Grasping Evil - Chapter 82

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Highest Rank Magical Treasure > Supreme Rank Magical Treasure

Morning light streamed through the thin air; the sun was intoxicating.

In the valley of Inner Sect, where the path twisted and turned, a youth was making his way leisurely while orioles were singing on the trees along the yellow earth that was covered with dried leaves, to the main hall of Sinister Sparrow Sect—Long Inclining Hall that was located deep in the valley.

This place was like the land of idyllic beauty. The atmosphere was peaceful and quiet. It was hard to imagine that this was an evil sect.

If this youth didn’t have a piece of jade engraved with his name and position tied to his waist, they were afraid that very little people would be able to recognize him. He was no doubt the present hot figure of Sinister Sparrow Sect—the elder of Dual Cultivation Palace, Ning Fan!

He was dressed in his normal white clothes and black cloak, but there was a piece of jade at the side of his waist now.

The Long Inclining Hall loomed down the end of the path. It was built with pink jade stones and the formation around it was extraordinary.

There were four deacon disciples, who waited at the entrance, came forth and greeted him the instant he appeared, “Greet Elder Ning!”

Outside the building, under a Phoenix tree was the silhouette of a blue-clad girl that drifted to Ning Fan’s front.

It seemed as if she had been waiting for Ning Fan for quite some time, which could probably be the reason why she had a grudging look on her face, and circles around her eyes, like she hadn’t slept well the night before.

“Ning Fan, why didn’t you come and find me yesterday..?” Lan Mei’s tone was strange. Anyone who didn’t know the truth would think that she was teasing her lover by showing a faked displeasure.

“Oh? Why do I have to find you for? To dual cultivate?” Ning Fan halted his footsteps, nodded slightly at the gatekeepers and greeted them back, he then turned to Lan Mei with a teasing smile.

“Bah! Don’t be ridiculous… To treat my illness, of course…”

“Oh yes, about that matter, but you don’t have to worry about it. I haven’t gotten the time to concoct pills during the examination period. I will seek you later to help you treat that spot.”

Ning Fan smiled faintly, he started to have some affection for her. If it wasn’t for her giving the secret map of Demon Sinister Forest to him, he would’ve encountered even more danger.

He could treat her genital tract. He could also marry her. Although she might be unreasonable sometimes, her behavior wasn’t intolerable.

“Bah! You could also come and find me even without the pills. Eh? Why do I smell rouge on your body?” Lan Mei was making some kind of girly posture, then she frowned when she smelled a faint smell of women fragrance.

“It’s because I cultivate Dual Cultivation Law.” Ning Fan switched his smiling face to a stern look. He didn’t elaborate or explain more because this one word could already explain a lot of things.

Apparently, Ning Fan had plucked some girls yesterday night...

Lan Mei felt a stir in her heart. She didn’t know why she felt slightly hurt after knowing that Ning Fan had plucked other girls. 

She lowered her head and asked in a low voice, “Was it the female disciple of Dual Cultivation Palace?”

“En, she wanted to pluck me first but was plucked by me instead.”

“Um… actually, you can choose not to practice Dual Cultivation Law… because there are plenty of other higher cultivation laws in Sinister Sparrow Sect. Given your talent…” 

He interrupted her before she could finish.

“Given my talent, if I don’t practice this cultivation law, I won’t be able to protect anything of mine 100 years later. I have no other options. My enemy is too big and strong… I’m sorry…”

An apologetic expression surfaced in his eyes. This was the first time he apologized to Lan Mei, which made her panic.

“You don’t… don’t have to apologize to me. What relationship you have with that girl has nothing to do with me, but isn’t your wife Zhihe? Alright, I’ll bring you in now. There are many other experts expecting you inside.”

Lan Mei sounded indifferent but there was a certain bitterness in her words.

However, he couldn’t give up on Yin Yang Transformation because of this. There were costs if he wished to gain strength. One of it was his reputation, it would never be good for the rest of his life.

There was no one in this world that could make all females fall for them, so his path would no doubt be filled with bloodshed.

If one couldn’t get it, one should just seize it. If one couldn’t seize it, one should seize it with all of their might! This was what a devil cultivator must do in his cultivation path.

Inside the Long Inclining Hall was the elegant-looking Sinister Sparrow dressed in bright yellow robes, sitting in the seat of honor, and the rest of the experts of Sinister Sparrow Sect were sitting below him. 

The one who sat closest to Sinister Sparrow was a Western girl with honey-colored skin and a stony face, dressed in a greenish-lake-color Daoist shirt, layered skirt with vague and delicate patterns and a baggy wide-sleeved shirt as her outermost garment.

This woman was one of the Supreme Elders of Great Void Sect, a peak Gold Core expert named Fairy Suqiu.

As for the rest of the experts, they were all famous figures from different sects. One of them was the sect master of Ancient Mountain Sect, Qin Ziyu, a stingy old devil who spent more than he would for the Yang blood rust.

