoct the Consolidating Spirit Pill and break through to the peak Harmonious Spirit realm.”

He could break through to the peak Harmonious Spirit realm by swallowing pills, but there were still two extremely difficult stages to break through after that, which was the False Core realm, then the Gold Core realm. Although he wouldn’t encounter any bottlenecks because of the knowledge he got from the Immortal Emperor’s memory, he would need at least ten years’ time of bitter cultivation to break through to the Gold Core realm.

This was after all the Cultivation World. Despite him having countless of shortcuts and help, he couldn’t achieve everything in a single night.

Currently, he was sitting cross-legged on the bed while Bing Ling and Yue Ling’s body fluid was trickling down between their legs, emitting a trace of delicate scent, but it didn’t concern him at all. His current state of mind was as still as a rock. Yin Yang Transformation was a technique that would strengthen one’s mental state, because in Dual Cultivation, an indifferent state of mind was the most needed requirement.

Before using any Enchanting Art on others, he must first embrace it without dread.

He adjusted his magical force and executed Zhoutian[1]. Despite the effect being slow, he would still spend every last bit of time he had to cultivate.

All of a sudden, he opened his eyes as if he had sensed something unusual.

There was a movement in the Spirit Grand Formation outside the courtyard. Someone had come, and that person didn’t come alone.  

“They are so reckless.”

A cold smile was revealed at the corner of his mouth. The grand formation that he deployed wasn’t a defensive one, it was a tracking formation. No one except Bai Xiu would be able to notice it.

The intruders were a group of females with pretty faces, but there was one of them who had cold beady eyes.

The one leading the group was a girl dressed in green. She had the same facial features as Bai Xiu, but she looked brighter than her sister.

She was Bai Lu—the early Harmonious Spirit female disciple who plotted against all the previous elders of Dual Cultivation Palace.

“Sister, how do we deal with this Ning Fan?” A woman in black asked. She looked 27 or 28 years old, elegant and cold-looking.

“Hehe, either kill him or leave him for us to play with?” Another girl in purple gauze said lasciviously. Her breasts were bulging out of her thin cloth.

Both girls had the same cultivation base—Tenth Level Vein Opening—which was enough for them to become deacon disciples in Sinister Sparrow Sect, but they chose to serve Bai Lu in Dual Cultivation Palace.

Bai Lu snapped her fingers, and immediately, a sturdy-looking girl fell to her knees and laid down on the ground. 

Bai Lu lounged on her milky back, gently squeezed the buttocks and her face revealed satisfaction and intensity.

“Yun Er, your little buttocks have grown bigger.”

“Don’t make fun of Yun Er, Sister…Yun Er only has you as my elder sister in this life.” The girl who was sat on Bai Lu seemed to be enjoying  the sensation of her buttocks being touched.

“Huang Ling, bring few of your sisters to entertain the new elder.” Bai Lu ordered after a moment of contemplation.

And then, five delicately pretty and yellow-dressed girls, whose eyes contained erotic expression, pushed the door of Ning Fan’s room open and entered.

Every one of the girls except for the five yellow-dressed girls were virgins. But how could they retain their virginity if they were practicing Dual Cultivation?

Ning Fan was a little stunned. He kept his spirit sense and contemplated.

He could sense that the five yellow-dressed girls had entered his room. It seemed like they were the culprits who pluck countless of male disciples and also the elders to death. 

“Interesting. Regarding the Dual Cultivation Palace as their own kingdom? However, do they think they can pluck me by just sending five Tenth Level Vein Opening girls?”

Ning Fan had a sneering laugh in his heart while his face was as still as stone, and was still sitting cross-legged on the bed. The five girls entered the room. They began stripping off their clothes and walked towards Ning Fan with their naked bodies. Faint moaning sounds reverberated through the room as if they had already started to fantasize the event.

“Elder, do you want to have fun with the five of us?”

The five of them said simultaneously. They must have casted some strong Enchanting Art into their words because it shook even Ning Fan’s heart despite his peak Gold Core realm spirit sense. It only showed that they were capable of plucking Harmonious Spirit elder to death. The reason behind it was their irresistible Enchanting Art.

However, their level of Enchanting Art was just a mediocre skill before him.

His face turned into a cold sneer. He stuck out his finger and touched the tits of the five girls swiftly and squeezed them aggressively.

