Grasping Evil - Chapter 85

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Dan Master > Pill Master
Nascent Soul Transformation Dan > Forming Nascent Pill

After he finished looking at the outer hall, Ning Fan was taken into the inner hall where the items were even more precious than the outside. No one without the elder title was allowed to enter it.

As Ning Fan’s eyes swept across the columns of jade cabinet, surprise was written all over his face.

He didn’t expect that Sinister Sparrow Sect’s storage of items were even greater than Green Clan’s. Every spiritual herb and treasure here shook Ning Fan’s heart.

A rotten corpse of a Nascent Soul Old Devil! If this thing was given to an Old Devil who could refine corpses, it could be turned into a peak Gold Core corpse puppet. It cost 1 000 000 contribution points.

An early Gold Core wooden-armoured puppet! It cost 500 000 contribution points! 

A Peak High Rank Magical Treasure – Flying Cloud Cord, 2 000 000 contribution points!

Aside from those, there were tons of spirit fire, spirit ice and spirit lightning. The lowest grade among them was second grade. There were even third grade and fourth grade.

Devil slaying Divine Lightning, a Third Grade Spirit Lightning! Cultivators with Lightning Spirit Immortal Vein can refine and absorb it! It cost 100 000 contribution points!

True Yang Fire, a Fourth Grade Spirit Fire! 1 000 000 contribution points!

Black Jade Ice, a Third Grade Spirit Ice! 100 000 contribution points!

Compared to fourth grade spiritual thing, third grade spiritual thing was nothing. The Fourth Grade True Yang Fire really startled Ning Fan. Once the flame and ice reached the fifth grade, it would be called Earth Fire and the Heavenly Frost.

As for the flames and cold Qi that were above fifth grade, in Rain Immortal World there were twelve types of them. Even though the Fourth Grade True Yang Fire wasn’t as great as the Black Evil Flame and White Bone Flame, it couldn’t be underestimated.

However,  it was a pity that Ning Fan was reluctant to spend 1 000 000 contribution points just for this. In addition, the thing that he didn’t lack the most  was flames. He still had two different types of Earth Devil Demonic Flames waiting for him to consume. So, it would be a waste if he spend his points for this flame now.

Moreover, there were quite a number of very precious Evil Cultivation Law and even some Nascent Soul Cultivation Law, but unfortunately, he hadn’t even finished cultivating his own Cultivation Law. Thus, he wouldn’t be too greedy about it.

When his eyes swept across the pill cabinet, his countenance changed slightly.

Profound Dragon Pill, a Third Revolution Pill that has the same effect as Jade Royal Pill, to break out of one’s cocoon. (Chapter 38) It also has a certain percentage of acquiring the long lost Sonic Magical Art – Dragon-Lion Roar. I had never thought that I could see this  thing here.

The Fourth Revolution Undying Pill! The consumption of this pill will prolong one’s lifespan by 300 years! If those Old Devils nearing their predestined lifespan saw this pill, they would do anything to get it!

But the price of 3 000 000 contribution points for this Fourth Revolution Pill made Ning Fan flinch. Despite the rareness of its ingredients, he thought that if he could concoct some of these pills, he would be able to sell them at a greater price.

He needed money. There were only a thousand  immortal jades left in his storage pouch. Most of the immortal jade was expended to deploy formation back in Demon Sinister Forest.

I’m a Fourth Revolution Pill Master. It would be a serious joke if I am poor to death.

He shook his head and casually took out items from the light curtain, and handed the contribution jade disc to Meng Chu for deduction of points.

Most of his points were used to exchange for valuable spiritual herbs, to compensate the lost ingredients needed to concoct the Nascent Pill.

Many immortal ores were also exchanged. He would use these ores to craft new equipments for the Three Black Devil Guards. New equipment such as the Spiritual Crossbow that could be used to kill Gold Core experts.

Besides that, he also exchanged an incomplete Flying Sword to give it to Situ.

It was the Traceless Sword. It was a Supreme Rank weapon that belonged to some Nascent Soul Old Devil. Though it had been damaged, there was still a trace of a sword intent from the Old Devil in it.

If Situ had this sword, he might be able to gain enlightenment about his own Sword Path, which would lay a foundation for his future path.

Although 2 150 000 might seemed like an extremely large figure, it had been reduced to roughly 200 000 points after the exchange. 

Forget it, it’s time to leave now. I suppose these items will be sufficient for a period of time.

Today was an eye-opening day for Meng Chu because of how Ning Fan used his contribution points lavishly.

2 000 000 contribution points were spent just like that, Ning Fan didn’t even look in pain or something, which made him incomparable to the other Old Devils whose face turned sour the moment they spend their points in exchange for the items.

He’s worthy to be called the disciple of Medicine Honor, the great grandson of Black Devil Ning, and also the number one cultivator below the Gold Core realm across the whole Yue Country! It is incomparably rare to find someone who has this kind of spirit!

Meng Chu praised internally, and handed the jade disc back to Ning Fan before he left.

As he went past the corridor in the inner hall, he smelled a trace of tea fragrance. 