Never in the history of Sinister Sparrow Sect had so many experts of Yue Country converged in this hall. So Sinister Sparrow, who was the host, didn’t show any sign of negligence in the hall.

Many of them were in the midst of conversation regarding things about cultivation and not one of them talked about Ning Fan. It seemed like these experts had other intentions apart from inquiring the matter of contribution points. 

As soon as Ning Fan and Lan Mei entered the hall, all of the old devils felt a twitch in their hearts. Their long-awaited youth had finally come.

When Bai Feiteng noticed Ning Fan’s emergence, the corner of his eyes twitched in surprise.

Every step that Ning Fan made was calm and undeterred by the aura of those old devils. Instead, the Natal Magical Treasure named Myriad Soul Streamer inside the storage pouch of Bai Feiteng shudder, because the tens of thousands of souls inside were trembling.

They feared the presence of Ning Fan because he had killed too many ghosts. Only they could sense the trace of killing intent exuded from his body.

“This youth is strange!” Bai Feiteng’s facial expression turned green. He was guessing that this youth might possess some kind of powerful item that could restrain ghosts.

Were all of the Gold Core ghosts in the forest killed because of this mysterious magical treasure?

If it was true, it had to be a very high rank and valuable magical treasure. Could it be a Supreme Rank Magical Treasure used by only Nascent Soul experts? 

Well, Bai Feiteng almost guessed correctly. Ning Fan was currently carrying two magical treasures that exuded the aura of a supreme rank. First was the Eastern Ocean Bell and the second was a set of peak High Rank Flying Swords.

If I could seize his magical treasure…

The instant that the thought started, it created more and more greedy thoughts in his mind.

In the Devil Path, there was no need to hide one’s greed, and in Sinister Sparrow Sect, there was a rule that allowed elders to snatch each other’s item.


It was through gambling. The elder who initiated the wager could select a piece of magical treasure from the other party while putting out his own stake, equal to the value as his bet. If he won, he would get the selected magical treasure, if he lost, he would lose his stake.

He had lost interest in observing the young man as he had already focused all of his concentration in his thoughts. He had decided that once everyone left the hall, he would approach Ning Fan and initiate the wager.

Ning Fan on the other hand didn’t know this hidden agenda of Bai Feiteng. He didn’t know why this old devil would snoop on him. 

Even if he knew about it, he wouldn’t put him in his eyes. That old devil was just an intermediate Gold Core expert. Back in Demon Sinister Forest, he had slaughtered over a few hundreds of them. 

Before sitting down, he greeted every expert politely with a kind smile.

“Elder of Sinister Sparrow Sect, Ning Fan, greets every expert of Yue Country.”

He spoke in a tone that was very much like the old devils in the hall, but none of them felt it strange. And the expression on his face didn’t look that he was just acting, making many of them gasp in admiration in their hearts.

As for the younger elders such as Bai Bi and Yan Zhuiyun, they had a mixture of feelings in their hearts, Ning Fan was a lot younger than them but had already become so famous that almost no one across Yue Country didn’t know him.

Qin Ziyu was probably one of them who had better understanding of Ning Fan. He had experienced the Gold Core killing intent of Ning Fan back on the Dao Fruit Auction day. Naturally, he wasn’t surprised that Ning Fan had advanced to the late Harmonious Spirit realm, but he was somewhat regretful now for being too concerned about his Immortal Jades, which made him lose the chance to build a good rapport with Ning Fan, what a pity! 

A lot of them used their spirit sense to study Ning Fan thoroughly, but found nothing extraordinary, except for the Supreme Elder of Great Void Sect—Fairy Suqiu, who looked as beautiful as a young girl even after living for nearly a thousand years. Her eyebrow twitched the instant she released her spirit sense.

As her peak Gold Core spirit sense reached Ning Fan’s body, she felt a trace of a stinging sensation which prompted her to hastily withdraw her spirit sense. Her eyes looked startled and her expression turned into a playful look. After a moment of contemplation, she immediately gave Ning Fan a sweet smile.

“Little friend Ning, you surely are extraordinary. Sinister Sparrow Sect has accepted a good disciple.”


Fairy Suqiu laughed! 

Every one of the experts, including Sinister Sparrow gasped in shock.

Fairy Suqiu had been an aloof and haughty person. She always spoke harshly to anyone, including those late Gold Core old devils. Rumor had it that a Rain Palace’s middle-aged Nascent Soul expert who adored this woman was willing to spend ten thousand Immortal Jades just to buy a smile from her, but was still refused by her in the end.

However, she was now smiling at Ning Fan. If that expert found out about this, wouldn’t he be infuriated? 

Sinister Sparrow chuckled in delight. As for the other old devils, they looked at Sinister Sparrow in admiration when they heard Fairy Suqiu praise Ning Fan.

The smile of the fairy was priceless and this time, Ning Fan had earned Sinister Sparrow a good face.

In Fairy Suqiu’s eyes, Ning Fan, who was merely a seventeen-year-old youth, was more outstanding than that unknown Nascent Soul expert.

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