It was only a brief moment but the five of them were already affected by the Yin Plucking Finger. Their magical power went stagnant, their Qi turned chaotic and their senses were left with only sexual desire.

“Bai Lu, you must be very kind to give away five cauldrons as gifts. Although their bodies aren’t that great, I don’t mind using them as my plucking partners.” Ning Fan said sneeringly whilst the five girls were wailing agonizingly. 

When Bai Lu, who was outside the room, heard this, she rose to attention and her face was in disbelief.

“No way! Huang Ling and her sisters practiced the Gold Core Enchanting Art found in a remnant volume. Even a peak Harmonious Spirit elder absolutely couldn’t resist it. So, how could you resist it?”

She was confused. If Ning Fan really plucked these five girls, she would surely feel the pain, like knife jabbing in her heart.

“They are my cauldrons! How can you enjoy them? Humph!”

Bai Lu flashed inside the room with her evading light, and patted her storage pouch; a long sword materialized in her hand, and stabbed at Ning Fan’s position.

It was a pity that the sword shivered as it faced Ning Fan. In the next second, with his fierce eye expression, the low grade High Rank magical sword was crushed into pieces.

Bai Lu hadn’t expected that Ning Fan could crush her sword with just a glance. She was in a daze and wanted to flee, but Ning Fan flew to her first with his Icy Rainbow and touched her tits with his finger.

The strength he exerted on his finger was forceful, causing her to gasp in pain. Even after she was drowned by the power of the Yin Plucking Finger, she still resisted it with all of her might and turned furious.

“You dare cast an Enchanting Art on me!”

“You got to be clear on this. You are the disciple and I’m the elder of Dual Cultivation Palace. When you send your people to pluck me, I can do the same to you and your people.”

Apathy filled his face. After that, he threw the smooth-skinned Bai Lu to the bed and ripped her clothes off with his hands.

He wouldn’t show his soft side to his enemies.

Her milky bosoms as well as her faint purplish nipple were exposed, and also her hairless genital tract.

When she was having fun with her female cauldrons, her bottom spot had never been touched before.

The chilly sensation on her chest made her feel dreadful and powerless for the first time despite her Harmonious Spirit strength. 

Even though she despised Ning Fan for casting an Enchanting Art on her, a desire was starting to take root inside her body—she wanted to hug Ning Fan sexually.

“Despicable! The Dual Cultivation Palace is my territory. I won’t allow anyone…to contaminate it… I don’t… ah… no… I’m… dy-dying…”

She spoke fiercely, but her body started to turn warm and wet. The power of Yin Plucking Finger was gradually invading her senses.

At this point, she regretted it, regretted for being so ignorant by scheming against Ning Fan, but it was too late for that.

A stinging pain spread from the bottom of her body, causing her to shed tears and a trace of blood trickled out of her body onto the bed sheet.

Her body was hot and empowering. She now hated her body’s wild desire to pounce on Ning Fan, but she just couldn’t resist it. 

The only thing she could do was to put her arms around Ning Fan’s waist as tight as possible. 

“Please be gentle...” She pleaded confusingly.

After the event, Ning Fan put on his clothes. It was already in the middle of the night. He pushed out the door and went outside. On the bed was the red-looking Bai Lu lying like a lump of soft mud.

On the floor was the five sisters who had already fainted. Presently, none of the girls outside the house dared to come in to rescue Bai Lu and kill Ning Fan.

Ning Fan’s killing intent was too terrifying that it made the girls outside faint when they were about to rush into the room.

“From today onwards, you, Bai Lu, will become my 18th cauldron,” said Ning Fan plainly. 

“I don’t want to… I don’t… gentle a bit… it’s too deep…” Bai Lu was defenseless. Her body was intoxicated by Ning Fan’s body, but her heart was filled with shame and bitterness.

Being used as the arrogant ruler in Dual Cultivation Palace, this was the first time that she was being pressed by a person. She felt that her bones were going to break, but unfortunately, she also somehow loved the sensation.

“When I keep cauldron, I don’t care whether the person want it or not. Remember that there won’t be a second time for a sneak-attack. You should be grateful that I let you live this time,” said Ning Fan flatly.

His Devil Might had formed, staring from Bai Lu. He was going to pluck all the enemies in the world mercilessly, and he would never fall in love with any of his cauldrons.


  1. ^ Zhoutian - It’s a method of Qi Circulation.

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