He came to a halt because he didn’t notice that there was a tea garden right outside this winding corridor.

Despite Meng Chu’s sluggishness, he loved drinking tea. Naturally, this tea garden was planted by him. There were quite a lot of famous types of tea planted in the garden.

But what caught his attention was the clump of jade-green weeds that were sucking the soil’s nutrients.

Weeds weren’t any particular living things because they existed in almost every garden, but to Ning Fan’s surprise, those weeds could move.

There was no doubt about it. There were around ten tufts of grass. Every tuft of grass consisted roughly of a hundred of leaves.

As he continued to observe those grasses, he noticed that one of the jade-green grass drilled itself out of the ground, raced under a tea plant and vanished into the soil, leaving only a wisp of dirt. 

This is…! 

His eyes twitched and were filled with surprise.

In the Mortal World, there was only one herb that was mobile. That herb was called Cordyceps.

In the Cultivation World, it was also true that there were some herbs that could move on their own. If he wasn’t mistaken, that moving herb was the thing he needed the most for cultivating the Falsifying Art Chant.

There is another name for the Spirit Refining Grass – the Travelling Grass!

How could Ning Fan not feel exhilarated about it? He must have a good fortune to discover the Spirit Refining Grass by chance.

However, it baffled him to see that such a grass existed here. Spirit Refining Grass was a strange living thing since immemorial times. Without fulfilling its conditions, its spiritual intelligence could never been unlocked. Not only does it need a gloomy and cold land, it also needed someone to preach at it every day and night. 

He looked over at Meng Chu with a weird expression, thinking could this old man accidentally unlocked these Spirit Refining Grass with his daily preaching?

Meng Chu on the other hand didn’t seem joyful and sighed glumly as he saw those moving weeds. 

“Ai…I have no idea what I have done to cause these weeds grow in my tea garden. They have already been here for ten years. Last time, it was just a tuft, then it increased to ten tufts. They seem to have their own intelligence. Even I, a Harmonious Spirit cultivator couldn’t catch any of them. They look shapeless, but I have no idea why they could absorb the nutrients of the soil. The same goes to their movement because they have no legs. There are so many puzzling things in this world. Ai…even the Sect Master couldn’t help get rid of these.”

Meng Chu sighed while Ning Fan replied with a faint smile. “I can help Elder Meng Chu get rid of this weeds.”

Meng Chu perked up when he heard what Ning Fan just said.

“If Elder Ning is able to get rid of these damned weeds, I…I will be willing to become your servant eternally as a way to show my gratitude!”

Drinking tea had always been Meng Chu’s pastime, but these weeds were the trouble that he couldn’t get rid of in the past ten years.

Ning Fan on the other hand couldn’t understand why there would be someone who would willing make an oath of becoming someone’s servant eternally just because of a tiny tea garden?

The only explanation for this was Meng Chu was a real weirdo.

However, he was grateful that this weirdo had nurtured such a spiritual grass, although he wasn’t really sure what Elder Meng Chu said to turn those weeds into intelligent ones.

Ning Fan stopped his contemplation and walked slowly to the tea garden. As he approached, those tufts of Spirit Refining Grass immediately drilled into the soil and disappeared.

Due to the weeds containing  spiritual intelligence, they could flee and hid themselves stealthily, making it extremely difficult to catch, but Ning Fan had a way of catching them.

He took out a censer, placed a few types of spiritual herbs into it, ground them into an incense and ignited it.

Among these few herbs, wood spirit energy was the strongest smell, mixed with the scent of rosemary that used to enchant women. As the incense was lit, the wisp of smoke curled randomly and the scent spread across the entire area.

When the tufts of Spirit Refining Grasses smelled this scent, their spiritual intelligence was enchanted by the rosemary. Then, each of them jumped out of the soil instinctively and walked towards Ning Fan.

Meng Chu who was standing on one side was dumbfounded. This was absolutely the weirdest thing he had ever seen since he started the Devil Path.

He couldn’t believe that someone could lure the walking herbs into the trap.

He’s truly a master! Judging by how skillful Elder Ning is with this technique, he must have used this technique many times and enchanted thousands of beauties. If I was a woman, I would’ve been enchanted by the scent and fell into his hands…”

Meng Chu was getting more and more impressed by Ning Fan, even if he was impressed due to misunderstanding.

As the Spirit Refining Grass neared Ning Fan, he swept across his spirit sense to encompass them. He patted his storage pouch, took out a gleaming jade box, and placed all of the spiritual grasses into it and kept it along with the censer, and let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m honored that I’m able to remove them for you.” He cupped his fists at Meng Chu and left, while Meng Chu was currently staring at the tea garden that was free of those annoying weeds, looking as if he almost wanted to cry.

Ning Fan is a good man! This is the kindness that I must remember for the rest of my life! Good man will always have a good life!

Next time, I must give away some spirit tea seeds to Elder Ning.

If Meng Chu knew that those hateful weeds were the most expensive herbs since immemorial times, he would surely be at a loss for words. Too bad, he would never know the truth. It was truly terrible for one to lack knowledge. 

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