Grasping Evil - Chapter 86 (2)

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The elder’s spirit sense was unable to enter Rain Immortal World due to the border’s force but he was able to ripple Ning Fan’s spirit sense back into the world.

Ning Fan’s face paled like a white paper as he retrieved his spirit sense, and immediately, he took out the Bright King Coral which he obtained from the Merit Hall, tossed it into the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron, melted it into liquid form and consumed it.

That was close! If the spirit sense returned to him a few moments later, his sea of consciousnesswould surely collapse.

After a long time, he exhaled a breath of foul Qi and his face showed a bitter smile.

“Never thought that the Spirit Refining Grass would bring me such danger. However, that starry world will surely lead me to the Four Heavens Immortal World. It’s a pity that I didn’t exactly know which Heaven it was out of the four Heavens. Perhaps in the future, I will rise from the Rain Immortal World and explore those worlds.”

Despite how dangerous it was, he had learned something very important, at least he had grasped the divine ability of the immemorial gods—Myriad Miles Wander.

However, he would never use it again until his cultivation base reach the Void Fragmentation realm as it was too dangerous.

He took a slight breath and consumed the second piece of Spirit Refining grass. This time, he would be more careful to prevent the same incident from happening.

But before he could consume the second grass, he sensed his Spirit realm Grand Formation flicker in the night.

Meanwhile, a shadow with a concealed murderous intent quietly approached Ning Fan’s room. Then, she placed a smouldering censer outside the room. Inside the censer was the rare enchanting incense of Yue Country named Anti-Chastity Incense. 

The name of this incense originated from its function. It was the favourite item of those rapists. Once this incense was ignited, even early Harmonious Spirit female cultivators wouldn’t be able to stand it and would lose their mind and control over their body. 

However, the one who ignited the enchanting incense was Bai Lu! 

Oh? This girl wants to enchant and kill me?

Ning Fan’s eyes sparkled. He kept the Spirit Refining Grass and laid down on his bed, acting as though he had really fainted.

He would like to see what Bai Lu would do to him.

When she heard the plop inside the room, her face turned into a smile of triumph.

Bai Lu wore a white dress that revealed part of her jade skin; her jade-skinned legs were exposed from her thin and partially transparent dress.

Her legs were her biggest pride, the thing that attracted the attention of all male cultivators, however, her legs were now covered with bruises after being groped by Ning Fan harshly.

I hate him to the very core. I, Bai Lu, will take my revenge today!

Flashes reflected from the tears in her eyes. She gritted her teeth in a vengeful way, but it was somewhat blended with a trace of hesitation.

She pushed through the door, holding a mid-grade Early Rank Dagger dipped with poison. She moved stealthily to the bed and raised the dagger while the cold breeze blew through the window.

The thing was that her hands were shaky, hesitating whether to jab the dagger down.

If I kill him, I will get every sister in Dual Cultivation Palace into trouble.

She slowly put the dagger down, gritted her teeth and then turned and left; but, the moment that she was about to leave, a pair of powerful arms, clamped her shoulder and waist, hurled her violently onto the bed, and the man pressed against her.

“You have the nerve to assassinate your master, miss cauldron.” Ning Fan held her arms tightly while his body was touching her bosoms. A wave of warm air flew into her ears as he spoke.

Seeing that Ning Fan wasn’t enchanted by the incense, her face revealed a trace of fear. “Why… didn’t the enchanting incense work on you?”

She tried to struggle under Ning Fan’s powerful grip but found it impossible to break free. While his body was pressed against her’s, the spiritual energy that radiated from his Yin Yang Evil Vein turned her body into jelly.

She felt sad when she realized that she couldn’t lay a hand on him even though Ning Fan didn’t bewitch her with his enchanting spell.

She gritted her teeth hard, closed her eyes and stopped fighting. “I have lost. You can do whatever you want to me.”

“You are my cauldron, I will only dual cultivate with you. Why would I kill you?”

“I’d rather die than dual cultivate with you…” Bai Lu stopped when she recalled that she had lost her virginity to this young elder.

As a girl, she despised Ning Fan for snatching away her virginity, but as a disciple, she felt that Ning Fan was a better elder because he didn’t do anything bad to any of her sisters. Her mind was filled with conflicting thoughts that’s why she hesitated even though she had the chance of killing him.

“You are my cauldron.”

“I won’t be your cauldron.” Bai Lu said resolutely.

“Is that so? Well, I’ll give you a chance. I will lie here and do nothing, you can use whatever method you like to pluck me. If you can pluck a trace of my cultivation from me, you are not my cauldron anymore and I will become yours instead.”

Ning Fan loosened his grip on her wrists, spun and laid on the bed next to her. Her face blushed with shame after listening to what he said.

“Shameless. It sounds pretty good, but I will still be used by you even if I’m the one who plucksyou.”

Bai Lu wasn’t a fool. She wouldn’t do something as foolish as plucking Ning Fan. But Ning Fan’s composure displeased her. Before the arrival of this youth, she was supposed to be the high and mighty leader in Dual Cultivation Palace.

Humph! I have already lost my virginity to him anyway. It doesn’t matter anymore if he took advantage of me again this time. If I can pluck him, I will break through to the intermediate Harmonious Spirit realm. What a contemptuous youth! I will make you regret! 

Her eyes glanced coldly at Ning Fan. She then turned and sat on top of Ning Fan’s body.

*Xi Xi Su Su…*

Every piece of garment was taken off except for her bandeau to reduce the probability of Ning Fan taking advantage of her.

She hesitated and gritted her teeth for a moment before deciding whether or not to take off her skirt. Her jade-skin legs blushed under the candle light, while the spot next to her butt was getting slightly wet.

“Eh? I just gave you a hug, but you have…”

“Watch your mouth!” Bai Lu interrupted Ning Fan out of embarrassment.

She still felt unsettled in her heart. If it wasn’t because of the Yin Yang spiritual energy that had flowed into her body, her body wouldn’t have responded embarrassingly.

It was despicable. He had seen all her naked spots. She must suck his Yang essence dry to avenge herself.

However, she couldn’t afford to cripple his cultivation base entirely and risk offending his formidable masters.

As a matter of fact, this was her first time plucking a man. Last night didn’t count as her first time because it was totally out of her control during that time.

“I will begin now…”

She closed her eyes, aimed her vagina at that ‘thing’ and prepared to sit on it, but right at this moment, Ning Fan stopped her mockingly.

“Miss devil, you aren’t being professional. Why do you need to do the full set when you are plucking me? You don’t have to, you can try licking… it…”

“Wh-what did you say!”

Bai Lu felt so embarrassed that she wanted to kill someone.

The truth was that foreplay was very crucial, especially when a female was plucking a male so that the male’s Yang energy would be fully aroused.

However, she hated Ning Fan very much. How could she be willing to put her delicate mouth and moist tongue into that hot and stiff and disgusting ‘thing’?

“Don’t… don’t try to get more than what you want…”

“I’m trying to get more than I want? It’s you who is plucking me right now and I’m the victim. If we don’t have some foreplay before the actual event, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to pluck me, given the difference between our cultivation base. You will lose.”

“I won’t lose!”

A hint of pride flashed through her eyes. Despite her hesitation, she bent down, closed her eyes and put her mouth into his penis.

For a moment, a strange flow of heat spread throughout her body that almost made her collapse.

What annoyed her more was that Ning Fan was twitching his body during the activity.

“How dare you…? Don’t move…”

“I’m helping you. Your skill is amateurish.”

Ning Fan showed a gleeful smile. He wouldn’t let his eighteenth cauldron escape from his fingertips.

He practiced the Yin Yang Transformation and not even a peak Gold Core female devil could pluck him, let alone Bai Lu.

This was definitely a trick to deceive this young girl.

At this moment, Ning Fan felt that he was a little crooked. But as long as he didn’t commit crooked actions, it was fine.

It was what a true devil would do. A true devil would go to any lengths to meet its objective.

However, he realized that he had underestimated Bai Lu. 

He felt her tongue was so soft and warm, making him think of the possibility that he would really be plucked by her.

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